Holly; Decision Of A Lifetime

The last year of high school was taking its toll on me. Up to this year I was a normal male, at least by my definition. I participated in sports some, but not to the point of being called a jock. I made reasonable grades in my classes, but the National Honor Society would not be using my name in anything connected with the group. During my sophomore year I participated in school politics being elected class president. To this day I had no idea how I got elected to the position. A female friend nominated me, but I didn’t campaign for the office, just did my usual things. Then when I appeared the next day at school I was informed that I had won.

I had a few friends, mainly female since I didn’t fit in with the jocks or nerds. High school these days is all about the group you belong to, the few that don’t belong to any group or faction are pretty much invisible. Terri my female friend that I had known since grade school kind of got me in with her group. I ate lunch with them, but rarely had any input in their conversations. I was officially a nonmember of their group.

My family was upper middle class, able to spoil me easily, with no resistance from me. Dad was a workaholic so late evenings and weekends is the only time I ever saw him. Mom was a dutiful wife, taking care of her only child me, pestering me more than any teenager would normally take. I didn’t date much, the desire was just not there. Mom saw to it that I had a couple of dates anyway, luckily the date went no further than dinner, the temptation to match make too much for her.

She often went to her sister about anything and everything. Her sister was a female doctor, quite highly respected and sought after. I can close my eyes and visualize my Mom complaining about some insignificant symptom while Grace listed attentively. Maybe not a hypochondriac but real close. Her intentions were genuine, but how they ended up being implemented caused more than a few rifts family wise. Pretty much the rest of her family avoided her, fearful of Mom’s help.

Grace, her sister, would rattle off something and give her a prescription for sugar pills and send her on her way. Since Grace was family she was also my family doctor. Sitting in a waiting room for my name to be called, in a gynecologist office is rough for any male, especially for me. I always got all kinds of looks as I walked back. She was a cool Aunt, personally waiting on me telling me to strip and get in the chair. My feet always in the stirrups and her asking me about my last period. I joked with her, telling her that it was unusually heavy, having to change my tampons almost every two hours. After I was checked out we always talked about Mom, she was the one that told me she was only prescribing placebos for her. I usually saw Grace every three months, something I usually looked forward to.

I had to have a physical for school, something new this year, so my appointment was a couple of weeks later than usual. Due to her being booked up so heavily it was late in the day, in fact the last appointment for the day. Most everybody had left, Grace herself coming to get me from the waiting room. Same drill as last time, undress and get into the chair. Feet up in the stirrups and spread wide apart. She took one look at my body and called for her nurse. “Jenny run a full blood workup on Holbrook, but no names on the blood test.”

I was checked out thoroughly, much more than in the past. An inordinate amount of time spent on my testicles. I laid there thinking that all the extra was because of the school physical. After she was done she told me to lay still while she waited on the blood test. She left the room returning fifteen minute later with a piece of paper in her hand.

“Has anyone hit you in your private parts recently?” Not that I remember. An honest answer, I seldom fought with anyone.

“Are you taking any kind of medication either illegally or over the counter?”

“No why all of a sudden are you asking me these questions?” She pointed to my breasts, then touched the nipple on one, me groaning with the pain.

“How long have they been swollen like that?” A couple of months, the soreness only a week or two.

You have a mild case of gynecomastia, not unheard of in a young male reaching puberty. The blood test results are a concern though. You have almost no male hormones in your body, your testicles although descended are not producing any kind of testosterone. If I can’t stop this you are going to end up as a member in good standing of the female sex. I am sending you to the hospital in the morning for a whole series of tests, then back here later in the day after I receive the results. I will inform your mother and give you a note to keep you out of school tomorrow. Nothing to be overly concerned about, but something I am going to pursue until we find the cause. It is most likely not cancer, or worse something lethal, just something that might cause us to make some adjustments to your future life.

I left the office in a much different mood than I came in with. Not despondent, but a bit bewildered at the information. Mom was not home yet, some charity affair or another. I went straight to my computer looking gynecomastia, and read all I could about it. A few of the pictures were shocking, I sure hope it doesn’t develop to that degree. Mom woke me, calling me to dinner. Dad was going to be out of town for a few days, so it was just me and her. I played with the food, not really having an appetite anymore. I helped clean up and went to bed, playing my music and laying there thinking.

Up early, the tests at the hospital scheduled for eight AM. Several scans focusing on the middle part of my body. An even more thorough blood test, the nurse pulling five vials of blood for these tests. For one of the scans I was inserted inside this tunnel, had to lay perfectly still as the apparatus moved back and forth over my body. Then for another I had to drink this horrible tasting white crap and then wait for a few minutes before they x-rayed me. Four long frustration filled hours later I left the hospital. I had lucked out today, Mom had something else planned and I was spared her attendance. Thank heaven for small favors. The bus had gotten me where I needed to be on time and with none of the hassle that would be associated with Mom.

I grabbed something to eat then swung by Grace’s office. Her office was crammed with patients, I got called back and she left me in an examination room telling me to take a nap while she worked through her patients. This morning was way too early for me, so I took her up on the offer. Grace woke me hours later, nearing five o’clock. She had more test results in her hand, made herself comfortable and let me have it. She never pulled punches, telling it like it was both good and the bad.

“It seems that you are going to be in for a very interesting life. Your penis is most likely an over developed clit. There is no testicles, some glandular growth, but no testicles. Luckily there is also no female reproductive organs present. Your female hormones are being produced by other glands in your body. Even as a male this is normal, however with no male hormones there is nothing to counteract these hormones.”

“Now we come to decision time. If you want the life of a male, excluding fatherhood, I can try and inject some testosterone into your system, to keep your development along the lines of a male. In most cases you will not be able to get erect and have sex as a male. In some cases like yours the body could be allergic to the male hormone, causing a worse problem. That we will not know until I try the shot.”

“The second option is to let things progress, eventually giving you the body of a young female. Of course, you will not be able to have children, but with additional surgery later you can have enjoyable sexual relations with a partner. I suggest that you take some time and explore the second option before you make any kind of a decision. Since you have no experience as the opposite sex, some time as a female will give you a better understanding of your choices.”

A tear escaped my eye followed by an avalanche of them shortly thereafter. She held me close, rubbing my back as a let out a torrent of tears. For a male of seventeen years to suddenly be told that he was going to become a female is disturbing, well more than that but the word does not come to me at the moment. In fact, I doubt my mind is functioning much at all. All I see is the female me, dresses, makeup, panties and oh gawd boys. Yuck. The tears eventually dried up, no more moisture to make them with.

Grace suggests that I come home with her, I need to do some thinking and eventually choose what I want to try. She will keep me out of school for a day or two, and tell Mom about me. Grace’s daughter is about my age, so Melody might be able to help me some. I agree and after the office is closed for the evening we head to her house. Grace had made a lot of money and what she has made was smartly invested, so there was never any wanting for anything. She has a maid/cook full time so when we arrived it was only a few minutes before we ate. I played with my food, I was hungry, but yet nothing tasted good to me. The few morsels I did eat made me nauseous. So I drank plenty of fluid and ate a little of the jello that was served and called dinner done.

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