Jennifer; Destination Female Gender

I was in my third year of college. A small private school that had quite unorthodox teaching methods. Very little classroom lectures, but lots of class discussions and projects. The school’s emphasis is on making the best of resources to live your life. Instead of going the corporate job route, they wanted us to learn to use what was available to us to make a living and live our lives. This particular class was using logic and resources to make a living.

The class started with one on one meetings with former students where all of your past experiences and history were collected. Then a team of students would customize a project where you would have to use all of your past experiences and some logical thinking to solve the project. We were not discussing simple matters here, like taking a background in math and getting a job as an accountant. This involved using some of our intellect to find a solution to the project, then locate the resources to make that project possible, expending the least possible resources and money to achieve that end. We would then be graded on the outcome of our endeavors and how we arrived at that point.

Megan the student interviewer was a senior at the school holding a 4.0 GPA. She was the professor’s assistant currently, expected to enter her master’s program next semester. I considered myself lucky to be selected by her for the interview. I knew from other students that the teaching assistants handpicked their choices of students they thought showed some promise. I am not sure I was worthy of that honor, but was thrilled at being included in her selections.

The interview asked every conceivable question and then some. My likes, dislikes, hobbies, even my sexual preference. She covered my family, about our relationship with each other especially about how we were raised. By the time she got done I felt I had been put through the wringer several times. At one point I was lightly sweating, I am sure she picked up on that, maybe something to work into the project. The purpose of the project was to put us in a situation that we were not comfortable with, where we would have to stretch our imagination and mind to figure out an acceptable way to achieve the end result, then find the resources to accomplish that and to do it with the least amount of money outlay.

The next meeting with Megan was scheduled for a week later, where she would give me the project and any parameters that would apply. Believe me I worried a lot about what might come my way. Since the interview I had talked to a lot of the former students, some of the horror stories conveyed to me made me quite nervous. Why before the interview I had never heard any of these stories is a mystery.

The meeting was scheduled for seven AM on a Monday morning. A coincidence, I don’t think so since in the interview I related that I was not an early riser and hated Mondays. So far she was batting a thousand. She was dressed impeccably, a black knee length skirt with a thin white cotton blouse that showed every detail of her white bra. Her hair was in a high ponytail, cheerleader type, and light distinctive makeup. Her lips and lashes particularly noticeable.

She conducted the meeting in the professor’s office with me standing in front of the desk. There was no chair for me to sit in, I am sure that was not by accident. She thanked me for an interesting interview and told me that she and the professor had worked days on my project. I could see that she was manipulating me, by telling me that the professor was involved in the selection of my project she essentially eliminated any chance for me to object to the assigned task.

I could see she was taking her time, every minute that passed by my nerves were getting stretched tighter. I saw a smirk on several occasions, just a sign that she was enjoying this immensely. Finally she had eliminated any other areas of discussion, my project the only topic left. She faced me, looking me directly in the eyes and spoke.

“You are tasked with starting an organization that helps males become females. You will head the group, showing the way for prospective members to follow. You need to find funding, other than your own, and recruit members to join. Weekly meetings will be necessary, where help is given to those that need it. Since you are the leader, it will be necessary for you to live 24/7 as a female, a role model for others. Any helpful side line businesses can be started but at least thirty percent of the profit must be given to the organization. You have six months to achieve this goal, your project will be graded on how successful you have been in your endeavors.”

“From my interview with you, the necessary skills to achieve this are present, but it is up to you to develop them and make this a success. I know you have questions, but both the professor and I want to see how you interpret the task and the first steps taken. Therefore unless absolutely necessary I will not allow any questions. Most of this is how you relate to the task, not specific solutions to the task. After three weeks you will meet with us so we can see what you have accomplished so far, then monthly after that. We will observe, but any accomplishments will not be taken into consideration (grade wise) until the project time is up.”

“I have faith in you, you have the ability, let’s see what you can do with it. Remember this is not just the research and ideas but implementing them and making them viable in your solution to the problem. You are excused from any lectures for this class, this project should teach you everything that would have been covered in those classes. Good luck and I will see you in three weeks.”

