Lacey; A Petticoat Punishment

I was in my last year of high school, a creative arts school that specialized in developing any one of the arts that we might have some aptitude in. I did have some talent, my voice was palatable and I could read music and play the guitar some.

I ended up in the school when my Dad left us, after having an affair with his secretary. Unfortunately for him that affair broke up just a month later when his secretary caught him with someone else. Mom had her business to keep us afloat, but now she had to spend more time with it, to make up for the lost income from Dad’s wages. One of Mom’s closest friends ran a private school on the other side of town. They met often for lunch, to discuss things that were happening in their lives and their hopes for the future. I know Mom confided in her when Dad left, since she had no idea what to do regarding a divorce or what to do with me.

Meanwhile I was being the nasty teenager, getting into a lot of trouble, lashing out at anyone I could reach. Maybe it had to do with Dad leaving us, I am not sure, but everything I did seemed to cause some type of problem. I guess the final straw was when the principal of the high school I was enrolled in called Mom in for a meeting about my possible expulsion from school. When Mom was shown into his office I knew that things would not turn out like I had wished for. Two words from me and I was told bluntly to shut the heck up until I am asked a question. I had not heard that level of anger from my Mother in a long time, suddenly being quiet and docile seemed the best approach.

The principal outlined the charges and the three notes he had sent home with me. When he showed them to Mom and she saw her signature on them I knew I was a goner. It seemed so easy to copy her signature and return the notes to school, never expecting for her to see them later. Mom asked to talk to the principal in private and I was sent to the outer office. I sat out there for over an hour, nervous and almost to throw up. I knew I would get expelled, the charges along with me forging my Mom’s signature more than enough to accomplish the task.

What had me worried was what she was going to do about my schooling. I knew by state law I had to graduate high school one way or the other and that meant at least one more semester of schooling provided I had managed to pass this semester. I think I managed passing grades but was not sure at all. I did not get called back in to the office, Mom exiting the office and telling me to follow her. It was not given as a request but as something I needed to do to stay alive. Not a word was said as she drove across town to another school. This one looked fancier, the few students that I could see from the car quite attractive and dressed a lot better than in my old school.

I was extracted from the car and led into their offices. Another wait for me in the outer office as Mom spoke to the principal here. I was called in later, introduced to her and told to sign a bunch of forms pushed over to me. I hesitated on the first one, but the look I was receiving from Mom stopped that immediately. I signed the rest quickly and Mom was given copies of each document. Just as quickly I was back in the car and headed somewhere else. We pulled up in front of a salon and I was dragged inside, Mom’s hand on my wrist making sure I was headed in the right direction. I had not had time to figure out why the salon, but from the tightness of her grip I knew she meant business. In a private room and soon naked, Mom and the other lady helping me undress whether I wanted to or not. My clothes were removed from the room and Mom sat me down in a chair right in the middle of the room.

“Well Mark you have managed to burn all of your bridges this time. You have one choice left to you and I suggest you listen carefully as I inform you of it. You have been expelled from you old high school, your failure to receive passing grades for this semester just adding to the list of problems you got yourself into. Then there is your forging of my signature on those three notes, Add in fifteen infractions of the school rules and two verbal assaults on teachers and that pretty much closed that avenue forever.”

“If I don’t do something to reign you in and soon, I am sure the state will take you from me and place you in foster care. If they can’t find someone in foster care to take you you will be placed in juvie until you turn nineteen. This is a last resort attempt to straighten you out some, it is easily an overkill but your behavior has warranted it.”

“The school we just visited is a boarding school, you will live there and take classes there. They do try and develop any talents you might have, maybe something you might enjoy. The part you will not enjoy is this is a girl’s school, so presenting as a female is why we are here at the salon. Back when I was growing up this type of punishment was called petticoat punishment. I can attest to its effectiveness and there is no alternative left for you. I suggest that you go along with this, you don’t have to like it, but you do have to put up with it. If you try and benefit from it I will see that you are rewarded after you graduate. If you don’t give it a chance I will sign you over to the state. I love you but I will not tolerate this kind of behavior from you. If I leave my business to see to your behavior we will have nothing to support us.”

“I would rather have a live son who dresses as a female that a dead son in a morgue. One of the guys you were involved with at school tried to rob a convenience store yesterday and was shot as he tried to shoot it out with the police. Mark he died in the parking lot, before any help could get to him. Maybe Shane’s death might make you think twice about this.”

“Now please cooperate with the ladies here, nothing they are going to do to you is permanent, but it will make you look like a natural born female. I will be back later to pick you up and take you to dinner, I hope you will be receptive and maybe we can start over again, a new relationship filled with a future. Please think about this hard, and open your mind to the possibilities instead of traveling down the path you were on.”

I got a huge hug from her, and I felt her tears as our cheeks touched. Then she left me to my fate. I sat there for a little while, not sure why I was left alone but thankful for the time to try and get my thoughts together. Over and over my mind went over what she told me, I guess the shock of Shane’s death bothered me the most. I remember Shane asking me to go with him yesterday, I guess I am lucky I turned him down or I might be there lying alongside him.

Then I thought about being sent to Juvie, all of the students that had been exposed to it said it was the worst thing they ever experienced. I had no doubt that state might intervene in taking me from Mom, they had done so to a couple of other kids, they never got back to school and nobody ever heard about where they were or what they were doing.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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