Spirit; Just Like Sis

Mom called me to the phone, I was upstairs listening to my music and playing video games. On the third attempt to get me to come to the phone, I managed to hear her, and came running down the stairs flying through the air the last ten feet. Sis told me she was going to call in a letter received several days ago, hopefully, this was her call. “Hi sis, how goes the romance?”

My sister, through some dumb luck, met and captivated a young male attending the same college as her. He was nice, well-educated and came from a wealthy family. For some unknown reason they hit it off, and for the last five years, they have been dating. At first, it was just weekend dates at college, maybe a concert or just dinner on Saturday. Then, it escalated to some lunches and both Saturday and Sunday doing something. He never pushed her for sex, a fact that sis was eternally grateful for. They kissed a lot, cuddled and enjoyed each other’s company without doing the obvious.

Their relationship progressed to the point that she has been invited to the family’s ranch in southern Arizona for an extended stay. That meaning there was no time limit implied, a kind of let’s see what happens. She has been out there for two weeks, so I presumed she and his family have been getting along pretty well.

“I am having so much fun, Jason and I are getting along well. I think he might ask me to marry him soon. I sure hope so.” I congratulated her and wishing her luck on the proposal. Then, she surprised me by inviting me out to the ranch for a couple of weeks.

“Why do I need to come out there, you are hopefully marrying into the family, not me?” She didn’t answer, but asked me three more times to come and visit her. When I wouldn’t agree to the trip, she asked to talk to Mom. They talked for over an hour, then Mom hung up. Nothing more was said that night, but the next morning, I was told to pack a suitcase that I was flying out to visit my sister. No reason given, just get packed. I figured since sis had involved Mom, there might be a pretty good reason for me to visit, so I went to my room and packed.

I brought my suitcase downstairs and placed it by the door. Mom came down, grabbed her purse and drove me to the airport. She drove to the private terminal, dropped me off, and told me to go to gate 5, and out to the jet waiting there for me. I got a kiss and she was gone. I did do as instructed, as I left the terminals gate five, I saw a Leer jet door open and the engines running. I climbed aboard, was greeted by a female asking my name. I told her, then she closed the door, telling me to find a seat, we would be taking off shortly. She proceeded to the cockpit and in a few minutes we were airborne.

I finally came to my senses, I was in a private jet flying to Arizona to meet my sister. I suddenly realized what kind of money his family had, to fly one person across the country to meet his sister. I tried to get comfortable, but there was too much unknown about all of this. If she was marrying their son, how do I figure into all of this? My over worked mind finally gave in, a troubled sleep followed the next three hours.

I heard some dinging coming from the cockpit as the jet started to drop altitude. I looked out to the side, and saw a private airstrip on the horizon. We continued dropping altitude until I felt the wheels touch down on the airstrip. The plane taxied to a hangar at the end of the airstrip, and then slowly pulled in. Both ends of the hanger were open, the jet stopping in the middle. The pilot shut everything down, then opened the cabin door. I was escorted out and over to a waiting car. She took my suitcase and placed it in the trunk and held my door for me. She drove the fairly new Volvo down a paved road up into the nearby foothills. Then, over a ridge and dropping down into a beautiful valley.

In the middle of the valley was a huge Spanish Hacienda. From a distance, it looked to have three floors, the grounds all surrounded by adobe walls. Inside the walls were huge palm trees that looked like they were covered in dates. As I got closer, they were date palms. The adobe wall fenced, different courtyards, and grassy areas as it surrounded the house. It was a green oasis in the middle of cactus and desert. She drove through a few of the walls, stopping right in front of the house. Sis and Jason came out of the house, sis making a beeline right for me. I got hugged kissed and hugged some more, then Jason approached, shook my hand then hugged me too. The pilot/chauffeur grabbed my suitcase and carried it inside. I was taken right to the dining room, apparently it was approaching dinner time, the table was set and ladies were bringing out bowls of food.

