Tasha; Experiencing A Female Life

I was back in town after eight long years away from where I was born and raised. My parents on their death had willed their house to Mom’s sister. They knew that neither of their children wanted to live here, so the house was willed to Patricia. Fast forward about six years and that is where I am at. A week ago, Patricia had died and I was the only person listed in the will. I had a sister, but Aunt Pat and she never got along, so the likely reason for her exclusion. Since I left I never visited Aunt Patricia, although we talked on the phone often.

When I left town I found a job in corporate America and quickly made my way to the upper echelon. On one of my conversations with Patricia she had mentioned wanting to start a beauty salon in the old house. It was a small town and Patricia was quite popular so I sent her some money to add to her investment. She had never asked for any money, but I knew how small business startups went, a little extra money usually comes in quite handy.

According to our phone conversations she had done quite well with the business, I should have visited at least once but things always came up keeping any time to visit minimal. Her lawyers had contacted me a few days after her death, wanting me to come and execute the will. Along with being a benefactor I was also named executor of the will. I tried to make excuses and get him to take on the responsibilities but the will specifically stated me to be the only executor. All I was told is that the estate is quite sizable and many properties are involved.

How can someone owning and running a beauty salon accumulate many properties and a sizable wealth? Curiosity piqued, I took the time off and made the trip. The town is not close to any major city, so flying there would still require me to rent a car for the final leg of the trip. So I decided to drive myself. I hadn’t had any time off in over six years, the corporate rat race seldom left time for any personal life, your fellow employees taking any advantage of you not being there to further their own interest. The saying of it being a dog eat dog environment very true.

I got in late, the drive taking me a lot longer than I anticipated. The town only had one hotel so I made my way there and obtained a room for a few days. I washed up a little, then changed my shirt and went looking for somewhere to eat. The same restaurant that I and all my high school buddies ate at many years ago was still in business, so I made my way there. I found a table, picked something from the menu and ordered when the waitress showed up. I was looking at the other patrons to see if I recognized anyone, sadly there seemed to be a total lack of anyone from my era. Like me they had all left to pursue something else rather than the life here. I quietly ate my dinner and headed back to the hotel. I decided to drive by the old house and see what it looked like now.

It was on the edge of town, about a half mile from the hotel. As I pulled down the street I almost didn’t recognize the place. The sign said Tasha’s Turnabout Salon. That is weird I would have thought that Patricia would use her name in the name of the salon not somebody else’s. The house had been fixed up, no longer looking old and run down. It apparently had been added to at least once maybe twice from the size of the place.

It was nearly seven o’clock but the lights were still on and I could see customers inside. I turned around and drove back into town, another business caught my eye, Tasha’s boutique, two blocks down from the old house. Then another block and Tasha’s antiques was on the opposite side of the street. I went on past the hotel, now real curious about this Tasha. I found a Tasha’s Collectibles and Fine Jewelry, Tasha’s Diner, a Tasha’s quick stop and Tasha’s Bridal Shop.

I wondered what the connection was, was Tasha a partner with Patricia, too many questions. Any answers will have to wait until tomorrow. I drove back to the hotel, like most small towns the front desk already closed for the evening. I made my way to my room and entered. I watched a little TV, the reception only one station, the hotel not carrying any cable stations. I quickly got sleepy, changed into my pajamas and crawled in to bed.

I always wake early, usually arriving at work several hours ahead of the normal starting time. Today to be no different apparently. I slipped on some clothes, then walked to the restaurant. I had considered Tasha’s Diner but it was another four blocks away from the hotel. Breakfast was just some juice and a pastry, at my corporate job I never indulged in breakfast. Today I had no idea how long I would be so I thought it wise to have something. Another short walk and I was at the lawyer’s office.

I was early, so I waited a few minutes and a very attractive female opened the office. I presumed her to be the receptionist and greeted her that way. She smiled and invited me into her office. “This is a small town and the need for any type of help is nonexistent. Have a seat and we will get started.” She pulled the necessary files, laid them out on the desk and handed me a letter from the file addressed to me. “This is a letter from Patricia, written about three months ago explaining some of the background on her businesses. Take your time and read it, I will handle some other affairs, when you are finished let me know and we will go on to the next part.” She left the office, making some phone calls, and copying some documents from the sound of the copy machine.

