Janice; A Future In Doubt

I applied for the job over five years ago, to a company that I one day wanted to be a part of. They get thousands of applicants yearly, able to pick and choose, the best of the group for their employees. Exactly what the company actually does is mired in hundreds of rumors, enough so that no one is aware of what they would be doing if hired.

The stories and tales surrounding the company are what keep the thousands applying every year for a chance to be a part of this legend. One of the most often told rumors is that the company is involved in obtaining information on other companies, or organizations that is not readily available to the public. In other words spying is there main task.

From the earliest age I wanted to be a spy, to infiltrate the secret groups doing dastardly things to the country. I know, a fantasy, not really something that had anything remotely believable about it. At a weak moment I filled out the application, turned it in then waited for days to be contacted. Finally three weeks after that unusual day I gave up, knowing that I had been rejected, not worthy of further consideration.

I eventually got a life together, found a job, then two years later met a woman that figured I was the one. I loved her unequivocally, but to this day could not see what she saw in me that was worthy of her love. I felt privileged to be able to call her my wife, worshiped the ground she walked on, and generally looked up to her. She was everything I was not, decisive, assertive, and confident in herself.

She was the one to ask for my hand in marriage, made the arrangements, and somehow found the money to pay for it all. Nothing fancy, just a simple church service, then three days in a mountain resort. The snow had started falling, but neither of us saw any of the winter weather till we headed home.

I wasn’t exactly poor, but practiced seeing if I could spend it as fast as I made it. That all changed the day we got hitched. We had decided to not put our feet in the children pool for several years, wanting to find a house, get our careers on track, and save a little money for the future.

I had just got home from work, meeting Jolene on the porch as we both approached the house. We worked the same hours, usually getting home at the same time, dependent on how bad the traffic was that day. She had the mail in her hand, so I used my keys to open the door. We stepped into the kitchen, with me hanging up my coat and her putting her purse on the table. She flipped through the mail, sorting out the bills from the advertisements. One letter fit neither of these categories and she handed it to me.

I sat down at the kitchen table and opened up the envelope. It had no return address, but when I slid the contents of the envelope out, I was shocked. “OMG I actually got a reply from them, five years but I got a response.” Jolene quickly looked over my shoulders, both of us trying to read the letter. They wanted me to come to an interview, two days from now, in San Francisco. They included plane tickets, and had made reservations at a local hotel for three nights. The letter informed me that I would be paid for my time, to be received right after the interview. We looked the letter over very carefully and then I saw the small box marked position applied for. In that box was agent.

My heart skipped several beats, my childhood fantasy actually had a small chance of being attainable. The rest of the evening I was totally out of it, I remember eating dinner, then helping clear the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. From that moment on I don’t remember a thing.

When the alarm woke me the next morning, I made my way to the bathroom, then back to bed. It was Saturday and the work thing didn’t happen on the weekends. Soon Jolene made her presence known, rudely dumping me out of my warm comfy bed. She had a list in her hand, I presume my to do list, that she was looking at. She sat down on the recently vacated bed, told me I had twenty minutes to use the bathroom and report to the kitchen in my birthday suit.

I looked at her quizzically, then decided wimpy might be a better way to go. I trotted off to the bathroom, rubbing my behind where I landed after being evicted from my bed. I brushed my teeth, shaved closely, ran a brush through my shoulder length hair and went to the kitchen. As I was making my way there my equipment decided that appearing naked in the kitchen might be a turn on and the blood started flowing. Before I could turn around to wish it down, Jolene was there with her hand firmly around it leading me the rest of the way.

Being led to my evaluation, I wondered where this will all end. I am fairly tall, five foot ten inches in height. With part of my clothes on I tip the scales at one hundred and forty pounds. That amount of weight spread over that height amounts to being skinny, a bean pole to be more precise. The rest of me was fairly normal for a male, my shoulders while not wide, were not as small as most females. My facial features were soft, but I lacked high cheekbones and a narrow jawline. Otherwise, my lashes were longer than most and quite thick.

