Mallory; Keeping Everybody Happy

I was surprised at the request, although I should have suspected something since my boss has been especially nice recently. Just yesterday I had been singled out for my work with one of the companies largest customers. All I had done was furnished them with what they had requested and in a very timely manner. Unfortunately, the majority of our employees were clueless about providing basic customer service as a means to win a customer over. To them a large presentation done with graphs and charts was what they thought the customer wanted. The fact that any followup questions and requests were left unanswered often made the presentation worthless.

I had been called into her office late in the day, sometimes that is not good, since that is when employees are usually terminated and sent on their way. I stood before her desk, hands to my sides waiting for her to say something. She had my file on her desk, another bad sign, and was reviewing the contents. Now I was getting worried, I guess I was an okay employee, but I am sure there was not much in the file concerning my accomplishments. It felt like forever as I waited for her to say something.

“Mallory, I have a huge favor to ask of you. By the way how did you end up with the name Mallory?”

“My Grandmother was named Mallory and Mom was expecting a female when I was born, deciding to name her after her mother. To keep peace in the family, the name was left unchanged to appease my grandmother. It has caused a lot of grief over the years, but I have managed to handle most of it reasonably well.”

“Well I have need of your special talents, we are usually able to sign on new customers fairly easy, but loose a large portion of them before the first year contract is up. I need someone to handle their questions and requests promptly, like you did with the Henderson account. I am sure it will be a full time job, since we presently have fifty two clients under contract. It will be a salaried position with the use of a secretary to handle typing letters and emails if necessary. She will also handle phone calls for you and scheduling of upcoming meetings.”

“Now for the part you might have difficulty accepting. When I mentioned possibility of this position to a lot of our clients, they were quite enthusiastic about it, wanting to know when she would start. I made some more calls, talking in general terms about the position and the person required to handle that type of job. Again all presumed the position would be filled by a female, anxious to meet her and start working with her. So I need you for the position but as a female. Before you totally reject the idea I need to fill you in a little more.”

“I have furnished a picture of you from your company ID to a business in town who specializes in these matters and they have indicated that the change in gender is quite doable, offering me a picture in return of what you might look like as a female. Your salary will reflect quite an increase in pay, also included will be funds to handle a new wardrobe and weekly beauty services. Upon checking your personnel file I have noted that you do not have close family and are presently not married, both of these conditions might make accepting this position unacceptable. Now what do I need to do to get you to accept the position?”

I just stood there, mouth open, mind in melt down and eyes rolled back into my head. Gawd, what brought all of this crashing down on me? I had no idea what to say to her, I don’t think I have fully realized what she has presented to me. I stuttered out I need time to think this over. She smiled, asking me to go to the salon, and let them work their magic on me, then take a day or two off to see if I can handle it. Nothing done to you today is permanent, so a trial run to see what it will be like is all we are talking about.

She handed me a note with the salon’s address on it and the time of my appointment. I was out the door and part way down the hall before I realized she had already made the appointment before I even came to her office. I stopped by my desk to pick up my few things and continued to my car, I heard several people ask me things as I walked by, but just kept on going. I figured they thought I had been let go, so it didn’t matter if I answered them.

Once at my car I just sat there behind the steering wheel lost and staring into space. I have no idea how long I sat there, the sun beating its way through the front window finally brought me to my senses. I had sweat on my forehead and it was sliding down my nose. I used the back of my hand to wipe the perspiration away, then looked at my watch, I had fifteen minutes to make my appointment so I started the car and headed in that direction.

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© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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