Simone; Sorority House Daughter

I had just graduated high school, an honor student, just barely missed being valedictorian of my class. Mom is ecstatic, and so proud of me. I knew this because whenever we met anyone, or socialized with an old friend, my graduating is Mom’s first topic of conversation. I would much rather have lived an anonymous life, but ever since Dad died in the Middle East, it has been real rough on Mom. At times, she worked two jobs to keep us living as she thought we should, never lacking for food or a roof over our head, but often the neighborhood we lived in left a lot to be desired.

Three weeks after my graduation, she received a call from a daughter of an old college friend, wanting her to come talk to her about a possible job. Mom never divulged many details, but the friend lived on the other side of the state. I was soon to learn that they had communicated for quite some time, the latest call to get my Mom to come there for an interview. She is reluctant to leave me alone for more than a day, telling her friend that she would have to pass on the job.

A few days later, I found myself on a bus with Mom, heading to her friends daughter’s place. I did everything I could to convince her that I would be alright by myself, but the gang activities in our neighborhood had recently escalated again, causing Mom to be resolute in her conviction that I would not be left alone. I found out that Mom had used some of her hidden stash of cash to purchase my ticket, although her friend’s daughter promised to reimburse her.

When we reached our destination, a lady in her late twenties and almost six inches taller than either of us, greeted Mom with a huge hug. I soon found myself in the same hug, I could swear that I heard some of my bones snapping from the hug. “Elle, it is so good to see you again; you look just as good as before, but this young boy can’t be your son. You are not old enough, and he is too cute to have come from your body.” I blushed, me being referred to being cute, not what a young man wants to hear.

“Heather, if anything you are prettier than your Mom and just as full of it. He is my son, and yes, he is cute, but we can’t talk about that in front of him, the red color not doing anything for his macho image.” Believe me, the red coloring was quire prevalent on my face.

They exchanged hugs again and after gathering our bags, we followed Heather to her car. The drive to the far side of town was relatively brief, Henderson is not that big of a town. I was surprised when we entered the campus of the University, a fair sized one gauging from the size of the campus. We turned left a couple of times and pulled up behind a large building along a street of similar buildings. Any sign as to what this place is, was apparently out in front of the building, but from the Greek letters near the rear entrance, I figured it is a sorority house.

I swallowed hard, I could see Mom being asked to become a house mother for this sorority, but wondered how I would fit into this scenario. We were led to a side entrance, and into a separate apartment from the rest of the house. It jutted out behind the original building, a two story residence while the sorority was four stories tall. Heather invited us in and showed us to the living room, then facing me she asked. “Simon do you want to walk around campus while I talk to your Mom? I can have one of the girls go with you, it is not that large of a campus and it is laid out well.”

I didn’t want to leave Mom, but I knew this is important to her, her big chance to get ahead, and out of the rat race. “If it is not too much trouble, I would like that, but if the girls are too busy, I can find my own way.” She moved to a phone and dialed an extension. “Jennifer, he is here, can you come and show him around? A few minutes later, we heard thundering steps from the other part of the building, a knock on the door, and then she walks in.

She introduces herself to Mom and then me, then takes my hand and we are off. As I am being pulled out the door, I look back at Mom and Heather, but they are giggling at my reaction. I don’t think I managed any words, my mouth opened originally on meeting her, but then nothing. Talk about self-assured and bold, this female has it on both accounts.

Once we got outside, Jennifer seats us on a bench near a waterfall in the garden behind the house. “Since we are going to be companions for a while, we need to share a little information. I will go first, since I am the forward type. I am Jennifer, a sophomore, majoring in computer studies. I live here all year, my parents are overseas on business most of the time, too busy to include me in much of their activities. I am a straight A student, and love to interact with people. I am pushy, always getting what I want, even if the other person is against it. I love to take long walks, read romance novels and dream. I am an official Rocky Horror nut, having watched the movie over fifty times now. As you can tell I am a talker, although I occasionally allow someone else a few words, but if that happens, don’t get used to it. Now, it is your turn.”

