Racquel; Perfect Female Fantasy

The way I had stumbled on this business was absurd, who knew there was such a demand for a normally fetish type of business in the mainstream of society. The business was developed with the well to do part of society that wanted a little of their fantasy brought out into the daylight. It was at a party several years ago that my wife and I had met some movers and shakers. They had the means to get anything they wanted, but found that there was nobody willing to cater to their fantasies.

After the party Jackie and I were talking about some of the things that these couples were wanting to experience. Most of it was of a sexual nature, but leaning toward the less basal types of a sexual experience. It wasn’t the outright sex they wanted to experience, but the lead up that was important. They wanted their partner to control them, to make them live their fantasies, and then to realize that they had no way to stop the experience.

In other words a professional dominatrix that would make them experience their fantasies to the fullest, but no whips and chains, and not a presence that could blackmail them or expose them. Jackie and I knew a little about some of this, being that we subjected ourselves to the scene a time or two. For us it was more of a curiosity then an obsession, but we did find it interesting to say the least. For the next several months after the party we hashed out how we could arrange for some of this to happen and what we would use for props, costumes, and what services are available to assist us in our quest.

Finally a plan began to come together, where we thought that we could supply a real world fantasy with no risk or threat to the customer. We decided that the male of the species was to be our target customer since he often had the strongest fantasies and often could not find anyone to transform his wishes into reality. Women in general could get their husbands or lovers to assist them in their fantasies, plus the female’s kinkier side seemed far less dramatic than the males.

Jackie is a graduate of the loftier financial class, her family quite well to do. Her schooling was all private, some of the best and most popular girl’s schools in the country. A lot of her friends even today were old school chums that had made successes of their lives, at least financially. To test our theories she met up with a lot of them over lunch, finding out if there were indeed, fantasies out there that we could fulfill at a small price. Jackie found that the fantasies are there, some being fulfilled to a small degree, but fear of being caught or revealing themselves kept most of the desires buried behind closed doors.

Jackie is an outspoken female, never one to hide her emotions or desires. Her height at five foot ten inches gave her a presence that is both intimidating and intoxicating. With a D cup breast, narrow waist and plentiful hips she got noticed wherever she went. Of all her friends, she was the most popular quite often dominating the relationships. Her skills with choosing her wardrobe and her use of makeup are exceptional, plus having the money to take advantage of weekly salon appointments made her attractive to most anyone’s eyes.

I on the other hand am five foot nine inches tall, weighing in at 145 lbs. A bit too much flab, but otherwise a typical androgynous individual with a higher I.Q. than most, and way too much training in psychology for my own good. Jackie and I met in college, she was with a competing academic team for a college bowl and I was some of the competition. We exchanged emails after the contest, which we won, mainly because of my knowledge.

After the contest she was quick to send me contact information, then almost insisted on a date two weeks later. We hit it off, although she is always the one in charge, and I meekly followed her instructions. We dated several times a month, mainly because of the distance between schools, and on the next summer break she proposed to me. I told that her it is my job to ask, but she knew if she waited, the desired words may never be spoken.

She forced an answer from me later that night as we laid in bed, with her on top holding my hands above my head and licking my nipples. It wasn’t a fair fight, since she had given my male organ a treat just minutes before and I was not thinking clearly. I was made to repeat my answer twice to her, then once the desired response had been obtained she cuddled me until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was a private ceremony at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, and we wore our normal clothes for the ceremony. When I asked if she wanted the fancy version, wedding dress included, she told me that we would save that for the future. We graduated a month later and moved in together in my old family home. The two story house had been in my family for years, most recently vacant because my folks had decided to travel the world in their retirement.

My family was not born into wealth, but Dad is an inventor of things and several of his toys made him a very wealthy man, to the tune of millions of dollars. The money came later in life, so I was not spoiled by the wealth. Jackie’s money was inherited from several generations of society, each generation making a little more money for the next group. Since their money had been around for years she is a little more on the spoiled side, but still reasonable in her demands and spending.

The house is large, by either families standards, having eight bedrooms, four baths, living room, dining room, indoor swimming pool, kitchen, and the required maids quarters. Jackie loved it, although between the two of us we could have bought any house we wanted. It was centrally located, but private since ten wooded acres came with the property and it was on the edge of town.

We decided the property would be perfect for our needs, private but convenient to services that we needed. For some reason the desire to get this business that we had stumbled upon going is turning into an obsession. Jackie decided to handle the services that we might need, also screen the customers for the desired fantasy, and their ability to pay for the services.

My job is to figure out the means to deliver the desired fantasy, without the whips and chains. I started with sensory deprivation, knowing that when a sense is removed from the mix all of the rest of the senses become more astute to compensate. It was my thinking that if I removed all of the senses but one or two the mind would become dominant, magnifying any sensations to the nth degree. I researched ear plugs, blind folds, and even a filter that would remove any smell from the air.