I was introduced to his parents, getting hugs from both of them. The hugs were surprising, but I didn’t think much about it at the time. The Mexican food served was out of this world though. There was enchiladas, tamales, tacos, burritos, and chile rellenos. It was explained that it is not true Mexican food, most of the dishes have been Americanized over the years, losing their true Mexican authenticity. All I could attest to was how good they tasted.

After dinner, Jason and his father went off to talk about their planned hunting trip tomorrow. I was left with Sis and Jason’s Mom, we talked about a lot of things that night, mainly what I might do since I had just finished my BA in business management. About half way through the night, his mom asked me to call her Barb, her actual name Barbara Ann Whitlow. A bottle of wine was opened, and over the next few hours we finished it off. During the conversation, I sensed Barb had an agenda to pursue. Nothing blatant, just something she wanted to bring up. Sis also was somewhat subdued, not her usually bubbly self.

After we put down the last empty wine glass I asked, “What would you like to discuss with me? I know you want to bring something up, but so far you have side stepped doing it. Now is the time to do it. I know it is something directly related to me, since the guys have pretty much vanished and you two are here with a lone male, not exactly a normal conversational three some.”

Barb smiled. “Okay, you have sussed us out. Hold your comments and questions till later, then, I will address your questions and concerns. I am quite sure you will have some considerable concerns.”

“My husband and I have considerable wealth, which will be passed to Jason soon. He has his own funds right now, but not even close to our holdings. With money comes some bad things that must be learned to be dealt with. One of these is no privacy. Somebody is always prying into our life for their financial gain. Some scandalous gossip, a compromising picture, anything that will get them money and attention. Along with the help here at the house, we have ten security guards that go with us to insure our safety and privacy. Of course, not all make every trip, some stay here monitoring what is showing up on media and then counteract the story or picture. A lot of what shows up is fake, if they can’t find something we actually did, they make up a story or picture.”

“Now that your sister Spirit is joining us, the problems multiply. Her life and your families up to now, will be scrutinized to the nth degree, looking for anything to taint the relationship. If you failed to attend a cub scout meeting when you were eleven, it was probably because you were snorting cocaine in some dark alley. We didn’t learn until recently a way to combat some of this.”

“Essentially, we are going to wipe you off the face of the earth, no record of your birth, schooling, achievements, absolutely nothing. When the hordes go to look you up, they will find nothing, not a single thing to manipulate. I see the look on your face, please listen to the rest first. Both you and your sister will be called Spirit, no last name, no social security number nothing for them to pursue. Unless your sister wants nothing to do with Jason, both of you will never ever hurt for money. Since Jason and she have been together for five years, we think that a breakup will be highly unlikely.”

“Now, to your part in all of this, the two of you are almost identical, even though you are a year apart in age. If there were two Spirits all the time, it would confuse and disorient the trolls and trash columnists. If Jason and your sis wanted a little private time out in the public area, you at a party or restaurant, would supply the cover needed in most cases. Vice versa, if you wanted to go out.

Here on the ranch, we are protected, there are drones, patrols on horseback and live cams on trails and roads. When you were driven from the hanger to the house, we knew ahead of your arrival and what you were wearing in the car.”

“In exchange for this new way of life, you will be provided a monthly stipend for clothing, electronics, anything you might need on a monthly basis. Once you are transformed, we will deposit, in a separate account for you, this sum of money I have written on this agreement. That is yours no matter what happens later in life. Spirit is already enjoying this arrangement, whether she marries Jason or not. We will pay for your transformation, clothing anything related to the situation.

Both of you will be schooled in some self-defense classes, in case you find yourself separated from your security at any time. This has not happened in the past, but we want you well prepared in case it does. I envision two female security with each of you at all times, they are armed, and will kill if necessary. This is due to the chance that one or both of you could be kidnapped and held for ransom. The security people are ex-military and highly trained in hand to hand and marksmanship. Kidnapping not a likely scenario, but still a cause for concern. There are people that would do it in a heartbeat if encouraged, the lure of a hefty ransom enough to make people do a lot of things.