My mind is still processing her information, but I can tell that I only have a few moments to speak before she takes over the conversation again. “My name is Simon, just graduated from high school but not knowing what I want to do with my life. I also have straight A’s, but do have trouble with anything computer related. I live with my Mom, my father passed away during his service in the Middle East, five years ago. I like nature, often exploring a state park a few miles from where we used to live. I am an avid reader, just about anything, but haven’t read many romance novels, the few I did read, I got kidded about it for most of my senior year. I am not into sports, although I attended all of our school’s team games. I too, like Rocky Horror, but it doesn’t play in the theaters around us much, so I have only seen it three times. Our present neighborhood is pretty rough, the gangs control much of what happens, to be able to do anything you have to travel about an hour to escape their area of influence. Mom has had to settle on where we live, to be able to pay rent and keep food on the table.” I let out a big sigh, it is surprising how much effort that little bit of information required to divulge and in a time frame before she took over the conversation again.

We got up and started walking around the campus, Jennifer telling me about each building and some story connected with it. We ended up at the Student Union, where she dragged me in and up to the food window. I hung back since I knew that I didn’t have any money, but Jennifer saw through that quickly, handing me a ten to pay for both of us. It was done nonchalantly, no one seeing her passing me the money. I looked at her in admiration, nobody had ever treated me with such respect and caring. I paid for the food and we found a table in a secluded corner to eat at. She apologized to me, telling me she should have passed me the money before we got to the line, but she was distracted. Her look at me when she said that made me blush.

I knew I was not ugly, but in my four years of high school, a female never showed any interest in me. I tried several times, but they never took me seriously, just ignoring me when I asked one of them on a date. Now Jennifer is showing some interest and I hadn’t the slightest idea what to do about it. Luckily for me, she changed the topic again, asking me what my Mom is like. “Heather is leaving to be with her fiancée, in Europe, and your Mom is the leading candidate to replace her. All of the girls are interested in what she is like, and a son might be a good source of information on that subject.”

“All I can tell you is how she treats me; she is strict, rules are to be obeyed and I have often found myself in trouble because I thought I could get way with something. Her punishments are unique, but never forgotten. When I need help, she is always there for me, never ignoring me or passing off the responsibility to someone else. Her solutions are not always mainstream, but believe me they are effective. She is proud of my achievements and encourages me to constantly better myself. Maybe the best part is that she is always there when I need her, nothing coming between us when it is needed, especially her love for me.”

Jennifer leaned over and hugged me. “Thanks for telling me about her, I know she is special to you, maybe if she gets the job, you could let us share some of that love with you.” I wondered if her situation with her parents left her starved for affection and love, I know a little of Mom’s special kind of attention would go a long ways in helping her.

She looked at her watch, telling me that we should get back before they send out a search party. When we walked back to the sorority residence, Heather and Mom were sipping a cup of coffee together. “Well do you like the campus, or do we have to search elsewhere for a job.” That question surprised me, that mom wanted my opinion on the subject. I was at a loss for words, so Jennifer helped me out.

“I think your son would love to go to college here, he likes the campus and students, but most of all, he has told me, he wants you to be happy and doing what you would like to do. I nodded my head and gave Mom a big hug, “Yeah, what she said.” Everybody broke out in giggles, I even let out a giggle or two, with Jennifer watching me closely. Heather thanked Jennifer for her help, but told her that we had dinner reservations tonight and we had to get changed. Jennifer went to the door leading to the sorority proper, with me right behind her. I turned her around facing me, gave her a big hug and thanked her for the pleasant day. I then leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, but that didn’t sit well with her as she grabbed my face and kissed me squarely on the lips, then turned and went into the sorority. I did receive strange looks from both Mom and Heather, but I ignored them.

We were led to a bedroom upstairs and quickly changed clothes for dinner. I could tell Mom wanted to know more about Jennifer’s and my relationship, but since I didn’t know one existed I couldn’t give her any more info. While we were waiting for Heather to get ready, Mom filled me in. “The position has been offered to me, at an excellent salary, plus free living accommodations. The position is ongoing, so we have a future without worry for quite some time. You will get free tuition for four years, only having to pay for your meals and books. I haven’t told her yes yet, but I am heavily leaning that way. It is too good a deal to refuse. There is a small problem, not really a problem yet, but the chance is there for it to become one in the future, we will talk about it later tonight.”