By far the most feminine feature is my hair. Thick to the point of being absurd, a blend of blonde tones and now reaching my shoulder blades. For quite some time I kept it shorter, around shoulder length, but Jolene favors longer hair on me so I let it grow without anything other than trims for split ends. Jolene considers my hair as her play toy, brushing it most every night and braiding it before I go to bed.

We had a large kitchen with lots of natural daylight, courtesy of the two walls of windows designed into the room. I was led to the center and told to stay, curious how that command wouldn’t work on our dog, but did on me. I was inspected closely from every angle, some parts of me deflating from the close scrutiny and other parts turning a sudden reddish blush. She then read me her evaluation.

“Your hair needs styling, your eyebrows neatened, and your nails needed a little polish to make them respectable.” I opened my mouth, but was quickly silenced. “This is not a normal job interview, if it took five years for them to get back to you, you need to be at your best. So keep that mouth shut, I have you scheduled right before your appointment, so you can proceed right from there to your job interview.”

“I know you didn’t see the note on the bottom of the letter, but they are sending a dossier on you for your review. It is the info they have gathered on you over the years, indicating the things that they feel might fit in with their program. It is coming by courier and will be here later today. You are to look it over and be ready to discuss it with them on Monday afternoon. It will also indicate possible positions for you and their pay scale.”

The size of the package was huge, the dossier that emerged from it nearly eight inches tall, when set on the table. I stared at it, shaking my head at the enormity of it. How did anybody dig this much info on me, especially in five years. The dossier looked more like a lifetime of information, than five years’ worth. There is no way that I could read all of that, there had to be some kind of mistake here. Jolene works for a publisher, screening manuscripts, so she said she would scan it, giving me an outline of its contents.

The tickets were for tomorrow early in the morning first class, of course, the flight landing in Frisco just before lunch. After landing, then to the hotel, dinner and then some rest. The next morning to the salon, then from there directly to the interview. I was surprised she got an appointment at the salon in Frisco, but the chain had locations in most larger cities. Jolene does use the same salon, just the local branch. According to her there services are excellent and quite reasonable in price.

I watched a little TV as Jolene scanned the mountain of paperwork, then I went to bed. I wasn’t really tired but the stress of the upcoming interview and the worry that I would say the right thing had clearly wore me down.

When she came to bed later that night, she gave me a suspicious look, like I had been withholding information from her. After using the bathroom, she asked directly about my years between college and when I met her. I told her what positions I had worked, that I had no real friends, just living alone in a studio apartment. She gave me a wary look, apparently the dossier had some other info in it that was not even close to the information I had just relayed to her.

Since there is so much detail in the pages, she told me she would send an email to my phone right after the salon appointment with the pertinent info needed for the interview. I thought that was cutting it a little close, but agreed reluctantly. She packed a small bag, two suits and change of clothes for the trip back. Then she laid out what I would wear on the trip out there, on a chair next to the bed. I know a male doesn’t need the number of clothes a female might need, but Jolene does travel extensively, so I trusted her judgment.

With my small bag packed I was ready for the flight. I drifted off to sleep, worrying about what was in the dossier, if Jolene is suspicious of the info, it can’t be to my advantage. I slept through the first alarm, only to be awoken by Jolene when her alarm went off. She told me to get dressed, brush my teeth, then get ready, the shuttle from the airport would be by in less than twenty minutes. I did the bathroom thing first, then quickly put on the clothes that were laying on the chair. I managed a drink of juice, then the shuttle beeped and I got a kiss, grabbed my bag and headed out.

The driver stashed my bag, and I took a seat near the back of the shuttle. I tried to remember how he addressed me, it seemed unusual, but I let it go, too many other things to worry about. The ride to the airport is uneventful, we picked up three more passengers, then an hour later the terminal is in sight. “Here is your bag Ma’am, have a wonderful flight. I looked to see if there is someone behind me, but I am the last passenger off the shuttle.

