Annie; One Way To A Feminine Figure

As I looked at the image in the mirror, my depression deepened. My attempts at diet and exercise were doing nothing to offset the flab that was taking over my body. I guess I should tell the truth here, I did diet some, but more than a few unhealthy snacks were consumed in the process, then we have my exercise regime. Getting up from the table or going to the bathroom and back are seldom considered exercise. Often with nothing to do, my mind wandered to thoughts of food with my will power collapsing on the way to the kitchen.

Lara, my wife, walked up behind me and hugged me from behind. I leaned back and broke down as tears slid down my cheeks. She slapped my butt hard and told me to get dressed, this has gone on long enough. She walked over to her vanity and picked up her cell phone and made a call. A few minutes later she told me that I had an appointment with her doctor in an hour, so take a shower and dress nice. I immediately tried to get out of the appointment, not wanting to face anyone with this body and especially Lara’s doctor.

Her doctor was female, a gorgeous woman, that was very no nonsense in her actions. She was highly respected in her field, a gynecologist by training and operated a quite successful practice here. I had accompanied Lara on a couple of her appointments when Lara suspected she might have something seriously wrong with her. The doctor was very thorough, and then unleashed on Lara for working herself up over nothing. The verbal tongue lashing was followed up with a caring hug and a swat on the butt telling her to get out so she could take care of someone that needed it.

I was pushed into the shower, while she stood outside of it making sure I washed thoroughly. When I hesitated she opened the door part way and threatened to turn on the cold water till I complied. That statement was delivered in a no nonsense voice, one that I seldom hear her use. Finally allowed out of the shower I was dragged to the bedroom, as she dressed me in some nicer clothes than I usually wore. Pushed toward the front door, I doubted I would escape doing what she wanted.

I tried again to plead with her about going but it was to no avail as I was dragged out of the house and placed in Lara’s car. I had even resorted to some begging but she was not interested in any of my pleas. Finally Lara told me to either go to the appointment or she would start divorce proceedings. That statement brought all of my vocal mutterings to a quick halt. I loved Lara so much, even though she was the one who had pursued me during my days at university. I couldn’t stand the thought of losing her, my life would be worth nothing without her.

In fact, she was the one to propose to me after we dated for a while, fearing she would be on social security if she waited for me to ask that question of her. My feelings about her were genuine, but I just couldn’t get the words out of my mouth. That insecurity had caused many problems over the years, not only in my marriage but also in my career.

The fact that I was in the same position I was hired into five years ago, confirming my bosses opinion of my lack of anything resembling a decision making ability, my insecurity even present at work. The job I had, did nor require much if any thinking, just make sure all the boxes were filled in and send it on to the next person in the process. I suppose I could have taken some initiative and made a few simple decisions that would have saved the company money and time, but instead I sent the work up the chain and let others make those decisions.

When we arrived at her doctors I tried to drag my feet, but was grabbed by the arm and led in to the receptionist. Lara greeted her and told her I was here for my appointment. I thought I heard a snicker from a few of the other patients waiting for the doctor since Dr. Walker dealt with females only. I stared at my feet as we waited to be called. A few minutes later I was summoned, the nurse telling me and anyone else within ear shot since Annie is a new patient all of the preliminaries could be done ahead of time while I waited for the doctor. I have no idea why the name Annie was chosen for me.

I was weighed, then my height taken, never once did I look at the scale, too ashamed of the figure shown thereon. Next was my blood pressure, then several blood tests. Meanwhile Lara was filling out the patient questionnaire. Lara with a wicked smile on her face asked when my last period was, causing me to turn bright red, resulting in me nearly fainting. There were other embarrassing questions asked of me all dealing with the feminine reproductive system. I was then undressed and laid back on one of their examination tables. Much less distance to fall when I passed out. I closed my eyes trying to make all of this go away. I never did answer her on when my last period was, then realized the foolishness of even considering answering that question. My mind was definitely not with the program today.

When the nurse moved my feet into the stirrups at the end of the table I realized I would be seen by the doctor no matter what may happen. One of their gowns was laid over me, covering me up some. With my feet spread wide I felt so vulnerable laying there. The nurse ran Lara out of the room once she had completed the questionnaire, leaving me alone and scared to death. Why couldn’t Lara leave me to wallow in my self imposed misery at home?