I quickly expressed my comment. “Then, tell her you will take it and be done with it. I would love to go to school here, for several reasons, but without this position, I know we could never afford college for me. That alone a reason enough to accept. Your happiness is the best reason; from the look in your eyes, you can’t wait to get started here, so let’s put everybody out of their misery and tell her you want the job.”

Heather knocks on the bedroom door and asks if we are ready. Mom opens the door and I walk ahead of her to face Heather. I smile and tell her that sometimes Mom is a little too shy so I have to speak up for her. “Mom wants the position and if you will accept her we both will be thrilled and forever in your debt. Besides, the sooner we conclude this part of the plan, the sooner you can be with your fiancée.” Heather gives me a strange look, I guess I am going to have to warn the girls about you before I leave, you’re way too smooth an operator for some of them.

I just smiled, then you have some explaining to do about Jennifer, talk about the smoothness of me, that girl is undaunted in her objective, I am surprised I am still a virgin. I get a stern look from Mom, but Heather is giggling out of control. “She does have that effect on some, but you will find that she is a true friend, a friendship that will last you a lifetime.”

We walked several blocks to a restaurant nestled in among some of the university support buildings. We were shown to a table right away, in a secluded area, and placed our orders. I ordered the lasagna, Mom and Heather ordered the Italian salads with pasta side dishes. Their iced tea is fantastic, a slight sweetness added to a rich deep flavor of the tea. No doubt a black tea from the darkness of the tea. While we were waiting for our meals, Heather asked Mom if I had been told of the possible problem in the deal. Mom told her that she had not had the chance, but did inform me that there might be a difficulty.

“Your Mom is more than qualified for the job, having you with her here is also not a problem. The problem is that the sorority houses more than sixty young females, with those females comes sixty sets of parents concerned about their daughters and their welfare. Introduce to this a house Mother with a young son, who is quite cute and very personable. If something were to happen, no doubt the blame would be perceived to be the result of having a male living so close to the females. The females don’t have the problem, it is their parents that will have the difficulty, eventually leading to a problem with your Mom. I have made a suggestion to your Mother, something that I know will handle the problem for your stay here. It will affect you the most though, something a young male would never agree to these days, but never less a solution. After we eat, you and I will take a stroll and I will tell you all about it. Then you can decide if you can handle the solution. Your Mom has already refused this solution, but I managed to talk her into letting me present the solution to you and then let you decide if you will participate.”

Almost on que, the food arrived, and we consumed the excellent offerings. Mom makes Lasagna often, but this easily rivals her recipe, although I can never tell her that, she would feel hurt to know that I liked someone else’s lasagna better than hers. Heather paid the bill, and we left to walk round a little and talk, Mom heading back to the residence. We walked into a city park that is adjacent to the University, then parked ourselves in a gazebo near one of the trails.

I decided to start off first, wanting to get in my thoughts first, before all of the other information. “I love Mom so much, she has put aside a lot of her life to make sure that I am taken care of, and for that, I owe her so much. I will do anything to make this position possible for Mom, without even being asked, I can never repay all she has done for me, but I intend to try my hardest. Whatever this solution is I will undertake it with as much enthusiasm as possible, I just hope it is enough to allow her to settle down here.”

I see a tear or two in Heather’s eyes, so I hold her hand and ask her to tell me what I can do. Heather clears her throat, then asks me to listen to the whole story before interrupting. You will figure out what needs to be done when I conclude the story. “It was just ten years ago that a similar situation occurred in this very sorority. A mother with a young son is offered the position of house Mother at the sorority. At the time the young male is still in high school, so it is arranged for him to stay with an Aunt until his schooling is over.

As is often the case, one of the young females of the sorority got herself into trouble, since her family came from wealth, the sorority is blamed for the female’s troubles. A maintenance worker, in his twenties that did the maintenance on the sorority house, was the one that got the blame. There were inquiries right and left, even the police were called in. Eventually all returned to normal, a previous boyfriend was the culprit, one that the girl’s parents had forbid her to see. The national chapter informed the young mother that her son couldn’t come to live with her after graduation, because of the fear of something like this happening again.”