His eyesight must be bad, so I just proceeded to the airline counter. I showed them my tickets, he marked me as checked in and I proceeded to the gate. I did get a few funny looks as I was going through security, but since I was sent through I never thought twice about it. They already were starting to board first class, since my tickets were that I got my boarding pass and then up the ramp. I was shown to my seat, then a stewardess leaned over close to me, whispering that I might need to check my lipstick, it was almost rubbed off.

Sudden panic, lipstick, I didn’t have any on why is she telling me that my lipstick needs fixing. I had carried on the bag, so I slipped it out from under the next seat and reached into the pocket in front of the bag. I found two items, one a compact mirror and two a lipstick. I held them in my hand, obviously something Jolene would pull, but why. I checked the pocket again and found a note. Opening it I read from the note.

You are dressed in female clothes, even your underwear is female, it is surprising what a male will do when he is hurried and rushed. Use the lipstick, your reservations at the hotel are in the name of Janice so it is imperative that you show up there as a female. When I kissed you this morning I transferred a coat to your lips, you do look cute as a female, I may have to keep you that way. Call me when you get to the hotel and we will talk.

I set there in the seat, shaking a little, half way across the country dressed as a female. I checked my chest to see if I had mistakenly put on a bra, but that seems not to be the case. I opened the compact to look at my face. Yep pinkish red lips, although faded a little, helped to make my face very lady like. I opened the tube of lipstick, carefully followed the outline of my lips, then rubbed my lips together, just like Jolene did after applying lipstick. Why did I, a male, just put lipstick on my lips, then made sure it was on correctly before putting the tube away?

I closed the lipstick, then placed it back in the pocket of the bag. I leaned back in the seat, all of this new information running through my mind causing me to get a headache. The headache turned out to be bad enough that I asked for an aspirin from the flight attendant. Other than me freaking out the flight went smoothly, landing in San Francisco right on time.

Walking through the terminal to the shuttle area, I felt like every eye was fixated on me, mainly my lipsticked lips. Sneaking a peek every once in a while, the opposite seemed to be true. I found the shuttle to my hotel, after it filled up the trip only took about forty minutes. I checked in, the reservations were in the name of Janice, how that happened I have no idea. When I opened my room I just stood there, a gorgeous suite, tastefully decorated, a bit on the feminine side, but very nice. I sat down on the edge of the bed, and then decided to call home.

Too many questions unanswered, let’s face it I was totally lost, dressed as a female for a job interview tomorrow that I had no idea which sex I was going to go as. I dialed the number, waited for it to ring, then when Jolene picked up the receiver, I let out my held breath. She told me to use the computer in the room and wait for a minute and she would call me on skype. Before she could hang up I told her I miss her and I love her. I have been feeling lonely today, ever since I left the house, you never know how much you care for somebody until they are not there by your side.

True to her word, a few moments later I get a call on the computer in the room. It took me a few moments to set everything up on my end, but when her face appeared on the screen I sighed.

“Since this is costing a fortune, you need to listen to me very carefully. Your dossier has a lot of things mentioned which are either false or you have a lot of explaining to do. Let’s leave that for now. You will have to be at the salon two hours earlier than I planned. I have made the necessary arrangements. Do as they say, you will be furnished a new outfit to wear to your interview, along with a new wardrobe for your return trip. I have contacted your prospective employers and they know about this so you will be expected as a female.”

“In a few hours you will receive a letter from me stating what you need for the interview. Read it and memorize it, if you want any chance at this job do as I say. From what little I can find out it is a dream job, our financial future delivered to us on a silver platter. I love you very much, this will not change anything between us, so don’t freak out. I suggest as soon as you receive my letter and you commit it to memory sleep might be advisable, you wake up call is for six A.M. with the salon picking you up at seven. Wear the clothes you have on now, with no makeup. Now tell me you love me and hang up.”

I did and she did. I just stared at the window showing a panoramic view of Frisco, the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. About an hour later a letter was delivered, I opened it and scanned the letter. The brief look at the contents was unbelievable. I sat down in one of the chairs and read what my wife had written sentence by sentence.

