Patience; A Very Long Nine Months

I swear it was a conspiracy. My so called friends had apparently planned this for weeks, meanwhile keeping it a secret from me. It was in our human sexuality class that the trap was sprung. Our school had several pregnancy simulators and each student got a week in the simulator. It was to teach both sexes about being pregnant, the uncomfortable feelings, the hardships, and the frustration of nine months being with child.

The females looked forward to the experience, maybe a sneak peek to a part of their future. The males thought quite differently. They were kidded about it, the fact that all males had to take the class and experience the week being pregnant, did allow them to escape with some of their masculinity intact. I know a lot of them changed their attitude about the females in their life, a new found respect for the female that was not there before hand. Of course, a few learned nothing from the experience continuing on in their beliefs and actions.

A few of them that had siblings got a whole lot worse from their brothers and sisters. The day that the simulator got taken off like being given a pardon from the electric chair. My time in the simulator for a week was coming up, I was a little apprehensive about it, but glad that it was now and not later when other things might make the week much worse. At the first day of class we had to draw a slip of paper with a date on it that would then be our first day in the simulator. In years past one male ended up wearing it to his prom, although he was offered a chance to move it to another date, he stuck with his original time. The alternate time was during baseball season, and he was a starting pitcher. He seemed to have fun at the prom, one of his buddies taking him to the prom and dancing with him most of the night.

They had one simulator, a prototype of a new design that they offered to one student to wear for the entire nine months. The volunteer would write their thoughts, their struggles, everything about the pregnancy in weekly reports, in exchange for this, they would be exempt from weekly tests and the final at the end of the school year. For a good grade in the class it would be almost worth it, but being pregnant for nine months was just too much sacrifice, especially for a male.

To get selected you had to write an essay about why you wanted to do it, plus get parental approval for the project. This included the expenditure necessary for maternity clothing, and the special diet required for this part of the experience. I hoped whatever female that volunteered would be happy, definitely not something for me to desire. I, of course, didn’t participate in this essay, wanting nothing to do with this.

The teacher was reading the winning essay to the class, I listened halfheartedly to the words, even a few parts sounded like phrases that I have used in the past. Apparently it was a tear jerker, most of the class dabbing at their eyes as the teacher finished reading the essay. She mentioned that the parental forms were attached, the parents so enthused that their child had volunteered for this that they had promised a brand new wardrobe for the student.

Ms. Vandolier had already cleared it with the office, the students schedule now changed to appropriate classes for a young mother to be. She wanted Cheryl, Stella, and Janey to come up to the front of the class along with Pat. They would go to the adjoining classroom and help the student to get fitted for the simulator. Then return to the class for the rest of the period. As we stepped next door Ms. Vandolier handed out a pop quiz to keep everybody occupied while they were fitting the simulator to the lucky recipient.

I was next door and sitting on the edge of one of the tables when the girls approached me. Cheryl had the winning essay in her hand, I couldn’t make out what the name was, of the three I would have guessed Janey would be the one to volunteer. When the piece of paper got close enough I saw the name Pat and I fainted. In the meantime, they were helping get my shirt off and my jeans lowered down to my upper thighs. Ms. Vandolier was supervising the girls, my fainting thought to be my surprise at winning the essay contest.

The last thing was to insert my male organ into the sleeve and pull the crotch strap up and closed. She handled that, a former nurse before she started teaching classes here at the school. When I came around they were helping me back into my clothes, somebody had placed a cool wash cloth over my eyes, and as I set up I was handed a bottle of water. I took a sip and then tried to figure out what had happened. I then suddenly remembered the essay and my name on it, I knew I hadn’t written it yet they had put my name on it. I looked at all of my so called friends, a smile on each of their faces, then Janey asked the teacher a question and Cheryl got closer and whispered in my ear.

“You need to keep quiet, this is retribution for all the tricks you played on us over the years. Your parents are on board with this, your schedule has been changed, and the essay is in your handwriting, quite a few phrases that you normally use are in the essay. In other words we have you right where we want you. Now for the clincher, we coated the two flaps with some medical adhesive, the simulator is now glued to you, and your organ, trying to remove it if you can convince everyone that you didn’t want this is doubtful, without some pain and lots of humiliation.”

“I suggest you live with this, a minor inconvenience, after nine months we will consider the score even. You will get a new wardrobe, lots of dresses and maternity clothes. No tests for this class for the year and if you write decent reports most likely an A in the class, one of the few you have ever obtained at school. Now smile, your fainting just because you were so excited at being the chosen student.”