“Options were discussed in private, about this for quite some time, the young mother deciding to leave the post, her being with her child was more important than the job. Finally, a well-known former member of the sorority found a solution to this scenario that was fair to all, well mostly. The son became a daughter, entered the school and spent her four years gaining her degree. It was hard for the young male for a few weeks, but soon with support from the sisters and her Mother, she started fitting in nicely. After her Mother’s retirement a few years ago, the new young female became the house Mother, spending several years as a Mother to lots of deserving young females. Recently, this Mother has found a renewed interest in a relationship that occurred in her college years, now she is turning over the reins to another mother with a son, to take her place so that she can be with her fiancée in Europe. That particular female is me.”

I had listened intently to Heather’s story. When she ended the story, it took me several minutes to catch up, and then nothing coming from my mind, it had ceased working, the solution had been figured out, that much had been accomplished, but what to do with that information is still in process. Heather just sat there letting me come to my own conclusions, knowing that the decision is ultimately mine and not someone elses.

She finally asked if I had any questions for her, knowing that I was still deep in thought. I asked her how the change is accomplished. She smiled, that is the question that she hoped I would ask, not whether there is some other way, but how it is accomplished. “A local salon is used and a false vagina is glued over you male parts hiding them for the duration. The vagina stays on for the length of the stay, as far as sex goes you are a female. There are other options to carry it as far as you want to go, but securing the male part away is the most important. Anyone looking at you sees a female, albeit a tomboy, you can keep it at this stage or go further. What you will then possess will work even for sex.”

“How about breasts, I am sure most females of this age have breasts, wouldn’t it look funny to have a vagina and not breasts?” My mind is trying to picture me with a slit instead of a penis, and breasts are the first thing popping into my little head. No, not that one, the one attached to my neck.

“Yes, it is the way I went and I have not regretted it for a minute. It completes the picture, making the solution much more palatable, but not essential to the disguise.”

“Since you seem to be open to the possibility of doing this, why don’t you allow me to immerse you in this for a day or two, and let’s see how you do; then after experiencing this, then you can make a more informed decision? Your Mom and I have discussed this for quite some time, I actually made the job offer to her last month, so this had been in the works for quite a while. She has her reservations because of you, but will allow it if you seem to be able to handle the change. So how about we give you a quickie sex change and then see what happens?”

I ask about Jennifer, she smiles. “Yes, she knows about this and will be your tutor if this is what you decide to do. Any other info about her has to come from Jennifer when, and if she wants to tell you.”

I take in a big breath and ask when we can get started. Heather calls a number on her cell, and tells Jennifer that it is all arranged. They agree to meet at the salon and I am led off. “Jennifer will stay with you during your changes, for moral support, if needed. We will extend your stay her for a week so that you can try out the new equipment. At the end of the week, let me know, and we will proceed from there.”

“Since a lot of the sorority rooms are vacant, I want you to stay in one of the rooms and not with your mother. Jennifer will be next door if needed. You need to experience the real world with as little support as possible, to give you a better indication of what it is really like to be a female in a sorority. We have gotten you a few clothes for your trial run, so now life as a female for a week, Simon now history.”

I wondered with it being so late, will the salon still be able to work on me. Heather assures me that they are open most nights till ten P.M., so there is plenty of time to do the vagina thing. Then, back to the sorority house and some training in female 101 before bedtime. Any additional treatments can wait for a later day. The walk to the salon is fairly short, the distance being only six blocks. Jennifer is waiting there for me, a smile on her face that threatens to reverse the darkness that is approaching as the sun sets in the west. She grabs my hand and I am lead to a treatment room before I can count to ten.

Then, while I am trying to see what is in the room, she has my pants down around my knees and her hands on my shorts. They soon follow, along with my shoes and socks. Naked from the waist down, I am trying to cover up everything I can, and she is giggling uncontrollably. She reaches over and pulls me into a hug, no words said, just a gentle tender hug. I melt into her arms, almost in tears, and lay my head on her shoulder. We stay that way for a while, then another lady clears her throat and introduces herself. Jasmine is going to be my technician for this sex change, but first she has to get rid of my body hair, at least from the waist down.

Jennifer suggests that I get all my body hair removed, making life simpler for the next week. Of course, she is taking my shirt and t-shirt off while this is being talked about. I like her a lot, but can’t figure out how to control her, and if that is even possible. She helps me lay back on the table and soon has my feet in some stirrups at the end of it. Jasmine approaches with a large jar of cream and soon has my front side covered from my neck down. Jennifer observes then decided to help as she takes some of the cream and spreads it over the beard area of my face. Jasmine and her exchange a look, but nothing is said further. I lay there for thirty minutes as the cream does its job, then some warm towels are used to remove it.

