Marcy; Taking Refuge In A New Life

I am a son of a state department diplomat. Dad has served for fifteen years in his capacity as an ambassador. The locations have changed often, usually he was assigned to a country for only two to three years. If the country in question was in strife, sometimes those appointments only lasted for a couple of months. His last two assignments were in doubtful countries, the current government still in charge, but suffering greatly due to rebels or influence from other unfriendly countries. Because of this I was unable to go with him, confined to the states.

Due to the fact that my parents had separated several years ago, Dad had hired a governess for me. I remember very little of my Mom, she was a loving individual, concerned about her children and always on the watch for their safety. According to Dad that was the reason for their separation. She wanted the children with her and not at one of his embassy posts. It was argued, but nothing resolved. Shortly thereafter they separated. They never did get a divorce, the reason never given to any of their children. Mom got the two daughters in the separation and I stayed with my Dad. Because of the distance between Mom and Dad and the stability of where he served, the kids never got to see their siblings. There were letters exchanged and of course pictures but that was it for communication between members of the family

He kept his original home here in the states, planning to return there after he retired from the state department. When the country he was assigned to became too dangerous for me, the governess and I would return here to live until he was given a friendlier assignment.

Maggie, the governess, and I got along well, essentially she was the mother I never knew. Her title was governess, but she was much more than that. She helped me with school, cooked my meals the majority of the time and was a companion since in most of his assignments I was not allowed to leave the embassy compound. For schooling I had teachers hired by the state department to come in and oversee my studies. It was a lonely life, but Maggie saw to it that I was never bored. She spoke many languages, so in times of boredom she taught me how to speak and write in most of them. I now can communicate in French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese and several dialects of Chinese.

I did well in my studies as reflected in an aptitude test given me each year, a way for the state department to see if the children of their diplomats had mastered the basics for their grade level. I always came out near the top of the group, a fact that Maggie made sure of.

We had been back home for a couple of weeks, when returning from registering me for school a black SUV pulled alongside us. We were heading back to the car and only had a few more steps to go to reach it. Two guys jumped from the SUV one grabbing Maggie and the other me. I bit the guys hand that was holding me, he eased his grip on me and I reached back with my foot and tried to trip him. He was confused and trying to keep from falling, allowing me to get free. Maggie was struggling against the other guy, both of them facing the other direction. I ran over to them tapped him on the shoulder, then ducked down low as he tried to turn to see who it was. Maggie managed to slip from his grasp some, now he only held her one wrist. I used my best Kung Fu kick, aimed at his groin, as he instantly let go of Maggie and grabbed his balls. I pushed Maggie away and was about to follow her when the other guy grabbed me from behind, shoving a needle into my neck. The last thing I saw was Maggie sprinting away, before my lights went out.

I woke up later, tied to a chair, with a hood over my head. I presume I was now a hostage for some radical group wanting something from our government. Both Maggie and I had some training in what to do in this case, but training and reacting to the real thing are miles apart. I hope at least, she managed to get away. Not hearing her near me was probably a good sign.

It seemed like days had gone by, I was fed very little and never allowed to go to the bathroom. I ended up peeing in my clothes, and then having to sit in them for hours. They eventually stripped off my clothes leaving me naked, my soaked male clothes thrown in the garbage can. I was not bound back to the chair, but left on a bed, hands tied behind my back and ankles tied together. I was left able to speak, told to tell them when I had to use the bathroom. The first time I had to use the bathroom I was jerked out of bed, sat on the toilet, then secured there until I had used the bathroom. Afterwards, I was thrown back into bed, with my ankles tied to the bed frame.

I had almost given up hope, no telling where I was, probably hundreds of miles from where I was kidnapped. It would be a miracle if they somehow found me. Each minute seemed like an hour, day and night having no meaning since there was no windows where I was being kept. I would drift off to a restless sleep, then wake suddenly sweating and about to throw up. On one of these sudden awakenings I heard a lot of noise from the other room, then some gunfire. I just laid there unable to move, not knowing what was going on.

