Marcella; Drinks In Femme

I made my way to the interview after getting off the bus a block from the club. I was hoping to get the job since all of my previous attempts to find employment the last three months have failed. I had seen the ad for a bartender in the local newspaper; and after finding out that a bus ran close to the place, I made my way there to apply for the job. No application needed to be filled out, just get behind the bar and mix the drink that the lady owner requested. I did pretty well, I think, as she sent me over to a table in the corner and told me to wait there.

She did the same to the next five applicants, but didn’t have them stay in the club. She conferred with a couple of other gals that had been watching, then she approached the table. She asked if I could work midnight till eight A.M. five days a week. I had found out from the bus driver, the last bus was eleven P.M., so I figured that would work out okay. I could wait in the club until midnight to start my shift. I was asked if I drank, I responded no, a sip of wine from time to time, but nothing else. We got up and walked over to the bar, joining the other ladies there.

Traveling by bus was a necessity these days, my car had died on the way to Tampa, so until I could get on my feet again, bus or walking, was my only choice. I was originally heading to Miami, or to be more specific, Miami Beach, when my car had coughed a couple of times and died right there in the intersection. I had some help pushing it off to the side of the road. There I left it, no money to get it repaired, with the age of the vehicle, I doubted if I could even find parts for it.

One of the other gals saw me get off the bus asking if that is my mode of transportation. I replied yes, my head dropping in shame. For a male to not be independent and mobile, a pitiful situation in my mind. Then, they brought up how I should dress, knowing I wouldn’t have any clothing that would work. Jillian, the owner told me to just come in early and they would find me something to wear. I didn’t think much about that, maybe they had some kind of uniform for their employees.

The ladies shared a few more looks between them, Jillian asking if I knew what kind of club this was? I shrugged my shoulders, it was situated along a row of clubs and restaurants, most catering to the late night crowd. Then Suzie, the prettiest of them, got up and came over to me, leaning in and kissing me on the lips. I was mesmerized by her action, my mouth wide open as she pulled away. All three of them giggled, then Jillian suggested that I look at the sign above the mirror behind the bar. It was one of those scrolling signs. I read it as it progressed across the sign, Turnabout, Tampa’s only female impersonator club.

I blushed forty different shades of red and orange, with my mouth hanging open. I looked at the three shaking my head and they just smiled nodding their head yes. Eventually the blood returned to other parts of my body, Jillian asking if that would make a difference to me. I needed the job bad, Suzie’s kiss felt like a female kissing me, her looks not giving any indication that there was a male underneath. Truthfully I could still taste some of her lipstick.

“No, that will not be a problem. Are all three of you female impersonators?”

Jillian smiled. “Well you will have to find that out for yourself.” I shook my head, still not believing they weren’t 100% female. She had me fill out a form or two, mainly for social security and one for a license that I would be required to get for serving drinks. That mainly entailed a copy of some I.D. proving that I was over twenty-one.

She told me I could start tonight if I wanted; Rosie, the bartender, would show me around and help me on my first night. I looked down at my clothes, the girls giggling at my expression. “Don’t worry we will find you something to wear.” I was taken back to one of the dressing rooms, shown a comfortable chair and told to relax. It was still five hours till they would open, they would help me dress later, right before the club opened. I was beginning to worry about what they had in mind for my outfit, but a job is a job, they seem to be nice enough, watching them kid each other as they tried on clothes and did whatever.

The time passed quickly, Suzie coming to get me and took me to one of the other dressing rooms. She told me to strip, I stared at her, but her hands on my shirt convinced me to get undressed before she did it for me. I felt funny standing there naked, but it didn’t bother her at all. I was handed a pair of panties and instructed how to tuck. I stood there staring at the panties, it now apparent that I will be dressing as a female. As I slid them up my legs, I began to waver. The feelings of the silky panties on my legs causing all kinds of things to happen, feelings that I have never felt before.

It felt funny for a while, but by the time I was dressed in a pair of pants and a blouse I was not thinking about it. The pants were so silky, the feelings again attacking my legs. The blouse although was femininity personified. Lots of lace, ruffles up on the front of the blouse hiding the fact that I had no breasts.

She brushed my hair into a high ponytail tying it in a bundle of ribbons, some short and others hanging down to my waist. Some mascara and lipstick and I was pronounced done. I did receive a pair of ladies flats, telling me heels would be necessary as soon as I learned to walk in them.