The cream on my beard is left, however, Jasmine mentioning that it needs more time to remove the coarser hair. While she is waiting, she makes quick work of my eyebrows, the thin high arch very feminine. That was done the conventional way, tweezers and one hair at a time. That change alone pushing my envelope towards the feminine side. The cream on my facial area is finally removed, no stubble or shadow remains, just smooth clear skin.

After turning over, the rest of my body hair is removed, Jennifer helping as she smears cream between my butt cheeks. I immediately see that Jennifer is going to be my problem, uncontrolled and I will most likely be pregnant by the end of the week. Another thirty minutes, then I am pronounced hair free. I know the sensations that my body is sending my brain are new and very erotic. Jennifer running her nails over my upper thigh causing me to moan and shiver with excitement. When the cream is being removed, Jennifer’s finger found its way to my anus, and the damn girl pokes me with her finger. I clench my butt cheeks as she is giggling away, “Just wait till a male tries poking his thing back there, it feels so good.” My whole body turns red with that thought, way more than my mind can process.

It is fun being with Jennifer, her actions and words so spontaneous. Maybe to my detriment, since so far she has done more than be a tutor. Any more help from her, and I should get a chastity belt, to protect what little virtue I might have left.

My feet now in stirrups with an ankle strap to keep them there. Jasmine rearranges my equipment down there, and then I feel some liquid spread over my male organ. She holds it in place until the glue sets, then a realistic female sex is glued over it. At that point, I realize that I have lost my manhood. Of course Jennifer being who she is, sticks a finger in it immediately, the feeling of it in my new orifice taking my breath away.

With her for a tutor, I sense a quick adaption to the female sex, that or I may need intensive psychiatric counseling. All of the seams of the vagina are blended away, as Jasmine instructs me how I have to go to the bathroom now. Of course Jennifer pipes up, “No worry, I will show her the procedure as soon as we get back to the sorority house.” I am sure she will, and probably while I am blushing red with embarrassment.

I did get a pair of panties to wear, the way they fit my new arrangement down there a little disturbing. The way they hugged my flat crotch, pointing out that I no longer had a male organ. You can see the slit and the two puffy lips through the sheer fabric of the panties, not the best image for a male, that should be, a former male. I slipped my clothes back on and we made our way back to the sorority house.

Jennifer took me right up to my new room, helped me undress and handed me a nightie to wear. I quickly put it on, not wanting to be naked too long around her. I was told to sit at the vanity, where Jennifer brushed my hair, then teaching me to cleanse my face and moisturize. That would be my job every night until I returned to manhood, if I ever did. Her words not mine.

She helped me into bed, then tucked me in. She left through the connecting door to her room, coming back a few minutes later in her own nightie. She turned back the covers laid down next to me and spooned me from behind. She hugged me, telling me good night, and then secured herself to me a little closer. I told her thanks for being here, and good night. I laid there for quite some time, my mind wandering through the day’s activities, not dwelling on anything specific, but rehashing all of the things that have happened.

I kind of made up my mind to keep up the female lifestyle, Mom deserving of me doing that and a lot more. Going to the bathroom became a need in the early morning hours, but it took me several minutes to extricate myself from Jennifer’s clutches. At least, I was able to experience using the bathroom without her specific instruction and dialogue. As soon as I returned to bed, I was engulfed again in her arms and pulled tight to her body. I could get used to this, a very comforting and relaxing position to be in.

Getting dressed the next morning was an experience in itself. I looked for my male clothes, but somehow they had disappeared. Jennifer, after stretching and giggling while I looked for my missing clothes, got up out of bed and went to my closet. From a drawer she got me a fresh pair of panties. Then, from the drawer above, a matching bra. She instructed me in getting it on my body and properly adjusted. Then a foam breast is inserted in both cups. Nothing large, according to her, just something so I could feel what having breasts is all about.