The dossier had contained a lot of questionable facts, mixed in with the actual facts of my life. According to Jolene they were almost indistinguishable from each other. The times were accurate, just some additional material blended with what actually happened to me during those time periods. According to the dossier it seems that I am quite skilled in female impersonation, on a professional level. All of the jobs appearing in between my actual career choices are with me as a female, the list of jobs that I have worked at as a female quite comical. Exotic dancer, hairdresser, secretary, and masseuse among the jobs that I had spent time at.

In all fifteen stints appeared on my dossier, all as a female employee. These were spread over five years, some were as a full time job, others part-time along with my male job. Jolene could come up with no reason for these additional entries, but was sure that they were the reason for the job interview in the first place.

Way too much info to process so I memorized it and stashed the letter in my bag. I took off my clothes down to the panties she had managed to get me into this morning and slid under the covers. Surprisingly I was soon asleep, I was aware of being restless, but I think I slept through most of the night. The alarm was way too noisy, especially at that ungodly hour. I did my bathroom thingy, took a shower and dressed in the clothes from yesterday. Then for some unknown reason I applied some lipstick. If Jolene could see her husband now, the marriage probably wouldn’t last much longer.

The limo from the salon was on time, seven o’clock is way too early to go to a salon, even if it is in Frisco. I stared out the window until we pulled up to this huge building. The salon was unreal two floors of beauty squeezed into this corner of Frisco. Inside to reception, then a tech comes to get me. I am led to an elevator then up to the second floor. A private room awaited me, as I came through the door several more techs joined her.

In near record time, I was stripped of any clothes, even my panties found their way off my body. As I tried to grab an item before it vanished they would grab something else. I didn’t have enough hands to protect my modesty, much less my clothes. So here I stand naked as the day I was born, three smiling techs looking me over. Then as soon as it started they were gone. Returning a few minutes later with their hands full I was laid back on a table and a cream was rubbed in all over. While the cream was working they introduced themselves, Sally, Jean, and Beth were my techs today. The cream was wiped off my front side, my meager allowance of hair with it. I was quickly turned over and the back side done in the same way.

The wall clock showed that I had been in the salon for thirty minutes and I was almost hair free. I can imagine what I will look like when I leave the salon at one o’clock. After a lot of deliberation I decided to not fight it, I laid my head back on the small pillow that they furnished and closed my eyes. Soon I found my feet in stirrups being spread wide as if they were a turkey wishbone. A strap was applied to each and as I raised my head to see what they were doing both of my hands were strapped to the side of the table.

I laid my head back down, all of this had been pre-arranged, so to object now might not be in my best interest. One of the techs started working between my legs and each of my hands were being worked on by the other two techs. There were definitely lots of thoughts running through my mind, the things that were added to the dossier, and what all was scheduled to be done to me today. I had a sinking feeling that before the day is over, there would be no more Jan around, the masculine persona that had been with me for twenty something years obliterated.

I felt someone handling my male appendages for a while then nothing. I desperately wanted to see what all had been done down there, but afraid of what I might find. So I didn’t look, what I didn’t know about would not bother me, I hope. I did look at my hands after they finished with them, ten long elegant nails in a bright red awaited my eyes. I swallowed hard, this might be a little more than I could comfortably handle, at least, mind wise.

When she finished down below, I was helped up and over to a salon chair. As soon as I was seated the chair was leaned back and my hair was washed and conditioned. Through all of this the techs tried to keep a conversation going with me, but my mind had partially shut down, the answers to their questions were short if I even bothered to answer them. Finally Beth leaned over and whispered to me. “You will be quite convincing when we get done with you, so relax, it will all work out for the best if you don’t make a big deal out of it.”

I nodded my head, but faded out a little more. I heard them talking but not what they said. After the washing and conditioning Beth cut my hair into a quite feminine style, layered so that it framed my face and fell over my shoulders. She complimented me on the luxurious hair, most females would kill to have hair like mine.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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