Jamie; Face Of A Model

We were relatively new to the company, hired a little over a month ago, and have just finished with the indoctrination part of our training. We found out we are being assigned jobs in the marketing department, in fact, we will be working on the same team. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetics in the country. They sell under many different brand names, each line a little different in composition and marketed to a different group of customers. The packaging is different, targeted to the type of customer it is hopefully being sold to. Our parent company is based in Europe, France to be specific, and we are just one cog in their international organization.

Recently they had restructured their marketing efforts more along some work oriented groups from the Far East. Now each name brand is marketed by a group of three or four persons. Each has a leader, a person who supervises their efforts but does not actually make any decisions. Their job is to supervise the group and lead them in the right direction, making sure they do not make costly mistakes. They have a budget set for their promotional efforts and are left to themselves to develop and implement their marketing efforts. Each group’s members have a base salary, but most of their income is derived as a percentage of that brand’s sales. That is the incentive used to get them to do their best.

The idea is to stimulate different strategies to be developed and used. To develop these new marketing strategies, different ideas, and thinking out of the box is freely encouraged. In our training, our bosses noticed how well we worked together, and our constant interaction with each other. All three of us were a part of their intern program, hired for our educational achievements, and our enthusiasm. After the eight week training program the interns would be assigned different positions in the company to further their education.

Even though we were new, a chance is taken with us, and we are assigned a new line of cosmetics designed mainly for young females. Two other threesomes were also picked to do some marketing for the company, the corporation wanting fresh input from the age group we represent. Our new immediate supervisor, a thirty-something female named Georgia had invited us to her office for our assignment.

We found seats in front of her desk and waited for her to say something. She admonished us right then, telling us we had to be more aggressive if we expected to make something of ourselves. “Well Georgia, my name is James and this is Beth and Nancy, Nan for short. I told her we are excited to be offered this opportunity and asked what line we will be selling.”

Georgia smiled, that is much better. Beth picked up on my start and asked; “We are all excited to be given this chance can you give us our budget target and how will we obtain the funds to be used for it? I presume we will be selling makeup, is there a particular brand that we will be marketing?”

Nan is not to be left behind asking; “What range will the cosmetics be selling in and will we have control over what colors they manufacture?” Then we each looked at the others and burst out laughing, we had replied each individually but as part of the group dynamic.

Georgia giggled, “Okay that is much better. Here are the specifics of the line, your budget is three hundred thousand dollars and you do have control over the colors, with a four-week advance notice before shipping. The budget is housed in a special account, the first few withdrawals are to be approved by me, then after I see what you intend, I will allow a more liberal withdrawal of funds as you see fit. The cosmetics are mid-priced, lipsticks selling around eight dollars a tube retail, as an example.”

“The specifics allow you to vary the price within a range determined by the cost of production. The more exotic colors, driving the cost up. Wholesale orders or bulk orders can be priced competitively, depending on the volume and type of shipping required. I need a report back from you weekly with progress and the direction you are headed. I will allow any direction you want to take as long as you are showing some progress. You have a six week time period to get your plan together and start implementing it. After that, you need to show positive progress towards your goal each week.”

“Once sales start you will be allowed a percentage of sales as your bonus, the higher the sales, the more the percentage. You can aim at the retail stores, custom makeup artists, beauty salons, or individual females through internet sales. If the last option is your choice, we will provide an expert to set up your website and keep it up and running. All content is your responsibility in its entirety. Our shipping department can handle expediting orders when they come in whether wholesale or retail.”

“Now if there are no more questions, your office is room 1313 and good luck.” We all winced when we heard the room number, but let it drop.

We thanked her and left to find our office. It was up to the thirteenth floor and down the hall from the elevator. As we entered, we found a receptionist and four cubicles lined around the room. Cindy introduced herself; she showed us each our desks. The fourth cubicle is larger, a work room for us to utilize to try the cosmetics or develop sales strategies. The room included several vanities with appropriate mirrors and lighting. Shelves along the walls to house the cosmetics are waiting for product.

Cindy asked what we wanted in supplies, as our receptionist, she would obtain them for us. We each told her what we thought we would use, and she made a list. Before she left to get our supplies. I asked. “Can you get us color charts of the product and what colors we could special order.” She reached into her desk and handed us each a chart. I smiled and thanked her for her efficiency.

Beth, Nan and I went into the workroom each with a notepad, ready to get started. We found seats around a large table and started the process. Both Beth and Nan thanked me for speaking up and getting the ball rolling in Georgia’s office. I giggled again as I thought of how we responded, definitely a dynamic group type of reply, but so unlike most employees.

I think all three of us were surprised at our positions, for interns we certainly were lucky. All of us knew that it wasn’t our education or experience that got us this job, but clearly someone thought they saw something in us that warranted the trial. I know I pinched myself several times that afternoon, to make sure all of this was somehow not a dream.

Beth started things off, naming a few ideas that might have a chance to work. Nan and I added to the list, nothing really new, but how we implanted them might make a difference in how they work. We kicked around each idea and target for our sales filling up our notepads with possibilities. As we talked, we kept coming back to internet sales. Since all of us were strong in social media sites, we thought we could do a decent job promoting our line with social media help.

I kept mentioning that we needed something more to get a large initial introduction of the product to our target group. A month ago, I had booked a room in the next nearby town for a convention featuring products for the home. A companion convention in the same venue is a woman’s show drawing thousands. Both Beth and Nan thought the idea worth exploring so we made plans to attend the woman’s show together to check it out.

Cindy came back with our supplies and set up our desks, she had noticed the filled notepads and suggested as part of our report to Georgia that she type these up making the discussions we had part of the report. We agreed, and she finished the day typing up the discussions we had put together. We meanwhile looked over the color charts picking colors that would go with the girl’s complexions so we could try the makeup. Both girls insisted that I also order my colors. “You can’t promote and sell what you know nothing about.”

Reluctance is the key word here, ordering makeup for me, a male, not high on any priority list. The girls insisted, wanting me to be truly a full-fledged member of the group. Cindy is giggling a little, trying her best to control the teetering about to break to the surface. She did manage, although her face was contorted quite often during that exchange.

In the remaining few minutes, we tried to pick out a target group we wanted to focus on. We were aware that a lot of younger women below twenty years of age were not wearing as much makeup as young girls in the past, so we chose the twenty to thirty age group to focus on. Then picked characteristics of the line that would be necessary for our target female to make a purchase. Nan also mentioned that in larger urban cities there is a small group of males who do wear some makeup, namely goth and metrosexuals, enough maybe to keep that group in our plan, even though not a major player.

