Marie; Singing Is So Much Fun

A young man by birth, although I had very few masculine features. I had a beard, light and blonde and my facial features were neither gender. I had some high cheek bones and a small nose, but my jaw was squarish and slightly prominent. I had bushy eyebrows and not much of a forehead. My ears were bigger than I cared for, but my huge mop of hair on my head more than covered that fact up. It grew like a weed, requiring a haircut every four weeks. I gave up in my Freshman year, and let it grow uninhibited putting it in a ponytail to keep it out of my face.

I put my books in my locker than went to see Ms. Hamilton. It was a free period for me, so I could take my time getting there. I knocked on her office door and then entered. She pointed to a seat in front of her desk, then asked why I hadn’t joined the choir earlier. She was fairly young and quite attractive, most of her male students infatuated with her and wishing they could be more than just her students.

I replied that I didn’t think my voice was that good, besides it is much too high for a male. She smiled, then put on a tape to play. It was a popular song that was current right now. It was instrumental only. She asked if I knew the song, I nodded and she stopped it and started the tape again. She started singing the words asking me to join her. I did and we sang several verses then she abruptly stopped, while I was still singing. Her voice is naturally higher and unconsciously I was singing along with her in a higher key. She smiled and then asked me to come to the music room tonight after school, she had a few people she wanted me to meet, and interact with.

She excused me, nothing more said or done. Puzzled I wandered to where my next class was, picking up my books at my locker. The rest of the day passed like usual, nothing out of the ordinary happened, just regular boring classes. I was a good student, but what we were learning was not challenging or interesting. I almost left the school, forgetting about going to the music room. I was already out the school gate when I remembered. I quickly turned around and hustled back to the music classroom.

As I entered there were five girls there along with Ms. Hamilton. Again the tape was played and all of us started singing the words to the song. I immediately became aware that all of the girls were staring at me. We concluded the song, then I was engulfed in a group hug. I looked over to Ms. Hamilton, she just smiled and then went over to the stereo in the room. Another song picked out, this one I was not as familiar with so I was handed some sheet music. Again we sang the words, our voices blending perfectly with the music. Three more songs played, each one sounding better than the last.

On the last song I was told to sing the last verse by myself, I instantly started shaking my head no, in a group maybe, but as a solo I think not. The girls were disappointed but agreed to sing the last verse with me. I failed to notice the smirks and the winks exchanged between them. We sang the song, a rather sad song filled with emotion and feeling. This song I knew the words to so I did not need the sheet music. I usually closed my eyes as I sang, getting into the mood of the song. Sure enough when we got to the last verse they stopped, leaving me singing it solo. I was more than half way through it before I became aware of what they had done. I continued on, my face quite red and my voice now straining to hit the high notes.

When I finished I was mobbed, even Ms. Hamilton joined in. My face was covered in kisses, I am sure now there was no more blood available to make it any redder than it was. We sat in some desks in the classroom and I was introduced to everyone. Then a vote was taken and I was unanimously approved to be the sixth member of their group. I was told when they practiced, and of the up coming competitions they were entered in. They had another girl as part of the group, but her parents had to move out west so for the last three weeks they had been looking for a replacement. I tried to talk them out of it, but they were adamant that I was the sixth member and there would be no discussion on it now or later.

When you are trying to argue with five gorgeous females, somehow a lone non-aggressive male doesn’t stand much of a chance. I resigned myself to try it for a week or two, but told them I was still not sure about this. The next several practices were wonderful. I have always loved to sing, it was my voice that never seemed to fit in anywhere. Here my voice blended in perfectly, each of us complimenting the other.

We did more then sing together, I became their friend. We spent time at the local teen hangout, munching fries and diet soda pop. We talked and I learned all about them, their likes and dislikes. They even talked about boys in front of me, a few things mentioned had me bright red in a nano second. A few giggles at my blushing but they continued on as if I was one of them, a girl among girls. That bothered me a little, why I am not sure. I loved being with them, sharing some of their life and most importantly singing with them.
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