Tori; A Better Appreciation Of Clothing

I heard the front door close, oh shit Cheri is already home. I ran to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. My lungs heaving as I tried to get a breath and get these clothes off of me before she sees what I am wearing. My luck that day was to be horrible as Cheri opened the bathroom door and stared at me. A slip partially off of me but still hung on one shoulder. Panties down around my ankles and a bra turned so the back was in front of me, my hands desperately trying to get the hooks undone.

“Leave the clothes on and come to the kitchen.” I hesitated not sure what she is asking.

“Now, get your butt out there right now. I took the slip off my shoulder and slipped it over my head, not wanting to go out there in just a bra and panties. She giggled the bra still twisted round my body. I walked gingerly in that direction trying to figure out what to say to make things not as bad as they were now. This is not the first time she has caught me in her clothes, just the most recent. She walked right behind me, making sure I took no detours as I made my way there. As I entered the kitchen she pointed to a bar stool at our serving counter, me having to raise my tush to be able to get my butt on it.

She got us drinks from the fridge, two diet cokes noticing my frown at what she was offering, she pushed the drink into my hand telling me to drink up. She settled on her bar stool and started the talk.

“This is the third time I have caught you in my lingerie, the two times before also in my outer clothes. I don’t have a problem with you wearing female clothes, I do have a big problem with how stretched out they are when you put them back. I have consulted a couple of people in ways that I can handle the situation. You may not care for the solution, but at this point you have no say in the matter. I want you to go to your room and put all of your male clothes in garbage bags, then move them to the garage. I will check to make sure you have complied. Failure to do as I say, will result in me doing it and I will not only pack them up, I will see to it that they are given to Goodwill. This has to be done before you go to bed, so finish your drink and get started.”

I started to say something to her, but one look at her face, and I decided it could wait. I downed my drink in a big gulp, took some bags with me and headed to my room. I dragged my feet until she came and stood at the door, the same stern face was watching me, so I picked up the pace. I wondered what I was going to wear, it was Friday night and on Monday I had to go to work. No answers and with her attitude right now I was not going to broach the subject.

Once two bags were filled I grabbed hold of them and hauled them to the garage. It was two hours later when I had the last items in the bags and in the garage. I found Cheri in the living room watching a movie, I cleared my throat and told her I was finished. She asked me if I was sure, I told her I had packed everything. She got up, grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. I was told to stand by the bed as she checked all the closets and drawers. Luckily she didn’t find anything.

From there straight to the garage. She looked to see where I had put everything, then grabbed a box in the corner of the workbench. She came back in the house then put something over the handle to the garage, inserted a key and locked the door shut. I looked at the handle, the new lock covering the old lock so that it could not be turned to open it. I let a tear run down my cheek, my male life now locked up for who knows how long. She went back to her movie, while I just stood there staring at the door. As she left the kitchen she suggested I get ready for bed, since I had an appointment in the morning at seven. There is a nightie on the bed for you to wear. I heard the sound come up on the TV, signaling the end of our conversation. Well, a one sided conversation, since I had no idea what to say or when to say it.

I made my way to the bedroom, slipped off my underwear, well actually her underwear and slipped on the nightie. I had bathed that morning before dressing up shaving my legs and my arms so I didn’t think I needed another bath. I laid in bed, trying to digest what all had happened today. I started to get a headache, so closed my eyes and soon I was asleep. When Cheri came to bed she laid behind me, pulling me close to her, our nighties rubbing against each other. I drifted back to sleep, feeling her arms wrapped around me, a nice feeling I might add.

The next morning being pushed to get out of bed is not very nice. She pointed to the bathroom, I went but with my head hung down. I used the potty, then brushed my teeth. Cheri told me that is enough, everything else to be handled at my appointment. I gave her a questioning look, but she was on a mission. The nightie was raised above my head, then a dress that I had worn before of hers was settled over my shoulders. The back zipped up and I was dragged out of the house. Not even any breakfast.

I tried to ask about underwear, but was ignored. The drive to the salon took forty minutes, it was one thing to have to get up at the ungodly of six, so I could be at my appointment at seven. But to be wearing only a dress, naked underneath is way too much. Even as we entered the salon I tried to reason with Cheri, she was not listening. At reception we were taken to an office at the back of the salon. Cheri was greeted by a tall imposing lady named Francine. Cheri sat down in a chair in front of her desk while Francine checked me out. She made several passes around me taking it all in. Then I was shown to a chair in the corner of the room. It faced the wall and I was helped into the chair. Francine whispered to me that it would be in my best interest if I sat there quietly, not saying a word as they discussed my treatments. She made me look in her eyes and then acknowledge her request.