It seemed forever before Dr. Walker came into the room. She greeted me telling me to call her Gina, and asked me what seems to be the problem. I looked up at her, startled at her sudden presence and now wished Lara was still in the room to explain to her. As I was trying to figure out what to say, she started her examination. I was pushed and prodded many times over the next half hour, finally able to tell her I was fat and it was getting worse. My male member was grabbed a hold of and closely examined with a few raised eyebrows at what she seemed to discover. She left me for a few minutes telling me that the nurse will be back in for some more blood, not to go anywhere. She did giggle a little as she left the room.

I looked down at my feet spread wide and the strap holding them in the stirrup. I guess I could lean down and undo the strap, but that would necessitate a decision on my part to do so. Instead, I closed my eyes, laying there and wondering what she found that required more blood work. The nurse came back in and filled several more syringes with my blood, rubbed my arm in reassurance and left. All of this while my feet were still in the stirrups and spread wide. It seemed like forever when Gina came back into the room. She sat on one of those stools that had wheels on the bottom and scooted nearer to me. My feet remained in the stirrups though, making me feel vulnerable and insecure while she talked to me.

“Basically you are physically okay. Your eating habits are atrocious, that combined with no exercise has made your body ripe for depositing fat in large accumulations on your body. I have given Lara a menu of food that you can eat from and prescribed something that will curb your appetite. Both of these things will soon turn that body in to something you can be proud of. That particular something you might have difficulty in accepting is an old fashioned women’s corset. If you adopt a strenuous exercise regime the corset can be done away with. A brief discussion with Lara has assured me that will not ever happen with you. So I suggest you get your mind to accept the inevitable and agree to wearing the corset all day and night for the foreseeable future.”

I asked about my male organ, if it will interfere with the fitting of the corset. Since I knew nothing about a corset and how it fitted on my body, a legitimate question. She smiled. I can handle that while you are here, let me check with Lara before I do anything. She left for a few moments then re-appeared with a huge smile on her face. Her nurse was right behind her carrying a tray of instruments. I swallowed hard trying to ask what she is going to do. She held my hand telling me not to worry, it will be all taken care of in less than twenty minutes. She went to work, after she sprayed my groin with a mist I felt nothing more. I did feel something cool being brushed down there somewhere but couldn’t feel exactly where. A few minutes later she was finished the nurse holding up a mirror so that I could see what had been done. Once my mind figured out the image that is was being presented with I passed out. When I awoke Lara was holding my hand and there was a towel laid over my groin. The doctor coming in right behind her.

“I never get to have any fun anymore so I will see you back in one week’s time in the corset and minus a few pounds and maybe a bulge or two. The extra blood was taken since I think I have found the reason for your now extraneous fat buildup. The test will not be back for a few days so another reason for you to come back and see me in a weeks time.

Now I usually get a hug from my patients, so get ready or I will delay sending the nurse to release you from the stirrups. I leaned up and hugged her, she pulled me closer and really hugged me tightly. It felt so good and reassuring. Okay enough for today, Lara is biting at the bit wanting to get you to a lingerie shop for your corset. Let her have her fun too, once you have clothes on the corset will not show. I am anxiously waiting for the follow up appointment with you, to peek at your selection. So be a good girl and indulge us both. Be sure to call the office if you start your period earlier than normal.”

Just like that she was gone, the nurse coming in and releasing my feet from the stirrups. I quickly got dressed, now having to consciously keep my legs together since they seemed to want to revert back to the position they were in on the table. Lara decided I needed a kiss as she held my head in her hands passionately kissing me hard and for quite some time. Once she released me I looked at her strangely, I have never got such a kiss in our seven years of marriage, not that I am complaining now. I tried to not think about what had been done to junior, it felt funny down there now, but I had purposely not tried to look at the new arrangement in that area. The comment about my period did concern me, surely what she did will not cause me to have a period.