Since this is Thursday, we decided to eat dinner out tonight to talk some more, to plan what to do tomorrow, then where to meet for the convention visit on Saturday. We adjourned to our apartments, deciding to meet at a little restaurant located centrally to all of our residences. I changed clothing as soon as I got home and headed to the restaurant. Both Beth and Nan joined me shortly after that, and we shared an appetizer as we waited for our meals.

“Tomorrow I will check into upcoming shows or conventions for women, in case we liked the show on Saturday.” Beth and Nan were going to acquire samples of the makeup, try it out and see what we had to work with. Since most of our company’s products were quite good, we had no doubt about the quality of our line, but still wanted to check out its features.

All three of us talked about the huge opportunity we had been handed, true luck in more than one way. For three interns to be handed this chance, there is more than just some HR person’s input in the decision to put us together. We vowed to each other and ourselves to not let any opportunity slide by because we had doubts about doing something how minimal or embarrassing it might turn out to be. Who singled us out as having a possible future in marketing we will probably never know, even guessing who it might be had a very low chance of success. The consensus of opinion is that Lady Luck had been in our camp that day, all three of us very thankful for her faith in us.

As we ate, talk fell back to our backgrounds and our education. Beth has a Masters in Marketing, her education the most formal of us. Her parents live in Texas, retired and waiting for grandchildren. No brothers or sisters, she is an only child and according to her spoiled rotten.

Nan is a graduate of a European university, specializing in Psychology and Marketing. Most of her pre-university schooling has been in Europe courtesy of her Mother’s job as an Ambassador to one of the smaller European countries. She has one sister, an accountant in Southern California, doing pretty well for herself. Their father had died in an incident with terrorists several years ago in Europe.

Now we come to me, my schooling at a northeastern university, Sociology, and Marketing my majors. I did get my BA, but it took me a little over the four years to receive it due to my having to work some to finish school. Both of my parents had died in a hit and run accident, with no insurance and no way to find the driver at fault. I received nothing on their death, other than their house, mortgage included, eventually sold to pay off the debt.

That is the reason I had to work part of my last year to afford the tuition. No brothers or sisters either, an only child and quite frankly, really lonely now. Not even an aunt or uncle on either parent’s side. I am social somewhat, better on the phone, internet, or email than in person. My shyness and lack of confidence keeping any interaction with people stilted and scarce. My rising to the occasion earlier with Georgia surprised even me.

Beth and Nan are average in height for females, Beth blond and Nan a brunette. Both are quite attractive and know how to make the most out of their appearance. I am also blond, five-eight in height and skinny as a rail. When all of my clothes are wet, I maybe weighed one hundred thirty pounds. All of us had shoulder length hair, choosing to wear it in ponytails most of the time. The girls high up on their heads and mine nearer the collar of my shirt. My hair is almost a platinum blonde in color, never did much for me as a male, light blonde males just usually ignored unless they have large shoulders and look Nordic in appearance. I guess you could call me handsome, but definitely not macho. Never got into dating much in school, what few friendships I had were with females, just platonic, almost like a girl to girl friendship.

We finished our meals, then discussed the arrangements for Saturday. I had the larger car, so we decided to take my car over to the convention. I would call tomorrow and change my ticket and get tickets for Beth and Nan. A joint decision is made to start earlier to work, we wanted to excel in our project and wanted all the time possible to make it successful. An hour earlier in the morning, maybe an hour or two in the evening might make a big difference in our project. We hugged and headed home, confident we had some idea of where we might be heading.

I laid in bed that night, happy for the opportunity to show my skills. I liked both girls and felt we made a good team; I just hope we can find a manageable solution to the marketing plan and make it work. I felt it would not be from a lack of effort if we weren’t successful.

At work the next day we were all three busy at our desks when Cindy showed up. She smiled and asked what she could do to help. The girls were getting ready to go down to the warehouse and get the samples we needed; I was on the phone calling about future woman’s shows. I shared my list with Cindy and we both started calling. At lunch we had all managed to complete our initial tasks, so we huddled in the workroom and talked about our progress. I discussed the upcoming shows picking out the ones I thought would be worth the show fee.

Cindy had meanwhile gone online finding the ones with websites and brought them up for us to look at. After that, the girls did each other’s face discussing the various products, its good points, and its faults. When both of them were each done up in the new makeup, they turned to me. I backed up from the table, but they just giggled and had me come and sit opposite Beth. I gave in and relaxed, but the reluctance I showed made both girls giggle.

Beth started cleansing my face, twice using a wipe to get all the oil off my face. She started with the foundation, explaining each step and why it is important. From where I am sitting, I couldn’t see a mirror, so I watched Cindy’s and Beth’s face to see their reaction. Beth is busy applying the makeup, but Cindy is a different story. Her mouth is partially open and appears more so as Beth works on my face. As Beth finishes my lipstick, her mouth is wide open. Beth left my hair in a ponytail but moved it higher on my head fluffing up the bottom of the ponytail with her brush. Nan in the meantime has been writing notes and ideas down, but when all becomes quiet in the room, she looks up and stares at me.

She runs to her purse and takes out her phone and starts taking pictures. I guess it is a novelty to see a male wearing makeup, so that is why all the commotion. Of course, my luck as it is, in walks Georgia and stares at me with her mouth wide open. She sits down in one of the chairs along the edge of the room, still staring at me intently. She asks no one in particular if she can call one of their professional photographers in to snap a few pictures. I nod my head; you don’t tell your immediate supervisor of a few days that you don’t want your picture taken, which I didn’t.

I can’t see the importance of taking pictures. A male wearing makeup can’t be that noteworthy. I try to get up to move to a mirror, Beth taking my hand telling me to wait. After they get the pictures, I will show you what you look like. I try to ask what the big deal is about my appearance, Beth just patting my hand telling me she will soon explain.

The photographer came to the room, eager to do his part and return to his office. When he saw me, he stopped and used our phone to call his office, telling the person that answered he needed two more discs and a portable light. Soon the assistant arrived, and the pictures began. I was turned this way and that, the light switched around highlighting my face from different angles and the shutter on the camera almost sounding like a machine gun. As the first disk filled up, he continued with the second.

I sensed something is up, why were they so consumed with my image, and why so many pictures. Other than the sound of the camera or the photographer changing my pose the room is totally silent. I am freaking out inside, something like this had never happened to me, and I am lost as wild ideas are running through my mind. As he completed the third disk, he told us he would upload a few pictures to the computer so we could see the results. Give him thirty minutes and he would email the pictures to us.