I found ear plugs used by musicians that blocked out all sound, fairly easy to use and were able to be secured to the ear so they could not be removed. I tried them a couple of nights, with Jackie providing the distractions, and with my eyes closed everything that she did to me was heightened to enormous proportions. The blindfold was equal in causing a spike in arousal, but I couldn’t work around keeping it in place without the mandatory tying it on.

Then one night I remembered contact lenses, now if I could get them blurry or non-opaque I would be happy. I found a medical supply house that furnished ones that were clear, but when simple eye drops were added they became blurry, thus creating the loss of sight that I wanted.

The filter for smell is a little more difficult since any one that could stop a smell is also too large to use. Instead I found a nose drop that dulled the senses in the nose hairs, making it impossible to smell anything. The effects of the nose drops lasted for several days, making it perfect for our uses.

The solution to that also came with finding a gag that could be used inside a mouth without detection. The gag was rather ingenious, fitting over the tongue and filling the upper throat. There was adequate passage ways for air, and the lips were held slightly apart with the gag in position so the customer would have no trouble breathing. The design of the gag allowed for it to be secured behind the teeth with a tool, so it was not removable.

Jackie and I tried the various devices and I was stunned by the feeling of being so helpless with so little done to me. I should add that Jackie tried the items on me, her dominance over me made me the likely test subject. Jackie left me the whole night, to experience the feelings, as she had cuffed me to the bed so that I could not remove any of the devices. My mind worked through the night trying to figure out every touch or sensation.

The scenarios were numerous and many as I tried to figure out what she was doing to me, even if she was not touching me it often felt like she was. I slept very little that night, but twice almost had an accident because of the sensations, although my male member was never touched.

Now I needed to figure a way to restrict movement, without cuffs and chains. Obvious restraints would defeat our objective, we didn’t want to be a BDSM establishment, at least not physically. The mental response to being unable to do anything to escape the circumstances was what we were after. I tried several types of restraints, but all were cumbersome and obviously restraints. The after a little research on the internet I found where some self-bondage participants used electromagnets to control them.

That sounded better but could I get the magnets small enough to look like accessories, but yet restrain the customer. I searched the companies supplying electromagnets, although I am sure they never thought their product was to be used for a fantasy. Finally at a German manufacturer I found small electromagnets that were almost flat and shaped like a circle two inches across. I put in an order and had them shipped second day air, although the shipping was a little prohibitive the magnet cost is minimal.

After the shipment arrived I taped a couple of them to my wrist and to a spot on my waist. I used a DC power supply to the ones on my waist and when I activated the homemade switch my wrist flew to the one on my waist. I tried to pull myself free, but the magnets were very strong and nothing I was able to do allowed my wrist to be released. Jackie disconnected the power supply and freedom of movement is restored.

Now that most of the parts of the apparatus are present it was just a matter of testing things out, after I found an attractive way to get the magnets camouflaged at the proper body locations. This ended up being a lace covered thin leather strap that was glued together after being fastened tightly to the wrist or ankle. The ones at the waist were hidden in a corset that was lockable at a location that was not easily reached by the wearer. The leather strap could be cut, but that would require the use of hands and the proper tools, both unavailable to the customer.

The DC power supply is molded into the design of the corset and by using an electronic receiver positioned at each magnet in the corset thus allowing the magnets in the corset to attract the wrist cuffs. By using different frequencies the remote is able to be selective in which magnets were selected and activated. I was able to get the hands to go to my sides, to my front, and behind my back. I did a lot of individual tests on the different components, but now needed to test the whole apparatus for what we had intended. Jackie suggested the weekend so that I would have plenty of time to feel the effects of the total package.

I knew she was happier for this opportunity than me, since she loves to be the dominant one of the couple. Friday evening the straps were glued to my wrists, ankles, knees, and the corset was slipped onto my waist. She used superglue and a clamp to secure the two parts of the strap until the glue had set. She took several pictures for our files, since this was what we were hoping to sell later to our clients.

Although I could put in the ear plugs, and the contacts, she decided it would be more accurate if she administered all of the controls. The ear plugs were inserted and touch glued to the edge of the inner ear. Then the contact lenses were inserted into my eyes. The eye drops were added and my vision turned to a big blur. The next step was the gag, as she pried open my mouth and used a clamp of some kind to grab the tip of my tongue.

I started to react, but she apparently hit the switch on the remote and all movement was stopped. My hands were by my sides. She returned to the application of my gag and slid the two halves together over my tongue and down my throat. My mouth was now filled and my tongue was held firmly by the gag. She used the tool and I could feel the apparatus fill in behind my teeth and become secure. I could open my lips most of the way, but not a sound could emerge.

