Roberta; An Insignificant Bet

Based off the old collegiate bowl TV series, the two universities in town were due to meet this Sunday at the coliseum. There has always been extreme rivalry between the two schools, this just the latest way to engage in it. I was selected to be one of the eight team members for Southwest State University. The school was mid-size in the scope of universities, with about twenty-five thousand students attending. We had been having tryouts for six weeks now, finding the best students to represent the school.

My specialties were Psychology, English, and Mathematics. I did well in school my GPA was always in the upper tenth of the students, ranging from 3.6 to 4.0. Each of the eight members of the team had different specialties, thus ensuring us a better chance to win the competition. I especially had an interest in this competition since my girlfriend Sonja went to the competing school and was on their team. Even though we went to different schools, that had a high level of animosity towards each other, on a personal level we were meant for each other. Of course, we gave into a little of the my school is better mentality bit it did not affect our relationship.

The main reason we went to different schools was our scholarships. Sonja was given hers first, four years of all-expenses paid. She had written a research paper for her psychology class that had gotten her state wide recognition. When the powers to be at University of the Southwest read it she was immediately contacted. The scholarship was presented to her a few weeks later right before she graduated high school.

Mine was awarded after I passed a test in English, then went before a committee to be interviewed. I got room and board, and tuition, but had to buy my own books and supplies. Both of our scholarships saved our parents thousands of dollars. I guess we were also lucky since we were the only two freshman on the teams. All the others were juniors or seniors. My fellow team members were smart, but to me they lacked depth in the rest of the subjects that were going to be covered in the questions. I guess time will tell if I am correct.

Sonja has always been extremely confidant in anything she tackles, from the first time she found out we were both on the teams she had been teasing me unmercifully. I had gotten used to it in our relationship, so I usually just tuned her out. The two days before the contest, she bet me that her team would win, then added that the winning point would come when I failed to answer a question correctly. I tried to ignore her, but she was right in my face. So I did the male thing and told her she was nuts. Anybody with any brains knows that males are smarter than females, with five females on your team you are sure to lose to greater intellect. We would win easily, with me answering all my questions correctly and instantly, since I am a male it is a sure thing.

I really didn’t believe that, but my mouth got carried away. It is like males in a locker room, bragging about their dates and what happened. Each one getting more ridiculous than the one before. The kiss in the first story soon became sex all night in every way manageable, followed up with a blow job to wake up to.

Well she handed me a slip of paper, telling me to write what she would have to do if I was correct. In the meantime she would spell out my penance if she was correct.

She told me to be specific, since these details of the bet would not be looked at until the contest was over. That way there would be no tampering with the contest to make the bet turn favorable for the winner, or to enhance the terms of the bet. I agreed and wrote a small book about Sonja would have to do and how she would have to do it. It was one of my fantasies, now maybe I would get to experience it for real.

Since Sonja is a perfectionist we signed the sheets, put them in an envelope and mailed them to her house where she was staying. She would not open the envelope until I was beside her, to ensure no cheating. The contest was Sunday, this was Friday and even mail across the city took three days. We also signed the rear flap of the envelope so that if disturbed it would be easily detected. As she folded up her sheet of paper I noticed it was full, even a little on the back of the sheet. That is not unusual, she has always been detail oriented in her school work. Mine, however, was barely over half a page, but I would be well satisfied if I won, my fondest fantasy seeing the light of day.

I was already looking forward to my win, looking back I was being very presumptuous, a very bad habit of mine. The old adage of counting your chicks before they hatch is true quite often. This trait of mine has landed me in trouble before, I was just hoping that this time would not be one of them.

Now the contest between the two schools took on additional importance, the bet between Sonja and I was maybe as important as winning for the school we attended. I took her out to dinner that night as usual, our favorite place a burger joint half way between the two schools. Although students at her school were more likely to eat there than ours. We had a similar place a couple of blocks from our campus, more convenient, but probably a little inferior in food quality.

I spent Saturday reviewing possible questions based on previous contests between schools. All day I mulled over reams of paper insuring I had prepared the best that I could. I found out later when Sonja called asking if I am ready, that she had spent the day at her hair salon getting pampered. Now I am sure our team will win and in particular, this member of the team.

Sunday I was up at the crack of dawn, eager to go at it with the cross town college. I dressed nicely, Dockers and a polo shirt, the same thing I normally wore on campus. I drove to the coliseum where the contest would be held, finding other students and families already arriving. They were expecting quite a crowd, the coliseum holding almost fifteen thousand spectators. I met my other team members in a room just off the stage and we reviewed our strategy for the contest. To win you not only had to know the correct answer, but you also had to press the buzzer first so that you could answer the question. If the other team beat you to the buzzer, then whether you knew the answer or not meant nothing. If you answered wrong the other team had a minute to answer correctly to get a point for a correct answer and a point for the other team’s wrong answer.