Georgia wanted daily updates now on what we are going to do and how we are implementing the ideas. Her exact words to us. “You have discovered something that might be a tremendous windfall; I am anxious for your thoughts and ideas concerning this. Although you still have complete control on this, corporate Europe will be filled in with this discovery. Make good use of this find girls.”

The girl’s part did not escape my hearing. Now I am in a real panic, corporate knowing about this, the pictures, Georgia’s comments, what in the hell is going on. Beth comforts me giving me a big hug, not the first time she has done so, but definitely the most appreciated. Nan comes over sharing in the hug, both squeezing the life out of me. Then they release me and jump up and down in their excitement. Cindy is clearly excited too, both Nan and Beth pulling her into the celebration.

I am left there sitting in a chair with a totally lost look on my face. Lost, but apparently quite beautiful in my makeup. Several times I ran my tongue over the lipstick, the feeling I received when doing that strangely pleasant. Now if I just can get somebody to tell me what is so special about me in female makeup, inquiring minds want to know.

Beth sits next to me, explaining what has just happened. Since the girls are more aware of cosmetic ads, then I would be she tells me that the look created on my face is worth a fortune. “Every once in a while a model is discovered that has that special look that allows makeup and cosmetics to be shown to its best advantage. The face quickly becomes an icon in the industry, and highly sought after for ads. Your face made up is the epitome of that face and model.”

Both of them came and sat down beside me, one on each side. I was told to keep my eyes closed until they told me to open them. Then they flipped the mirror over so that our three faces were imaged in the mirror.

Now you can open your eyes. I looked stunned into the mirror; the perfect female face is right before me. I could see what they were talking about; we were each wearing the same makeup, only a few colors difference because of our naturalcoloring. The center face looked almost exotic, the makeup far more attractive on my face then theirs. Beth looked over at me; “Now imagine a professional doing your makeup and featuring your eyes and lips more. The ads will leap off the screen; the products will fly off the shelves.”

While Beth is explaining this to me, Nan is looking through a couple of magazines on the table for pictures of famous models. She scans them into the computer, and shortly we get the email from the photographer. She picks one of my pictures and inserts in a slide show and starts the show. As the pictures come up on the screen I see several models that I have seen in lots of cosmetic ads, then mine right after theirs. I shake my head: “this can’t be happening to me.”

The tears start, I am not usually this emotional, but how do you handle something like this without crying. The sayings my father used to goad me with popping into my head. Be a man, take it like a man, men don’t cry all had that familiar ring to them the number of times my dad had said them to me. I guess because I didn’t see a male in the mirror, I can cry since I doubted there is any male presence in the office now either real or imagined.

I finally accepted that I looked like a model, the makeup doing things to my face that made the male James withdraw and wither away. I sat at the workshop table my head in my hands and tried to make the world go away. Every time I looked up, the image of my feminine face reappeared, and I quickly closed my eyes hoping that the next time I opened them things would be different.

I could hear Beth and Nan talking ideas and possibilities, but all I heard were the words, not what they were saying. I was so lost in my predicament that nothing seemed to make any sense or reason. Beth finally shook me pretty hard trying to get me to focus. She is telling me that this is a group project and the major contributor to the group is absent. “Now how about we figure out a way to make the most of this, some extra cash in our pockets could fix a lot of things.”

We resumed discussions, at first, I am only listening but soon some thoughts came to my mind, and I managed to state them in relatively simple terms. From the reaction of everyone, I presumed the way to market our line of cosmetics is for me to wear them in ads and in personal appearances. Maybe a little social media help to make me popular where our target group might want to seek me out. Beth suggested the next step might be to get me to a salon to see if the rest of me could be modified to make it match the face. The female face with a male body might sell some makeup, but for most females, they want the look on a young woman. Unfortunately, that young woman is going to be me.

Nan knew just the place, a chain of salons specializing in changing males into females. Before I could protest, she is dialing the number and making an appointment for me the next morning. Cindy in her efficient manner had already obtained the number when the girls were talking earlier while I was off in dreamland. I guess the convention idea just got shelved until we explored this idea more thoroughly.

When the photographer had sent the email earlier, he had stated that my look was beyond anything he had photographed before. He wanted to do all the photos of me if we would allow it. At Georgia’s insistence, he had emailed a couple of the pictures to the corporate office in France. Great, now I will be seen in our corporate headquarters, not as a hard working bright male, but as a gorgeous blonde female.

I was beaten mentally, so I asked if we could call it quits today. Beth suggested that she take me home, before we leave the building she would stop and get something to take the makeup off and skin care products that I needed to start using right away. They both would meet me at the salon in the morning, and stay with me as I am converted to the female gender. I had no doubt that it could be accomplished since my build and demeanor were already half way there.

Beth made her way to our warehouse, coming out with a bag full of goodies. After the drive home she got me into my apartment and removed my makeup, showing me the right way to perform the task. Her way of instruction was to do it on her face, then have me duplicate it on mine. It felt good to have the makeup off, but it wasn’t long before I missed the feeling of it being there. Then a facial cleanser, followed by a moisturizer and I am pronounced done for the evening. She set a jar of cream on my nightstand to put on before I went to sleep, something to keep wrinkles and blemishes in check. Since she had driven me home she said she would pick me up at nine in the morning; my appointment is for nine-thirty. After the salon, she would take me back to the office so I could pick up my car.

She gave me a big hug and left. I felt suddenly alone, like something was not there any longer, but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I set the alarm and before I knew it I was asleep. No dreams thankfully, I can imagine what some of them might be like, so not having any is a good sign.

The alarm ringing got me moving, some orange juice a first priority then to the bathroom for a shower. As I indulged myself more than I should have in the warm water, I did manage to scrub myself clean. My face felt much softer than before, the creams already doing their job on my skin. I dressed in some casual clothes and was ready when Beth came by.

My mother was almost one hundred percent American Indian, so I never really had a beard. There were a few hairs here and there, but plucking them with tweezers usually stopped their growth. Very seldom did any of them regrow to plague me. I put my hair in a high ponytail, that alone changing my appearance quite a bit from the past. The image in the mirror already leaning toward the distaff side.