Lara headed right to the lingerie shop from the doctor’s office, apparently anxious to get me into a corset. The drive to the shop was accomplished quickly and I found myself in a fitting room again without any clothes on. Lara made sure I was helped in getting undressed, to make sure I could be fitted as soon as possible. I was measured and then a heavy garment was placed around my middle. It was hooked in the front and positioned correctly on my body. The corset although stiff and heavy was covered in lace, a beige color and trimmed in burgundy satin. It looked dainty and delicate but its grasp was unyielding. The laces were tugged on till the corset gripped my body fairly tightly. I thought that this wasn’t too bad, I am sure it would curb my appetite and eventually help me lose some of this flab. But I thought I could live with the tightness of the garment.

Looking at my image in the mirror there was already an accumulation of the flab on my chest right above the top edge of the corset. Another glance at my image I saw the same accumulation of fat around my hips, since there was no place else for it to go now. My stomach looked much better, not slim yet but more straight up and down. Then the sales lady started tightening the corset laces some more, causing the corset to get uncomfortable very quickly. She eventually was satisfied with her effort, tying the laces together behind my back. I started to protest, since I could hardly breathe but another searing kiss from Lara stopped that protest dead in its tracks.

Finally, I was deemed finished for today, seeing Lara with another bag of goodies in her arms ready to take me home. I was then allowed to dress. I looked for my shorts, but all I saw was a delicate pair of panties that were dangling from Lara’s outstretched finger. Oh gawd, the panties are for me. I decided having something on covering my groin is a better choice, since all of a sudden there seemed like some activity down there. I did remember seeing the image in the mirror, if I was not dreaming there is not anything there anymore to react. Never the less the panties made it up my legs very quickly.

I paused as the smooth silk caressed my groin, causing wonderful feelings to sweep over my body. My penis not visible any more felt funny, but once the panties were in place I felt that all was right with the world. Now making it home before I embarrass myself an unlikely scenario. My jeans and top quickly added before Lara grabbed my hand and led me to her car. A mirror on the way out of the shop showed my new figure quite distinctly, and it was feminine especially in the breast and hip portions.

Lara had paid for everything the total quite staggering. I guess I am committed to this way to deal with my flab, the money spent so far not insignificant by any means. We were not poor, but to lay out this type of money and then abandon the idea would not be a prudent choice on my part.

I had not managed to think all of this through yet, my mind awash in lots of new sensations and feelings. In fact, I wondered if my mind was even capable of any rational thought right now. I was silent on the ride home trying to figure out what had happened today. The first thing I concentrated on was why I had went along with everything. The doctor’s solution to my problem was definitely not what I expected, why couldn’t she just give me some type of pill to take to curb my appetite. The remark about her having some fun with me appeared briefly in my mind, surely that wasn’t the reason for the corset as part of my supposed treatment.

Then there was the kisses that Lara had delivered in the last few hours, maybe Lara likes me in the corset, surely more female clothes would not follow the corset treatment, but again a big question mark. I was getting a severe headache, so I closed my eyes and zoned out. I opened my eyes when she pulled into our garage, then hurried over to my car door to open it for me. Another searing kiss as I was stood, her hands holding my head tightly so that I could not escape her love affair with my lips.

When she released me, my hand was grabbed and I was literally dragged through the house to our bedroom. My shirt was removed and my belt undone as I tried to slow her down. I was pushed back on the bed and she was on top of me in a nano second, my jeans now gathered around my ankles. Her mouth and tongue were toying with my nipples as she tore my panties off, losing my jeans along with them. Before I could figure out what was happening she slid her female sex directly above my groin and started rubbing back and forth. A few up and down movements on her part and I was lost to the world. I had an orgasm by her just rubbing her sex on my genital area. I did feel some swelling down there, but glued back it was limited. That simple action carried on for quite some time, Lara apparently having several orgasms in the process. Finally she collapsed on my body, her face laying on my chest, her tongue making a playful swipe on my right nipple.

Maybe being in the corset 24/7 wouldn’t be so bad if it had this much effect on Lara. I sure hope my heart holds up though, several times as she was enjoying herself my heart was racing and I was having a hard time getting sufficient breath to maintain life. Then an image of me being taken to a hospital, and stripped to see what was wrong with me, the corset and lacy panties would be quite embarrassing, not taking into consideration that there is not a penis visible anymore. Now my face turning a bright red, and any mental activity on my part again suspended. Oh well, maybe things will work out somehow.

