Nina; Total Immersion In Femininity

The drama department was casting their latest production this week, and I was being encouraged to audition for one of the parts. My friend Megan was pushing pretty hard, to her my obvious talent was being wasted backstage where I handled the sound system and the scenery changes. We had a state of the art system, speakers all throughout the auditorium, with overhead microphones that could pick up voices up to ten feet away. My job was to key the proper microphone as the actors did their thing on the stage. In between acts I pushed some other buttons and the scenery changed automatically. I was content in my role, but Megan knew I could do so much more. From my vantage point above the stage I could see the action below, often following along as they ran through their lines.

Unfortunately for me Megan sat with me one performance, listening to my mimicking the characters and their actions. I have always been outgoing, so when faced with nothing to do other than throw some switches, I often participated in my own little production high above the stage. My little cubicle was sound proofed, so I did not need to worry about anyone else hearing me. I could hear the actors through head phones, quickly knowing if I had the right microphone keyed or not.

I loved the theater, knew the lines for most produced plays by heart, at least the main characters. I was majoring in drama, the college offering a bachelor’s degree in the subject. I am not sure what I was expecting from getting the degree, but the classes were fun and I enjoyed the camaraderie from the other students in the classes. I knew a career in the industry was unlikely, but one can hope. Megan was studying stage makeup and costume design, she had already obtained a job after graduation with a TV production company working on a new series scheduled to air this fall. Her sister was already in the industry, pointing out her sibling and what she was capable of. Her bosses attended one of our productions and a week later she was signed to do the makeup for the series.

After three weeks of Megan badgering me I finally relented and agreed to audition. I did it to keep Megan quiet, not because I was interested in getting a part. The director was a female, a long time professor at the school. She had two assistants with her, they would do most of the work, but she would oversee the production. This was done because we performed the show live for audiences, usually four or five performances depending on ticket sales. I didn’t prepare for the audition, or even had a character picked out. Like I said this was being done to hopefully keep Megan quiet and satisfied.

On Wednesday my time came up, I had watched all the auditions the past two days, we had some real talent this time around, I was super confident that I had no chance of even being considered so I was relaxed and laid back when my name was called. I stepped up onto the stage and waited for them to tell me what scene and character. Ms. DeWilder asked me what character I wanted to audition for, Megan yelled out Marilyn then collapsed in a fit of giggles. Ms. De Wilder said Marilyn it is, let’s do Scene two Act three. One of her assistants tried to hand me a script, but I declined since I knew the scene well. I swallowed hard, in this scene she is trying to get her boyfriend to get romantic with her, she is dressed to the nines, having just had a wonderful dinner out and wanting to get her boyfriend into her apartment and into her bed.

I started out in my female voice, putting as much feeling into the audition as possible. I thought if I over played it a little, a male trying to be sexy and attractive to her boyfriend, I would routinely be dismissed from any chance to be in the production. I figured a few lines into the scene and Ms. De Wilder would call a halt to the audition and I would be off the hook. I ended up going through the whole scene, only pausing a little when another characters lines were to be said. It was quiet when I finished, I figured the laughing and kidding would soon start.

Ms. De Wilder called over a guy that had just auditioned before me, whispered something in his ear and he came up on stage. He walked right up to me, put his arms around me and tilted my head to the side and kissed me. I was in shock, I didn’t have any idea what he was going to do, so I just accepted the kiss then staggered as I tried to get my feet back under me. He leaned in again gave me a kiss on the cheek, then wished me luck in getting the part. He walked off the stage, a huge smile plastered on his face, as I heard lots of giggling coming from the audience, students that had either completed the audition or had not had their chance yet. I quickly walked off the stage, one of the assistants grabbing my hand and leading me to a room at the side of the stage. I was told to make myself comfortable Ms. De Wilder would be in shortly to talk to me. All I wanted was to get out of there, to examine my sanity. I just let a guy kiss me on the lips, not a situation that most males let happen.

I set there not knowing what this was all about, I am sure I flubbed the audition up, my over playing the character and standing there dressed as a guy spouting a female’s lines surely could not be considered as anything other than pure comedy. It was almost thirty minutes later, every scenario known to man having been visited by my over worked mind, when she came in with her two assistants and set down right next to me on the sofa. I did a goldfish impression several times trying to get the saliva caught in my throat to settle down one way or another.

“Well Neal you blew us away with your audition today, number one you knew all the lines, number two your nuances and delivery were right on the character. I little birdy told me that you were quite talented, but seeing is believing, I am now totally convinced. I need you back tomorrow, you along with the other girl that is in the running for the part will get made up and in costume so that we can make our final decision. Be here at one P.M. you both will be in makeup and wardrobe for about an hour or two, then we will have you up on the stage, maybe a few more lines then we will make our decision. Thank you for stepping forward to audition and I will see you tomorrow.”