The ride to the salon is uneventful, Beth talking up a storm and me just nodding, with very little comment from me. In a way, I felt like some death row prisoner heading to the electric chair. No parole possible and the governor off playing golf somewhere. Beth had to push a little to get me to the door of the salon, but the greeting I received inside made it a little better. The female that greeted me is nice, very upbeat, and wanting to know what the salon could do for me.

Beth handled the answer to that, and soon I am being led to a back room. The intensity of the pink colors in the salon, the fragrance of flowers assaulting my nostrils, and the obvious femininity of all in the salon made me quite nervous. As I am led to the back of the salon, I had no doubt that James would not be leaving the salon today. The few faces I saw on the way to the back confirmed that fact. They all were very feminine, if any were males previously there would be no problem with me being transformed into one.

Once in the room the tech, her name is Mandy, wanted to know what specifically we wanted to be done. Beth showed her a picture from yesterday, wanting to know if they could change the rest of me to match the gender of the photo. Mandy studied the photo, then my face finally seeing the resemblance. She apologized for having doubts but seldom do you see such facial structures in a male. She asked Beth if she brought some of the makeup, Beth showed her my makeup, then asked if the change could be made. Mandy said there would be no problem; I just had to decide how long I wanted the changes to last for. I visibly deflated, the realization that the changes would last a while making it seem very undesirable for me.

It is one thing to be made up for the afternoon, but to live the life of a female not really what I had in mind. Mandy asked if she could do my makeup while I am thinking things through, to get a feel for it and to see if she could create the same face or better with the new makeup. I assented to her request, actually, anything delaying the inevitable decision is what I was hoping for.

As she had explained when I came in, there are several levels of change available here at Turnabout Gurl salon. They have realistic breast forms that can be glued on, then the next step is breasts created with vacuum, then the more permanent ones are obtained with shots that work on the vacuumed tissue creating female breasts. It all depended on what is needed for the illusion. The more advanced techniques have corresponding additions for, the lower genitals, making me virtually undetectable as a female. Of course, they offer ear piercing, hair extensions, use of corsets for waist training and various other services to ensure a complete transformation to that of a female.

Beth is the one to come to my aid, telling her that at the moment they just needed me to appear as a genuine female for one or two weeks as all of this is researched and some type of plan is put into place. Then later a complete detailed transformation if all goes well. During this discussion, she is applying the makeup if Beth and Nan’s looks are any indicator she is exceeding the look that Beth had created. I was not allowed to see myself in the mirror. With just a couple of items left, she asked if she could get her boss to come and take a look.

I guess I should relax; I am going to be gawked at for the foreseeable future, the sooner I learn to accept it, the easier it is going to be on me. In a minute, she returns with a gorgeous female that is quite imposing. Her height alone makes her stand out of the crowd. She takes one look at me and asks us to come back to her office as soon as Mandy finishes. Mandy applies the lip liner, then brushes on the lipstick, and I am pronounced done. She leads us back to the office, and we are seated on some love seats in a casual grouping.

Francine introduces herself and asks where we got the makeup. Beth handles the question telling her of our marketing of a new line of makeup made by our company. We are in the planning stage, trying to figure the best approach to market the line.

So that I would know what it is like to wear makeup, Beth applied mine yesterday, and the success of that makeup job has spread all the way back to our corporate headquarters. We are here to see if a complete transformation can be done on James, exploring a possible way to market the line through internet sales. It has been discussed that James wearing the makeup could be used in advertising pictures, to promote the product. We think it would be best if we could present him as a female instead of his birth sex for these ads.

Francine asked if any deals had been struck with other retailers or salons. Beth told her no actual marketing of the line had been done yet. Her next comment took us all by surprise. “I want to purchase the exclusive rights to your line, to sell it here in the salon and on the internet. The one caveat I want is the use of James in all the promotional photos and most likely some personal appearances. That last part is not negotiable.”

“I have just under two hundred salons, and we do a land office business in internet sales of clothing and booking salon appointments. The makeup would be a big plus to our overall program. I presume you have not got this far with any other customer, so I want you to go back to your bosses and put together a deal for me. If you can handle shipping and warehousing for us, I want that included in the deal. How you handle James is another concern, whether he stays an employee of your company or whether he is employed by me needs to be worked out.”

“I want the line of makeup; I also want James in all of the promotions and advertising. If you will allow me to help I will tell Mandy what to do today to make the transformation, then as soon as you can I would like you to come to my house just outside of town so that we can discuss a deal. Here is my card with my personal phone number on it, call anytime.” She talked with Mandy for a few minutes; then Mandy took me back to the treatment room.

Very quickly I had breast forms glued on, with makeup used around the edges to conceal the seam line. Next was a shampoo and condition on my hair; then Mandy set it in rollers. Under a dryer came next and the warm air soon had me asleep. When Beth shook me to wake up, I now had longer fingernails in a rich dark peach polish with matching toes in the same color, a perfect match to my makeup.

Beth and Nan helped me with the clothes, the breasts keeping any of my male attire from fitting properly. I was given a pair of panties to wear, with them on Beth helped me with my bra, then a silk blouse and loose-fitting pants were added to the combination. A pair of heels, three inches tall to complete the ensemble. I did get a few minutes to practice walking in them before we left. It turns out that Francine paid the tab today. “Could you girls get it all together by later in the weekend, if so that would be ideal?” That was Francine’s remark as we hugged getting ready to leave. Again the use of ‘girls’ in the comment, I guess now I even looked less like a male. Beth thought we could put the deal together, but since our corporate would have a say in it, she kept it open ended.

During this whole time, I never managed to see my image in the mirror. As we left the salon, I stopped and looked in the mirror in reception. James is totally gone; a beautiful female has taken his place. Beth and Nan are excited and talking up a storm all the way to the office. Nan wanted to go there to send the email to corporate instead of using one of our personal computers. Being Saturday, the office is usually unoccupied, except for a few executives trying to catch up on their work.

We made our way to our office, Nan starting on the email right away. It is quite lengthy, explaining all the details and about Francine. Beth in the meantime had googled Francine and the Turnabout Gurl Salon chain, getting both Nan and me to look at what she found. They had a research branch, a beauty supply company, a resort catering to their customers along with the nearly two hundred branches of the salon. The one picture of their largest salon a sight to look at. Fifty styling stations, numerous manicuring stations, twenty treatment rooms and thirty thousand square feet of clothing and accessories.

Nan finished the email and sent it, we talked a bit and then started closing up to go home. The phone rang, and since I was the closest, I answered it. It is the CEO of the International company, wanting more details. I let Nan handle this, and I just sat there and stared at the wall. Everything seems to have gone haywire. I am lost, not knowing what to think or do, I can’t even figure out some options that don’t put me farther down this particular rabbit hole.