Once released from her grip I made my way to the bathroom, and faced the realization that things will never be the same for me. I sat to potty, I am not sure why, it just seemed to be the right way to handle the task. Then I remembered that is now the only way I can use the bathroom now. I wiped like I had seen Lara do countless times and returned to the bedroom. I was tempted to look in the bathroom mirror at my image, the brief glance I sneaked showing a female, with breasts and huge hips. Well I hurried from the bathroom, that is an image I didn’t want to think about or deal with right now. The glimpse at the lingerie shop was bad enough.

Lara was up and searching through her closet for something, I heard her giggle as she pulled out a dress and approached me. I backed up till I hit the wall, now trapped she had no trouble settling the dress on me and zipping up the back. I tried to reach the zipper in the back, but the corset affected my ability to do so. The corset held me rigid, barely able to bend and totally unable to twist my body in either direction. I felt naked under the dress, my panties never reappearing. There was nothing to hang down now, but still the feeling of vulnerability made me quite uncomfortable.

Another kiss and she left to make us some lunch. I had peeked at the list of food I could eat at the doctor’s office, knowing that any thing good tasting was not to be offered. What I was offered to nibble on was better tasting than I thought possible, but again the corset had its influence on me as I was only able to eat a few bites before I felt full and uncomfortable.

I was quiet, my mind still trying to figure things out, mainly why this solution and why did I go along with it. Lara made me help clean up after lunch, telling me that helping with the meals and cleanup afterwards is now part of my duties. The implication that I had somehow joined the female gender was obvious. I was led to the living room where she helped me down on the sofa and proceeded to sit right next to me. She laid her head on my chest, while wrapping her arms around me tightly. No words were spoken as we both fell asleep cuddled next to each other. It was comforting, being held and caressed so tenderly.

I awoke later, Lara no where to be seen. I laid back stretching a little and straightening my legs some. My legs looked different and after my mind finally kicked in I realized they were now naked and feminine looking, my pants nowhere to be seen. Then I remembered the dress Lara had slipped on me, surprised to see it still on my body. I heard noise from the bedroom, figuring that was where Lara was now. I debated getting up to see what she was doing, but thought better of it. Most likely it was something I would not like, better to wait and see what she is up to.

Sure enough a little later she came through the living room pushing our dolly, loaded with boxes. They were taken to the garage and she carefully placed them in her car. She put the dolly up, returned to the house and retrieved her purse and car keys. I received a kiss as she headed back to the garage, then drove off. I wondered what might have been in the boxes, a sudden thought appearing in my overworked mind. I got up and went to our bedroom to find my closet empty, along with my dresser drawers. I sat down hard on the edge of the bed and soon tears were cascading down my cheeks. All I could think to say was why me. I repeated those few words many times over the next few minutes, finally falling back on the bed and dozing off. It wasn’t because I was tired, I just couldn’t cope with what was happening to me.

Lara waking me with one of her kisses as she pulled me up from the bed. She turned me away from her, unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor. She fiddled with the laces on the corset. I figured she was going to loosen the corset for me, while the exact opposite was her goal. The laces were tightened, then on the last pull she placed a foot in the middle of my back and pulled hard. She tied off the laces, then turned me around and hugged me hard. I pleaded with her to release me, finding that now I was having a hard time getting a breath. She suggested that I calm down, you will get used to the tighter feeling in a few hours. I let out a low moan exhaling too much breath, my legs got wobbly as Lara had to ease me over to a chair.

I sat down, but the corset forced a rigid back, and the tightness of the corset felt far worse. Lara sat on my lap, playing with my breasts and kissing my ears and nose. I attempted to giggle, her attention to my ears was ticklish and it was driving me mad. I realized I was giggling like a female, I guess when there is insufficient air the mind misfires and giggling results. I tried to remember I was a male, and giggling is not standard male behavior. The thought was there but I doubted anything would come of it.

Twice more that day she tightened the corset keeping it snug to my body. Then after another few bites of something for dinner I again had to help her do the dishes and straighten the kitchen. We did make it to our bed, as she slid a nightie over my shoulders. I suddenly became aware I have been nearly naked the whole day, the corset the only piece of clothing I had on my body since she had removed my dress earlier.

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