Chambray; Only For A Day Or Two

I was really getting desperate. So desperate that I signed up to work for a temp agency. The problem there was I had very few skills, even less than the agency had calls for. I was lucky I had a home to live in, inherited from my parents when they were killed in a car accident. It was far from being a treasure, more like a fancy shed with a bathroom and a kitchen. Dad was the only one with a job, although Mom took in laundry to help make ends meet. The best he could do was a janitor in a large factory, no skills to speak of and getting up in years. I was a late addition to the family, Mom being in her late thirties when she had me. Most likely I was an oops baby.

I had already tried to get a loan against the house so that I had something to live off, but the loan officer laughed his head off when he looked up the property. With my tail between my legs I withdrew from the bank, life is just so unfair. I had been trying to get any type of employment for over fifteen months. I managed to get a few odd jobs, but nothing that lasted for more than a few days. I had exhausted the little money my parents had left me, now about at the end of my rope. I needed to pay the taxes on the house, crappy as it was, it was dry and a place for me to sleep. I had a month left before the taxes would be delinquent, then another month before they would sell the property for back taxes.

I existed on peanut butter, it was nutritious and fairly cheap. When I say exist I mean just that, peanut butter for all three meals, seven days a week. I managed a few crackers every once in a while when I found an odd job to make a few bucks. This was done mainly mowing the next door neighbor’s lawn with their mower. I received a whopping six dollars for the effort. I tried once to charge more, but was told that they would do without the service then.

A week ago I had heard about a temp agency that specialized to finding workers for temporary jobs. I promptly took the bus to the other side of town and signed up. Now a days, public transportation was my only means of getting where I needed. Unfortunately I had so few skills that there was very few jobs that I was qualified for. I made the return trip home in a very depressed mood arriving shortly after dark. I sincerely hoped the phone company would not stop service in the next two weeks, my current bill past due by a week. That was the only way for the agency to notify me of any job possibilities.

Imagine my surprise when two days later I got a call from the agency. A Ms. Stockton had a possibility for me. A company had use for a model for a show they were putting on. The main problem was the size of the model, a certain height and weight restriction was necessary. I seemed to fit those requirements. She had called the company and informed them of my availability. They asked for a picture of me, Ms. Stockton forwarded a copy of my photo from her personnel file. I was apparently adequate for the job, a three day stint at a trade show, modeling clothes for the company. It is in a neighboring town, they will furnish transportation and lodging at a hotel for five days. One day for the setup, the three days of the show and one day for the knockdown of the displays. There were a few extras available if I was interested, those to be discussed when I met them. They would furnish all my clothes, and any services necessary for me so that I could perform what they desired.

It sounded almost too good to be true, but beggars can’t be choosy. Believe me I was almost to the begging part. A limo would pick me up tomorrow afternoon, and take me to the hotel, where I would be informed of my duties and what was needed of me. I was to wear sweats of some kind, nothing fancy and be ready outside of my house at four P.M. promptly. Nothing else was needed of me and I was to bring nothing else. Since the temp agency handled my wages, it was not necessary to bring any ID or driver’s license. Just my body.

Seemed easy enough, I took a bath that night making sure my hair was clean and shiny. I found some old gym clothes, in fact I had not worn them since high school. They were a little tight on me, but looked alright otherwise. Mom had washed them and put them away, so they were as close as to what they wanted as I could provide. I was excited at being able to make some money, but being a model scared me some. That is something I had never done in any way, shape or form. I could see me getting there taking one look at me then sending me home empty handed. They have seen my photo, but still me a model how ridiculous. Never the less it was a possibility, way more than I had received in the last few months. From what I was told I would receive enough to handle most of my problems, even enough for a couple of months sans the peanut butter.

I dressed in the gym clothes, suddenly deciding that they were pretty shitty, but a beep from the limo meant there was no time to change into something else. The ride there was in silence, I watched the scenery pass by, never been out of my local neighborhood. When we pulled up to the hotel, I knew I was definitely out of my league here. I got several looks as the limo driver opened my door, but was soon led away by the driver to meet my employers. I sure hope they will not change their minds. We met in a conference room, suitcases and trunks everywhere, clothes strung all over the place. There was a small table with three chairs around it. That is where I was led to, the driver pulling out my chair for me. He promptly left to do other things leaving me alone and scared to death.

The two females appraised me, then asked me to undress. I quickly stood with a look of panic on my face, the younger of the two came up to me, hugged me, then told me it will all be okay. For the next few days you just need to do as you are told, it will soon be over with and then you can return to your present life. I was squeezed again, making her point, then she helped me undo the strings holding my pants. I removed the top part of the exercise suit, then turned away from her to slide down my boy shorts. She gently grabbed hold of my shoulder turning me so I faced her, smiling as she did so. Now just stand there as we dress you in some of these clothes to see how good the fit is.

I quickly looked around for the first time noticing that all the clothes were for a female. Oh shit, what have I got myself in to? The panties sliding up my legs took my breath away, I didn’t even realize she was helping me get them on. She helped me to tuck, my male appendage now disappearing back between my legs. It might have hurt to have it tucked away, but I was in such a state of stock that nothing was registering.

The bra was next, my arms slipping inside the held out straps. It was fastened behind me, the tightness around my chest kind of weird but reassuring in a way. Then all matter of dresses, skirts and blouses made their way on to my body, the smile from the girls getting bigger and bigger. About two hours later Debbie, the one that had hugged me initially, told me I would be perfect. Now we need to correct a few deficiencies, then start setting up the display floor. I was given a robe to slip on, the panties and bra the only thing underneath at the moment. Before I could apply my brakes I was out of the room and down the hall on my way to no telling where.

We walked right out of the hotel and across the street, my head swiveling right and left to see who was laughing at me. I did see a female similarly dressed heading in the same direction as myself. I looked to our obvious destination, a large impressive beauty salon straight ahead. I again applied the brakes, but it was too late, another female exiting the salon was holding the door for me and Debbie. Safely ensconced in the salon, I was led right back to a private room, the robe slipped off my shoulders and helped up onto a table. I was laid back a technician named Bethany was applying a cream to my legs, then she moved to my stomach and chest. As she progressed along my panties were removed, a strip in the crotch coming undone so they could be removed without bothering the cream on my legs. The bra was next, unfastened from behind then slid down my arms and laid on the side.

I was lost, my mind not functioning at all, none of this is what I thought of doing, now soon to be hairless and in a beauty salon. Of all places for a male to be in and be comfortable this was not one of them. I finally gave up, too much happening to keep track of. All of the things so foreign to me, I am not even sure what some of the treatments were for. I lapsed back to when I was a child, counted some sheep and was soon oblivious to the world.

It wasn’t a sound sleep, just my mind blanking out, not bothering to register what is going on around me.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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