Misha; A Pretty Landlord

It was a job that I really lucked out with. I managed a college education barely, it was more get it over with that anything I really wanted to experience. At that time I had dreams, a wonderful job, a female that loved me, and lots of money to do anything I wanted in life. Well one out of three isn’t too bad. I had a hard time getting a female to talk to me, much less anything more. The money part, yeah sure.

After three months of rejections in the job search I went the route of an employment agency. I had heard of all the tales associated with them, exorbient fees, made up jobs, even where they offered you a job, took their fee and then when you showed up, no company to start with. I tried it because I was getting desperate and one of my friends from college worked there. I was up front, company paid fee or I was out of there. There were only three jobs listed that I qualified for. The first two after further exchange of information I was turned down. The last one he had to make some calls to even find out what the job entailed.

A holding company from back east needed an individual to maintain a partially constructed building that was being converted into mini apartments. The money had run out on the project, so only a few of the units were finished. It included an apartment in the deal and a small salary to watch over the site to stop vandalism. The money was almost non existent, but the free apartment had some merit. I had to be bonded, requiring a complete investigation of my life up to now. That took a month before they would even let me look at the site. There was apparently a lock box on the property, so a combination was furnished and I drove out to the building. During that month things had only got worse for me, now I doubted I would have enough for next month’s rent.

Boy was I surprised when the building turned out to be an old factory, a ten acre sized building inside of a larger fenced property. At the guardhouse I found the lock box, put in the combination and my key popped out. I unlocked the gate and drove in, pulling up to the office of the old factory. I got out and walked to the doors, unlocked the padlock and opened the doors. It smelled a little musty, but other than that not that bad. I walked through the place, it was huge. Construction materials stacked everywhere. It looked like the money for the labor was the problem, since I imagined their was more than enough materials to finish the project. I looked through one of the finished apartments, one bedroom, a bath, a mini kitchen and a small living room. Basic, but comfortable. It was painted in pale muted colors, but not the basic white or ivory. This particular one a pale pink with a light burgundy trim.

After I had locked up again I called my friend and told him I would take the job. He told me there was another holdup, since someone else had brought the property just earlier today. Just my luck.

It was two days later when he called, the new owner wanting to meet me. I had no problem arranging a time, since I was doing absolutely nothing at the moment. The owner wanted to meet me at the factory, a time was arranged and I headed that way, planning on picking up a burger on the way. With no food at home the burger was my only choice.

When I got to the factory I tried my combination I was given earlier, surprised it still worked. I opened up the gate, made my way to the office and went in. The musty smell was a little stronger, I found a window that somebody had thrown a rock through, the moisture from the week of raining making the mustiness worse. I found some plastic and tape, replacing the window with my makeshift covering. When I finished a lady behind me cleared her throat. It startled me, her giggling a little at my surprise. She introduced herself, she was not the owner but their representative in this matter. We walked the building from one end to the other since this is the first time she had seen it. As we made it back to the office she asked me if I would be interested in the job. My smile pretty well conveyed my thoughts to her.

She suggested that I move in as soon as possible, to help deter any further vandalism. Also maybe adopt a dog to help me keep an eye on the place. I was handed an envelope with some cash, to help with my moving expenses, the fees for adopting a dog, and any thing else that I might need. After looking through the envelope I tried to protest, there was a lot of money there. She gave me a hard stare, and told me to put the money in my pocket, she wanted receipts if possible, if not a piece of paper stating what the money was used for.

We set at an old desk in the office and talked for a while. “How handy are you? I told her I had some construction type jobs as I worked my way through college, not an expert but capable. She suggested that if I had the time I try and finish some of the units myself, do what you can and we will see what happens. Parts that you feel are beyond your abilities leave for later. I was given her phone number and email address if I needed anything else. I told her I would move in tomorrow, then see about a pooch to help me keep an eye on the place later in the day.

As we parted I got a hug, I looked at her funny, she giggled and gave me another. Get used to it, this is what females do with each other. I took in a deep breath, she thinks I am female. I opened my mouth to tell her her mistake. She put her finger on my lips to silent me. “Yes, I know your are a biological male, it is all in the background check we had done, but I sense something else, we will see won’t we.” She got in her car and drove away. I went back to see what I might need and to pick out one of the finished units to be my home. I tried the electrical box in the building, since there was some security lights in the parking lot that worked, hoping the electric for the whole building worked. I flipped breakers until I found the one for the apartment I had picked out. The lights came on and I smiled.

After doing what I needed, my list complete I locked up and left. On the way back I thought of what she said, I sense something else seeping into my limited cranial ability. Once back at the apartment I packed my meager belongings, cleaning up as I went. I wrote out a note apologizing for not leaving a notice, but told him that things were rough right now, better to move than to not be able to pay next month’s rent. I loaded my smaller things in the car tonight, allowing me to get started earlier. I planned to rent a trailer for my furniture, no rain forecast for tomorrow making it a good day to move.

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