Lonnie; A Turnabout Job

I was browsing through the Sunday paper, looking at ads, checking the want ads again, but an advertisement in the women’s section caught my eye. It was an ad for the Turnabout Salon, opening at the Girly Gurl Salon in town. Several of my female friends use that Salon, one of the most popular ones in town. They have been in business for several years, their claim to fame is they help make males into gorgeous females.

Due to their excellent reputation the female of the species has found that skill also translates into making the female more beautiful. I understand that you have to wait to get an appointment at the salon, since they are so busy. Now they are opening a sister salon, called the Turnabout Salon. I wonder what that is all about, something to look into.

The following day I was doing some errands and saw the new Turnabout Salon next to the Girly Gurl Salon. On a whim I stopped and went inside. The décor was quite feminine, but also quite welcoming. I approached the front desk, mentioning that I had seen their ad in the paper. The young female took my hand and led me to a private room along the side of the salon. I was shown in and greeted by Amanda, a turnabout specialist.

She asked what could she do for me, I mentioned that I had seen the ad and wondered what services they offered. Their specific task was to assist a male to become a female, a turnabout if you will. The service can be short term (a day) or long term (weeks), semi-permanent or permanent in the processes. The fees are negotiable, some are pre-paid, and for the rest payment plans are available.

She asked if I was employed, I told her no, that I had been unemployed for seven months now. She asked if I had time to take a short test about interests and skills. I gave her a puzzled look, she giggled and then explained what they do. They train and place qualified applicants in positions normally reserved for a female. If I would take the test she would see if she could help me.

After the test she would explain more about the program, the services offered and the jobs that they place applicants into. I agreed to take the test, and was given a laptop with the test installed thereon. It was basic questions as to what I did, what jobs I had held and interests of mine. I noticed in the corner of the screen, a box with changing numbers. As I answered a question the number would change, I guess the computer was scoring my test as I completed each question.

The test took about forty minutes, so when I finished, Amanda came back into the room. She had several files with her, laid them out on the desk in front of her and told me the results. The computer had scored my test, picked out jobs that I would be qualified for, and had taken pictures of me, to project the image that would be me after the turnabout. I sat there with my mouth open, in an hour the test had accomplished what the employment agency and the state unemployment agency had failed to accomplish in seven months.

Amanda asked if I was thirsty, I said yes, and she returned with a diet drink for me. The Turnabout Salon contracts with certain employers to provide employees that have the experience and can meet the requirements of the job. Most of these employers have a female majority work force, but vacancies in entry level jobs. Those jobs became vacant when the females in those jobs were promoted to middle and upper level management.

Across the country, there is now a shortage of females that will accept entry level positions, most of the interested females are already employed or wanting to trade jobs to managerial positions. This leaves a vacancy for interested individuals to gain employment. Since most of these jobs have been filled by females in the past, the corporate entity has decided to keep the opening as female only. Some jobs could be handled by either sex, but have only been filled by females in the past.

That is where the Turnabout Salon comes into being, since we take the male who is qualified and needs a job and transforms him so that he can fill the position. This is not to be taken lightly, the job is for a female and that is what we deliver. In many of these situations you will stay a female unless you quit, or are permitted to change gender with a promotion. In truth, the companies prefer female employees and even if promoted you will still be required to keep the female gender.

Now as to what the salon will do for you. It first transforms you to the female gender, all-inclusive you will be a female in appearance no half and half. Then you are taught how to maintain the image, shop for clothes, do your hair, makeup, and anything else to maintain the image. But we don’t stop there, the training also includes how to maintain the home as a female, cooking, laundry, household maintenance, budgeting, and child care.

The instruction also includes dating, the male/female and female/female relationships both covered. Flirting, kissing, and any other normal part of a developing relationship is covered. This is so that you can be happy and fulfilled as your new persona. If you decide to enter into a more permanent arrangement later child care has been covered so that you can also fill the requirements of a mother.

In simple terms you will be converted to a fully functioning female able to duplicate 98% of what a cisgender female is capable of. My mouth was still open, during this whole presentation Amanda held my attention. I finally closed my mouth, but my mind was a jumble of thoughts and ideas. I was brought back to the present as Amanda listed the jobs that I was qualified for and the starting pay. I was amazed, from extreme drought to a choice of jobs to choose from.

Then she brought up the image that the computer had formulated of how I would look as a woman. I stared like I was seeing a ghost or something. A very female image reminding me of how my sister looked returned from the screen. Amanda was quiet, waiting for me to catch up, but somehow I thought it would take longer than a few minutes for my mind to process half of what Amanda had told me.

She went back to the page with the jobs listed and the starting pay and I focused on it. She was reading my mind somehow, knowing the next thing that I was thinking about. One of the job listings was for an executive assistant to a CEO of a fashion distributor. The pay was 38,000 dollars a year and all clothes included. “Surely there were cisgender females out there that would be happy to get that kind of job without having to resort to a male impostor.”