I tried to stay calm, but for some reason Sonja and my bet was weighing heavily on my mind. I knew she liked me a lot, but sometimes she can be a little too straight forward for me, causing me some embarrassment. I kept thinking on what she had on that sheet, a page and half of what I had to do if I lost.

We took to the stage, to some hefty applause. Both teams met and shook hands then returned to our seats on the stage facing the audience. Our MC for the contest was a local TV personality that hosted their late night news. She was fairly new to the area, but her personality and actions had gained her quite a following.

She went over the rules, had us all test our buzzers and the asked the first question. Jenna from our team buzzed and got the answer correct, one point for us. The contest was to take an hour, longer if there was less than a two point spread. The action bounced back and forth all afternoon, very few missed questions among the two teams. When the hour was up, we were tied, meaning that we would continue till there was a clear winner. The next question was a long one, taking the MC three or four minutes to read it through. No buzzer from either team, so that question was shelved and the next one read.

It was right up my alley, I buzzed before the question was fully read. I answered incorrectly and Sonja buzzed from her team. I immediately thought shit, I have played right into her hand. The question was re-read in its entirety, the last part demanding a different answer than what I gave. She took her full minute and answered it correctly and in detail that was not part of the question. I sighed and laid my head on the table in front of me. The place erupted in applause, her team was cheered while my team walked quietly off the stage. If I had only waited until the question was fully read I knew the right answer, but I had guessed wrong causing my school to lose and me to lose to Sonja in our bet. After things quieted down Sonja came over and set by me hugging me tenderly.

“Too bad but I did forecast this outcome. Tomorrow morning at seven AM at my house, be prompt.” I thought for sure I would get some more sympathy, but not tonight apparently. I drove home in shock, not from losing but what I might face tomorrow. Sonja was all business, I was given a time and I was expected to be there. Nothing about it will be alright, or I still love you, or anything. After arriving I made it to my bedroom and collapsed on the bed. I pulled one of my pillows close to my chest to hug and shed some tears. I have let everyone down and disgraced myself to no end. Sleep eventually claimed me, but I had no idea what time it was when I dozed off.

The alarm the next morning was especially harsh, it sounded like something grating on a chalkboard. I got up undressed and took a shower. I re-dressed in some sweats, and headed for her place. I was right on time, the grandfather clock in her house sounding seven A.M. She took my hand and led me to her kitchen and had me sit in a chair at her table. On the table was the envelope we had prepared, she had me inspect it, then opened it. She read my slip of paper, giggling a little at what I had wrote. I just looked down at the floor, not wanting to read what she had in store for me.

Twice she pushed the piece of paper over to me, but I didn’t want anything to do with it. Isn’t it bad enough that I lost and embarrassed myself and my school? Finally she grabbed the piece of paper and read me what was written on it.

“For losing the bet you will be transformed to the female sex, live as a female, and go to school as a female for the remainder of the school year. If at any time you let your appearance slip from the girly gurl appearance I expect, a month will be added to your time to be served. This note contains things that you will be required to maintain at all times. There are twenty-two items to be considered, each item must be worn and kept fresh and pretty all during the day. Since it is semester break you will change your courses for the upcoming semester taking all female oriented courses.”

“Now for the reason for this particular type of penance. You have always thought highly of yourself, that in itself is not bad, but when it affects the people you love it can and does create problems. The best example of thousands is when we were talking about the competition. Instead of just acknowledging that either team might win, you had to exert your male stubbornness and dominance. Yes I teased you about it, but you were already bowed up and making plans to punish me by making me live out your fantasy. Again by itself not evil. A relationship is based on give and take, a little teasing here and there but able to take some teasing back.”

“If you want any kind of a future with me you will willingly enter into this and do your best to learn from it. Go along and suffer the few comments you will get, but also enjoy life for a change. The day before the contest you wasted it prepping for the contest, I will wager you that everything you studied never came up in questions. A whole day wasted because you had to prove your superiority. Well it didn’t work quite like what you had in mind did it?”

‘This is what my research paper was all about, so in addition to learning something useful in life, you will be a subject in my latest paper. The choice is up to you, me and a new insight on life or your male views and alone in life, your choice.”

Oh shit, was all I could come up with. She had laid it all out, exactly what I had done and why I did it. I knew there was only one way to save face and our relationship. I agreed to her requests and told her I would do all that I could to live to her terms of the bet.

Story Incomplete At Present

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