Mona; Working As A Courtesan

Living in Nevada has its advantages. If you wanted to visit a lady of the evening all you had to do was drive to one of the numerous brothels and pick one from the many offered. I did visit regularly, this particular establishment about thirty miles out of town. One of the courtesans there was Mindy, a gorgeous blonde that had a quite impressive figure. The attraction for me though was her personality, open and carefree. Her personality bubbled out whenever you talked to her. We did have sex on occasion but mainly I visited her for the chance to spend a couple of hours with her. I know, to visit a brothel and sit and talk to the prostitute. Makes for a pretty pathetic life for a male.

On this occasion I was surprised at the lack of customers in the parking lot. Usually the place is packed, but not tonight. I made my way in, and signed in at the front desk. There is usually no one there, but several cameras do transmit my image to the office. I waited for a few minutes then Mindy came out to get me. She took hold of my hand and led me back to her room, all the time she was quite subdued. Once in her room, I was undressed, not my usual thing and laid down on her bed. She got on top of me, running her hands over my body, especially my penis and nipples. I closed my eyes and let her do anything she wanted with me. My hands were taken and pushed up to the headboard and fastened in the cuffs that were hanging there. My eyes shot open, but she just leaned in closer and kissed my eyes getting me to close them again. My feet were restrained too, but I am not sure what was used to secure them.

I heard another voice, then Mindy quickly left the room. It was the madam of the brothel, who was now standing next to my prone figure. “Mr. Walker we seem to have a problem. Your last two payments for our services have been denied, no reason given initially but upon checking with our credit card handler we found out that the payment was canceled by you. That is unfortunate for you, since you now have quite a debt that you are responsible for.”

She looked at the piece of paper she was holding in her hands, smiled and then held it in front of my face so I could read the charges. The state of Nevada allows us to charge daily interest on bad checks and credit card payments that have been denied. You will find those charges listed below the two payments that you have revoked, plus the payment for today’s service. My eyes almost left their sockets, seven hundred and fifty dollars in charges, three thousand dollars in interest and three instances of insufficient funds charges at a thousand dollars apiece. She did remind me that the interest is daily, so tomorrow it will be substantially more.

All of this is due immediately, failure to settle these charges satisfactorily today leaves us no option but to keep you here in some type of service until your debt has been cleared up. Cash is the only type of payment we will accept now since the credit card payments you have used in the past have been revoked. So you do you have that type on money on you now, or do we find you a job here so you can repay your debt. Until the debt is paid off you are not leaving here for any reason.

I tried to figure out why the credit card payments had been revoked, I for one would never do that. The only other person that might have figured out the password and been able to void the payments was my roommate Ginger. She has always been quite computer savvy, passwords and authorizations her specialty. We have been living together for six years now, started as roommates in college but stayed as such after we graduated. Never lovers but Ginger did have a sense of humor, never to my liking but she has pulled some outrageous pranks on me more than once. In fact, looking back way too often for my taste. I tried to plead with the madam, let me make one call to see if I can straighten this out.

In the meantime while I was begging and pleading a couple of the girls came in rounded up my clothes and left the room. Mindy came back, now sporting a smile and holding something in her hands. She played with my nipples getting them hard and then fastened a clamp to each. I inhaled quickly, the pain from the nipple making itself know quickly. As I was trying to recover from that she played with my penis, then took several ice cubes from the pitcher on her nightstand, wrapped them in a towel and held it to my erect penis. The ice cube ending up right against my balls. Well it wasn’t erect for long, shriveling up to nothing before you could count to ten.

A ring was fastened around the base of my testicles then my penis was shoved into a tube and the two secured together. That quickly I was locked away, no more erections and the end of any masturbating that I might have wanted to indulge in. Other than my asking to make one call, no other words escaped my mouth, the lack of me answering the madam’s question seemed to irritate her even more. She called out to Mindy, who appeared carrying something in her hands. The madam leaned closer to me and stated in a cool calm voice that my training as a courtesan starts now. I suggest for your own good you learn quickly, the sooner you get your debt paid off the better. At the rate of interest we are allowed to charge, failure to pay your debt off quickly could end up with you here as a regular employee for the rest of your life. She turned to leave and Mindy approached and inserted a huge dildo in my mouth, the tip of it trying to slip down my throat. My instructions began, the life of a courtesan now my life for the foreseeable future.

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