Then I heard a comforting voice, the sweetest voice I knew. It was Maggie, as she stormed into the room almost tearing the door off its hinges. She ran to me picking me up and cuddling my upper body close to her. Then a few comical words came from her mouth. “Boy you sure stink.” I was photographed where I lay in bed from all angles, then stood and more photos were taken. Then one of the people that rescued me came in picked me up and carried me out to a waiting car. Maggie got in next to me and the driver pulled away.

I motioned to Maggie about my ropes, she just smiled telling me to be patient, a few things still had to be done to insure my safety. I was laid over where my head was on her lap and I dozed off, waking later when we arrived at a hospital. I was removed from the car put on a gurney and wheeled into the E.R. with doctors and nurses accompanying the gurney. My hands were freed, but my ankles were left secured. I was inspected from head to toe, then given a shot that stopped all physical activity. Maggie appeared briefly, holding me and whispering for me to stay calm, a few more hours and I will be safe.

I felt my heartbeat, but could not move anything including my eyelids to see what was happening. A sheet was placed over me, I could feel the fabric as it settled on my face. Oh gawd I am dead was my thought, then I lost consciousness. I felt my body being placed in something and some movement then nothing. It was a while later when my mind told me I had been placed in a drawer in the morgue, I wanted to scream I was not dead, but absolutely nothing emerged from my mouth. I still could not move anything to let them know I was still alive.

Rescued from the kidnappers and now presumed dead, laying in a morgue. I couldn’t figure out if I was dead why my mind was still functioning or was it just a dream I was having. But then dead people don’t dream do they. It seemed like forever before I felt movement on whatever I was lying on. Then a different kind of movement, followed by another. Maybe a ride in a vehicle, all of this happening and my mind trying to figure out what was being done and where I was being taken to. Then quiet and finally some more voices, I think one of them was Maggie. I felt another shot being given to me, the liquid burning somewhat as it entered my bloodstream.

Then my eyes popped open and right in front of my face is Maggie. I closed my eyes then opened them again wanting to make sure this was not a dream. Maggie looked different, her voice really the only thing I recognized. Her hair was now brunette, and her face looked a little different, her lips were fuller, and as she leaned over to kiss me on the forehead, they felt quite different. Her same comment about me stinking, followed by her cute giggle as she told me to lay still until my body regained control of my muscles. She held my hand tightly, giving it a squeeze now and then to make sure I stayed awake.

Finally I was helped out of the box like structure I was lying on, shocked to see it was a casket. I was barely standing, Maggie holding on to me as I tried to find my footing and get my legs to support me. I was eased over to a bathroom, and slipped into a tub of sweet smelling water. I didn’t realize I had been naked in the casket until I slipped into the bubbles. Maggie leaned over the edge of the tub and thoroughly washed every inch of my body. I started to ask her a question, she just put her finger to my lips telling me to wait until later, when all will be explained to me. I closed my eyes taking in the fragrance wafting up from the tub. I dosed off from time to time, Maggie scrubbing me hard helped my eyes to pop open every once in a while.

Dried and helped into the bedroom where I was dressed in a nightie, a most feminine item that seemed to engulf my whole body. It did feel nice against my sensitive skin, as I looked at my arms there was no hair there, now soft and bare as a baby’s bottom. I presume the rest of my body was now hairless since the feeling of the nightie on my skin was so erotic. So many questions to ask, but maybe I needed to be just thankful I was alive somehow. The fact that Maggie had escaped somehow also quite a blessing. Now clean and with something on I was taken to the front room and seated on the couch. Maggie sat right next to me, my hand in her lap being held tightly.

