Deb; Swept Off My Feet

I parked in the convention center parking lot. Stephanie was excited, her eyes scanning all the women making their way to the DGF Bridal Show. There had been many write ups in the paper the last few weeks about the show. It peeked a lot of interest among young females, the pictures of some of the weddings that they had helped put together were quite beautiful. From the start of our relationship Stephanie had specific plans, each step along the way leading to the next. I was essentially along for the ride, a very pleasant trip I may add.

We met on a cruise of the Caribbean, a fourteen day jaunt stopping at a lot of the most popular tourist spots. Both of us had recently broke up with our current romantic interests, a cruise sounded just like what we needed to relax and forget about things. Neither one of us is hurting for money, both having wealthy families and cushy jobs working for companies that our families own. It was three days into the cruise before I even saw her, the first glance of her did not interest me. She acted aloof, like everyone here was beneath her. I had occasion to run into her several times the next day, in all the encounters she stopped and stared at me. That was a little unnerving, something I was not used to.

I participated in all of the planned activities, just trying to stay busy and keep my mind off recent events. I definitely was not looking for another female, in fact, I made a point to avoid any interaction with women in the events. I was enjoying myself, the activities were fun and I had immersed myself in them completely. I laid around the pool, for hours watching the interaction between people, a favorite pastime of mine. I was not interested in getting a tan, the chaise lounges were comfortable and I managed to find a secluded one mostly in the shade of a overhang to park myself. It had a great view of all the going ons, so I spent most of my day engrossed in my favorite activity.

Since we had both bought premium tickets we had seats at the Captain’s table most nights for dinner. On one of these evenings she was seated next to me. We exchanged pleasantries, then enjoyed the meal. I was getting ready to go up on deck, when she asked if she could have a moment of my time. During dinner she acted a little more in line with what a normal female would act, so I told her sure. We adjourned to one of the upper decks and found two chairs looking out over the Caribbean. Since the breeze was a little chilly, I unfolded the blanket that was furnished and handed it to her.

She draped it round her body, shivering a little as she did so. She was quiet for awhile as she seemed lost in her thoughts. Finally she seemed to get it all worked out, then leaned over to me and while holding my hand told me she was going to marry me. I didn’t react, I was not expecting anything like this, so was really lost as what to say. She told me about herself, her family and her job. From the way she spoke she seemed very confident in her words, I doubt in her business dealings she was ever questioned on what she wanted done. I was still mute, but maybe a little interested in her now, definitely curious as to her intentions.

She told me we would have a long engagement, probably eight to ten months, then married in a beautiful ceremony. My eyebrows went up on that remark, but I still remained silent. What do you say to someone that appears out of the blue and tells you that they are going to marry you.

“For the rest of the cruise we are going to date, getting to know each other better, and talk about what we want out of life. I do have specific interests and ideas and they will be accommodated in our plans. Now I want a kiss, and then we will retire to our rooms, meeting at your haunt tomorrow morning at nine A.M.

She got up and helped me from my chair, reaching over and pulling my head towards her. Our lips met, I felt a shock deep inside of me as the kiss seemed to take all of my breath away. I tried to prolong the kiss, but she had given me all she was going to tonight. She strolled away toward her room, leaving me standing there mouth open and utterly devastated. I had not said a word to her after her announcement of marriage and she has somehow managed to possess me. I stayed there for several minutes lost in thought, then walked back to my room. I doubted I would sleep much tonight, my mind now fixated on one person. I went over in my mind every thing that happened tonight, most of it seemed out of some fairytale. But the kiss was the clencher, after it I was a goner.

No previous romantic interests affected me this way, I liked the girls but none made this kind of impact on me. One in particular there might have been some love, at least, on my part. But after tonight’s kiss there was no doubt, this was the real thing. I had experienced nothing before like I did with Stephanie tonight. I managed only a few moments of sleep, the kiss possessing my mind totally. I got up earlier than usual, I wasn’t sleeping anyway, and made my way down to my haunt. Stephanie was waiting for me, a quick peck on my cheek, then she dragged me off to breakfast. It was one of the buffets on deck, we each selected a few items then found a table to eat at.

I did manage a couple of questions, before she took over. You don’t know anything about me, yet you tell me that we will marry. I got a megawatt smile from here, then she told me what she knew about me. “Your name is Glenn Eric Wallingford, you live at home with your parents just outside of Tuscon, Az. Your title at work is Chief Operating Officer of Walling Systems. Your secretary’s name is Suzanne, and you drive a BMW. Presently you are not seeing anyone, your last girlfriend found a richer boyfriend more to her liking and dumped you. That was on September 8th around 9 P.M. You are hoping to forget her on this cruise, maybe start anew if you can get your mind straight. You have a cat, one that has lived with your family for ten years, and sleeps with you most nights. If necessary I have your sizes in clothes and what you like to eat. Any other questions?

I am sure my mouth was wide open, first the statement of marriage and now all of my personal info right at her fingertips. After breakfast and her answering my question we walked the decks, discussing our jobs and what we liked or disliked about them. She was CEO of an investment company, their specialization is the female investor. All of her investment brokers are female, other than some maintenance positions there are no males in her company. Their business has become so successful that they can hand select their customers, passing off the others to another family owned investment company. She works primarily from her home just outside of Phoenix, although she has offices in New York and San Francisco. She has recruited and trained five vice-presidents to actually run the company, only making suggestions to them on the path she would like them to pursue.

After her info I felt so inadequate. I am COO of my families business, but everything I do has to be approved by the rest of the officers. I have a secretary and no other staff.

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