Louise; Fill In Southern Belle

I was approaching the ripe old age of nineteen. I had managed to graduate high school, but barely. Since most high school students graduate when they are eighteen, my extra year in school was due to the fact I failed my sophomore year and had to take the whole year over again. Of course, my parents were not happy about that fact, several options were talked about, the one about military school the most considered one in their discussions, also my worst fear. Somehow I managed to dodge the bullet, but did have to suffer through another year of high school.

The relationship with my parents never returned to normal, they were disappointed in me, not only for failing a year but my attitude and lack of any kind of drive or push to better myself. I think Mom was the most disappointed in me, spending a lot of time with her sister on the phone talking about my situation. I never realized what they had planned for me after I did manage to get out of high school. In my second sophomore year they were already making plans for me, plans that I would learn about after I graduated.

I did manage to get through the next three years but barely. Out of a class of fourteen hundred students I was only three places from the bottom of the list. My grades were sufficient to pass the courses but that is all. I knew my parents were ashamed of me, but I just couldn’t get excited about any of my classes. I had no friends to speak of. A few students and I hung out together once in a while, but that was usually due to them wanting me to do something for them.

The graduation ceremony was in the evening, held in the stadium of the high school. I managed to make it through the ceremony, without falling asleep, but it was touch and go for a while. I did get taken out to dinner later that evening at a posh restaurant, my Mom telling me that I would be on a bus in the morning to go and stay with her sister in Georgia for a while. I had a job with her for the summer, something to keep me occupied and out of trouble. It was made clear to me that the job was well within my abilities, and would not tax my limited education in the least. That dig did affect me, showing me how little they thought of me.

Mom’s sister worked for one of the largest plantations in southern Georgia, managing their tourist business. Their charge for admission was minimal thus making them quite popular with the tourist trade. She started with them about ten years ago working her way up in the business. The plantation is set up like one of the plantations of old, offering tours of the southern mansion, with exhibits of life in the civil war period. It included fields growing crops that were commonly grown during that period, and numerous livestock exhibits showing how life on a plantation was like over a hundred years ago. Her sister employs almost a hundred employees, from maids to farm workers.

I tried to find out what I would be doing, but my Mother just told me to wait until I got there to find out. The next morning I was rudely awaken extra early, dressed and with a small suitcase was transported to the bus station for my ride to a small town in southern Georgia. I was not fully awake as I boarded the bus, but did find a seat near the front of the bus. Shortly the bus pulled out and within ten minutes I was soundly asleep again. When I next was aware of where I was we had stopped for a lunch break in a small town somewhere in Texas. I grabbed a burger and fries and got back on the bus.

I managed to stay awake for the next few hours, wondering what was in store for me once I arrived at my new home for the summer. I wonder if this was just a way for my parents to get rid of me, I am sure they have very little hope of me doing much with my life. If I am away from home, I won’t be able to stay around the house and do nothing. I am sure they have figured that out, sending me half way across the country to make sure I won’t be able to fall back on them. I guess I should have tried harder in my schooling, but that ship has already sailed. Maybe my new job will inspire me to do better, at least I can hope it will.

It was almost ten that evening when the bus pulled into a small town in southern Georgia. I expected to have to call my aunt to come and get me, but I saw her waving at me from the porch of the bus depot. I managed to collect my small suitcase and descend the steps of the bus. I was gathered in a huge hug and quickly led away from the bus depot. Aunt Charlotte led me to her car, my eyebrows arched up when I saw she now was driving a Cadillac SUV, quite an upgrade from what she used to drive. She got the door for me, then drove out of town a few miles. She passed under the metal arch announcing that you are now entering Dixie Plantation, history of the old South brought to life.

The huge plantation house was very evident as we pulled up to it, the lights making the stately columns across the front of the house look quite impressive. She pulled to one of the buildings behind the house and parked in the garage attached to it. I was led inside, the building on the inside nothing like its exterior. The inside looked just like a home, as we entered into the living room of the house. We kept going down a small hall until we came to the bedrooms. She showed me hers, very feminine and elegant. All of the furniture apparently antiques from their looks. Then we continued down the hall until we reached another bedroom, passing by an elegant bathroom on the way.

When I got a look at my bedroom I turned beet red, I have never seen a room that was more feminine than this one. I looked at Aunt Charlotte hoping that this was just a joke of some kind, her smile telling me different. Since it was late she suggested that I take a bath, then slip into bed. My job would start tomorrow after a brief tour of the rest of the plantation, and my fitting for the costume I would be wearing. I tried to ask a question but I was pushed toward the bathroom. She showed where soap, shampoo and toothpaste were stored. She turned to go get ready for bed herself, leaving me somewhat open mouthed and lost. I decided a bath sounded good, and quickly shed my clothes and slipped into the warm water.