“I managed to run away before they could track me down, finding an open door to slip into. I heard them walking by several times looking for me, so I stayed quiet and motionless. After a little while I heard no more noise or voices so I pulled out my cell phone and called the police, then the state department. Within ten minutes there were police here to get me, when we looked for you there was no sign of you. A half hour later the FBI showed up and took over the hunt for you. Both of us have had chips implanted in us so that we could be tracked. It was a day later when the scope of the hunt got out far enough for your chip to be identified. They had taken you into the next state, to a rural farm house about forty miles out of a major town.”

“The FBI of course raided the place, ending up killing most of your abductors. They were hard core and were not going to give up, no matter the circumstances. They have not been connected to a group yet, nothing on their person or in the farmhouse giving any indication of who is behind this.”

“You were given a shot in the hospital to stop any physical movement of your body. What the shot did was to slow any movement down to the point that it seemed that you had died. You were placed in a casket and in the morgue for a few hours before you were taken to a funeral home, then the casket was slipped out of the funeral home and brought to this house. All of this to make people think you were dead. We know that your body was checked in the morgue, a hidden camera capturing the image of the one interested in you body. After we find out who he shared this information with we will see to his disappearance.”

“Now for the part you might not care for. As of this moment you are now a member of the female sex and my daughter. I prefer Mommy to Mom and will take care of you the same as I have done before. They have made quite a few changes in my looks, you will experience all of that and more. I have insisted that you be gorgeous and quite the girly gurl. You don’t have to thank me, the least a Mommy can do for her only daughter. Once I get you looking like a daughter I will fill you in on the proper behavior and other things a young female needs to be aware of. I don’t want you asking to date boys for awhile, maybe wait for at least a few weeks.”

I just stared at her, mouth open, I had heard what she said, but none of it had made it through to my brain yet. A few words were stuck somewhere in between, female, girly gurl, dating boys. She saw the look of terror on my face, pulling me closer to her and hugging me hard. I am not sure if I fainted, or if I fell asleep because I had no idea how to deal with any of this. Either way I was out of it. I became aware of someone running their fingers through my hair, I moaned a little since it felt so good. Maggie helped me up and dragged me to the kitchen where there was some food spread out on a table. Another lady apparently the source of said food, asking what I wanted to drink. I looked around, then said anything will do, I am so parched and starving. A cup of warm tea was placed in front of me, my favorite. I looked at all of the different dishes on the table deciding to have a little of each. Maggie told me to eat slowly and take small bites allowing your stomach to get used to food in it again.

It was an hour later when I was literally dragged away from the table. Maggie giggling away. I had my fork still in my hand, trying to spear a hot dog before it was out of reach. Maggie assured me we could come back later if needed. Up to my room, then sat in front of a large computer screen. Maggie entered a code and shortly my Dad came into view on the screen. He had been crying, tears still running down his cheeks. I told him I was okay, Maggie had seen to my rescue and care. I told him I loved him, and would wait anxiously for the chance to hug him. He addressed Maggie telling her that the plan they had worked out was fine with him, but then faced me telling me that any face to face contact was out of the question for awhile. He made me promise to do what Maggie wanted, no matter what I thought of the request. I know some of what they will do to you is unusual but your safety is the prime concern here.

We will get together soon, but it will not be as Mark and his Father. Marcy is your new name, and you are now a young female, a daughter to Ginger, your Mother. It will be the spur of the moment meeting, when we feel that all parties are safe. Now behave and do as your Mother says and I will see you soon hopefully. The screen faded to black and the skype session was over. I hugged Ginger hard, my tears now matching the tears on my Father’s face.

I was led to my bedroom, and tucked in. I had a million questions yet, but a kiss on the forehead and I was soon asleep. The next morning I was dragged from my bed, my mommy Ginger giggling away. Time for my daughter to become a young woman, so slip on the sweats and we will be off. Ginger helped me slip on the pink sweat top, then the matching bottom. She brushed my hair a little before leading me outside to a waiting car. I noticed a guard just outside the house we had been staying in, another one driving the car. I presume there will be no more attempts on our lives and the perpetrators still living. We drove for hours, it seemed like, finally pulling up in front of a large beauty salon. I looked at the size of the place and tried to swallow whatever was now stuck in my throat.

