Meredith; Relinquishing Control

Jenna and I had a very unusual relationship, at least I think so. We met in college, taking a course in psychology, although she had obviously taken the lead in the friendship. She asked me out that very day, I think I nodded my head in approval, but whether I did or not she presumed so, naming a time and place for us to meet. I dutifully obeyed, was treated too a nice dinner, then taken to her apartment. She shared with two other coeds, Jenna obviously the spokesperson for the trio.

I found myself seated on a loveseat, in their den, with Jenna right next to me. The other two had disappeared after the introductions apparently to their rooms. I tried to get comfortable, but around Jeena I felt like I was always off balance, never in control of myself.

An awful lot of questions were asked of me that night, I tried to answer truthfully, but some of the questions were a little private. I tried to tell her so, but she insisted that she needed to know before she would embark on any relationship with a male. Eventually I gave in, now Jenna knew everything there was to know about me and I knew absolutely nothing about her. I knew she is a female, a junior majoring in Psychology, and has only her mom as a relative. That is not much information to base a possible relationship on.

She took over the relationship between us, frustrating me with her kisses and teasing but never allowing me even a bit of pleasure. When she finally sent me home at 2 A.M. that night I was so frustrated I could have cried. As I walked up to my apartment I did shed a few tears. After entering the apartment I went to the bathroom, to look at my image in the mirror.

There were her lipstick smudges all over my face, my hair was tousled, and my t-shirt was tied in a knot behind me, when she wanted my midriff to show. More lipstick marks adorned my stomach and lower chest. Both nipples were rock hard where she had sucked on them, biting them when I didn’t seem to respond enough for her. As I run my fingers through my hair, my fingers stuck on a barrette she had obviously attached to my hair sometime during the encounter.

I cleaned myself off as good as I could then changed shirts and crawled into bed. Not because I wanted to, but a Chemistry lab at eight A.M. loomed on the horizon. Since I was having some trouble in that class, missing another lab would not be in my best interest. At the start of class the next day, my petite Asian lab partner took a wet wipe and cleaned another lipstick mark off with it, to my utter embarrassment. She got a lot of satisfaction out of it, giggling through out the task. Of course, everyone else had to see what she is doing so I became the center of attention, not my desire at any time.

It took quite a while for my redness to subside, and my fellow students to resume their studies. I got asked a lot of questions, who was I seeing, and why did I have lipstick on the top of my ear. By me ignoring them, they eventually left me alone, except my little Asian gem. Suzie kept up the teasing and rhetoric the whole class. We managed to get the experiment finished as requested, but I couldn’t tell you exactly what we did or why. My mind just wasn’t there, Jenna and Suzie’s actions recently have kept me totally flustered.

I made it through three more classes before it was time for Psychology. Jenna was already seated when I came in, but gave me an evil smile as I sat as far from her as possible. I just couldn’t handle any more stress in my life right now, especially in class. Even though there is some distance between us, all I could think of during the class is her actions last night. Several times during class, my nipples became hard and I wasn’t even touching them.

The class finally ended, with Jenna grabbing my hand and leading me to the Student Union. It was the last class of the day for both of us, so I didn’t resist much. She found a secluded table, pushed me into the chair and told me to stay until she got back. I know a few other people could hear her, but my eyes were glued to the floor, so I was not aware who they were. Again the reddish tinge appeared to my face and body, fading away ever so slowly. I felt like a puppy dog being told to stay by her owner, exactly what Jenna had me do.

When she returned with drinks and snacks for us, she put the food on the table, sat down right across from me. I made a face at what she got me, but decided to eat it anyway, since I definitely did not want things to get any worse than they were. She was chatting a mile a minute, as she normally does, but I was lost in my own self pity and never heard a word she said. She got up from the table, I figured we were heading to her place so I followed.

Once we got there she hustled me to her bedroom, took off my shirt and proceeded to attack my nipples. What is it with her and my nipples? They are still sore from last night, I imagine how they will be after another session with her mouth. The attention eased up, her playing with them more than sucking on them. I closed my eyes her rubbing them in a slow circular motion really stimulating me. This went on for quite a while, with me dozing off eventually.

I awoke with a start, pain radiating from my right nipple, and then before I could focus on what she was doing my left nipple erupted in the same pain. It felt like someone had stuck a needle right through the nipple. When my eyes finally focused on what she was doing I noticed two rings piercing my nipples. The rings were pretty good sized, about two inches in diameter. I demanded she take them off, her smile indicating that would probably not happen. Gingerly I tried to see what she had done, trying to see where the hole in the ring was so I could get it off. The ring looked continuous, with no hole or catch to undo. I stared at her, trying to show my anger at what she had done.

All I saw on her face is that stupid smile. I checked the ring again, there has to be someway to undo them and remove them from my body. Finally she grabed my hands and pulled them to my sides. “Keep them there, in fact grab a hold of your belt loops, and don’t let loose. I will tell you what has happened to you and why. If you move your hands I will show you to the door and that will be it. No further contact, the relationship is over.”

I moved my hands to my belt loops, grabbing a hold of the ones at the side of my body. Her smile got bigger. I could tell you didn’t listen to me at the Student Union. I mentioned all of this to you, about me wanting to pierce your nipples, but your mind was elsewhere. When I asked if you would be okay with this you nodded. Then when I got up to leave you grabbed a hold of my hand letting me lead you here.

In my study of psychology there are people both male and female that are totally submissive. They want to be told what to do, when to do it and how to do it. They are usually very smart, but don’t want the responsibility of making decisions or taking control of any relationship. Since I have met you and we have interacted you are one of these persons. You have let me decide everything, never objecting or complaining. When I got you food that you have stated you do not like, you ate it with no qualms.

The people that are opposite to the submissives are the dominants. They like to be in control, to decide what to do and how to do it. They want their partner to do everything they ask, without questioning them about it. There are some dominants that take advantage of their partner taking things from them without giving anything in return. Those people usually fall apart when life gets a little demanding, for they have no one to fall back on for help. The people they abused do not want anything to do with them so they find themselves alone, abandoned by society.

The caring dominant wants control, but also allows her submissive to grow and progress within the wishes of the dominant. She gives out love while demanding total obedience to her wishes and demands. The submissive wants to please, so they bend to the desires of the dominant. A perfect match between two opposites that includes love and caring.

I want a relationship with you, but on my terms. I want control of the situation at all times, I will listen to your wishes, but the final decision in all matters between us is mine. I want you to dress and act as I desire, do the things I want you to do, and to love me unequivocally. In return I will take care of you, provide a home for us and treasure you as my submissive partner. It is either that or we are finished, no negotiations on this my way or no way. I nodded my head, but that was not enough she wanted me to say the words to her.

I swallowed hard, “Jenna I want to be your submissive and for you to love me, and guide me in all things that I do. Provide for me, tell me what to do, and I am your willing partner forever.”

I am not sure I believed all that I was telling her, but doubted that I would be tested on my convictions in the future with her. I knew that I was slightly submissive, never taking the lead in anything I have done. But for her to control me completely that is a little much.

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