I did smile, not sure what to think about the circumstances of how I got here. I decided to lay low, to see what all I had got myself into, many things still an unknown. Parents definitely one of those question marks. After getting dressed I returned to the class, finding out that my name now is Patience, that a surprising revelation, definitely unexpected. The next question is where they came up with that name. The school had made allowances because of the project and my schedule change. Note to self, what classes do I have now?

I could feel something glued to my body, another layer of something but nothing actually showed on the outside. It felt funny though, as I was congratulated on my essay, both male and females touched by my willingness to experience being pregnant for the full nine months. I did get teased as to who the father was, surely he would support me and not leave me alone during my pregnancy. Several of the girls were jealous of me, wanting the experience for themselves.

My head felt like it is going to check out again, way too much to try and figure out. All the things mentioned to me, leaving me more than a little concerned. A new schedule, a new wardrobe, my parent’s involvement in this all too much to absorb. I am getting a splitting headache just trying to rationalize any of this. As I make my way to my desk I stagger a little, I definitely do not feel good. I plop myself done in the desk, put my head in my hands and squeeze it trying to get the throbbing to stop. Ms. Vandolier sees me, checks my forehead with the back of her hand, and then sends me to the school Nurse with Cheryl to assist in getting me there.

I keep quiet on the way there, for one thing the throbbing making any coherent thought almost impossible. Cheryl drops me off, after giving me a hug and I am laid down on one of the beds in the office. The nurse uses one of the new thermometers to check my temperature, then uses a stethoscope to listen to my heart and lungs. She lowers my pants and checks my new appliance, feels all around the edges of the simulator then reached into her filing cabinet and pulls out a brochure on the device. She reads for a few minutes, then picks up the phone and makes a call to the company.

Since she had left the room I can’t hear the conversation, but a few moments later she reenters the room and helps me remove all of my clothes. She had pulled the privacy curtain for me, then carefully checks the simulator and all of its seams. She finds where it has been glued to my skin, then makes another call and ten minutes later the school principal enters the office. She sits next to me on one of the chairs, and asks if I remembered anything from when the simulator was slipped on me.

I debated on whether to come clean, about what Cheryl had said, but don’t want them to get into trouble. I had done some pretty stupid things to them over the course of the last school year, nothing life threatening, but let’s just say quite a bit of humiliation was involved. I am sure several outfits were ruined in the process, a purse or two and quite a few textbooks. My favorite was when Janey was starting her period and found her purse glued shut, having to beg for some pads and tampons from the other girls to get her through the day.

Deep down I knew being trapped in the simulator was deserved, but being on the receiving end of a prank does alter the playing field. I decided to keep quiet, maybe this will all blow over and I will be rescued from this situation. After a lot of questions the girls were left off the hook, someone unknown obviously altered the simulator, I was just the unlucky recipient. I was kept in the nurse’s office, a company rep was coming to examine it and see what could be done about it.

The way the questions were asked I pretty much had to stay with the story cooked up by the girls that I wanted to experience pregnancy, not just read about it. While I was waiting I did get a chance to read my winning essay, all of the girls should get A’s for their creative writing. The amount of work to scan in some of my writing to a computer so that it could copy my handwriting style, then add in using a lot of phrases that I normally used, the three should be allowed to work for the CIA, at a minimum.

Two hours later the representative of the company showed up, a redhead with the name of Scarlett. She smiled when she saw me then shooed everybody out so she could examine me. She advised me that she was a registered nurse, well qualified in this field, both the real thing and the simulator. She had me back naked in a few minutes and looked over the simulator and my body very carefully. She had a test kit in her bag of goodies and sampled some of the glue at the edge of the seam between the device and my groin.

She then proceeded to sit in a chair next to the table I was lying on and started asking me some questions. The second question into the interrogation I knew she suspected something more than what was being circulated. She just sat there staring at me waiting for me to divulge what I knew, I would never make a good spy, after two minutes of this I caved. I did ask that she not tell others, the girls were just trying to get even with me, I probably deserved it, but I have not completely come to terms with what has been done to me. I got several smiles the next thirty minutes as all came out, even my dastardly deeds causing all of this. She asked for the names of the girls, she wanted to talk to them, but promised that the school would not find out from her. She left me for a while, I presumed she was conferring with the girls.