She got up and left the office, while I stood there, wondering where the train went that just ran me over. I was in total shock, mind not working, heart beating but barely, breathing still functioning but sporadic and irregular. I glanced around the empty office, I needed to go somewhere and get drunk. Since I had never started drinking any alcohol that is going to be a rather difficult task.

I decided a trip to the burger joint next to the student union would be my best option. I was not hungry, but they served the best root beer in the state. Can’t get drunk on it, but at least I can enjoy my drinking. I desperately needed the time to think, at the moment I doubt I can even perform the miracle that this may require. Nope forget ‘may require’ and replace that with ‘will require.’

I was on my fourth mug of the delicious brew, but still no fantastic ideas on how to even start this debacle. When hopelessly lost break out the computer and start a search. Any help is better than no help. I scanned down the first page of results looking for some inspiration. I found a LGBTQ group on campus, then was surprised to find out that one of my female friends is president of the group. We talked often, even studying together from time to time. I pulled out my cell phone and texted her, asking when we could meet. I paid my tab and made it back to my car, when I received her reply.

I am in the student union, second floor, and will be here another two hours studying for an English exam. Let me know if you are coming. I texted her back, meanwhile making my way to the said structure. I found her in one of the student lounges, curled up on a love seat with her English book and notes spread out before her. Rather than ruin her study time I quizzed her on the material. After an hour she seemed confident enough that she had mastered the required material.

“Well Allan what can I do for you today, from your looks it is something pretty big. Have you misbehaved and got a female pregnant or is it something else?” She had always kidded me, no subject taboo with her. I told her I needed to speak to Hayley, the LGBTQ president for a while.

“Oh gawd, you are one and I never even guessed. I have got to get to the clinic and get my gaydar checked out. Now let’s see, which one would suit you best. You have got to give me a clue, here I am totally bewildered.”

I told her about Megan and my project, her giggling right from the start. “I agree with Megan, a perfect project for you, just wish I had thought of it first. Now do you want to borrow a pair of my panties, or do want the matching bra too.” I gave her the evil eye, she just chuckled for a while, then wrote some places for me to check out to get an idea on what I might be able to do. She put an asterisk next to the Turnabout Gurl Salon, suggesting that I start there first asking for Beverly, this location’s salon manager.

I headed back to my house, now that I had been humiliated by one of my female friends. I guess I should feel proud that I can provide some entertainment for her from time to time. I am sure it would not be the last if I took this on, the whole project ripe with opportunities for my enrichment mentally. Sure, and I have some land you might be interested in too. We just have to wait until the rainy season is over to view it.

I made it home deciding that I needed to get my feet wet now rather than later if I was going to be to have any piece of mind. I called the salon asking for Beverly. A very sexy voice answered asking what I might need today. I stuttered through a brief explanation and she suggested that we meet in person and she could fill me in on what the salon could accomplish. When I asked her when, her reply anytime you want. I asked her if an hour from now would be alright, she told me they were open until ten PM most nights, on Sundays only till six.

I changed clothes, brushed my hair and drove to the salon. I was expecting something much different than what I saw out of my windshield. I made my way inside, taking in all the sights and sounds. I shook my head a couple of times, then realized the receptionist was talking to me. I asked for Beverly and soon a rather attractive female came and got me. I followed her back to her office, mesmerized at the view from the back and her demeanor. She was confident, seemed to be aware of my fascination with her rear, while exploiting it to the max.

I was shown a chair in front of her desk and asked to start from the beginning and tell her everything. She asked a couple of questions to clarify things, but otherwise listened without interruption. When I concluded with the basics, she looked at her notes and told me that they could help me quite a bit. She wanted me to talk to her boss in the next day or two, but for now she suggested they do a scan and analysis of my body that would let me see what I would look like as a female, and get a description of the services that would be used to gain that look.

I agreed and soon was led to another room and stripped of my clothes. I was surprised at that, just figured they would do one with my clothes on and then photo shop the female body over it. Apparently not here. The machine took about ten minutes to scan my body, then each treatment possible was shown and what effect it would have on my former male physique. I watched in amazement as my body morphed into this obviously female body. I am not talking about just a female body, but a gorgeous one that would attract lots of male attention.