Nan explains everything verbally, then tells Madison that Francine wants a deal as soon as possible. Madison tells her that she will send some guidelines for structuring a deal with a large customer, for us to look it over and ask any questions we might have. Nan is still puzzled that corporate still wants us to handle the deal. Madison giggles. ‘Yes, you will handle the deal completely. That is the purpose of these work groups; you will learn by doing, if you do make a mistake then we look at your abilities and decide where we might better utilize your talents.”

Nan asks about how we handle James in this scenario. She suggests that he be included in a separate contract. “The degree of usage and his tasks determining his wage. I do not want him working on Francine’s payroll, in fact, I will send down a separate employment contract for James to sign changing his role here and in the future. His time with Francine’s company billed hourly, then added to his base pay with us. If you want to assume that she will use him quite extensively then quote a per week charge based on fifty hours work, then add thirty percent to that total. That last part is negotiable, if she is going to cover all of his beauty services.”

It is quite for a minute; then Madison asks to put James back on. I say hello, but then am at a loss for words. Madison asks me to calm down, “your appearance a much more valuable commodity than your ideas and your savvy. I am not criticizing your smarts, but you have a one of a kind beauty that will take you as far in life as you want to go. I want you under contract to us, in case Francine decides at a later date to pass on your services. If so we will utilize you instead and be quite happy in doing so.

Don’t put yourself down, I am proud to have you as an employee, and will do all I can to continue that relationship for the rest of your life. Now you three sit down and plan your offer; I can’t wait to see what you come up with. She told us all goodbye and hung up.”

We sat around the table and just stared at each other. This is so far above real life; I felt like I had to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. Two minutes later an email came with all the guidelines mentioned so we could formulate our deal. We spent another three hours starting to put together a deal. All of us wanted to sleep on it, then maybe fine tune it in the morning. If it all comes together, we can call Francine and see when we can present it to her.

The employment contract came through about an hour later, and I was floored at the terms of the deal. I tried to assure Beth and Nan that I wasn’t worth that much, but they poo-pooed that comment. Beth, in particular, trying to get me to see that my looks are worth everything to me, be proud you have them and take advantage of your good fortune.

“I may look pretty, but to have to live the life of a female to take advantage of them is not all it is cracked up to be.”

Beth swats my arm, you mean to tell me that we are something less because we live the female life every day.

I lower my head right away no that is not what I mean. “I am a male and have lived that life for twenty something years. Now, all of a sudden it is necessary for me to abandon that life and live as a female, a life I know very little of.”

“I am scared to death, of being able to do it and also scared if I am able to perform that miracle. What is to happen to me in a few years? What do I do about meeting someone, what about kids, there is just too much that I am afraid of?” All of the scenarios I had envisioned became real, and I cried for quite some time. Beth had to redo my makeup several times to hide the raccoon eyes. We managed to get to a stopping point and decided to head home and meet here in the morning. That way we could confirm our proposal and then talk to Francine about when to meet up.

As we left the office, I lagged behind, while busy my thoughts remained upbeat, but at home, I feared the worse. I finally got up the nerve. “Beth can you stay with me tonight? I knew it is wrong of me to ask, but the fear of being alone with my thoughts scares me more.” She told me to follow her home; there we could talk some more and decide what to do about this evening. We stopped at a taco place, and she made me go in and purchase the items to take home for dinner.

I was scared to death to confront someone looking like a female, a pretty one according to Beth. Beth wouldn’t cut me any slack; she saw me trying to pull back from everything, the opposite of what I should be doing. So according to her, the pretty female needs to buy dinner, an easy task for an attractive woman. My good luck again, a guy waited on me his eyes never leaving my breasts. Male attention was the last thing I wanted, but with this body and face, I would be receiving it, the point that Beth is trying to make to me. I tried not to look directly at him, instead looking at some of the other females waiting to be served.

I noticed them staring at me, whispering among themselves, as they waited. I am suddenly worried that they have seen through my disguise, but the opposite is apparently the fact. Then one of the girls approached me and asked if I was a model. I told her not yet, but she complimented me on my looks, telling me that my beauty is outstanding, and wanting to know what makeup I used. I told her it is new, not yet on the market, but it shouldn’t be long until she can purchase the items.

Then I had to interface with the guy again, giving him my money and picking up the order. As I looked at the receipt I noticed something written on the receipt; it is his phone number and name. Geez, one day in makeup and I am being hit on. We made the rest of the trip to Beth’s without further incident. The food is taken in, and Beth dragged me back to her bedroom. She went through her chest of drawers and pulled a nightie out for me. She told me to get undressed and put the nightie on, leave the panties and bra on; you might feel more comfortable with them on since the jiggling and weight of the breasts might be distracting to you.

I started toward the bathroom, but she stopped me. “You are a girl just like me, so there is no need for any modesty here.” I thought about it for a minute then started getting undressed; she is right, but the full impact of the last few days has not made its intrusion into my brain yet. I managed the change, then headed to the bathroom to take care of necessities. Beth had given me a new toothbrush, also a hair brush for me to brush my hair with. I didn’t pick it up; then Beth told me one of the requirements for a female is to brush her hair every day, at least a hundred strokes. Since I am now a young woman that starts now.

I took the brush and set on the edge of the bed brushing my hair, allowing Beth the use of the bathroom. She finished then dragged me to the kitchen. Apparently, I wasn’t brushing properly, a task she would take care of. We set at the breakfast bar and consumed our tacos, along with some iced green tea. I had never had it before, but would drink more in the future, just something about the taste that set well with me.

After eating, we moved to the living room where I was seated on the floor in front of a love seat. Beth then made me reposition myself with my legs to the side, keeping my assets more modest. She sat on the love seat behind me and started brushing my hair with long smooth strokes from my scalp to the ends of my hair. It felt so good; I was lost in thought, not realizing when she had stopped.

We exchanged places then I started brushing her hair. Even that is enjoyable to me. I could see some advantages to the life of a female, this definitely one of them. She had brought some of her creams for the face, and she cleaned off my makeup, then I did hers. I felt so close to her, such a simple task and somehow it meant so much more to me. After moisturizing, we got comfortable on the love seat with our legs curled to the side. She asked if I had calmed down some, my reply eventually leaving my mouth.

