Brighton; Living In A FLR

I was very fearful of all the laws and rules regarding FLR that have been passed recently. Once the makeup of congress passed fifty-one percent female there was lots of talk about FLR and then a few months later bills started being presented establishing rules and guidelines for these special relationships. At first most males disregarded the talk, and then the legislation that came next. Unfortunately, it was not all talk, a lot of the rules and laws passed establishing strict behavior for the male involved in such a relationship.

Marriage was now almost a requirement in any relationship between a man and a woman. In these new marriages and in all previous marriages the female was designated the head of the household. She made all of the major decisions regarding housing, employment and the type of relationship she wanted with her spouse. A lot of males tried to rebel at being told what to do and when, the female in the relationship simply had them fired from their job. Not working any more, and not being able to get a job made them buckle under quickly. There was no longer a choice in these matters.

A few filed for a divorce hoping that being separated from their controlling spouse might allow them to return to a somewhat normal life. Instead they found themselves unable to get a divorce, if the female spouse didn’t want a divorce they were stuck. The only way out was if they could prove they had been physically abused, the judge would then grant the divorce, but it did not change the job prospects. The male would then have to enter into another relationship, where the female would then possibly permit him to work outside the home.

At first there were countless appeals about these new rules and regulations but the court also had recently become totally female and the cases were thrown out, ever last one of them.

Lara and I had been married for three years now, the marriage occurring before any of this FLR business started appearing. It was based on love, even if she had to make most of the advances toward me. I thought she was too good for me, her job in upper level management with her making almost eighty thousand dollars a year placed her several steps above me. I had found a job in retail, a store selling things for the home. No furniture, but draperies, bedspreads and some items to decorate the home with. I made a comfortable living managing to pay the expenses for our automobiles and the utilities for our home. Lara’s money paid the house expenses, clothing and food. She invested some of it in some stocks from time to time, her investments doing quite well for her. We had one checking account where both of our paychecks were deposited, but she wrote the checks when needed, There was also a savings account in her name only. I had no problem with that since any money in that account would have come from her salary in the first place.

I worried that eventually she might decide that I what I was doing would be counter productive to her wishes, thus eliminating any employment out in the work force for me. I never brought it up in conversation not wanting her to start thinking about it. The first clue of things changing was when the bank notified me that I am no longer listed on any of our accounts. Then a few weeks later my paychecks were made out to Lara instead of me, since she is the head of the household. Finally the DMV notified me that my name had been taken off both of our car titles, and that on my next drivers license renewal Lara would have to sign for me to be able to drive a car.
The downhill spiral had started. In the next few weeks the business I worked for changed what they were selling, now specializing in uniforms for domestic help. They had seen the writing on the wall, with more males leaving the workforce, they now were confined to the home, performing jobs that cooks and maids did in the past. Of course, the modern female required her stay at home help to be dressed appropriately so the need for proper uniforms. I had no training in this field so they told me I would be sent for a two week training course. Once Lara learned of this she informed them that I quit. I so wanted to protest her decision, but hadn’t the slightest idea how to approach the subject. So I worked one more day then made my way home. I had my final pay check still in its envelope with me. Lara hugged me, but then sent me to the kitchen to warm up the leftovers from last night. That done I set the table and waited for her arrival.

I just knew that my world as I knew it was gone, now probably having to work at home caring for the house and cooking our meals. That in itself would not be bad, but how I might be attired too perform those tasks did worry me. The females in such relationships seemed to want to put their former husbands back into the roles they escaped a few years ago.

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