“Being married to Jason makes both of you high profile, the original Spirit, more than you. Now please ask any questions you might have now, otherwise let’s hold any other discussions until tomorrow, when you have had time to think about it and discuss it with your sister. I have briefed her on all of this so she can answer any questions you might have. Jason’s Dad knows nothing about this plan, and will probably be kept out of the loop. Of course, Jason and I have discussed this together, and with Spirit. So any pressing questions now, or do we wait until tomorrow to resume our discussions?”

My head was spinning and replied, “Definitely tomorrow, this is a lot to take in. Let me have a few hours to digest this, and I will probably have a few questions in the morning.”

Sis and I made it to my room, the first time I had actually seen it. I set on the love seat, put my head in my hands and shed a few tears. Boy, talk about getting into a situation, I have apparently done so! I was hugged hard by Spirit, she knew this was upsetting me to the max. We did, eventually, get around to discussing this hare brained idea. It turns out the original idea was Spirit’s. Jason’s Mother, seeing some advantage to it, and adopted the idea fully while doing some enhancement to the basic plan. .

Sis and I shared some secrets that no one else was aware of. This was her way to let me live a few of them, upfront and above board. The fact that we dressed as each other, often while kids, might have played into this some. Like most kids, with no close by kids our own age, we played together, eventually dressing as each other when especially bored. Sis always wanted to be the Mom, and since she wanted to have a baby, I was elected to that position. Well, boy babies were out, so for years, I spent a lot of my time dressed as a girl, in Sis’s older clothes. I learned to like the clothes, when we finally stopped, in the last years of grade school, I was thoroughly hooked.

During high school, we did it every once in a while, but as she gained more friends, the time for us to play became less and less. As she migrated to college, the play times vanished. I managed to cope with it, but it was hard. When you enjoy something that means a lot to you, then find it withdrawn completely, it hurts. Even though there was no time to do what we used to do, she did talk to me a lot about it, trying to help me cope somehow. This was her way to give me something I had sorely missed. I could see the benefits for the family, and for both of us, it wasn’t like this was being done for only my benefit.

She wanted me involved in something besides a job, knowing how easily I got depressed worried her, but having me close, she could keep an eye on me. Jason had been told all of this, he saw some of her concerns, wanting me to share in their happiness a little. There was way too much money in his family to ever be utilized, so a diversion, another Spirit around the house, seemed all well and good. After our talk, I decided to try it, but wanted a one week trial before we went full tilt.

The next morning, that was conveyed to Barb, her agreement maybe a little too quick. Never the less, a stylist would be here in two hours to make the conversion, the family’s chauffeur had been dispatched to retrieve her and the supplies necessary. We talked some more as we waited, the self-defense classes would start tomorrow, and some trips out, to put me at ease about being dressed as Spirit. A couple trips to the mall, then a night at a local night club. I said local, yet it was a little over a hundred miles away. I found out that Ginger, my pilot and chauffeur would be my constant companion, unless she was sick or incapacitated.

We heard a car pull up, and Sis led me down a hall and into a miniature beauty salon, right here in their house. Tessie greeted me, looked me over and then smiled. Meanwhile, Ginger was bringing in the cases with the necessary supplies. Sis and Barb were dispatched, Tessie was quite confident in her actions and demeanor. That fact struck home as she removed my clothes, not waiting for me to take them off. She started on my shirt, undoing the buttons, as I reached to take over that task, she unbuckled my pants letting them drop to the floor. I moved my hands down to stop my pants from being removed, sliding my shirt back on, trapping my arms in the sleeves. I finally gave up, standing there as she relieved me of my boxers and shirt. I was helped up on a table, as my socks and shoes were also done away with.

After scrutinizing my body, she then applied a cream to my body, my back first. I laid there trying to keep calm, but so far not having too much luck. I did realize that I had no control over this, but I had given my consent for a one week trial, so they needed to make me into a duplicate of Spirit quickly. I really doubted it could be accomplished. We did look alike, but to be alike enough to be viewed as her twin, maybe a far fetched dream? Time will tell.