Ginger helped me inside and we were taken to the back immediately. I was helped in removing my clothes, although I would have preferred to keep them on till I knew what was to happen to me. Ginger gave me a hug, telling, me to do as they say, while she gets a few more changes to alter her appearance some more. I was helped up on a table and several ladies went to work on me. I closed my eyes, something I always did when I didn’t want to face what was happening, hoping that the changes will not be that drastic. I apparently dozed off, my bodies reaction to what was happening to me and the stress of the last few days was too much to handle, thus everything just shut down for a while. When someone kissed me on my ear, I suddenly woke up, Ginger’s smiling face staring at me. She knows getting kissed on the ear bothers me immensely, so she often does it to let me know she is there.

I tried to say something but I found my voice strained and weak. Ginger just held me closer telling me to be quiet, all will be explained soon. I did get a glance in a mirror behind Ginger, seeing a cute blonde girl that looked about my age. I wonder who she is, maybe she will be living with Ginger and I now. I did not connect that the young girl was being held in Ginger’s arms, the same as I was being held.

I finally did get a closer look at the cute girl next to Ginger, when it turned out to be me I was astounded. Ginger quickly hugged me tightly, while my mind tried to process what it had just seen. I was undoubtedly a female now, hair, makeup, clothes and most importantly a female figure to tie it all together. They touched up my appearance and then Ginger and I left, both of us in skirts and tops, matching of course. I heard the clicking of my heels before I became aware of wearing them, my walk now much different than before.

Another car, this time with a female driver and we were headed to a destination unknown. It turned out to be a house right next to Dad’s, similar in size but a little farther off the road. We were dropped off and Ginger led me inside. I was taken to my room, shown my bed, Ginger helping me to slip into another delicious nightie, then she brushed my hair while I was fighting to stay awake. I lost the fight, as I dozed off, a kiss from my Mommy the last thing I remembered.

I set up in bed, the dream I had most disturbing. It was a different bed than what I remembered and I was in a female nightgown. I looked around then a voice from a monitor on the nightstand told me to lay back down and she will be right up. The voice seemed familiar so I laid back down, my eyes closing as I did so. Then something wet on my ear and I instantly was wide awake, Mommy smiling and giggling as I tried to focus again.

“You have had plenty of time to catch up on your sleep, so get out of bed and use the bathroom, I need to get you looking like my daughter, a nightie all the time is just so uncool.”

As I returned from the bathroom Mommy helped me slip off the nightie, then picked up a bra from my bed. I looked over to see my bed covered with girl’s clothes, all of them now belonging to me. That much I do remember. I was shown how to put the bra on, noticing for the first time that I indeed had small breasts. As my breasts slipped into the cups of the bra I felt the nipples stiffen, a totally new sensation for me. Then came a pair of panties, the silkiness as they were pulled up my legs not to be ignored. Then a dress, my first one and oh so cute. I know a boy referring to his dress as cute. I realized right then that the boy in me had vanished, Marcy was the person now in my body. I love the clothes, but best of all I love being Mommy’s daughter.

I got a super hug to go with the clothes, my feminine being just melting into the embrace. Then I was put to work, so much to learn and unlearn. From how to walk to how to sit and a million other things. Ginger is serious in this, never allowing me to slack off or do anything haphazardly. I had one choice, do it right or go it again and again until I did manage to do it right. A week later we were still fine tuning my movements when we received a phone call. Ginger answered it then looking at em just smiled. They talked for a while then she hung up. We stopped what we were doing, changed clothes then the car and our driver appeared. Off to the mall, apparently looking for some fancy dresses. I was made to try on zillons of them before she found one she liked on me.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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