Tawny; Getting Into The Role

I looked at the ad in the newspaper again to make sure I had not read it wrong. It was about a Halloween costume contest, one offering a large Grand prize. Best costume would receive a four year scholarship for college. The scholarship was what had peeked my interest. It included books, tuition, living quarters, and meals for all four years. The scholarship did require courses in female related studies, but only two classes a semester. Since I had attended a junior college I had already completed some of the basic required courses so the scholarship would allow me to extend my education quite a bit, maybe allow me to get my masters.

My desire was to have a career in public relations. I was outgoing, found it easy to meet and talk with people, but was also able to see the full picture when I met someone, being able to see what they could do to improve their lot in life. I was always advising my friends on ways to advance themselves, what to tout and what to downplay. Most of my advice worked for them, the only problems was when they didn’t follow through, since you have to believe in yourself to make it work.

I cut the ad out, there was several businesses sponsoring the contest locally, and the ad said that full rules and an application could be found at these businesses. The closest to me was a beauty salon about three miles from my apartment. I made my way there after my last class for the day, arriving a little before five. The receptionist that greeted me was friendly and also quite a looker. In fact everyone in the salon was quite attractive, and several absolutely gorgeous. After I had told her my reason for being there she handed me a list of rules for the contest, asked me to take a seat and read the info, then she would get me one of the technicians to answer any questions I might have.

The contest had quite a few rules, but the main problem that I saw was that the entry fee was hefty, to be specific it was seven hundred dollars. That didn’t rule it out for me, but I would have to carefully think about it before I accepted. The contest would not be easy to win, since the rules required dressing as the opposite sex, and exhibit behavior that corresponds with the gender. The receptionist asked what I thought about the contest, I replied that the rules and the entry fee were a little steep, but she just stated that the prize warranted a dedication to the disguise.

I guess for that kind of money you couldn’t just have someone show up in a costume, it had to be more demanding. Each of the sponsors had a product or service that could be utilized to win the contest, thus there turned out to be almost fifty businesses participating. The judging will be conducted at the city’s annual Halloween bash, the ten dollar entrance fee for that event waived for any contest applicant.

I read through the rules twice, then asked to see someone that could answer some questions of mine. A technician of the salon came up to the front and introduced herself as Marie. She led me back to one of their treatment rooms and offered me a seat on a sofa. She told me a little about the Salon’s participation in the contest, then asked me if I had any questions. We talked about twenty-five minutes about some of the rules, especially the behavior aspect of the costume contest. I was informed that was inserted since a lot of people had the money to do the costume and makeup to perfection, but would not spend the time to learn the behavior of their new gender.

She then went into some of the services that the salon offered that could assist me in my presentation. I was interested, but did not know if I wanted to portray myself as a female. We talked about some ideas, then she told me what the Turnabout Gurl Salon could do to make me look female. If I opted for the deluxe package, they would pay my entrance fee for me, but she cautioned me that it went a long ways in converting the male body to that of a female.

I thanked her for her time, but I wanted to think about if for a while. Take your time, this is quite a leap for most people. I did ask before I left why the contest, she giggled, because it makes one aware of how the other half lives, a glimpse into their existence, insights, and problems. The male, in particular, often unaware of other people’s feeling, his desires and needs coming before all others. We hope to change some of that, one person at a time.

I made my way back to my apartment, living four blocks from campus, to save on expenses and time in traveling back and forth. I had a roommate at first, but he was here to party, not study so he was more of a distraction than the help with the rent was worth. He flunked out his second semester, so I was back to solo resident. I never tried to get another roommate, flying solo much preferable to having a roommate. I fixed a snack, my cooking skills minimal at best.

I found a comfortable sofa to situate myself and thought of what I had learned today. In total the contest required three weeks as the opposite sex, with some kind of gender related occupation as my focus. If I chose to go as a waitress, I had to dress as one, maybe even getting a part time job as one to make the portrayal more realistic. I had the TV on, but don’t remember a thing that was on that night, I was lost in thought, some of it disturbing.

The carrot that was dangling in front of me was attractive, I just didn’t know if the presentation was worth the prize. I tried to visualize myself as an entrant, then in different occupations, and what I would encounter and have to deal with. Unfortunately, my imagination has always been weak, so my glimpse in what might be in my future was severally lacking.

It was two days later that I made my way back to the salon. The deadline to enter the contest is fast approaching, so I needed to make a decision. Marie greeted me showing me back to the room we were in last time. I told her some of my concerns, the occupation thing having me stumped. I figured that I would have to be fairly convincing to be able to be in contention, so the occupation part would be fairly important.

We talked for quite a while kicking around different ideas and scenarios. “If we can decide on an occupation would you enter the contest willingly?” I shook my head yes. But that wouldn’t do for Marie. She wanted me to voice my agreement.

“Yes if we can come up with an acceptable occupation I will willingly enter the contest.” Marie had talked with her bosses, showing my pictures she had taken last time I was in and they talked about my participation in the contest. They agreed with her that if I entered they would pay all of my fees. The salon wanted a winner sponsored from the salon, the publicity from that would be invaluable for them.

Marie looked at me closely. “I think the best occupation would be for you to go as a stylist from our salon. I immediately looked at her very brief uniform, my face turning red faster than I could hide it with my hands. Marie giggling away at my reaction. So that is how it all started. I signed the application, the salon paid my fees and I was an official entrant. I had three days until the contest officially started, time to make my transformation from college guy to female stylist. Marie arranged a schedule for me spreading my procedures over the next two days.

In between the treatments she wanted me to spend time in the salon learning to be a stylist. “Isn’t it enough to just look like a stylist, do I really need to learn to be one too? I can’t see why I need to go this far.” Marie smiled, to win you have to accurately portray your occupation. Since it is as a stylist in a beauty salon that is what you need to learn.

We talked some more, I hadn’t really thought it thru as much as I should have, their idea of a transformation and mine suddenly miles apart. After a lively discussion I saw her point, my transformation would be so detailed that it would make winning the contest a lot simpler, maybe a cinch.

It all started the next morning, a treatment to remove any body hair is first. They use a cream depilatory smoothed over my body, covering every nook and cranny, then allowed to process for an hour. Do you know how hard it is to stand for an hour, not sit or touch anything, your whole body covered in this white sweet smelling cream? Finally when the cream is wiped from my body, did the effects of it became visible. I was totally smooth not a hair on my body below my chin. I looked to see if there was any action below, it didn’t feel like it, but all of my feelings seem off somehow. My usually friendly male apparatus was barely able to be seen, a small lump of flesh sticking out from my groin, the only thing visible.

My skin was so much smoother and softer, running my hands over my skin left goose bumps behind. Then a moisturizer to compensate for the drying effects of the depilatory. It certainly had a profound effect on my mind. The feelings that were swamping my mind, never felt before. It was like a heightened sense of feel, even when the air conditioner turned on, the feelings threatened to turn my mind to total mush. I was already part way there, all I could think about was the soft supple skin. Imagine what some silky clothes might do to me.

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