I opened the letter and started reading it.

Ash, if you are reading this it means that I have left this planet. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for you. When everybody else abandoned me, you were the only one to have anything to do with me. You’re uncalled for support of me when I started the beauty salon was well appreciated and at that time I was determined to pay you back for your kindness and caring. The money came in handy, you knew I would hit a few bumps and your gift got me through them easily. The salon took off fairly quickly, within three months I was hiring help and expanding the salon some. No additions to the structure yet, but more of the house was utilized for the salon.

Then an opportunity opened up in town, I found about it from a customer, met with the party involved and the next day I reached an agreement to purchase her business. I needed a name, I didn’t want to use her name since it was no longer her business. For some reason the name Tasha came up. I remembered that your Mother had picked that name if you were to be a female. Of course, you weren’t and the male you became, received the name Ash.

That was Tasha’s boutique, and as you can tell it wasn’t the only business I bought over the years. Each business fed the purchase of others, I paid them off in installments keeping my cash for more important things, a bit of advice I learned from you in our phone calls. I learned a lot of other things, as you told me how you made decisions, how to select people to do a job, how to motivate people and lots more. I doubt you thought I was listening, but I never forgot a word of your advice.

So you are Tasha and the businesses are a product of my perseverance and your advice. As of yet, I don’t think you realize how successful we have become, I will let Janet fill you in. Please listen to all she has to say, keep an open mind and when you get to my home tonight you will find another letter. Please take time to read it before you make any decisions on anything.

An adoring Aunt Patricia

I went back out to the front office Janet noticing I was done with the letter. Several more files were pulled from her desk and piled on top of it. The she pulled a summary sheet from the top file. Since I was standing in front of her desk watching what she was doing she suggested that I take a seat. The next statements might be a little hard to comprehend.

“As of four days ago when Patricia died at the local hospital after being taken from her salon office complaining of chest pains you are now the sole benefactor of her estate. There are some donations she has asked you to make for her and some profit sharing checks that need to be disbursed. Incidentally she died quickly not suffering or in pain for long.”

“The estate has one hundred and fifty-two parcels of real estate, all completely paid for except two that were being purchased at the time.”

“Excuse me, what did you say?”

She smiled and wrote on a sheet of paper one hundred and fifty-two parcels of real estate and then shoved it over to me. I looked at it then back at Janet and she giggled.

“You have no idea how successful your aunt was with the advice you had taught her. Anyway you have a lot of real estate, valued somewhere around twenty-five million dollars. That is real estate value alone, not the structures or the businesses on it. It is in three different counties, this one and the two adjoining counties. As of present all taxes and permits are current and for the remaining of the year.”

“Now we come to her bank accounts, she has eleven bank accounts, the bank in town has the most with seven accounts. Two nearby towns have one each and the surrounding counties have one each in the town that the businesses reside in. As of today you have a combined total of $ 2,600,268.79 in checking accounts, $ 1,356,678.37 in savings accounts and two certificate of deposits of $ 500,000.00 each.”

“The total value of the estate is somewhere around seventy million dollars. That is an educated guess, based on prices of similar real estate in the area and includes the estimated worth of the businesses and inventory. Your weekly payroll is only $ 675,000. While your income the last full week of business was $ 75,265.00. Operating expenses for the year, other than payroll was less than $200,000.00. As you can see she ran the businesses quite well, keeping her eye on each of them from her office in the salon. She has a girl Friday; Debbie is the one that helped her oversee each and every business, and knows how Patricia liked to run things. I handled the business accounts, taxes, permits and agreements to purchase other businesses. There were four businesses she had been negotiating on, the deals in limbo until you have a chance to look to see if you are interested.”

I stared at her. “Are you pulling my leg, surely this can’t be? Auntie never mentioned any of this to me in any of the phone calls we had. This is awesome and a lot of other words as soon as I can think of them. OMG seventy million, and I never had a clue she had amassed anything like this.”

“Patricia wanted you to go to her home, there is another letter she wanted you to read on you arrival. A proposal she wanted you to consider before you get into this much. There are three people she wanted you to meet and talk to. All of them had helped her along the way with ideas and ways to further enhance her purchases. I have made an appointment with one of them, Patricia had consulted her a lot on your involvement recently when she started showing signs of a health problem. Francine is not always in the area so I made the appointment so you could talk to her.”