A pair of jeans, looking a lot like the ones I wear except for the design on the back pockets and the way they fit. Tight would not be sufficient in describing how they hugged my body. I didn’t have a female shape, but after the jeans were pulled up and the zipper done up, my lower anatomy looked awful feminine. The cropped tee in a teal color covered me up, but I tried twice to get it to cover my stomach. Of course, Jennifer is giggling nonstop, I am seated back at the vanity and she brushes my hair, over a hundred strokes, from my scalp to the tips of my shoulder length hair. A barrette is used to keep the hair out of my face, then a little mascara and some lipstick and I am proclaimed done. We walk down to the residence, for Mom to get her first look at her daughter.

Jennifer and I go to the kitchen where Heather is preparing a light breakfast. She tells me my Mom is showering and will be right down. Then she turns to face me and takes in a deep breath. “Simone, you are beautiful, are you sure you are a male? What I see is a beautiful female, confidant and assured in her intelligence and beauty.”

By now I am beet red, how that much blood can get up to my face so fast is astounding. Then, Mom walks in, saying hello to Jennifer and Heather. I get a quick glance, then she asks Jennifer who her friend is. I giggle a little, as Jennifer tells her to say hi to Simone. Mom quickly stares at me again, then runs to me trying and succeeding in squeezing the life out of me. “You are so beautiful, are you sure Simon is underneath those clothes?”

“No, Simon is no longer, I am your daughter and I love you so much. Now, tell Heather you are going to take the job, and let’s go shopping. I need some more clothes, a college girl can’t get by with only a few outfits, can she?”

Heather and Jenifer are giggling, “Yep, she is definitely a female.” We set at the bar in the kitchen nibbling on the food that Heather had prepared. Then Jennifer and I returned to our rooms to freshen our makeup. When we went back downstairs, Heather showed us to a room next to their laundry area. She unlocked it and turned on the light. There is rack after rack of dresses, pants and tops. Heather mentioned that over the years, clothing has been lost or left when one of the girls left unexpectedly. “Why don’t you and Jennifer go through these and see if anything you like will fit. It has all been laundered, or dry cleaned as needed. When you get through, take any choices up to your rooms and meet us at the mall for lunch. We will shop until you get there, then have some lunch and afterward get Simone some proper undergarments.”

Well, Jennifer and I searched every rack, handling every item. We found two huge armfuls and took them to our rooms. Since it was still early, we found hangers and hung all the clothes, Jennifer ended up with seven or eight outfits and three skirts. The balance were for me. On some of the items that we doubted the sizing she had me try them on to make sure they fit. They all fit, so I now had a good start on my coed wardrobe.

From time to time I paused, this is a big step for me, a high school male, now to be among the sorority coeds. I asked Jennifer several times how I looked, fearing that some trait or feature would give me away. “Give it a couple of weeks, by the time the rest of the girls get here, you will be 100% female. Most of your movements are naturally feminine, two weeks in skirts and blouses will assure the remainder of them are quickly learned and practiced.

We picked a nice dress for me to wear to the mall, Jennifer assuring me that I could get in and out of it easily while I tried on some underwear to find my proper sizes. I wore a bra, and stuffed the cups with the foam inserts. But other than a pair of panties, nothing else. Jennifer found me a pair of sneakers to wear, much more comfortable for traipsing around the mall. We caught a bus out front of the sorority house and it was a short ten minute ride to the mall. We made our way through the stores until we eventually found Heather and Mom.

We walked back to the food court, picked up some pizza slices, then found a table where we could sit and eat. Heather wanted to know what we found in the clothing, Jennifer describing each outfit in detail. Most of the terms I had not heard before, something new I would have to learn. For some reason I wanted to learn about female clothes, it interested me. After our lunch, we headed out to find me some underwear. Any store carrying some got visited, even Victoria Secrets. No one place got all our business, but several stores were obviously happy to be visited by us from the size of the purchase.

I got measured for a bra, then some foam cutlets to fit under my small man boobs to make the illusion of a female breast. We had told the saleslady that I just had not started developing yet. I don’t think I was found out, her assuring me the boob fairy would visit me eventually. I felt much better with the new bra and the foam pads helping my extra flesh look like a breast. As we left the store Jennifer told me to, “Stop smiling, you will quickly tire of them. Sometimes a blessing, often times a pain in the butt.”