Her look made me believe her, I sat in the chair a few inches from the wall and stared at a point directly in front of me. I tried to not listen to what they were saying, but certain words and phrases made it into my troubled mind. My future is not looking good at the moment. I did keep quiet, afraid of making the situation worse.

It was almost an hour later when Francine came and got me to sit with them. I was instructed to answer either yes or no, nothing else is allowed. They wanted the truth, not what I thought they wanted to hear.

The questions came quick, one after another, my response after the first question also quick.

“Do you want to live as a female?” I hesitated, but one look at Cheri and I answered yes. I have not seen that look often, but the time I did scared me to death.

Do you want your own clothes? Yes

Do you want to live as a female 24/7? Yes

Will you become the wife in your marriage? Yes, but I hesitated a little at that one.

“Cheri and I have agreed on a six month trial period, with you being the wife in the marriage, a stay at home wife keeping up the house and doing the laundry and cooking. Dresses and skirts, heels all the time, makeup and hair styled at all times. You will get a wardrobe from us along with all the necessary female additions to the body. You will learn to do your own makeup, and your own hair, with weekly appointments to help in that regard.”

“At the end of the six months we will evaluate your situation and make appropriate decisions then about your future. All of this came about because of your total disregard for your wife’s clothes. Most of what you have worn are stretched out, a lot of them she is no longer able to wear. Maybe some time in dresses and lingerie will make you appreciate clothes that are nice, fit properly and look their best. If you decide to not participate Cheri will not tolerate any more dressing on your part in her clothes or any female clothes. End of discussion.”

“So life as a female and wife or you quit cross dressing, your choice.” I debated my options but doubted that I could quit dressing in female clothes. I had tried before, but always reverted back. Lots of good intentions, but the follow through always failed. I lowered my eyes, the decision that faced me is certainly not what any male would do. I whispered life as a female and wife. Cheri smiled, but Francine made me say it louder this time, looking directly at Cheri. “I want to live as a female being a wife to Cheri during this time.” She cleared her throat one more time, staring at me. “You can do better than that.”

“Cheri please let me live my life as a female and be your wife. I will wear my own clothes, even buy them myself if you will allow me to do this.” I finally got the smile from Francine. She pushed a button on her desk and one of her stylists came and led me away. I presume in that instant my life had changed, hopefully for the better. Only time will tell.

Since I had already shaved off all my body hair, that step was skipped for now. In a few days when the hair gets long enough, it will be handled with a cream, making future re-growth less or non-existent. Then came the female looking body, to wear female clothes a female body is necessary. I was all for that, especially the breasts. I had always stuffed her bras with wadded up panties, getting my own set of breasts was a dream come true. However, the salon had in mind that my female body will start with a vulva, thus my balls were pushed up inside me and my penis was glued to the flat area between my legs. That was covered with a realistic vulva glued over the entire area hiding junior away for the duration.

They did get to breasts for me, two large formed cups were glued to my chest, then hoses hooked up to them and a pump turned on. The flab on my chest was instantly sucked into the forms, the start of my new breasts. A syringe with a fatty solution was injected into each form, to be absorbed into my skin. The forms warming up and starting to vibrate just made it happen that much quicker. The tissue in the cups was rapidly filling the forms, I was sure that they would be jam packed before this was over.

The only observation that my riddled mind focused on was the size of the forms. They were substantially larger than Cheri’s breasts, maybe even too big for my body type. At the rate they were filling up, I would soon have more problems than just being a wife to my spouse. I was sure that breasts that size would take quite a bit of effort to get used to. The first thought was I would no longer be able to sleep on my stomach without severe discomfort. Then some other scenarios entered my mind and sleeping on my stomach became the least of my worries.

Then even a more scary thought, how will Cheri and I have sex, junior locked away and me with a giant pair of hooters, does not make for a healthy sexual relationship. We were far from bunnies, but did do the deed regularly in the standard way. Well no more, maybe lesbian sex that may appease Cheri, but would leave me high and dry. Gawd why couldn’t I control my dressing or at least have the common sense to buy my own clothes.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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