“Visit Patricia’s home first, now your home. Read the letter and then first thing in the morning you have an appointment with Francine at Tasha’s Turnabout Gurl Salon at nine-thirty. Then think everything through and come back to see me and I will fill you in on what needs to be done. Here are the keys to the house, and the address. It is fully stocked with food, so you can eat there if you like. That is up to you. She has maid service once a week, and a yard service for the grounds. Debbie is another of the ones she wanted you to meet and talk to, she has an office at the salon if you have any questions for her before tomorrow. She will be with you on the meeting with Francine and later on to discuss the other businesses that she helps oversee. Are there any more questions for now?”

“No, thanks for all your help, it might take me until tomorrow to even grasp what she has done. I will see you again once all of this comes home to roost, if my mind can make sense of it. I can’t believe it, seventy million from a start as a beauty salon. And I thought I was doing well in the corporate jungle.”

I tried to shake her hand, but instead I was hugged, a tender hug with feeling. I left the office in a daze, standing outside looking at some object in the distance, finally realizing I needed to find my car and head to her place. That accomplished, I made the drive finding two more businesses with the Tasha name thereon. Her home was nothing like I expected. I was expecting some lavish home, butlers and maids, circle drive in front of the house and a ten car garage to the side. Instead a ranch type of house with a two car garage, no butlers and no maids.

It was beautiful though, well taken care of and on a separate larger piece of property by the distances between the neighboring houses. I put the key in the door and unlocked it, stepping into a gorgeous well-appointed house. The décor was very feminine, although not sickingly sweet. Lots of antiques or reproductions in the various rooms, adding to the uniqueness. Since one of the businesses is Tasha’s Antiques I suspect all of the furniture came from there, with Patricia picking and choosing what she wanted.

I looked around in each room, the décor making you feel comfortable to be there. The kitchen was quite noteworthy, a mixture of the old and new, the counters filled with appliances, bowls and crockery. A peek in the refrigerator revealed that it had been restocked recently, all healthy food, fruits and vegetables.

The house had three bedrooms, the master bedroom quite spectacular. The focus point is a metal framed canopy bed, the metal maybe a copper alloy from the color of it. Add the peach colored canopy and bedspread and it took your breath away. I sat at the vanity in the room and stared at the mirror. Attached to the corner of the mirror is a letter addressed to me. I took the letter down, slit the top of the envelope and removed the letter. As I unfolded it the richness of the paper became evident, she had written it on parchment paper, the thickness of the paper and the texture of the writing paper very evident.

Although the outside of the envelope was addressed to Ash, the letter was addressed to Tasha.


I will refer to you as Tasha since that is really who you are. I know about your explorations with your Mom’s clothes so many years ago. It was a subject that you’re Mother and I often discussed. I have a grand plan that I would like you to enter into. Tomorrow you will meet Francine, another one that helped me with the salon, but mainly over the years we talked at length about you. I know from our conversations that the corporate world is really not your cup of tea. You have excelled at it, but maybe turning your talents to Tasha’s businesses can be just as rewarding.

Anyway to be a bit blunter, I want you to become Tasha in every way. Francine can help with that, we have laid out a framework of services that will make you Tasha in looks. If you will look at the picture on the vanity that is you as Tasha. Now for the fun part, my estate has a few hidden facets that if you become Tasha in looks and mannerisms they also will be offered to you. No advance disclosures, no hints, but the day you show back up at Janet’s office as the female Tasha, those facets will be yours, You have to go through the full transformation that Francine will tell you about, no half attempts to get by. Please for me give this a one year try. The corporate world has no feelings, emotions, friendships and definitely no caring and love. Here you will have all of the above and more.

Debbie knows how I want things run, the things you taught me and told me about. Trust her and she will be your BFF and confident just like she was to me. I again ask that you trust me, the happiness in life that you have none of is right here as Tasha. Please experience it.

Your loving Aunt


I stared at the photo on the vanity for ages, reread the letter several times, my stomach growling the only thing that made me leave the room. As I entered the kitchen I noticed the clock on the wall, six hours had mysteriously passed, I guess I kind of zoned out for a while. I grabbed some fruit, and a container of yogurt, the last time I had eaten either was before I left this town. Now it seemed to be what I needed. I set there nibbling on my snacks, staring off into space.