“It still seems like a dream, unfortunately, a dream that I am the star of this time around. It is a golden opportunity for all of us, but me out in front of everybody as a gorgeous female maybe more than I can handle. I have seen how I look, I don’t doubt what everybody is saying about me, I am just not sure I can do what is expected of me. I also don’t want to cause you guys to miss a golden opportunity because I can’t or won’t do something. If it didn’t involve living as a female full time, I might be more receptive, my years as a male just making all of this so much harder.”

Beth comforted me, telling me that I just needed a couple of days to think everything through. Maybe if I lived the life of a female for several days, no male persona allowed, I might see things differently. The more we talked about it, the more the idea seemed to have some merit. We decided on a week as a female, starting with a feminine name, seven days in full female clothing doing things that a female would do and how a female would do them. No exceptions and no wavering on any situations. A true experience for what it is like for a female.

We cuddled in bed for quite some time; she was going to go to her own bed, but I asked her to stay with me. I felt isolated in this scenario, needing some contact with a person to remind me that I am not alone. We drifted off to sleep, the alarm in the morning breaking the sleep cycle. Beth advised me on what my normal female routine would be, and I headed off for the bathroom. The seven days as a female starting now.

I did my regular activities, then a few new ones. “Now you sit to pee, a requirement for any female. Also, some type of cream is to be kept on your face at all times, even if there is no makeup present. Next, hair is to be always styled before much of anything else is attempted. Unless it is a stay at home day, you should always be dressed appropriately now that you are representing the female gender. You have areas of extreme interest to the male gender, and these need to be covered appropriately at all times.”

I completed my to-do list, then made my way to her kitchen. Nan has arrived, and I am hugged tightly in a loving embrace. Beth made us a little breakfast mainly fruit, and some leftover pastries. They had already set up the dining room as a work area, with pencils and pads scattered around for our use. We got comfortable around the table, all three of us dressed as we were yesterday. The girls had changed shirts, but since I had no clothes that would fit other than what I received at the salon my choices were non-existent.

We took the email from corporate and tried to apply it to our circumstances. We decided to use the higher levels of profit at first since we knew we might have to give some to get a signed deal. It seemed to us that Francine was pretty smart, her business dealings alone, a true representation of her ability and skill. So we figured in some wiggle room at those prices. She wanted us to be the distributor for the product and ship to the salons as needed. We added that into the figures making sure, we were covered in the deal.

We made up suggested products and colors, based on a variety of customer’s skin tones and coloring. Then Nan suggested we offer special starter kits, in different color schemes for most of her customers. Maybe a better way to introduce our product to her customers. These we offered at a special price, an introductory offer as such. With that, all accomplished, at least until we began negotiations we reverted to the discussion of what to charge for my services.

I was not comfortable talking about it, imagine my services being sold to a company for their use to promote a product. I listened to the two girls discuss the best way to package my services, they eventually settled on a weekly fee, based on up to seventy hours of work. They did apply a limit to three weeks a month, the other week for me to do as I wanted. I nixed it originally, but they reminded me that long hours under the camera and lights, plus constant makeup applications would require some time for me to decompress.

The weekly fee was for total hours worked, travel time to out of state locations will be included in the hourly limitation. We discussed everything again, then having confidence that we had it right sent a copy to corporate. Nan called Francine and told her it would be Monday before we could see her, due to the fact that we needed corporate approval. It is not a problem; she would have dinner prepared and waiting for us at seven tomorrow evening. She suggested we dress formally since females usually enjoyed a chance to dress up. I was listening to the conversation on speaker, and tried to protest, but Beth quickly agreed to the proposal for all of us. Great, one more step down the path to where I don’t want to go.

Madison must live at the office since she emailed us back with her approval. We had mentioned that we purposefully made the prices a little high, so we could negotiate some. She agreed and asked if we had set up a meeting. Nan emailed the details of the dinner invite back to her and told her we would let her know the outcome of the meeting. We felt a little pride in what we had accomplished so far, but we knew that tomorrow would be the deciding factor as to whether we were a success or not. We did discuss that we should have one spokesperson for the group so that we didn’t foul up our deal. It was decided we would think about it and right before the meeting, we would decide who it was to be.

I thought we would have an easy day of it tomorrow, but that was quickly dispelled as Beth told me that we had to get something to wear for the dinner. I was to go into the office and let everyone else know the details of the emails and dinner invite, Georgia, and Cindy in particular. Meanwhile, the girls would go and pick out their dresses. We would meet for lunch, then go and find me a dress, plus a visit to the salon to be made pretty.

Georgia had already been made aware of the discussions by Madison, so I had only to tell Cindy of what had transpired. Cindy had been busy preparing some backup materials for our discussions, color charts, product descriptions and three discs with all of my photographs on them. Georgia asked if I had signed my contract yet, I was so unsure of myself, I didn’t know what to do. We talked at length about it and what we had decided to charge Francine for my services. She informed me that Madison had made another suggestion this morning on a recently completed phone call.

That would be to allow Francine to hire all three of us, a package deal in effect. The product would be sold to us and as her agents, we could price and distribute it as she wished. We would be on her payroll, but interacting with our company as intermediaries, if that would make the deal more promising for her. As far as the company is concerned, it had to be a package deal, or they would not sell the product to us. Georgia told me that might be better for us individually, we could probably make more money that way. It was a win for the company, one buyer for the whole line, just split and shipped to individual locations.

The decision is up to us; I told her I would bring it up with the girls as we hunted for an evening gown for me. She could tell it still bothered me but reassured me that I am doing the right thing. You will look ravishing and will be able to close the deal with ease.

I took hours for the girls to find a gown that is appropriate for me. We hit fifteen stores or more, I lost count around the twelfth store, trying on three to four gowns in each store really trying on my patience. Around store ten, I gave in and joined in the hunt for the perfect dress. Ironically we went back to the first store, buying the second dress I had tried on.

It was a figure hugging dress, ankle length, in a silver lame type of material. In it, I knew I would be noticed, in fact, there would be no doubt of my presence in any room. The color of the dress went with my platinum blonde hair perfectly. It required a strapless bra, and a corset to enhance the waist. I asked them repeatedly if I couldn’t just buy a size larger, but was told that is never done by a female.

On to the salon for our beauty enhancing, each of us with a different technician. My hair was set in curlers, apparently an up do is the style for me tonight. Makeup done to perfection, new nail polish, this time a burgundy red in color, then over to have my hair dried. A thirty minute stint under the hair dryer, then my hair do was coaxed into shape.