Tessie spent four hours working on me, I was kept away from any mirror as she performed each task. I thought it was because they did not want me to see that their idea was failing. The smiles on Tessie’s face seemed to imply something else. Finally I was allowed to see my image, although I was still naked. My mouth dropped open, staying that way as I scanned my new image from head to toe. All I saw was the image of Spirit, a totally feminine image of her.

I had breasts, a slit between my legs and my hair was the same color as hers in an identical hairdo. My ears were pierced, and my eyebrows were thinned to look exactly like hers. Ten minutes later I was still staring at my image in the mirror. I tried to remember what Tessie had done to me, but all I remembered was her helping getting my clothes off and the cream she spread over my body to get rid of my body hair, the rest is a blur, I must have conveniently zoned out, thinking of them not being able to duplicate Spirit’s looks. I am proof positive of their ability to do so and convincingly so.

Tessie helped into some clothes that Ginger had sent in a bag when I was helped to the salon. I would like to say they were just clothes, but every article put on my body sent shivers of joy to my poor overworked mind. As I signed for the services I noticed my fingernails, longer than before and coated in a salmon polish. How I missed them earlier is anybody’s guess. I had to walk around a little getting used to the heels, but after a few minutes I was able to walk in them without falling on my face. I was far from dainty and feminine, but able to get around. Ginger showed up, a huge smile on her face. I was hugged and greeted as Spirit.

Back in the regular portion of the house I was greeted by everybody but the father, hugs and kisses shared in abundance. Then up to our room for a closer inspection. Barbara wanted us both naked to make sure that the image was identical. I was embarrassed at being naked in front of them Spirit giggling away at my red face and nervousness. I apparently passed inspection then Barbara wanted to do another test.

We both dressed in identical outfits, then Barbara called Jason in telling him to pick the real Spirit. He walked around us, eyed us up from head to toe then apparently still undecided he kissed both us square on the lips. I was taken aback but managed to not say anything, although I did use my tongue to run over my lips to savor the feeling.

He went over next to his Mom and pointed to me, both Barbara and real Spirit breaking out in laughter. His face turned red and he apologized profusely for not being able to tell the difference. I had a smirk on my face, the kiss was nice and I apparently passed the test with flying colors. I had a feeling that I would never forget that kiss. I knew I still a lot to learn, my movements and actions far from being feminine.

The real Spirit led Jason away by his ear, promising to make sure he will be able to tell the difference in the future. Barbara hugged me, asked me if I was alright with the plan, then told me that the money would be deposited in my account in the morning after I signed the proper paperwork. Both Spirit and I would have separate bank accounts, plus the proper ID to go with it. Money does have its advantages.

My room will be next to Jason’s and Spirits, but off limits to her husband and to any but my own security. Daddy had his own interests, seldom at the house except for dinner or nighttime. Their room was at the other end of the house, and not reachable except through the main living quarters. Spirit or I would be around but not both of us. If most everyone was out of the house I had free rein, my security keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts.

Tomorrow I would be out shopping, at the mall, eating out and generally getting used to being out and about. I had some doubts, but was looking forward to see if the disguise would fool others.

One of the first things to be accomplished was both Sis and I had implanted chips added to our body. They were trackable and would allow security to tell the difference between us when necessary. Once that was accomplished Ginger and I headed off for a day of shopping and testing the waters. Sis was going to make sure that Jason could tell who he was kissing, a hard job, but one she would enjoy performing today. Over the day’s activities, I went undetected meeting several of sis’s new friends and able to handle a conversation with them easily. Ginger and I also became friends, finding out we shared a lot of interests, not all of them platonic. Maybe this will not be too bad, Sis will have Jason and I might end up with Ginger. That thought although hopeful was also reassuring. I definitely could spend the rest of my life with Ginger.

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© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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