After finishing I just wandered the house looking at everything, a sense of knowing Patricia more intimately seeped into my mind. I looked at her library, a lot of the stories I used to enjoy in school were prominent on the shelves. I took one that I had wanted to read back in school with me, planning to read it later in bed. Each room added to my feeling for her, the furniture setting the mood, allowing me to just enjoy being there. I made it back to the bedroom, decided not to go back to the hotel tonight, I would wear the same clothes tomorrow when I met Francine and Debbie.

I pulled back the covers to find a gorgeous nightgown and a pair of panties, lying there beckoning to be put on. I debated for a little while, as I slipped out of my male clothes, laying them on a chair in the corner of the room. I walked back to the bed, picked up the panties and just held them in my hands. The feelings of years ago, my mom’s clothes came flooding back to me. Before I could rationalize my thoughts the panties were sliding up my legs. They felt so good, the nightgown soon followed and I slipped under the covers. Silk sheets too, I was lost in sensations and feelings.

I must of passed out shortly thereafter not remembering a thing until a beam of sunlight had found its way through the blinds and right into my eye. When I eased out of bed to go to the bathroom the book I wanted to read was still on the nightstand unopened, just as I had left it last night.

I caught myself rubbing the night gown over my body several times, the feeling just too good to pass up. I briefly looked in the closet, finding it filled with clothes. If they had been Patricia’s clothes, I wouldn’t have been surprised, but she was a petite female and these clothes were larger in comparison. I pulled one out holding it in front of me, yes they were my size. I picked through them, finding a pair of pants and a blouse that looked neutral enough, then walked to her dresser. Yes, undergarments of all kinds were in the drawers, again all in my size. I found a fresh pair of panties and dressed in my new clothes for the day.

A quick look at the clock meant that I had to get going, my appointment at the salon is in less than thirty minutes. I checked my appearance, brushed my hair, then out to my car. I parked beside the salon, walking the few feet to the salon door. I was amazed the salon was packed, with me having to wait a few minutes at reception to be helped. A lady came to get me, introduced herself as Debbie and gave me a huge hug. Then dragged me to the back and an office where another lady awaited me. Another hug, then she introduced herself as Francine. I was shown to the chair behind the desk, where Patricia had set.

Debbie started the conversation. “All three of us have worked on this plan, to help you assume the role of Tasha. With Patricia’s declining health the final version was decided on just two weeks ago. For my sake I hope you honor her by accepting her plan for you, she has worked on it off and on for years. Several times she thought of having you come down here earlier on some pretense, hoping that once you experienced some of it you would stay as Tasha. Listen to Francine carefully, there is a lot to the plan, the changes that will be with you for quite some time.”

Francine slid her chair to the side of mine, laying a paper with all of the steps to my transformation listed on it right in front of me. “Let me start by saying that she loved you dearly. You have been the only one to communicate with her, help her and try to give her advice. She listened to your every word, did as you mentioned and tried to emulate you in every one of her business dealings. I have helped her some, but your words are what she lived by.”

“She wants you to become Tasha, every service and treatment we offer to make you as complete a female as possible. Everything we do is reversible, although some of the treatments do take some time to reverse themselves. Most of the services are offered her at this salon, a couple of the newer more advanced treatments will require a technician from one the base salons. The finished product will be female in all ways, only a medical doctor could prove otherwise. Three days to make the whole transformation, then you can assume the duties and responsibilities of Tasha. Patricia had made arrangements for all of your treatments, everything paid for including a complete wardrobe. What is at the house now only a portion till we find what exact size you will become after the treatments. This salon and Debbie can provide you with lessons to act more womanly, and a voice treatment has been also provided for if necessary.”

“Now if you want I will go through each step with you explaining what will be done and how it will affect you physically. Then take some time to decide, after your decision we can start.”

I cleared my throat. “With so much preparation in planning this for me, I see no need for any further explanation. I have decided to experience Tasha, I just hope I can do justice to the person. As I am being transformed can Debbie and I talk about what all is involved in this enterprise, I would like to talk about each business, the history and the people involved. I have so much to learn and I do want to learn it all. I will need help with the Tasha thing too, just because I may look like a Tasha doesn’t mean I will act like one.”

To my surprise Francine grabs my hand and a minute later I am being undressed.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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