Trudy; Suddenly A Female

My Dad was driving me to the hospital again. It was too damn early on a Monday, but my operation was scheduled for ten A.M. Mom was already here, she was going to do the operation this time, her area of expertise closely fitting my symptoms. Unfortunately for me, I had visited this scenario way too many times, but there is always hope. I am not sure if any of the doctor’s really knew what my problem is, but the earlier surgery had uncovered some things that were not supposed to be, and there was attempts made to try and correct them in an appropriate manner.

I guess luckily for me , both Mom and Dad are doctors, Mom is a gynecologist and Dad is an urologist. I always received the best of care, my huge hospital bills easily handled with my parents income. The bad part about them being doctors is that I missed out on them being around much. Mom’s sister raised me, she had a family of her own, but I was included in hers since we lived right next to each other. She is the one that stayed with me at home while I was recovering from the most recent bout with my illness. No doubt my parents loved me, they provided every thing I ever wanted, but at times to be held in my Mom’s arms would have felt so nice. It happened every once in a while, but the moments were always interrupted with some emergency at the hospital. Jackie, Mom’s sister provided plenty of love, her children never without hugs and kisses and since she saw me as her own child, I was included. Since she had three girls, I was kind of spoiled since her and her husband always wanted a son.

We arrived and I was checked in, then taken to my room and prepared for surgery. The most recent theory and the subject of today’s operation is my sex organs. There was now suspicion that I had extra bits along with my male organ, Mom decided she needed to operate to see what all was down there and what needed to be done to correct the problem. The last MRI showed things that were not supposed to be there, in a way it was even a bigger mystery since earlier MRI’s had not shown any extraneous bits in my body cavity. The nurse shaved me, with my face a bright red as she did it. I did get a kiss from her, since Sally is one of my favorites, something to treasure. Most of the nurses at the hospital know of me, and have participated in one of the operations or my many stays in the hospital.

I was given a shot by Mom, as she kissed me on the forehead. She is one of the more outspoken doctors, doing a lot of things herself instead of letting a specialist handle the details. When it came to her child, no one other than her was going to take care of me. In the earlier stages, I was referred to a specialist in whatever field was needed, but Mom decided that was to stop now. Lots of tests later nothing was confirmed, so Mom decided now to see things for herself. I had heard Dad and her talking, both of them wishing they had done things differently instead of going with specialists in the first place. I felt the bed moving, the last thing I had any recall about.

It was dark when I finally awoke, apparently back in my room. Jackie is sitting next to the bed, her hand holding one of mine. She squeezed my hand when she saw my eyes flicker, then got up and tenderly hugged me. I looked around the room hoping to see one of my parents. Jackie whispered to me they were both dead tired and were sleeping in a room a few doors down. Mom operated on me for over five hours, then Dad was called in to finish up some work she had started. His part was another five hours before he could close me up. Along with my operation Mom had three emergencies and Dad was involved with two of them also. It is nine P.M. and they just went to sleep an hour ago.

I briefly recall some pain from my groin area, before a nurse came in and changed the medication and I was soon floating along among the clouds. The next time I woke up I was a little more lucid, I was able to squeeze Jackie’s hand when I wanted to. Another tender hug and then over her shoulder I saw my Mom. She came around and held me tight as her face touched mine. I could feel the wetness and knew she had been crying. I told her that her bedside manner is slipping, it is not right for a doctor to show any weakness. I received a wet ear kiss, something she knows I detest, but at that moment it felt heavenly. A few minutes later Dad came in followed by a group of nurses and another doctor. Mary is the other doctor, a friend of the family for many years. I knew what they had to do was life changing, if Mary was required to help appraise my mental condition. The doctors stepped back and the nurses cleaned me, changed my gown and removed the bandages around my groin.

Mom first and then Dad examined me, I waited for the bad news. I purposefully did not look to see what had changed, my funny take on life, I preferred to hear it first from someone, then examine the area myself. Not sure when or why that became a thing for me, but with so many visits to the hospital, maybe a better way to face life. In the past it is not unusual for me to spend ten days in the hospital and then when discharged find out they have discovered nothing new. So I just laid there, waiting for someone to tell me what they found this time. The nurses left, my groin still fully exposed. Mary retreated to the side of the bed, but still within reach of my body. Dad stood at the foot of the bed and Mom held both of my hands as she started telling me what she had done.

After she got me opened up, she was startled at what she found. I rolled my eyes, something I do when she takes the long slow way to tell me what she can handle in a few concise words. Mary stepped closer and Mom spit it out. Your days as a male in this world are over with, you are now my daughter and a very pretty one I might add. I closed my eyes, thinking of what was just told me. I never anticipated this scenario, of the million different ones my mind had processed as being likely outcomes of my latest stay in the hospital, this was not one of them. Mom tightened her grip on my hands, trying to get me to open my eyes so they could see how this revelation was being accepted.

I let out a nervous shiver, then asked what my name would have been if I had been born a female. Mom giggled a little, then looked nervously at Jackie. I presume that her choice for a name was used by Jackie for one of her daughters. Jackie smiled, then Trudy was whispered to me. Her oldest daughter was named Trudy Ann. Before I could say anything Mom asked about the name Trudy Marie. I smiled and squeezed her hand back. Just like that, it was over with and I was now Trudy Marie Walker. My eyes were getting heavier by the second, so Mom reached over and turned up the drip and I was soon floating again. I never did get to see what I looked like down there, it was so peaceful floating along with those billowy white clouds, and I was making good time too cruising right along.

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