I managed a look in the mirror, my male façade now seriously wounded. I didn’t look masculine, but being totally feminine also evaded me. Suzie led me back to the bar, my nervousness at being seen like this causing me to look hastily around to see who might be laughing at me. Another lady was now behind the bar, introducing herself as Rosie. I put my hand out to shake, but she engulfed me in a hug instead. She started right in showing me where everything was, I had seen some of it already but the rest was all new to me. It was about forty minutes later when the first customers started entering the club. I found out that the other girls acted as waitresses in between their skits on the stage.

They were dressed beautifully, there actions nothing but pure 100% female. It wasn’t long until we got busy, but the way things were set-up I had no trouble keeping up. Rosie left to help out on the floor, leaving me to handle the bar. There was a couple of drinks that threw me, but she filled in the necessary info so I could make the drinks. After two A.M, it quieted down some, most of the party goers leaving for home. The girls continued with the skits every forty minutes to an hour depending on the crowd.

I took a break to use the restroom, almost heading into the male facility by mistake. A customer pointing me in the right direction. Suzie saw me enter and came in with lipstick and mascara for me so I could refresh my look. Back out to the bar, for another three hours until the club closed. I found a seat at the bar after the club closed, slipping out of my shoes and rubbing me feet and legs. I was complimented on my performance tonight, with Jillian offering me a ride home.

Of course, my male clothes had somehow vanished, so dressed as I was is the only option. I did receive a pair of heels to wear around the apartment tomorrow, actually that is today since it is five A.M., so that I could get used to wearing them. I was already dreading wearing heels for a full eight hour shift.

Jillian dropped me off, telling me to wear the same clothes back to the club tonight, there I could change into something different. I thanked her for the job before I got out. Several of my neighbors were out, so I was seen in all my feminine finery. Red-faced, I made my way into my apartment. I am sure I will be the topic of conversation now and for several days.

I slipped out of the clothes, actually regretting having to slip out of the blouse. I kept the panties on, they felt so good this evening, I could get used to wearing them every day very easily. I had mixed emotions about the pants, they were comfortable, but having to put up with the silky fabric rubbing over my legs was unnerving. I guess, eventually, you get used to it. As I set on the edge of the bed, I realized I was not only a bartender but also now a female impersonator. I wonder how far I will progress to achieve the image they wanted for me. I eventually laid back, the ribbons in my hair making themselves known. Sitting up to remove the ribbons was easier said than done, my hair now flowing down my back as it was released.

I managed to get to sleep, the stint at the club had worn me down some. Not hard work, just stressful sometimes when the crowd picked up. It was after noon when I finally crawled out of bed. I made myself some lunch, being careful of what I ate since I will be in female clothes from now on. As I counted my tips from the bar, a big smile plastered itself on my face. I had managed to make almost two hundred dollars, and that is from only the customers I served at the bar.

I bathed, dressed in the same clothes and slipped on the heels. The girls had furnished some stockings that came up to my thighs with an elastic strip to hold them there. My first few steps were awkward, but within an hour, I was handling the heels easily. I decided to wear them to work, the bus trip in heels wouldn’t be that bad. In the late afternoon and early evening, there were only a few riders so I would have the bus mainly to myself. As I got ready to go, Jillian called offering to give me a ride to work. I made sure I had all of my things and went outside to wait for her. Of course, the whole neighborhood was taking in the sights as I waited for her.

I was complimented on my ability to walk in the heels, but she suggested that I wait to wear them for a full shift. At the club I was taken to the dressing room again and they found another outfit for me to wear tonight. I was given a pair of heels to wear but these only had a one inch heel. The crowd started early and continued all night long. At seven AM we still had a club full. I managed pretty good, keeping up with the orders fairly easily. I knew that what Jillian said about the heels was true, my feet aching badly as I limped over to a table to collapse on after the last customer left the bar.

The girls came by to check on me, one of them stopping to rub my feet with a soothing lotion. I fell asleep her massage relaxing me till I drifted off. I was given a ride home again, Jillian deciding to pick me up and drop me at my apartment instead of me riding the bus. I tried to refuse but she had already made up her mind. I thanked her, she just smiled, replying that my costumes later might make riding the bus more adventurous than I might want to experience.

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