Jayne; Suggestion Of A Female

You have to understand how difficult it is for a young man to survive with three sisters and a Mom. Dad is in the service, currently serving somewhere in the Middle East. His unit is responsible for keeping the status quo in countries that are experiencing strife or upheaval. We never know exactly where he is, until he returns to the states, southern Georgia to be specific. They do the required minimum, whether it is taking out a rebel leader or stopping bloodshed in the name of a revolution. All of this done in the dark of night with no trail back to them. Half of the time they are not even in uniform, blending in with the locals.

Back to my problem, having to live in an estrogen world. My sisters are older than me, obviously I am the runt of the litter, two to four years younger than my sisters, depending on what sister you are talking about. I am smaller than them, somehow I missed the genes that all the rest of my family possess since I am barely above the five and a half foot mark. Everyone else ranges from five foot ten to six foot two, my dad being the tallest one of the group. If that was my only fault I could survive, but along with the lack of height came a thin frame, nothing on my body that even resembles fat. Straight up and down, nothing sticking out the front or back to make me look less like a pole.

I have tried to eat my way to a larger figure, something more resembling a male. I exercise constantly but every attempt to develop a muscle dies a miserable death. My Mom says it is my metabolism, but surely I could put on a pound or two somewhere. At least one muscle would make me feel better, it is pitiful when my sisters can lift more weight that I can.

I guess due to my small stature I have over compensated on things to try and prove that I am a significant member of the male sex. Unfortunately, that has backfired on me, a lot of my friends at school have abandoned me and my sisters have turned hostile towards me. I can’t blame them, I surprise myself with some of the rhetoric I have used to prove myself a masculine male.

The trouble that threatened to consume me started a few weeks ago. I was spouting my usual crap, particularly resentful that my sisters had gotten new wardrobes for school, while my Mom had told me that it would be necessary for me to wait until Christmas for my new wardrobe. Most of my clothes were like new, I really didn’t need new ones, but seeing my sisters get all new outfits really rubbed me the wrong way.

I bitched and complained to anybody that would listen, and some that wouldn’t. It wasn’t fair, the females always got what they wanted and I had to suffer with last year’s stuff. I made remarks about how easy life was for a female, they never had to do anything while receiving new clothes, makeup, and things for their room. While I had to put up with things from last year or nothing at all. Then add in that I had to take out the garbage, mow the lawn, and sweep the sidewalks, life for a male totally unfair.

I didn’t stop my protesting, every chance I got I laid it on thick. Mom chose to ignore me most of the time, but my sisters were another story. I could see that I was bothering them big time, they tried to stay away from me, but I hunted them down going into my rant as soon as I had one of then cornered for a while. I had no idea of what I was trying to accomplish, just upset that they were having it so easy, while I was suffering.

Then out of the blue, things got better for me. Mom told me that regular chores could be set aside for a while, and in a few days she would take me shopping for new clothes. I had won, now I would get my fair share of things. Instead of just accepting that things will change, I rubbed it in even more. I started making up a list of things I wanted, new games, some posters for my room, a MP3 player, hundred dollar athletic shoes, name brand jeans, the list went on and on. Mom and my sisters got quiet, not much was said to me, they still talked to me, just not full conversations.

Then on Monday I was in the kitchen when all my sisters and Mother came in. They surrounded me at the kitchen table with their hands on my shoulders. I looked up wondering what was going on. That apparently was the signal for them to act. Quickly I was held in place and a sweet smelling rag was put over my nose and mouth. Lights out after that, I have no recollection from then on.

When I awoke next I was in a salon, lots of people and noise with me laying on a table in a separate room. My feet and arms were secured to the sides of the table. An attractive female came into the room, she came up to the table looking down at me, then started talking to me in a slow methodical manner. Her voice was mesmerizing, I felt myself strain to hear every word she said. Then nothing, I was apparently still awake, but no words came out of my mouth, I watched as the ladies that followed her in came to start working on me.

I wanted to ask what they were going to do, but the only thing I could do was watch. I tried to talk, to moan, to cough, anything to make myself heard. Absolutely nothing came out, I was watching myself being worked on, but could do nothing about it. I squirmed some, but the way that I was restrained made movement very difficult. There was lots of things being done to me, but I had no idea what they were. Finally my mind gave up, a troubled sleep easing itself over my body. Maybe it wasn’t sleep, but my mind just turned off, I heard nothing and even if my eyes were open I saw nothing. I seemed to be in a trance, or just a state of oblivion.

I woke up refreshed, sitting in a barber type chair, unable to move my hands and feet. I looked down at my body and almost peed myself. I was dressed as a female, with breasts, two very significant sized appendages jutting from my chest. As I was sitting there they were gently going up and down in sync with my breathing. I quickly looked around for someone to ask what happened. Surely this is some kind of mistake, I am a male and not the female that I see in the image in the mirror in front of me.

That image was definitely female, the red puffed up lips, the thin arched eyebrows, the long lush eyelashes, and the chandelier earrings hanging from each ear lobe. Inside I was scared and angry, how could they do this to me. Unfortunately, no outward signs of that were appearing. I just sat there my hands in my lap and my back straight with my legs crossed at the knees. The lady from before appeared and sat down next to me. “Hi, my name is Anna and you and I need to talk. Because of your behavior you were subjected to a lot of suggestive thoughts. These your body digested and they are a part of you now.”

“Your memories of a male are buried deep within you, you will be aware of them, but can’t act on them. For a considerable length of time you are now female and will live as one. That includes school and at home. The only name you will answer to is Jayne, not far from your real name Jay. How long you will stay like this is up to you. You put up such a fit, that all involved decided to let you experience what you were complaining about. The females do nothing and get great rewards, now you will get the same. Along with the great rewards come the tasks a female is expected to do. Because you only saw what you wanted to, all of these tasks were never acknowledged by you.”

If you act the part and try to blend in your sentence as a female could be short. If you fight it and continue to complain your sentence will end on you eighteenth birthday. This is no joke, nor was it meant to be one. Everything that you see in your image is real, as real as modern science can make it.”

“You can still complain, but you cannot make any mention of your previous boyhood. I have ingrained a few behaviors to make your new life easier, but those too will disappear if you continue on this road. Like I said it is all up to you. Your mother and sisters are waiting for you up front, let’s see what happens. Take advantage of the gift that you have received.”

I walked up front, ready to lambaste them with what they did to me. I was angry, how dare they punish me this way, I was just trying to get equal treatment for me, not trying to change into a female. As I approached, they stepped forward hugging me tenderly, each saying how good I looked. I wanted to start my tirade, but nothing came out, in fact the compliments made me feel proud. I was escorted to the car for the ride home, amazed at how I entered the car sweeping my skirt under me as I swung my legs in together to stay modest. With my hands in my lap, I watched the landscape as it went past the car window. Inside I was torn, a quick look at my clothed body left no doubt as to my gender but deep inside I was still a male.

I remembered the reference to my eighteenth birthday, a little over two and a half years from now. Maybe I needed to accept what has been done to me, rather than fight things. From the few changes I can see, nothing is as simple as ungluing it from my body. Somehow the changes have altered my body to look like a genetic female. Looking down my breasts were the most obvious case. As I breathed the up and down motion made me realize that for all practical purposes they are real, and very attached to me. I thought of my male organ, it did seem kind of empty where he used to reside, the flat look of my skirt just confirming that fact.

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© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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