I was given a copy of the disc showing my new look and a price list for the salon. As I was re-dressing in my clothes she received a call, then asked me if I could come back tomorrow at six PM to meet with her boss. She wanted me to wait before I did anything until after I had talked to her first. I agreed and left with that image of me as a female burned into my mind.

When I got home, I loaded the disc into my laptop and reviewed all the info and pictures many times that night. Hayley called once wanting to know if I have made any progress yet. I think her real intent was just to see me dressed as a female, the sooner the better. I told her I was meeting with the owner of the salons tomorrow evening, Hayley telling me that I was a goner then. “If she gets to talk to you, it won’t be long before your first gynecological exam. When you go to see the doctor can I come too, I am dying to see you with your feet in stirrups and spread wide. Please, pretty please.” I am beginning to wonder about Hayley, there might be more to her interest in me than as a friend.

I assured her that if I do see the doctor she can come with me. She did say good night among all the giggling that was coming from the phone. I sat there making a lot of notes, what to ask, and possible things I could do to make this project come together.

Among the things listed on my to do list were the following;

Create a website with helpful hints and a means to find out about meetings and ask questions.

A newsletter to give members advice on becoming female, information on buying clothing, and resources to use around the area.

Find businesses friendly to the group, maybe even getting them to offer discounts to the group’s members.

Showcase successful members on the website so others can see that what they desire is possible and attainable.

Offer some type of social gathering where they can interact as their female selves.

Offer a data base of posted material on transformations so that others can find it easily without a lot of time consuming searches.

Surprisingly enough I got enthused in what I was doing, the time slipping past quickly. At a quarter till one in the morning I stopped to look at the time, six hours of searching the web and reading what was out there to help a male that wants to portray a female in life. The time seemed to fly by, with me eager to find something else to read and pursue.

Maybe, just maybe I can do something with this impossible task, well it seemed at first to be an impossible project, but things seem to be falling in, there is some hope now. I even came up with a name for this venture, Destination Female Gender, for that is what it is. A trip towards the female gender, the destination is just that, being a female in as many ways as possible.

I attended one of my classes in the early afternoon then proceeded to the salon, deciding to spend the extra time to see what goes on there first hand. As I entered the salon I told the receptionist I had a six o’clock appointment and was early. I just wanted to observe if I could and see what all was being done. She led me to a salon chair along the side of the salon telling me that I was welcome to look around, then she will come and get me when Francine arrives. I received a hug and she went bqack up front. I just stood there, the hug totally surprised me. As I watched the stylists perform their miracles I was often approached by the employees asking if I needed anything or just wanted to talk. One short blonde stylist made a pest of herself finally getting me to talk to her about what I was contemplating doing. Her name was Celia and was a fountain of information and enthusiasm. I told her what my assignment was and she got up and sat on my lap, wanting to know if she could hang out with me as I tackled the project.

Apparently an idea entered her mind, she jumped up and ran to her station and ran back carrying a tray of goodies to work on me. I tried to protest and keep her from doing anything but she was not listening to anything I said. I found my hands in bowls of water and her yanking my socks and shoes off. She told me she was just doing a quickie manicure, since she had an appointment in forty minutes, but was sure I would love the treat. I gave up, she was still not listening to me, but within a few minutes the first coat of polish was on my toes, a brilliant red that would not be missed even in a snowstorm.

The receptionist came by to get me, saw what was happening and went to get Francine to bring her to me, giggling all the way. Another quite impressive lady showed up, set down in the salon chair next to mine and introduced herself. Celia was working on my one hand, the polish drying on the other so I told her my name and complimented Celia on her friendliness and caring. Celia finished and hustled back to her station to get ready for her appointment. Francine chuckled, but warned me that now Celia is aware of your intents, I am afraid you are stuck with her for life. In a weeks time let me know if a wedding date has been decided on and who is to be the bride.

I told her everything about my assigned project and what few ideas I had come up with so far. She listened to every word, then asked if I was planning on taking on the project. I told her yes, everything I have found out so far had intrigued me, so yes I want to take it on and hopefully succeed in its satisfactory completion.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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