Next she fiddled with the clamp on the end of my tongue and I felt another similar pressure around it and then felt the handle of the clamp being removed from my mouth. Apparently she had used a tongs to secure my tongue and had now fastened something at the end of it to prevent the halves of the gag from being removed.

The drops were added to my nose, I had forgot about them until she started working them into my nostrils. It was enough to prevent any smelling but not uncomfortable. It was a dull sensation, I could feel the air flow through my nostrils, but that is it. The feelings and sensations coursing through my body were almost more than I could stand. I was helpless, unable to help myself, unable to know what was happening to me, everything reduced down to the feelings and sensations emanating from my body.

She thoroughly enjoyed herself that weekend, teasing and manipulating me in every way she could imagine. Twice that weekend I came without being touched, the feelings almost overwhelming my mind. I had never had an orgasm that powerful. Even when she is not playing with me my body is at the brink, even air movement seemed to heighten all of my senses. I guess that I had dozed off a couple of times but when she released me Sunday night, I felt that I had run a marathon without sleep.

While the thoughts were fresh we went over what she had done to me, and my sensations that I felt. Since I had ejaculated twice without stimulation we decided that a chastity device of some kind was going to be an essential part of the fantasy. She told me that she knew exactly what was needed, but wanted me to wait until I was in one before she divulged the type and use.

We decided to take on a couple of test subjects to try our methods on someone not used to the equipment. She picked two different fantasies, each quite different than the other, and then let their wife’s know what we had planned. The males were married to two of her closest friends, thus we felt secure that any problems could be kept quiet, until we worked out all the bugs. Jackie arranged everything for a three day trial run at the end of the week.

One of the participants required some services from one of her providers, so she arranged for the salon to come to the house to handle the requests. The other customer simply wanted to be restrained and at the mercy of his wife for the term. His wife was invited to our house and a bedroom was provided. Friday morning everything was ready to go, and the test subjects were escorted to the rooms we had set up to install the various devices.

It was Jackie’s idea that I also be restrained since the subjects didn’t really need to be watched or studied. We had set up so the whole weekend would be videotaped so they would have a record of their stay. We had enlisted the help a couple of younger females, daughters of Jackie’s friends to assist in readying our test subjects. That way they would feel more at the mercy of their circumstances.

I was still undecided on whether I wanted to do this again, but when the young females came to get me I relented. They had very tantalizing costumes on, so I was not with all my faculties when I agreed to succumb. They had the straps glued on and the corset cinched before I had a chance to rethink my predicament.

They were inserting my gag as they hit the remote and I was silent even if I had not wanted the experience, I had no way to communicate my desires to them. They used the tongs like Jackie had done and inserted the clamp on the end of my tongue to insure the gag could not be removed. The other items were installed including the drops for my nose and eyes. Suddenly I was in another world where I could sense nothing and was totally helpless to escape.

I was helped from the room into another area, again not knowing where I was or what was going to be done to me. I felt being laid on a table then a strap place over my waist. I tried to protest since Jackie and I had discussed that nothing be done to me other than the basic package. I couldn’t speak, my hands were useless at my sides and I couldn’t see where I was or what was going to be done to me. I relaxed since whatever was going to happen was unstoppable by me.

I felt warmth being applied to my body and then some hands on me pushing something into the warmth. Then a horrible shot of pain at that same area. What were they doing to me, it was like my skin was being peeled off, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. This continued for some time, then they turned me over and did the back side. I am sure I passed out several times, but when consciousness returned I was still suffering with no recourse.

Then some pleasant feelings as a cream was rubbed into the afflicted areas, massaging my muscles until I was finally able to relax. It was necessary to remove the corset to do their bidding, but the waist strap kept my arms pinned to my sides as they tortured me. I was stood up and the corset returned, even tighter than last time. My hands had been secured to the corset before they undid the waist strap assuring my compliance to their demands.

My mind kept running through possible scenarios, as this was not anything like Jackie and I had discussed regarding fantasies, although she had handled all the backup services, so there was a chance that we had just not talked about this particular one. Why me though unless they had mixed up the customer’s fantasies and I had gotten one of the others by mistake. A whole weekend of this and I was helpless unless Jackie saw what was happening and called a halt to the dealings.

Part of the table was lifted and I was partially set up with my back on the raised portion. My legs were spread wide apart with my feet inserted in some kind of metal bracket at the end of the table. I felt a loose strap placed around my feet, and although I could move them slightly, there was no way to remove them from the bracket. The waist strap was tightened again and I was left alone for a while. With all my senses deactivated I had no idea about the passage of time. It could have been twenty minutes or a couple of hours, although the shorter period a little more likely.