Amanda giggled, knowing what I was thinking, it turns out that I was verbalizing my thoughts at the same time I was thinking them. She replied that for this job, the hours were long and overseas trips were to be expected. Since the business was fashion I would be expected to wear something of the companies every day and upon request model some of the clothes for their customers.

It seemed to be a perfect solution to my problem, except for the living as a female part. I was relatively happy as a member of the male sex, except for the current lack of a job, the male gender had been one that I could embrace without much difficulty. Now to throw all of that out the window and start over as a female, maybe a little too much of a change just to obtain a job.

Then I asked Amanda what the conversion to the female sex would cost me. She replied it would depend on the job, the executive assistant to the CEO furnished a complete transformation and one year support as part of the employment package. Other jobs only paid part of the transformation, but finance packages were available so that the fees could be paid off over a period of time. If it was just a turnabout with no employment involved, the fees ranged from six to ten thousand dollars for a complete transformation, and the living as a female classes averaged thirty dollars an hour.

Way too much information to process, my mind was totally overwhelmed. Since I had that lost look, she suggested that I think it over, and come back tomorrow to talk about it some more. I agreed, was given one of her cards, and left the salon in a daze. I walked right past my car several times before I finally was able to get my bearings. I really had to concentrate on the drive home, way too many thoughts and ideas trying to gain the upper hand.

After making it home, I nibbled on a few leftovers from the fridge, drank way too much wine, and generally zoned out. I am sure there was some kind of thought processes going on, I just couldn’t remember any of it. At eleven P.M. the mental part shut down, since I didn’t remember anything more until seven A.M. I presumed I slept some of that time, but I couldn’t tell you for sure. The next morning my bed looked like it had been slept in, but there was no recollection of going to bed or any dreams that might have occurred.

I hung around the house trying to think some of this through. The job was enticing, but it came with a large price tag. Seven months without even a glimmer of finding employment does weigh heavily on you though. I had used up most of my savings, even borrowed some money from my sister to help make ends meet. Asking my parents for help was as always a last resort, too proud to ask, and ashamed of being such a failure.

My sister doing like she always did, was an unqualified success, in her career, and in her life. Two years out of college, an executive level job, a boyfriend that was a medical student, and way too many friends to mention. Thinking about her I called her and asked if we could meet for lunch. She immediately asked if everything is alright, our interaction other than a phone call once a week non-existent.

Now her brother was asking her out to lunch. She agreed to lunch but asked three more times if there is something she should know. I was only going to divulge the job offer after I was facing her, I needed her approval or at least her acknowledgement before doing anything for myself. I have always had doubts about anything I did, the concerns getting worse as the years have passed me by.

We met at the deli that we used to eat out frequently, before I lost my job. I am sure she would have treated me often but knew I would be deeply embarrassed to not be able to pay my full share, so we ceased eating lunch out together. We ordered our meals and she wanted to know what is up. I told her about the job offer, she was ecstatic about it, wanting to know all the details.

I stammered a while, not knowing how to tell her the rest of the story. She likes when I get that way, she delights in toying with me, making me sweat over divulging all the details. She made some wild guesses about what I hadn’t told her, then some what ifs added to the guess. Then she totally shocked me.

“You are going to use the Turnabout Salon aren’t you? I saw the advertisement too, thought you should check into it, but hadn’t got around to calling you and suggesting it. I would dearly love to have a sister, although I will be upset if you turn out prettier than me. No make than pissed, a brother than looks better than his sister, we are talking major disruption of life as we know it.” She stared at me waiting for me to confirm her guess, I guess my silence kind of told her what she wanted to know.

“Are you going to do it, or proceed as you usually do, stumbling along, making do and hoping for some miracle? You have been in this rut you made for yourself for almost a year. I think the time has come for Melanie to make an appearance, and make something of yourself. Mom will love having another daughter, luckily for you I doubt you will be pestered for grandchildren.”

I cocked my head, Melanie where did that come from? Figuring I now had Sis’s approval I started thinking on whether I could handle the change mentally. Sis ended up paying for my lunch then insisted she gets to see the new me right after I get transformed. She even offered to treat me to dinner, so that she can see the new me.

I got a tender hug from her, but she wanted me to go right to the salon, not wasting any more time waffling about whether I was going to do it or not. I did drive to the salon, then had to wait a few minutes to see Amanda. She smiled when she saw me, knowing I had decided to go ahead with the gender change. While she was getting the paperwork together she called the CEO and asked her to come over and meet her new employee. I winced a little, I have not even met her and already being informed that I was her new employee. Maybe she would not like me, even worse maybe I could not handle the job as she wanted it done.

After having me sign the required forms, a middle aged woman was shown into the room. She squealed when she saw me, immediately I was enveloped in her arms, a hug that felt so good the end result.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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