One look in the mirror, Jamie was here to stay. We had brought our dresses, so we slipped into them, checked our appearance again and then left.

The drive out to Francine’s took us about an hour, mainly because of traffic. She lived in a modest house, most likely an older ranch house that had been redone both inside and out. It had a few acres around it, making it somewhat secluded. The grounds were all natural, a blend of native plants and shrubs. This time of year the azaleas and rhododendrons were in bloom, the bright pink and red blooms mixed with a scattering of white blooms making a stunning show.

Francine met us at the door, inviting us in and leading us to the dining room. It was an elegant table decked out in silver and china, with crystal glasses reflecting the lights of an overhead crystal chandelier. We were introduced to Heidi, her assistant, and companion in the business. White wine was served, in some of the crystal glasses as the food was brought out of the kitchen. When they finished the table was full, lots of culinary delights to tantalize the taste buds. Here I am in a restricting corset that is cutting me in half, with all of this food surrounding me, green with envy.

I nibbled during the meal; that was all I could manage with the restrictive clothes. We talked about everything, both Heidi, and Francine giving us some of their histories. Heidi told us some the history of the salons, and how it has grown to the level it stands out now. Two hundred and eight branches now, about half franchises and the rest owned by Francine. That is not counting their specialty venues and other businesses.

When all of us were finished, we moved to her office, and I gathered my materials to make the presentation. I had drawn the short straw, I don’t think either of the girls wanted to do it, so it became my responsibility. I set all of my pertinent displays up and started on the presentation. I covered the product, the shipping, the custom colors possible, everything but how we figured into the deal. As I started on that portion of the discussion, Francine stopped me.

“Before we go further I have a proposal for you. I want your product, but more importantly, I want you, Jamie, to do the modeling for the whole campaign, I have some in-house advertising already in place, but it is one of my franchise owners that is handling it. Something of this magnitude would put a considerable burden on her. How about I hire you three to handle the whole operation. One needs to be concerned with Jamie’s schedule, booking it and making sure she is there. The orders would come to you from my salons, and my wholesale beauty supply, requiring one of you to place them with your company and arrange adequate shipping.”

“Of course, Jamie just needs to look pretty and be sociable in her personal appearances. The three of you will make all the decisions about colors, a product addition or ones to phase out. I will pay you accordingly to your work, with a bonus for outstanding sales. Since Jamie is out in front of the camera, and public I think her pay should reflect that. I have scribbled some figures on a piece of paper, each of you take a look at it and let me know if the salary is adequate. Our fringe benefits are in line with most major companies. Medical, paid vacation, 401, sick days, and a huge discount on clothing and accessories from our stores. Of course, free beauty treatments at any of our locations. Since Jamie will be representing us her clothes will be free; I am sure she will be kindly and loan you a particular outfit if desired.”

When she handed the paper to Beth, she took in a large breath of air; she handed it to Nan, who did the same thing. I was next and when I saw the figure I fainted. I awoke to Heidi holding a cool cloth to my forehead. I looked around the room, seeing the smiles on the girl’s faces, then over to Francine. She was telling me that I was a hard-nosed negotiator. Apparently, the figures were not adequate for us so her final offer is I will increase those figures by twenty percent. All three of us shouted deal, then went into a fit of giggles.

Her figures were almost twice what we were making, the benefits similar, but the discounts on clothes made her benefits much more desirable. I knew we had been manipulated, the fact that Georgia mentioned us possibly working for Francine and her bringing up the offer just too much of a coincidence. I asked Francine directly when she talked to Madison. Both girls are looking at me like I am nuts, Beth mouthing not now to me.

Francine smiled, beauty and brains too, we will get along together fantastically. “I had called her early this morning, and we had talked about a lot of things.” She was not trying to side step our authority, but she has not gotten where she is today by being bashful or afraid of stepping on toes. Madison laid it out for Francine; we had to go as a package, or there would be no deal. Go with their proposal or hire them as a group and we will sell to your company, otherwise no deal. She and Heidi worked up the proposal this afternoon, hoping we could convince you to join our ranks. You will report to me although Heidi will help oversee your operation and make sure you have adequate cooperation from our side.

We talked at length about how to make the transition smoothly, and when our employment actually starts. Francine suggested that we stay the night, she had enough bedrooms for everybody; then we could talk at length tomorrow morning, setting up a schedule for the next few weeks.

The next morning after a delicious breakfast of fruit and some lo-cal pastries we adjourned to her office to plan the transition. Francine is anxious to get things rolling, as soon as our company can produce the product she wanted it in her salons. It was decided that Beth would handle me, arranging for and keeping me prompt for appointments and appearances. Nan would coordinate orders and turn them into Cindy, who would see that the company fulfilled the orders quickly.

Francine told me that I needed to return to the salon and get the more permanent appliances, and the rest of my beauty treatments. Then two to three weeks to get used to everything before I started promoting the product. She told Beth that she had several salons, whose business is off the charts and she wanted us visiting those salons during the three week period. Talk to the stylists, let them make some makeup applications on Jamie to see how good the product is and work with the managers on initial orders. Heidi had made the call to the local salon, and I am booked for the entire day tomorrow, temporary female now to be more permanent.

Heidi got our bank account information from us, telling us our first check for wages will be deposited in our accounts by tonight, then handing us company credit cards for expenses and travel. When I glanced at mine it is in Jamie’s name; Heidi asking if that is alright. I nodded my head; I will have to change the name on my account today. We had a nice lunch then all of us went our separate ways.

Nan went back to the office to get with Cindy and set everything up on their end, Beth and I made our way to her apartment to change clothes; I definitely needed something else to wear. Beth told me that since we were almost the same size she had several outfits I could wear as we spent the day shopping. After changing clothes and freshening our makeup, we stopped at my bank first. A young lady asked how she could help me, and I tried to explain the situation. I mentioned that there would be a check to be deposited into my account later today, and this is why I needed the change. She asked who is issuing the check, and I told her Turnabout Gurl Salon. Well, that changed things, and she excused herself for a moment. She returned with another lady in tow.

She introduced herself as the assistant manager and told me the changes would be made immediately. Turnabout Gurl Salon apparently had one of their corporate accounts there, and anything that Francine said went without questioning. I giggled a little, a name change at a bank that is usually a big deal, just handled like it is a normal everyday occurrence. I was sure when we entered that I would have to get a court order to be able to change my name, but tried anyway, just to see what would be required of me.

