Laine; Saloon Singer

There were several of us in the group, a college play that got us together in the first place. We each played parts in the production, the two lead actresses. a male supporting actor and little old me. I was officially an assistant producer of the play, in charge of casting the roles, supervision of the script and on stage presence including costumes and makeup. The play did fairly well playing for almost three months every Friday and Saturday. The ticket sales helping to fund the drama department.

A small portion of the ticket sales also was donated to the campus child care, started several years ago it was for young mothers who needed a place for their children while they tried to finish their degree. It was supervised by the college but the funding had to come from other sources since it was a state funded university. The professor who over saw the drama department started the child care center several years ago. At the time she had several students wanting to complete their degree but had a young child that needed caring for. Most of the young girls were unmarried, their so called mates skipping town after they found out the girl was pregnant. We all helped at the child care center, when studies and classes permitted. The kids were wonderful, so energetic just needing a little love and attention.

When we had a little extra cash the group of friends usually tried to visit a nightclub, a bar, or a concert if we found that little extra cash burning a hole in our pockets. A pleasant way to spend an evening and enjoy the friendship we developed over the time we spent doing plays and helping out at the child care center. Anne and Gloria had heard of a new place in town, a bar that was designed after an old time western saloon. They had a short show they put on three times an evening, usually a few of the girls doing a can-can dance and one gal lip syncing to a western song. The waitresses all done up as saloon girls, with huge bouffant slips and low cut bodices on their dresses.

When we arrived we were shown to a table near the front of the saloon. A waitress took our drink orders then the first show started. It was fast paced, the girls swishing their skirts and kicking their legs high was quite entertaining. Then they spread out entering the audience area looking for volunteers to help later in the evening. They picked a couple college females who were giggling away as they were led backstage. The remaining dancers kept roaming through the tables until two of them were standing behind me. Gloria reached over and raised my hand and yelled take him. All of my friends shouted their approval and soon I was being escorted to the backstage area.

The leader of the dancing girls pulled me aside as they got out of sight of the audience. She told me they wanted to dress me as a dancing girl, then have me do a number with them later in the evening. She looked at me wondering if I was alright with her plan, so I nodded my head and two of them quickly helped me to undress. I was allowed a little privacy until I had exchanged my shorts for a pair of ruffled panties. Then a pair of breast forms were glued to my chest, a corset with cups to support my new breasts was placed around my waist and cinched tightly. I guess they had picked wisely since I never did have much body hair, hardly any on my chest and only a few hairs on my legs. Some colored stockings were attached to the garter straps and my feet were nestled in a pair of four inch heels. The straps were fastened around my ankle keeping the shoes on my feet. The stockings hiding what little leg hair I had managed to grow in my nineteen years on this earth.

I was dragged over to a vanity and pushed down in the seat while a wig was secured over my head and glued around the edges to keep it from falling off. Way too much makeup was applied to my face, but the look they achieved apparently what they were looking for. I was handed the lyrics to the song they wanted me to sing, since it was all done in fun, it didn’t make any difference if my voice was feminine or not.

I heard the college girls conclude their dance number, the applause quite enthusiastic for their efforts. The rest of the troupe performed another number then it was to be my time on stage. I swallowed hard, trying to get the frog in my throat to leave. One of the girls took my hand and led me to a spot on the stage. The music started and after a few garbled words I found my voice and started singing. I didn’t hear any laughter, or jeers from my friends, so I continued with the song. I closed my eyes letting my mind wander and tried to put a little soul in the song.

I had sung before in a few church services, but never before on a stage. When the music stopped I curtsied and left the stage. It was deathly quiet for a few moments, then all hell broke loose. The applause was deafening, I looked back toward the stage to see what everybody was clapping, seeing the stage empty. One of the gals came over and hugged me, asking where did I learn to sing so well. Several more of the girls came over wanting to hug me, some had tears in their eyes. I was dragged back on stage the applause once again loud and enthusiastic. Then the gal that had asked me if I would do the skit with them came up and pulled me off stage. I was taken to a little office to the right of the stage, several chairs, a desk with a monitor so that what was happening on the stage could be kept an eye on, otherwise the room was basically empty. I was shown to one of the chairs and she sat behind the desk. I am Cindy and that was awesome. Well you ruined that comedy skit. I am not complaining though. Are you a college student, do you have a job?

I responded that I was a college student, no job and in my junior year. Majoring in drama, hoping to maybe get a job as an assistant director one day. She wanted to know if I was married, or had a steady girlfriend. I answered no and no but wondered why she wanted to know all of this information about me.

“Look you blew the audience away with your singing, if you will take it I have a job for you starting right now. Pay pretty good to start, with several raises once it gets around about your singing ability. I will pay for all your clothing, makeup and hair styling. All you have to do is sing several songs every evening. On Saturday twice during the day and once in the evening. Sunday we are closed. How about I start you out at five hundred a week, then make adjustments as needed to keep you happy.”

By that time my mind was mush, and I was sporting a mouth stuck in the open position. I finally nodded my assent to her proposal. Why I don’t know. The whole idea was so left field, and I had no idea of how I could even start to do what she wanted. She handed me another song to learn, wanting me to close the show tonight. She went out to take part in a couple of their skits, in between they helped serve drinks and mingled with the customers. I was able to learn the lyrics, it was a song I kind of liked and had heard before. She returned to get me, had me change my costume and refreshed my makeup. Led back to the stage and introduced as Miss Laine, our own Crystal Palace songbird.

I missed my first cue to the song and they had to start the music over. I manged to get ti right this time closing my yes and letting the song flow from my throat. Again when I finished absolute quiet. Not a sound to be heard. I opened my eyes and saw a few people down front, with tears in their eyes. Looking farther into the audience I saw the same thing over and over. The the applause came, everybody standing up and applauding loudly. I curtsied and left the stage. Back stage I was mobbed,

Story Incomplete At Present

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