We exited the mall with bags in all of our hands. Jennifer asked Heather if we could ride the bus back, Simone needs more time in front of people to ease the nerves. I thought I had hidden my nervousness pretty well, but obviously not as good as I thought. Mom and Heather took some of the bags and we walked over to the bus stop. We had to wait about twenty minutes before the next bus arrived, we talked a lot, even got checked out by a couple of guys running around the exterior of the mall. I presume athletes, but taking the time to check out the scenery also. When they came by the second time, the bus had just pulled up and we were boarding it as they ran past.

This time the ride was a little longer, the bus taking the long way back to the campus. We got off, and made our way to the sorority house. I took my purchases to my room and put them all away in my dresser. Mom and Heather had dropped their bags off, so I managed to get everything put away where it should be. Incidentally, that is a new experience for me too, as a male, I never put things away in my room unless Mom was standing over me.

Shortly after I had finished, Mom came into the room, looked at me sternly, then walked to my closet. I knew what she was looking for. At home anything I didn’t feel like putting away, I hid it in my closet, until she figured out what I was doing. The look of astonishment on her face when she turned around was worth it. Then, she came and opened the dresser drawers and after looking at how my lingerie is put away, came over to me and placed her hand on my forehead. “You are obviously very sick, I need to get you to a hospital.” Of course Jennifer is rolling in the aisles with laughter.

We were allowed down to the residence for dinner, of course, we had to be properly dressed. Jennifer suggested a shirtwaist dress, in a light pink with ivory lace trim. The skirt is full, the swishing of the hem against my bare legs made concentrating on anything very difficult. The meal was excellent, Mom trying out the new kitchen with one of her favorite recipes. I wanted seconds, but the plate with the food on it is removed before I could get to the spoon. I learned my first lesson of femaleness, to fit my clothes, ‘moderation’, a fancy way to stay starving is essential.

We helped clean up, then back to our rooms. That night I am introduced to some of the other girls there, all seemed to be happy to have another female assigned to a room. We talked till it was early morning, I should say they talked until it was late, I was interested in the conversations but lacked knowledge to enter into it.

Jennifer gave me a couple of pointers about keeping my secret, the bra became a necessity sooner rather than later. Whenever I was out of bed a robe or cover-up is necessary, the girls often sharing a bed when upset or angry at someone, they just didn’t want to be alone. Since I am a girl now, that applies to me also. To probe her point Jennifer crawled into my bed about two o’clock, snuggling next to me and had one of her hands firmly on my boob. I am not sure if it is in fun, or maybe she looked upon me as another female already.

When I awoke the next morning, Jennifer had already slipped out of bed and returned to her room. I used the bathroom, then checked my closet for what to wear. I had no idea what we would be doing today, the need for more clothes seemed to be handled at the moment, so I dressed in female jeans and a camisole. When I say female jeans, I mean ones that took me twenty minutes to get into. They hugged my body like a second skin, but did render my body image towards the feminine, especially how they hugged my hips.

A few minutes later my door opened and Jennifer entered, she quickly looked around, I think to check if I looked like anything other than a female or had anything masculine laying around the room. In the sorority house, unscheduled interruptions were to be expected at any time. We went down to the residence, hand in hand, to be greeted by my Mom, smiling like she had just won the lottery. I got hugged, a kiss on the cheeks and then promptly sat in one the chairs at the kitchen table. A breakfast plate is placed before me, and a stern look that conveyed it needed to be finished before I could go anywhere.

As I ate and Mom bustled around the kitchen, I saw the happiness that had been hidden for years emerging. I knew then, that Simone would be going to college here, Simon left at home to be done away with by the roaming gangs. Heather emerged, watched for a few minutes and then asked me to accompany her. I dutifully followed after I had placed my dishes in the dishwasher. Another of Mom’s looks, something is totally wrong here, Simon never cleans up behind himself. We go into her den, a sort of office for her. I sit opposite her desk waiting for her to say something. I received an intense stare from her, the kind that shoots right through you, looking for the truth. “I take it Simone is here to stay? If so I want to get her registered at college, and officially a member of the sorority.”

I nodded my ascent, then added, “Mom is so happy now, I can’t and won’t keep her from this job. Yes, if you will allow it, Simone is here for the long haul. Before you state the obvious I know it is for four years and always as a female. Consider me totally committed to this, I know I will be happier this way than I have been in a very long time.”

Story Incomplete At Present

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