I tried to back out of it, sputtering and trying to put together some kind of excuse. She held my hand and stated firmly “I will see you tomorrow as soon as you are dressed and in makeup.” That line delivered rather forcibly. They left the room, I leaned back in the sofa and moaned. That was where Megan found me, my head in my hands as I tried to put together what had happened. She sat down next to me putting her arm around my shoulders and pulling me tightly against her. My head ended up in her bosom, tears already escaping and dripping off me. I tried to pull back from her we were friends but we have never been this close before. I had shared a hug with her on occasion, but it just lasted a few moments. Every time I tried to pull back she pulled me in closer till our bodies were touching pretty much from head to toe.

The tears dried up, when I managed to separate from her I noticed there was a wet spot on her blouse, a sizable one. I apologized profusely, but she had something else in mind, I was dragged out of the auditorium and to her car. She made sure I was buckled up then drove to a nearby college hangout where I was treated to a chocolate malt, along with sharing a huge order of French fries. By the time I had consumed the malt, I was coherent again, the emotional roller coaster back on track and slowing down. We talked about the audition, her remarking that everybody in the audience was in awe of my performance, not a word being said during my whole performance. You could hear a pin drop, everybody was hanging on to your every word. I shrugged the comment off, surely she was exaggerating, I doubt any student today had that kind of effect on others.

I tried my best to pay for the malt and fries, but she would not hear of it. She drove me back to campus, I lived in a rental house just off the campus, a short walk for most of my classes. I invited her in, but she declined she had some work to do tonight, so she would be ready for tomorrow, a most important day for her. I extended my hand to her, but she hugged me instead. Then she quickly left me as I stepped inside the door. I leaned back against the door, what a day, I sure hope tomorrow is better.

I listened to my stereo for a while, dozing off sometime during the early evening, not waking up until my alarm clock went off at its usual time of nine A.M. the next morning. I had several classes this morning, so I got dressed and made my way back to the campus. I was there in the physical state but my mind was somewhere else completely. I kept a tape recorder for just this type of scenario, so I recorded both classes and then headed to the student union for some nourishment. I ended up getting fries and a malt like yesterday, not near as good or satisfying, the hangout we went to yesterday is so much better.

After my lackluster meal I went up to the third floor. I spent a lot of time up there, a large picture window with a fantastic view of the campus the draw. I often parked myself there to while away the time lost in thoughts and dreams. Megan in my thoughts quite often recently, although she was pushing me to do this, I wanted to be near her, something about her that made me yearn to be with her as much as possible to share the same space as her, that would be enough for me.

I looked at my watch, then headed over to the theater building. The theater itself is on the ground floor, the drama classrooms and the rest of the department on the top floor and in the basement. Wardrobe and makeup were in the basement, where there was plenty of room. The building was quite large, the theater itself seating almost two thousand patrons. In the basement most of the space was for costume storage, the students in costume design making the costumes, then altering them when needed for a production. Over the years, they have accumulated quite an assortment of costumes, most any type needed is to be found somewhere in the many racks of assorted clothing housed there. The makeup area is only a couple of rooms at one end of the basement, the bright lights drawing you to the right area.

As I entered the room, Megan quickly grabbed me, then pointed to a dressing area at the rear of the room. I was stripped naked, now the cool air of the basement was causing some humiliating reactions of certain body parts. I tried to slow her down, but she seemed to be on a mission, that mission to transform me to the Marilyn character I auditioned for. She swatted my hands away as I tried to intervene, finally I relented and just stood there as she laid pieces of silicone up against my body. After she marked where they went she began gluing them in place, adhesive added to both the piece and to my skin within the marks. She allowed the glue to get tacky then slipped the silicone piece into place and smoothed it out.

The first piece covered my groin, my penis slipped into a pocket in the prosthetic as she slipped me into it. The second one gave me breasts, quite sizable ones I might add. Within a few moments she had erased all of my maleness, now my image in the mirror across the room shouted female. I was handed some panties, her helping me get them in the proper place. Then a pair of heels, according to her I needed the time in the heels to get used to them. A bra, a minimal piece of lace that barely contained my new breasts. It felt weird but also comforting stopping a little of the sway that was there before the addition of the garment.

Thus adorned she set me down at a vanity, to start on my makeup. My eyebrows were waxed away, ten minutes later the sting from having them ripped out still there. A foundation to smooth out the skin color making a suitable palette for her cosmetic additions yet to come. The eyes were first, lined and then mascaraed. According to her eye shadow would not be needed for this afternoon. She used a blusher to contour my face, making it seem to be more oval in shape, her intended goal. Lastly a bright lipstick was added, the last of the male Neal now gone. She added nail polish to my nails, just a single coat to help get me in the mood. Earrings were placed in my pierced ears, the first time I ever regretted having my ears pierced so many years ago. I had always wore studs, but these were the long dangly feminine type, dancing across my neck and tickling it as I moved around.

