Cindy; What A Surprise

It all started innocently enough, but soon I got caught up in the mystery and became almost frantic trying to find out what the females in my family were planning. There were many private conversations between the females, every time I got near they would get quiet, then quickly walk away. A few times of this might just be a coincidence but every time I walked near them it would become suddenly quiet, then they would hurriedly find somewhere else to be. I did hear snippets here and there, some type of private meeting at the weekend at one of the resorts in the area.

I was basically insecure, always have been. Then add in some mystery and I start to fantasize about everything and anything. I had already come up with them planning to sabotage my business, just wanting me out of their way so they could do as they wanted without any interference by me. Then that morphed into them planning some big coup, of which I was not invited to participate in.

Then to make matters worse, the females that I worked with started doing the same thing. Hushed conversations everytime I came into the room, sudden ending of phone calls when I turned up. Whatever it was it was something major and I needed to find out what it had to do with me. I tried to bait them with parts of a conversation, hoping they would not think and slip with information I could use to find out what they were planning. Of course, that failed, any male that thinks he can out maneuver a female is basically brain dead.

When all the females at work begged off working on Saturday, I knew they were all in on something. I checked with the female relatives and they all were going somewhere this weekend, so whatever it was this was the weekend for it. I managed to persuade the few guys I had working for me to handle the store this weekend, so I was also free to find out what this was all about. I heard one of the gals at work arranging for an appointment at a salon in town for late Friday, in preparation for Saturday.

I waited till she was helping a customer then checked the number she called, finding out that it was for a beauty salon. I checked out their website, finding out they were part of a national chain, doing almost anything for males and females regarding beauty services. The idea came to me out of the blue, maybe I could disguise myself as a female and infiltrate the meeting, so that I could find out what is going on.

It never occurred to me to just let it pass, if they wanted me in on it I would have been told. No it had to be some plot involving me, and not being in my best interest. If I did find out it involved me, what would I do, disguised as a female and not an invited guest to their meeting. My follow through has never been very good, so none of this ever occurred to me. Make some hasty decision and plunge forward, no matter what the consequences.

My mind was working overtime, I had to find out what was going on. I called the salon and asked if they could help me disguise myself as a female for some party. To my surprise they could handle that, very easily and as convincing as I wanted the portrayal to be.

I made an appointment with their next closest salon, I did not want to run into any of my relatives or co-workers at the salon in town. It was for early Friday morning, that way they would have time to do whatever I wanted in my transformation to the female gender. I relaxed a little, knowing that I will soon be able to find out what is going on. There were many more hushed conversations both at home and at work, the few pieces of conversation I overheard were not good. Apparently, I would have to have an invitation to get into the meeting. I counted fifty females that I knew, either relatives or co-workers who I thought were going, so it was not just some little gathering of friends.

I went to the salon appointment anyway, even though I had not been able to figure out how I was going to get into the meeting the next day. I did find out the meeting was scheduled for eleven, and would include a lunch at the resort. Now to just figure out a way to get myself into the venue. I did call the resort to see if they needed catering help for the meeting, lying about my past experience. No help needed, so that avenue was closed. I doubted I could carry a glass of beverage ten feet without spilling it, but I was getting desperate, there had to be a way.

When I showed up at the salon I was greatly surprised. I was expecting some small beauty salon, possibly two or three beauticians. Instead, it was as large as some super stores, the place packed with technicians and customers. I counted over a hundred people on my way back to the private room where I will be transformed into my female equivalent.

JoAnn was my technician, wanting to know how she could help me today. I told her it was for a party, where I will be playing a joke on a longtime friend. I wanted to portray a female, as realistic as possible, so that I would not be discovered. Again a lack of forethought, as to how long the disguise will last. I was given some choices and I quickly agreed to the better treatments, thus having the most chance of success. I quickly signed the forms necessary and was given my copies of the authorizations. The fact that I was spending almost two thousand dollars on my disguise never registered in my mind. They also had a full line clothing store and could provide me the necessary clothes for the meeting. Satisifed I was doing the right thing, I let JoAnn start on my transformation.

I never kept up with what she was doing to me, lots of new sensations were apparent, some quite pleasant, others quite painful. I did look at my body from time to time, it was looking more feminine as time went by, that was what I was here for, so I was happy. JoAnn had told me I would be here all day, probably not finished till eleven tonight. I called work on my cell phone to make sure things were okay, Jeff who answered said things were busy, but he had things under control. He had to get back to his customer, so he hung up. It would have been better if I was there instead of in a beauty salon getting made to look like a female, but I just had to find out what all of this secrecy was about. Now if I can figure a way into the meeting, I will be set.

JoAnn did get my attention when she hooked me up to a machine designed to create breasts on my otherwise flat chest. It was the pump starting to pull some of my flesh into the cups that were glued to my chest when I suddenly was aware of what was being done. My attention on the machine did not last long, as my male organ was pushed and prodded, eventually disappearing under a piece of silicone that looked just like a female’s genitals. At least my transformation will be realistic. Another period of awareness was present as my ears were pierced, the earrings in my ears now swinging against my neck.

Once my body had been handled I was given a robe and taken to a salon chair in front of a sink and mirror. The breast pump went right along with me to the salon chair, still sucking my tissue into the forms. On the way to the mirror, they had wheeled in a large cardboard cake, like what strippers pop up from at bachelor’s parties. It was in the middle of the salon, they were decorating the outside of it, making it look more delicate and feminine. I wondered who the cake was for, but was soon laid back having my hair washed and conditioned. It felt so good, having my head massaged was the best part of the day so far. In the mean time normal brain functions stopped, it was like my brain decided to take a vacation right here in the salon.