During the bath I dozed off some, waking when I heard the bathroom door close. I quickly finished washing and then washed my hair, the shampoo quite silky smelling like perfume. I rinsed my hair, then towel dried looking for my male clothes. No clothing where I placed them, so with my towel wrapped around me I headed to my bedroom. I saw my suitcase open on the bed, so headed there to find a pair of shorts to wear in place of pajamas. When I got close enough to the suitcase to see what it contained, I stopped dead in my tracks. Nothing but lingerie, all of it silky and covered with ribbons and lace. I sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to figure out what happened and why I did not have any male clothes.

I must have set there for some time, without clothes it was a little chilly, the wet towel not doing much to keep me warm. Aunt Charlotte entered my room, and quickly took my towel from me, reaching into the suitcase to retrieve a pair of panties for me to wear. I stared at her shaking my head, then asked where my clothes had vanished to. She pointed to my suitcase, those are your clothes, now put on the panties, then this nightie and climb into bed. I relented, she was waiting for me to react, her look a little scary. I moaned as the panties slid up my leg, but bit down on my tongue to keep form making any other noises. The nightie was even worse, but as I was trying to withhold any reaction to it, I was helped into my bed and she pulled the covers up, then kissed me on the forehead. She turned and exited the room, leaving me utterly confused and at a loss for what to do. I closed my eyes wishing that all of this would be a dream, then didn’t remember anything more as my mind went blank.

I was helped out of bed the next morning by my aunt, then given a robe to put on. Dragged to the kitchen and sat at the table. A plate of food was placed in front of me, she suggested that I eat all of it, since I will not be getting anything else till dinner tonight. I tried to see her expression on her face, wondering if I dare ask a question of her. Surely my job here would not require a female appearance, although I have not seen how I look in the nightie and robe, I doubt the image will look very masculine.

I was far from being a macho male, any kind of exercise or athletics were ignored during my schooling I figured I would never be any kind of athlete, and had no desire to work any kind of job where physical activity was to be involved.

I did finish my plate of food, then Charlotte made me wash my dishes, dry them and put them away where they belonged. I was led out of the house, and into an adjoining building, much larger then the building where Charlotte had her home. I was desperately trying to keep from going where she was leading me, gawd I am wearing a nightie and a ladies robe, my feet in a very feminine pair of slippers. She stopped for a minute turned to face me, and told me it would be very advantageous for me to cooperate, otherwise she would place me in one of the livestock exhibits, sans any clothing. I tried to see if she was kidding, her facial expression serious and determined. I relented and let her lead me to my fate, I am not sure anymore about any of this, my mind just a jumble of thoughts and feelings. In particular the panties and nighties doing quite a job on me.

We arrived at a large area, littered with costumes, lingerie and a small beauty salon over in the corner. I tried to withdraw from her grasp, nothing good can happen in a room like this especially for me. I was taken over to a bar, hanging down from the ceiling and told to reach up and grab a hold of the bar. From behind me several sets of hands grabbed a hold of my wrists, attaching something to them keeping me from releasing a hold of the bar. Before I could protest it being done to me the bar started raising until my feet left the floor. My panties were slipped down my legs, and the nightie unbuttoned in the back, allowing it to be also removed. Charlotte came up to me, putting a finger against my lips. To keep from things getting worse I suggest that you keep quiet, what will be done to you will be repeated every day you are scheduled to work here. Nothing life altering, but things necessary for you to fulfill your job description. I can make things a lot worse for you, don’t make me go that route.

You are going to be a Southern Belle, dressed in that dress hanging on that rack, walking around the mansion and pointing out some of the historical features of the home. My eyes darted to the dress hanging on a rack and I let out a huge groan. I tried to take the groan back as Charlotte gave me such a look, I squeaked out I am sorry for the outburst and a smile reappeared on her face.

Another lady appeared carrying a garment in her arms. It was fastened around my waist, then she moved to the back of the garment and started tightening it on my body. She would tighten it some then wait for a while before tightening it up some more. I was having a hard time breathing regularly, just not possible to get enough air into my lungs. The lady told me to take shorter breaths and remain as still as possible, any movement causing my lungs to require more air. It was two hours later when she relented and tied off the laces behind me. I looked down at my body, noticing I now had small breast like protrusions on my chest tapering to an almost minuscule waist, then flaring out again to a set of womanly hips. My arms were aching for being above my head for so long, when the lady lowered the bar so my feet were touching I sighed in relief. It was short lived since the corset now seemed even tighter the flab that had been stretched out now having no where to go to.

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