No time for my hair today, so she slipped on a gorgeous wig, long enough to touch my shoulder blades. For one who only had hair down to my lower neck, a most unusual feeling to get used to. Two students that worked in costumes showed up with a dress for me, I was helped into it, then dragged upstairs to the stage, I met my fellow candidate for the character Marilyn dressed and makeup identical to mine. She was a few inches taller than me, or she was wearing a higher heel, I am not sure which. We stood in the middle of the stage, and waited for somebody to talk to us and tell us what we needed to do. The gal introduced herself as Janice, a transfer student her first semester here. Janice told me that I did a superb job yesterday in the reading, she is quite sure I will get the part. I blushed red, she leaned in and gave me a peck on the cheek, telling me that I even blushed like a female.

The assistant director gave us another scene to do. Janice reached for her script, I declined one since I knew this scene too. Janice went first, I thought she did a good job, my vote would be for her to get the role. Then at the last minute before I had a chance to start the other assistant changed the scene I was to do. I took in a deep breath, then started the scene. Just like yesterday they let me go through the entire scene before anyone said anything to me. We were given some chairs to sit in while the director and her two assistants discussed our performances. We were kept on stage though the director and her two assistants were down in the front rows of the audience section for their discussion.

Ms. De Wilder came on stage then addressed Janice first. “You did a great job, however the part of Marilyn will go to Neal. I am sure you agree with me that he was perfect for the role. Now for you I am offering the part of Suzanne, Marilyn’s girlfriend. I think it will be perfect for you, you can learn a lot from Neal and I am sure he can learn some feminine nuances from you also.”

“Now Neal you have got the lead in our little play, a perfect role for you. Megan assures me she can get you attuned to your new role in the next couple of weeks. We need some publicity pictures today before you get out of costume, we plan to advertise this production heavily, thinking that we can extend the number of performances significantly. It is a timely play, and with a male in the lead role, the talk should be good for ticket sales. We probably will do a short commercial in a few days, to be aired over the university TV station so that prospective ticket buyers can see some of your acting ability in your portrayal of Marilyn.”

Megan showed up with a photographer, who then took a million pictures of me. My eyes only seeing the flash bulbs go off, even after he was done shooting the pictures. Of course, Megan made sure my makeup was perfect, spending way too long on getting my lipstick just perfect. I swear she thinks of me as her Barbie doll, full size and just as compliant. I still was back at the spot when Ms. De Wilder was telling me that I was going to portray the character Marilyn. Me a twenty-two year old male playing one of the sexiest females in film history. The whole world must have gone mad, dragging me into this mess as they were having their fun.

Finally everybody seemed to be through with me, I was taken back downstairs by Megan and helped out of the dress. My wig removed, then she brushed my hair into a more feminine style for its length. I was offered a skirt to put on, then a blouse both in an ivory color. The detail was very feminine, some lace and fancy buttons making the pieces look very girly. Both were form fitting, conforming to my body very closely.

I had a questioning look on my face, even though I allowed her to get me into the new items of clothing. She handed me a purse, then grabbed hers and her keys and we were off. I tried to drag my feet, surely I will be allowed my male clothes, but as we left the theater building I could see that was not going to happen. She had parked close, so soon I was in her passenger seat, with my purse on my lap. She drove over to my house, parked in the garage area right next to my car. She backed in, so I figured she had some ulterior motive for being here. She grabbed a couple of bags of clothes from the trunk that she had brought with her and waited for me to unlock the door.

As we entered she asked me to get us something to drink while she headed to my bedroom. I heard her hanging some clothes and some drawers opening and closing. I showed up with the iced diet cokes, handing her one, looking around the room to see what she had done. She walked over to my closet, pointed to the doorknob and told me it was locked, closed and off limits until the show is over. There was another cover over my doorknob, with a key in the front, I imagined that access to my male clothes now controlled by Megan. My dresser was empty except for the things she brought today, my clothes for the next few days hanging in the smaller closet next to the bathroom. Tomorrow to be just another day for the student Nina. Saturday, however, you are to be at a salon for a major makeover, Nina then the real you until the play is over. You don’t have to thank me, a special girlfriend needs some special treatment and help.

I promptly set down on my bed, all of this way too much for me to handle. I hadn’t got used to dressing as a female, now learning I am in female mode until the play is over. I shed a few tears, Megan comforting me and kissing me on the cheek somewhat comforting. I tried to get her to take this more slowly, but she was adamant, total immersion until the behaviors and actions are ingrained in me. After this play you will be respected for your ability, something that is far superior to most actors. I tried to reason with her, surely I can just dress as a male until my time on the stage.

“Nope you will be Marilyn heart and soul until the curtain closes on the last performance. You owe it to your fans to be the best female you can be.” I scrunched up my face big time, you are probably my only fan, so don’t go there, She assured me that I had quite a following, my Facebook profile already getting over five thousand likes. Whoa, Facebook profile, when did that happen?

A huge smile appeared on her face, Megan has apparently been way too busy recently, I wonder if there are other surprises not yet reveled to a naïve young female actress. Who knows?

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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