Josie; Finally Facing My Fate

My name is Joe, a thirty-something male existing in a world that is far from friendly. Why do I have a pessimistic attitude 24/7? Well, let’s see a divorce could figure in there somehow, then there is the clause in the divorce decree that prohibits me from seeing my children. Then there is my job, ten years working in the same position, and one raise in all that time.

I figure that I have a right to be in a foul mood all the time. I realize that I had a hand in all that has affected my life, but jeez you would think after all this time, something good would materialize every so often. I could have quit my job and looked for employment elsewhere, but with the economy the way it has been for years, I doubt that I could have bettered myself much if at all.

Let’s talk about my marriage and my divorce. The marriage started out fine, but she had picked me because she thought that I would be going places. After the first few months, I could tell there was not any love between us, and I knew that the marriage would not last long. Then out of the blue she becomes pregnant, kind of a hard thing to accomplish when the husband uses condoms. We had several larger than life fights about this, but eventually I gave in and accepted the inevitable.

When the twins were born, I was proud and did all I could to make them and my wife comfortable. I stuck my neck out and borrowed money to fix up the house that we had bought. We discussed the plans for the improvements, but due to my work she handled all the implementation. It ended up the divorce was right around the corner. I found out from one of my friends that did some of the work he charged her five-thousand dollars for the work, and she logged it in as nine-thousand. I checked several other contractors and the same thing occurred with each of them.

I confronted her about it with the proof, her denial of everything was the icing on the cake. I went ballistic, she was stealing money from us for who knows what, and she was not even admitting to it. I got carried away and was throwing some things and the police are called. Since I had not hit her, there was no arrest, but I am required to spend the night somewhere else to calm down. Well the next day I was served with divorce papers, her wanting alimony, child support, and denying me visitation rights because of my temper.

I consulted an attorney, but I really didn’t have the money to fight her, so I just let it go. I was served several times with papers wanting me to respond in court. Since I didn’t, she got what she wanted and I was forbidden to see our children. Even though they were not really mine, I still felt some duty to them. My wages were not that much so she didn’t get that much alimony or child support and the money was deducted from my paycheck before I saw it.

I somehow manged to get by with what I had left, but at times it was a close call. I ended up selling my car and now rode the bus wherever I had to go. She did get the house, although in the shape it was in, it wasn’t worth much. The work that was started was never finished, the money I had borrowed somehow vanished. Luckily for me I didn’t get stuck with that debt, as the loan was connected to the house.

I was struggling with the will to carry on for a day, a week or for that matter even to carry on. Then all of a sudden one of my long lost relatives, an aunt that I remember seeing maybe once or twice died and left me a small inheritance. I met with her attorney and was given a check for the money and a letter from her to me. I returned home and after getting some soda, set down and read the letter.

She often thought of me, hearing from my mother about what I was doing, or things in my life. She knew my ex-wife’s family very well and was shocked to hear about the divorce and what it did to my life. The money was mine to spend, but she had some things that she wanted me to do with at least some of it. Her attorney, the one I met will refile the divorce, bringing to light all the things that were left unsaid at the trial. She will also insist on a DNA test of both of my children, her idea that they were not mine, but someone’s she was sleeping with. Her attorney feels confident that all of it will be reversed when the proper information is supplied.

The next thing that she insists on is for me to quit my job, not next week, but tomorrow. No notice, nothing but I quit. When I go back to her attorney she has for me a list of things that I should try in the next few weeks. The check you picked up today is only part of my estate, when you quit your job and contest the divorce you will get 1/4 of the remaining money. The last 3/4 you will have to work for, not job type of work, but it is something that is life altering, something you should have done years ago.

Now if you are not setting down I suggest that you do so now. You need to start on the road to becoming a female, not just looking like one but a female as realistic as modern science can accomplish. Now before you get your panties in a wad, let me explain. You have always been a pleasant child, not some macho idiot that knows the best when all else is proving him to be otherwise. You have a good brain when you decide to engage it, but far too often you let other people decide for you, when the choices they make for you make you sick inside. Now’s the time to change all of that, become a female that feels empowered, ready to tackle the world, and it all starts now.

First thing in the morning make an appointment with the attorney and get the suit proceeding, then walk in to work and tell them off and quit. The next thing is to call a good friend of mine, Francine and go out to lunch with her. She is aware of your situation and will explain a little more of what I have in mind for you.

The next morning I did call the attorney, she had a spot open in an hour and I dressed and headed there. I was a few minutes late but it is no problem for her. Sharon Harper is all business, quickly filling me in on what my options are and what might be the best course of action. I listen to all the possibilities then think of what I should do. I want to get back at my ex for what she had done to me, but I have never been revengeful. I decide to pursue getting the DNA test for my children that is something I want the truth about.

On the matter of the lawsuit to get back at my ex, I told her I only want my name cleared of any wrong doing. I don’t want any money for the problems she caused me, just absolved of blame. Sharon smiled at me, then handed me another letter to read in the privacy of my home. She asked me for my banking information and told me she would have another check deposited in the account that afternoon.

She handed me contact info for Francine, and suggested that as soon as I told her that I had quit my job, she would make an additional deposit. She also gave me a card, for a financial advisor, one that my aunt used for her affairs. I thanked her and left for my old job. When I arrived I proceeded straight to my bosses’ office, knocked on the door and went in.

He started to get huffy, but my expression on my face seemed to deter any remarks that he might have had. I told him that since I am thought so little of, I would suggest that he replace me immediately. He stuttered that I had to give notice or he would give me a bad reference. I asked him if he thought that would change things. No response from him, so I told him I would clean out my desk, and then leave. He was still sputtering as I left his office.

It felt so good to walk out of my going nowhere job, I even skipped a few steps as I made my way down to the corner and hailed a taxi. I gave him the address and soon I was standing outside the salon. I entered and asked to speak to Francine. It turns out she was standing behind the desk talking to one of her stylists. I got a hug and was led back to her office.

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