Bambi; Starring In The Movies

I went to answer my cell phone, noticing a number I briefly recalled astounded that my agent was actually calling me. In the last year I have had exactly three calls from him, only one of which ended up in a paying role for me. Yeah I am a wanna-be actor, one of the thousands that flock to Southern California dreaming of stardom, fame and riches. I hadn’t been here three months when I concluded that all of the above is pure hype.

I had an appointment at ten the next morning, with a small film producer, to see if I am what she is looking for. She is doing low budget shorts, some for internet distribution and a few custom scripted films for some of her better paying customers. Translation she is doing some type of porn or fetish DVD’s, but hey if it pays decent, what have I got to lose.

I made excuses at one of my part time jobs, from the reaction I got I probably will not be employed with them much longer. Too many absences for one reason or another, and a long list of others willing to fill my spot. The next morning I was up early, to get to the appointment I had to ride three different buses to get there, so I was allowing extra time if I missed one of the buses. Once there, I was impressed at the building where their offices were housed in.

I entered and gave them my name, and was shown to a separate room to wait to be called. A nice office and a receptionist, this must be a high class operation. I was early, so I must have waited about thirty minutes when I was called back. Ms. Jackson introduced herself, looked at my portfolio and then told me a little about what they did here. Like I had guessed, they mainly did fetish shorts, usually one hour in length, marketed on the internet covering a large variety of fetishes. She mentioned a little about pay, but that would depend on what parts I played in the shorts. She asked if I am still interested. I said yes, three months of frustration having convinced me that doing something is better than doing nothing.

I was asked to take off all my clothes, so she could see what she might have to work with. My portfolio had all kinds of photos, but nothing in the nude. After I disrobed she walked around me, looking at me closely. I doubt she missed much, as thorough as she was scanning my body with her eyes. A few months after I moved to Southern California, I realized that getting naked was just one of the quirks of getting work out here.

I was handed a robe to slip on, a little bit of nothing that remained open since there was no ties to close it. She asked if she could do a costume and makeup on me to see if I would be acceptable in what she had in mind. It will take about three hours, and she will pay me standard fees for those three hours.

I nodded my head in the affirmative, surprised at the request and being paid for the time. I was led into another room still naked except for the robe and handed over to some other ladies. She told them what she wanted and then left me there. I could not hear what she said, but the ladies did smile at me before they got started. I was helped up onto a table and laid back, a pillow under my head. They smoothed some cream all over my front side, left it for a while then wiped it off. My small amount of body hair coming off with the cream. The back side was handled the same way, including my ass and rosebud. Junior was behaving himself, staying shrunk and nestled in between my legs. I was very thankful for that.

Since I am not the macho stud type, it was something I figured would be happening. I would not be having sex with the female lead, more likely I will be the she male, or the one being ravaged. Sad but a fact of life that I have grown accustomed to. When I first came out here I had a part in another fetish movie, that time a she male that loved to have sex but in the female role. That role lasted for a whole four hours, including makeup, costuming and thirty minutes in front of the camera. So I had some limited exposure to some of this. I did make almost five hundred dollars for those few hours, a lot of my reluctance and shyness was forever tabled that day. Money has a tendency to change a lot of things.

I was stood up, my male organ put in a chastity cage, after some exposure to an ice bag. I didn’t say anything but my eyebrows went up at that action. It was tight but not uncomfortable. There again I just watched it being put on me, like I submitted to this kind of thing everyday. Next was a thong pantie, leaving very little covered either front or back. A garter belt came next with sheer stockings attached to the garters. I almost lost it when the one lady started easing the stockings up my leg. I guess that was one of the reasons for the chastity cage, my penis attempting to swell up, but that was quenched quickly since there was no place to expand. I did feel the pain as my penis tried to expand, but it faded away quickly along with any swelling.

A pair of ridiculous heels were next, way too high and almost impossible to stand in much less walk in. They had an ankle strap that locked so they were on for the duration of my trial. A little girl’s dress was next, sized to fit me, but probably meant for a ten year old girl. It barely covered my thong, any movement at all would expose my panties and my chastity cage. My hair was curled using hot rollers, then makeup was applied to my face, mainly mascara, blush and lipstick. The final addition to my wardrobe was mittens that were slid over my hands, the strap pulled tight around my wrist, then secured with a lock, leaving my fingers quite useless.

Ms. Jackson came back in at that point, appraised my image then went to the counter and removed an item lying there and returned to face me. I was told to close my eyes and open my mouth wide as she was going to spray my throat to help raise the pitch of my voice. I did so and felt something being inserted in my mouth. By the time I figured it was not the throat spray I was gagged and the ends were being secured behind me. I raised my mittened hands to try and remove it, each lady grabbing a hand and pulling them behind my back. Then I heard a click and found out they were now secured to each other behind my back, I tried but couldn’t get them past my side. Even if I could have got to the lock my mittened hands would not be of any help. I was taken to another room, stood up against a rack and my hands fastened to the rack.

Ms, Jackson came to stand in front of me, a huge smile on her face. “I must remember to pay you agent for the finder’s fee. You will do fine, just about perfect, the few things that need to be fixed we will take care of in the next few days. You need not worry about anything anymore, we will look after you, provide some place for you to stay and, of course, enough work to keep your mind occupied. Now be a good sissy and stand right here, someone will come and get you in a while for your first screen debut.” I was kissed on the cheek and she walked off.

I was in shock, apparently I have been kidnapped, and will be used in their films as they see fit. Dressed as a sissy, my penis in a chastity cage, my feet in heels that are locked on and my hands secured behind my back. No one but my agent knows where I am at, and he was the one to send me here in the first place. I tried to get my hands loose, however they secured the mittens together behind my back was not giving any, I was so screwed.

My feet were beginning to hurt, the height of the heels and my arched foot putting undue pressure on my trapped toes. Since the heels were locked on, they was nothing I could do to relieve the pressure. Backed up against the rack and secured to it the only position left for me was standing. The gag filled my whole mouth, while holding my tongue to the floor of my mouth. I could make a hmm sound but that was it. I closed my eyes and felt a tear slide down my cheek, an expression of the hopeless situation I found myself in.

Someone did come and get me and I was taken to a studio, where I was sat on the edge of the bed. My dress was removed and a nightie was slid in its place. The nightie was diaphanous, even my cock in the chastity cage was visible. I was laid back and my hands were secured to a strap on the bed. Then another lady, dressed as a dominatrix approached with a huge dildo in her hand. My gag was removed and the dildo quickly inserted before I could say much. She worked it back and forth, using my saliva to lubricate it. At first she pushed it back to my throat, my gag reflex kicking in. She withdrew it some and back to that point again each time a little further. When I didn’t cooperate she would reach down and pinch my nose forcing me to open my mouth further to try and get enough air to keep from fainting. That also allowed her to get the dildo further down my throat. This went on for half an hour before Ms. Jackson called a halt to the filming. By that time I was taking the full length in my mouth and down my throat. I am sure what footage they got could be edited to show the sissy getting fucked by the dildo and enjoying it.

I was removed from the studio and taken to a room on another floor of the building. I was still in the nightie and thong, the chastity cage still secure around my penis. Laid on the bed and the thong removed, replaced by a diaper, apparently I will be left alone tonight and secured, having to use a diaper if I have to pee. My hands were released from behind me but before I could make them work again they were secured to the headboard. The lights turned off and the door locked as they left. No food, nothing to drink and now secured for the evening. Much later someone entered placed a baby bottle in my mouth, using the blankets to hold it in place. I greedily consumed the contents, knowing full well that I will probably be soon peeing in the diaper.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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