I was feeling better, Scarlett telling me that the dizziness and bad feeling was just anxiety. It was sinking in slowly, this is going to affect me much harder than I imagined. Scarlett told me that she is going to take me to an ob/gyn in the area, one she frequently works with, so that the simulator can be properly applied and the glue the girls used removed. She had already called my Mom and she would pick me up there when they were finished. I can imagine the conversation at the office where my Mom works, I have to leave early to pick up my son at the ob/gyn, but I will be back here tomorrow for work.

We left in her car, the drive to the doctor’s office about twenty minutes. I was led right back to an examination room and got help in removing my clothes. I was helped to a chair like fixture and my feet were placed in stirrups. Scarlett started working between my legs, using some solvent to dissolve the glue. It was a slow process, about a half inch at a time was all she could get released, before she lifted that part to get to the next patch of glue. Finally an hour later, she was releasing the last of my male organ from the simulator. Luckily the girls had not put the glue that far up on my organ.

In the back of my mind, I was hoping that maybe everybody would relent, and I would be left out of the contraption. I never voiced that opinion, just did a lot of silent praying. Mom entered shortly thereafter, and Scarlett left the room for a few minutes. I could see Mom look at me sternly, apparently she had been told of my deeds that prompted the girls to seek revenge.

She was a trial lawyer by trade, and very good at it. I was telling her everything within minutes. Our several skirmishes during my early teens had made a believer out of me, she was fair, but her punishments were not only unique but very humiliating. Of course, I gave up on any release from the apparatus, nine months was now my minimum sentence.

Scarlett was called back in and she treated the skin that would be under the simulator with a cream that would prevent any hair growth. For a seventeen year old, I was severally masculine frustrated, no hair on my body, maybe three on my face, but the hair on the top of my head grew like weeds on steroids. The simulator was placed back around me but not secured together. Scarlett spread an adhesive all over the skin that would be under the device, then secured the simulator. This glue was medically safe, would not irritate the skin and would last for the entire nine months, if not longer.

As she was securing the last part at the crotch, she removed the panel that came with the simulator and added one that she took from her case. My member was placed inside of a soft silicone tube, with adhesive added to it before being slid into its new home. The new piece then was glued to my body and the front and rear of the simulator. I was indeed screwed now, no release for the duration of my punishment. I winced at the word screwed that I had just thought, the connotation of it and my predicament closely relevant now.

I guess things that you do in life come back around to haunt you, my few moments of happiness at my pranks on the girls would now cause me months of suffering. Scarlett wanted me to have a sneak preview of what was going to happen to me so she attached a laptop to the device with a USB cable and started typing away. A hose was attached to an opening near my crotch and the suit started filling. I could feel the weight added to the device, my bladder now becoming very uncomfortable. I looked down and my stomach area was expanding by the minute.

A short time later she stopped, informing me that was equal to six months pregnant. I couldn’t see my feet anymore and I felt like I had to pee real bad. “I won’t go any further, I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun. This particular suit allows birth, the feeling of labor pains and contractions. Your Mom seems to think that you need to experience that too, so I have activated that part of the program. It is now waterproof, you can swim, bathe and shower with no concerns. I will check up on you periodically, I would like to read your comments and feelings along with your teacher if you will allow it.”

“Oh, the water that is now in the device will be expelled though peeing, so do not venture far from a bathroom for the next six hours. The device unloads any excess moisture through the tube that is around your organ, the end of the tube will react just like if you had to pee naturally.”

“Have you decided whether you want a boy or a girl?” She was giggling hard, about to go to full out and out laughter.

“I smiled, either one will be fine, as long as it is healthy.” I heard a couple of Mom’s friends say that when they were pregnant, but had no clue why I decided to answer the same way. I got a hug from Scarlett, and I hugged her back, thanking her for being so nice and helping me. She did a lot that was not part of her job, informing Mom of the circumstances and making sure that I was safely entombed in the device.

Mom took me home, she didn’t dwell on the day’s activities, but they were discussed. She had more for me to endure, but not till tomorrow. I was told that the best way to handle this at school was for Pat to disappear and Patience to take her place. The first week might be hard, but after that things should return to normal, whatever that meant now.

We had dinner, my father was informed of my actions and that he now had a daughter, pregnant and planning on giving birth in nine months. I got a severe arch of the eyebrows, but nothing else was said. He was the head of the house when it came to financial matters, but with children Mom was queen. He was informed that my next year was already planned out and I would be experiencing all things regarding children rearing from birth to diaper changing.