After washing and conditioning my hair it was set in curlers, and a hair dryer placed over the curlers. I was left there my hair drying as the pump kept pulling on my chest. I did notice the cups were over half full, I wonder what they will do to get me back to a flat chest after the meeting. I was left there for quite some time, dozing off and on as the free technicians were working on the cake. It looked quite different now, lace and pictures of gorgeous females adorning the now plain cardboard exterior. I did manage to ask JoAnn during one of my lucid periods who the cake was for. She told me it was for some meeting at the nearby resort, tomorrow morning.

That got my attention, my ears perking up immediately. I tried to play it cool, asking vague questions that would not sound like like I had some vested interest in the meeting. An hour later I did manage to ask who was going to pop up out of the cake. Apparently they had hired someone for the meeting, they will be by late tonight to enter the cake, then a moving company will be by to move the cake to the resort later tonight, in preparation for the meeting tomorrow. It was set up where the person inside could lay back and sleep inside the cake, that way no one will see who is in the cake till the meeting tomorrow. Some kind of surprise for the guest of honor.

Ah, my way into the party, now to see if I can get the other person scheduled to pop out to change their mind. That wish was granted to me a little later when my technician was given a note. Whoever they had arranged for came down sick and they couldn’t make it. There was some conversation among the other employees, then someone looked my way and a few more whsipers. JoAnn approached asking me if I was free tomorrow. They needed someone for the cake their first choice sick and unable to attend. The gals in the salon had to work tomorrow, so that left them kind of high and dry. I nodded my head, not even able to mouth the words. Perfect, now I can get into the meeting with no trouble.

I should have looked at the situation a little closer. Of all the participants in the salon why was I approached. Then there was why the cake was being prepared in a nearby town, and not a few miles from the resort. The same salon that I was being transformed at. Like I said, totally brain dead. JoAnn changed a few things to make me look like the surprise girl the original customers wanted. My hair was done up fancier and I was strapped into some six inch heels so I could practice standing in them. According to JoAnn I didn’t need to walk anywhere, just to be able to stand when required.

She worked on my makeup for over an hour, very dark and exotic. Individual eyelashes were glued on, now it looked like I was looking out of a fringed curtain. The biggest change as the costume that I was dressed in. I say costume loosely, a g-string and two pasties over my nipples were the extent of it. The g-string was pulled up, covering my new slit, the strap settling into my butt crack. Uncomfortable to say the least. Then a diaphaneous nightie was slid over everything, covering up nothing but swallowing my body in yards and yards of fabric. She finally removed the cups, then glued on the pasties and I was deemed ready. I was stood up near the cake, the whole side of it sliding out allowing access to the inside. I stared, not seeing a couch or anyplace to lay or sit. My arms were grabbed and held like they were trying to support me, I opened my mouth to protest their action when something was shoved in my mouth. It popped up holding my mouth wide open suddenly no words possible just some moaning noise.

Joann approached with a pair of tongs and reached in my mouth and grabbed my tongue. It was secured to whatever was in my mouth, then the device closed leaving my lips tight against each other and unable to move. I was wide eyed, this was not what I was expecting. Yah a way into the meeting but not able to speak and in six inch heels was way too much. I started to move my arms around trying to get anybody’s attention when both of my arms were pulled behind my back and clipped together. They released me but my hands stay tied securely behind my back. I was scooted into the cake and stood by the supporting pole in the middle of the cake. There I was secured to that pole now not able to move around at all. My ankles were secured to the pole also, assuring that I was not going anywhere.

JoAnn appeared and squirted some water down my throat, then touched up my lipstick. She told me to have fun, and left me standing there. The door to the cake was closed, the only light coming from a small hole above my head. I felt movement and soon I was being transported to some unknown destination. I though it was the meeting I was trying to get into, but never did hear if I was correct in my assumption. Dressed like this and bound it was more likely a bachelor’s party that I would end up at. That would not be a good thing.

It seemed to take forever to reach the destination, by finally there was no more movement. the entrance to the cake was opened again and a lady entered and placed a blindfold around my head. Except for my hearing I was flying totally blind now. I had no idea where I was at and being bound I saw no way to find out. I could still feel some fresh air presumably coming from the entrance to the cake. I felt several more pairs of hands on my body, as I was positioned in a different spot next to the pole. My hands were still fastened to the pole, but something was placed under my tush to allow me to sit. that was very welcome since standing in the heels had made my feet and the back of my legs ache.

It seemed I was not to be released, to be discovered tied and restrained inside a fake cake. An item was inserted inside my new vagina, I didn’t even want to consider what it was, nothing that came to mind was what I ever wanted to be inside me. Then the cake entrance was closed and I had to await my fate until tomorrow. A very long time tied up and unable to speak, I could maybe make a low moaning noise, but that was the extent of any noises I could utter.

Of course, all kinds of scenarios went through my mind that night, what if I was at the wrong party, gagged as I was I could not even explain my being here. Worse if it was a stag party what did they have in mind for me, the main attraction. I worried all night long, but to no avail. Someone did enter the cake and squirted a little water down my throat. It was savored, believe me, all of my fretting last night left my mouth very dry and parched. Again the cake was closed, the lack of air movement signaling that fact. I began to hear quite a bit of noises, most of it sounded to be female voices, so maybe I lucked out on missing the stag party.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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