Somebody touched my body, and I reacted by taking in a deep breath. Although the touch startled me, there wasn’t much I could move, and making any sound was out of the question. I felt a cooling spray on my privates, and then someone handling my penis, then I felt nothing. It was like someone had disconnected it from my body.

That thought suddenly sent shivers through my body and my mind was racing trying to explain the lack of any feeling from down there. Had they removed it, or were they planning to do so, now I wished that I had paid more attention to our test customer’s fantasies. That has got to be the reason that I am going thru this, they somehow mixed me up with one of the test subject’s fantasies. No telling what I might have to experience before this is over. Surely Jackie is keeping an eye on what is happening, but why isn’t she stopping this.

I did feel some cold liquid being spread around my privates, and then something being placed on my body and held tight against me. The feelings of pressure were light, but with the heightened senses I did feel something. Then the feet were raised higher still attached to the bracket and some cold liquid was inserted into my anus.

Immediately I got goose pimples as the cold liquid was spread liberally in and around my hole. Then a pressure against my sphincter, then more pressure and an object was pushed into my rear orifice. I did have an idea what it was, because Jackie and I had played around with a butt plug in the past. This one was significantly larger than the one that we had used on each other several years ago. My former small delicate hole felt like it was stuffed with a baseball bat, and it was causing very unwelcome feelings to attack my mind.

That minor emergency seemed to fade away as two clamps were attached to my nipples. If I could have uttered any words they would all be four letter and rather nasty. Then to add insult to injury whoever had put them on twisted the clamps to and fro to make sure they were well secured. The clamps were removed, almost as painful as when they were put on, and two heavy objects were set on my chest. I could feel a pencil or pin making marks on my chest, then the weights were removed.

The clamps were attached again and made as irritating as possible. Then quickly removed, and some cold liquid applied to the nipple, followed by a lighter pinching of the nipple, but the pinching never went away. The weights were back and fiddled with, then more of the cold liquid, followed by the weight being pushed against my chest and held for several minutes. A guess, but I probably was now sporting two perky breasts, although the weight seemed too heavy for breasts.

My mind is near meltdown as the sensations of all of this attack it. I tried to will Jackie to appear and stop this, this has to be some kind of mistake, but no one came and none of the things attached to me were removed. After laying there for quite some time I was moved to an upright chair and set down in it. My hands were locked to my sides and my knees and ankles were fused together because of the magnets. Someone started playing with my hair, brushing it and then putting it in some kind of contraption that I could feel on my head.

After covering all of my head they went back to the first object, and removed my hair from it. My hair had managed to grow some since college and was approaching shoulder length. Whoever is working on my hair added longer pieces as I felt them on my bare back. Then some heat near my scalp and that process is repeated all over my head. The combined strands of my hair seemed to be many as they lay across my back.

The person doing all of this then wet my hair with a spray bottle and began setting it in curlers, at least I think that is what they were. Very soon my whole head was covered in the curlers. I could feel the tightness of the hair in whatever they had put it in.

I am now convinced that the lists were mixed up somehow and one of the fantasies is to be made over into a female. Unfortunately, I was the one getting made over. I dropped that line of thought when someone started plucking my eyebrows. I surely didn’t have any eyebrows left after the assault on them. I can still feel the tingles from the now vacant hair follicles. It seemed to go on and on, I doubted there was any hair left after the attack.

A cream is rubbed over my face, especially my beard area then left for a while. Then I felt someone playing with my ears, the lobe of the ear in particular. A loud pop and instant pain in my right ear lobe. The left ear lobe soon followed, the instant pain really not that bad, but being that it was such a surprise it made it feel worse. Then to my horror it was repeated again in both lobes. Next I felt a liquid being brushed on my lips, they waited a while then applied another coat.

I was getting sensations from many parts of my body, my ears, my ass, the weight on my chest, and the emptiness from my groin. Most of the time I could feel my penis, as it brushed up against my thighs, but ever since the numbing spray nothing. My mind is in panic, all of this happening to me, no reason why it is happening, but afraid of what might be next if this continues.

I am removed from the chair, stood up against a wall and my hands lifted above my head. Someone holds them there then I feel them snatch back and attach themselves to one of my magnets suspended above me. I try to lower them, but to no avail. I am turned around and my corset is tightened more. Then my hands are pulled up more, with me now on my toes. Again the corset is tightened, breaths are becoming much more difficult to obtain. As I try to move around a little my chest weight shifted on my body, a truly weird sensation. I guess for a female she gets used to the shifting weight, but for a male such a foreign feeling.

Surely there is not much more they can do to me, every part of my anatomy has had something done to it and I am still restrained and at their mercy. Then I remembered that the trial was going to be three days long, I would have let out a mournful groan if I was able, nope not even a whimper possible.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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