That didn’t sound good, but with Mother involved you do not ask questions just nod your head and agree. He laughed at my name, Patience was a bit much even for me. Mom just smiled. “Tomorrow the rest of his masculinity disappears, he gains a new wardrobe and of course the proper classes for a young woman. Oh, did I mention that Patience has regular Ob-Gyn appointments now, an essential for a new young mother.”

“Well daughter of mine, I wish you luck, you seem to have the perfect life given you, I do hope you learn something from this.” Dad looked at me hard, for a few moments, he knew that I had done something bad to incur Mom’s wrath like this. I will leave you in your mother’s care, do be good for a change. I knew that with that statement I was on my own, he was washing his hands of the matter. Pat is now out of the country, Patience his daughter is in his place.

I went up to my room, already I was getting tired of going to the bathroom. Since the doctor’s I had gone seven times, each time facing the reality that my male parts are no longer visible, a simple slit all that is down there. Late that evening on my seemingly endless trips to the bathroom, the simulator seemed empty, I presumed that since there was no more movement of liquid as I walked around. I crawled back into bed, fearing today, it will be at least another couple of hours before I had to face Mom’s wrath.

A smiling Mom greeted me, jerked off the covers and told me to do my bathroom things and put the shorts and blouse on and be ready in ten minutes. I did as told, not sure what I will be facing, but I had confidence that Mom could always make it worse. I got in her car, a short ride to her salon that she uses and deposited therein. She had court today, so she couldn’t stay. My technician Beverly was told that if I refused anything that was offered to just call her and she would see that the matter is corrected immediately.

I knew better than to refuse anything that my Mother had arranged, I did that once in grade school in the sixth grade no less. She was at the school before I could even realize that I had made a big mistake. Led from the school by my ear, placed in the back seat and we were off. We pulled up to a day care, a few blocks from our home and I was led inside by my ear again. Shown to a room by one of the workers I was stripped naked and dressed in a little girl’s dress and panties. Then taken to one of the classes and made to sit down with girls half of my age. I was left like that for the rest of the day. Some of the girls felt sorry for me, handing me some dolls to play with, even playing with me a little. Believe me I learned my lesson, never again.

The crime that I had committed that day, was to refuse to take part in a play at the school, a part that Mom had okayed a few weeks earlier. I was kidded some about the part so I declined to participate anymore. Well guess what when the play was staged I was in costume and performed my part admirably. The daycare incident had made its impression on me big time.

Beverly interrupted my recollections by getting me naked on a table in the room. I was looked over to see what she had to do, then she collected my clothes and walked out. I laid there getting a little cold, when she and a couple more technicians came back into the room. Since you are virtually hairless we will not have to wax you, if some hair should sprout later it can be handled quickly and permanently. One of the techs started on my hands, apparently going to give me a manicure. The other lady was working on my toes, while Beverly started attaching cups to my chest right above the top of the simulator. She glued them down to my chest then wheeled a large machine with dangling hoses over to the side of the table. The hoses were hooked to the cups, she then added some liquid to the cups with a syringe and the pump was turned on.

Immediately some of my chest tissue became sucked into the cups, the liquid sloshing around in the cups coating any skin there in. After fifteen minutes the pump started cycling running for a while then briefly off then sucking again. I watched for a while the cups slowly filling up, the pump seemed quite capable of filling the cups eventually. After the nail extensions were added and the nail polish to make them glisten, she turned her attention to my eyebrows. They were quickly eliminated, two very thin arches the only thing left of my once thick masculine eyebrows.

My ears were additionally pierced, the one hole I had in each ear was added to making my available holes for ear adornment now three in each ear. a long dangle earring was added to the bottom hole, a medium sized hoop for the middle hole and a silver ball stud for the top hole. I was told that the earrings were sterling silver, an intricate etched design in the silver making them really stand out reflecting any light back as sparkling beams of light.

I was shown how to apply my own makeup, it took four times starting over before I was able to look anything like a young female. The last time was my apparent face for today. Hair washed and conditioned, put in curlers, then under a hair dryer, until soft and silky. Tomorrow my hair will receive more treatments, but for today that was it. A high curly ponytail was created with curly tendrils over each ear.

Attention was returned to my developing breasts, then a scary thought made an appearance in my fuzzy mind. The tissue of my chest was being sucked into the forms, after the forms were removed I doubted the tissue would just return to its place before the treatment. That means that I now have breasts for the long term, maybe even longer than that. A tear escaped my eye, suddenly the things I did to get me into this predicament seemed very unwise and immature.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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