We next spent time shopping for some clothes, mainly underwear, since the salons would furnish most of the rest of my clothes. We had three large bags full already when I asked Beth if we could rest for a while. I know that a female’s fondest desire is shopping, but this male is so out of condition for anything like the level that Beth is pursuing. I must have tried on fifty outfits that day, modeling each for her to make comments on. The bras and panties were handled in the dressing room, but slips, corsets, and nightgowns were done in their private sales areas.

On more than one occasion I was asked if I did professional modeling, the ladies sure they recognized me from some magazine or TV ad. Beth smiled but stayed silent, leaving me to figure out something to say to the ladies. At the end of the shopping, we were approaching the car, when she came around to my side of the car, all excited. “Can I get your autograph, miss?” She collapsed into a giggle fit, I had to stand there for several minutes before she regained her composure enough to unlock the doors so I could retreat, red faced as usual, into the car.

I begged off getting together tonight, the last several day’s activities really getting to me. I wanted nothing more than to retreat to my apartment and just vegetate for the evening. Beth dropped me off, after we had stopped to get some take out for me. I was not sure I could face any more people as Jamie, nothing bad happened today, but I felt my nerves were tighter than a bow string.

I plopped myself down in my kitchen consuming my tacos and burrito, savoring the taste and thinking of all the crazy things that have happened in the last few days. Our group is a success, now working for Francine handling the new line of makeup. Our finances much better off, and out futures looking quite bright. After cleaning up my mess, I stood and walked in my heels over to the garbage. My heels, a week ago that thought would have never entered my mind. The heels just a part of the changes that I will and have gone through. Wearing them all day, I was getting used to walking in them my butt swaying way too much in my opinion.

I walked to the bedroom, slipped out of my clothes and proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower. I changed my mind when I remembered my hair, now a bath would be the way to clean myself. I adjusted the water until I had it right and slipped into the steaming water. I could feel the tension fade some, wondering what it would be like to use bath salts in my water. I laid there, lost in thought, feeling the day’s tensions evaporating.

I finally removed my nearly prune looking body from the bath, dried myself off and made my way to the bedroom. I searched the bags we had bought today, taking out a bra, a pair of panties, and a nightie. The movement of my false breasts really disturbing, a constant remainder of their presence. It did feel much better with them captured in the cups of the bra. The panties also helped, so soft and caressing. The nightie though made the biggest difference, as it slid down my body, I shivered at the feelings it created. I could swear my nipples got hard on my fake breasts, I know the shivers that racked my body were real. The feelings lasted more than just a moment, I realized I had closed my eyes, the feelings making my mind work harder to process them.

I did finally calm down some, making my way to the bed. I slipped under the covers, picking up a book on the nightstand to read for a while. I don’t think I ever got the book open, the next morning when I awoke the book was by my side, sliding out of my hands during the night. I don’t remember any dreams, the nightie still giving me shivers as I slipped out of bed heading to the bathroom. After using the toilet, I brushed my teeth and tried to run a brush through my hair. Lesson learned, my hair has to be put up or braided, otherwise it is a matted tangled mess in the morning. It took me fifteen minutes to get a brush through it, eventually getting it into a ponytail for the day.

I slipped into a light yellow sweat suit, not remembering what is on the schedule for today. I made my way to my kitchen, finding some granola bars to nibble on. I am not a coffee drinker, so a diet drink is my choice for this morning. Beth rings the doorbell next, and I am quickly gathered up and taken to the salon. She will pick some clothes for me in their boutique while I am getting transformed into the female sex. This time for the foreseeable future.

It was something I needed to do, but I still had reservations. It is such a big step to abandon my male persona, now my future hinging on being the female me. Makeup sexy hairstyles, dresses, fancy lingerie just a part of my future life, a life in the female gender.

In the salon I am stripped of my clothes, then laid on a table, as the techs start working on me. My glued on breast forms are removed then another cream is used to remove my hair from my body, this time the treatment will kill any future hair growth. Thirty minutes later I am smoother than before, it is amazing how fast body hair grows. I guess growing a beard is out in the future, although I am not sure I would want to if I could. Along with the few facial hairs my eyebrows are done away with, the look of my face quite feminine without any eyebrows.

I am given a mirror several times, so that I can see what they are doing to me. Each time I am amazed at the changes in my appearance. I wonder now with the changes how I will look in the makeup. Before I still looked like a male somewhat, but now before they even start the image is of a young attractive female. My James persona is gone for good, I fear. Maybe that is for the best, the amount of success Jamie is having far exceeds all my previous accomplishments in my former male life.

I received two more piercings in my ears, now having a total of three. The dangling earrings added to the lower holes felt wonderful, as those earrings brushed my neck when I turned my head. The other two holes held studs, both in a diamond like stone. I always had larger ears in my opinion, but the multiple earrings seemed to make my ears look more delicate and dainty.

A conditioning cream is applied to the tender skin where my breast forms had been. I raised my hands to the empty chest, it felt weird without them, like something important had been taken away from me. Next a large machine is brought into the room and positioned over the table I am on, the hoses are swinging to and fro. Two clear plastic breast like forms are placed over my nipples and secured to my chest with adhesive. The hoses were hooked up to the forms after a fatty like solution is added to the forms. I watched in fascination as to what this machine would do to me, when the tech started it up. My loose breast tissue being sucked up into the cups gave me a fairly accurate indication of what the machine planned to do to me. I looked at the size of the cups, hoping that the intent was not to fill the cups to their fullest. If so, I would indeed be a buxom female.

To keep my mind occupied someone is working on my toes, along with my fingernails, I could see out of the corner of my vision that my nails were being extended, the new length quite a bit longer than I have ever allowed them to grow in the past. I couldn’t see what is being done to my toes, the machine and the cups blocking my vision. I could feel something wet being applied to them, after they had cleaned the old polish off. The smell of acetone a telltale sign that the old polish had been removed.

When I had accompanied my mother as a kid to her beauty shop appointments, I remembered the acetone smell, always making my nose hurt as it assaulted my nostrils. Those times were special to me, to be with my mother, sharing her tasks and her actions. My dad and I were never close, his work far more important to him than his child. But Mom, we shared everything, her life an open book to me. She taught me how to cook, a skill that I have used often, but sadly only for myself.

Next their attention was focused on my hair, washed and conditioned then set in curlers. A spray was used to wet the hair in the curlers, then time under a dryer to set the curls. All the time the machine was still attached to the forms on my chest, following me as I was moved to the hair dryer. After the hair dryer kicked off, the curlers were removed and my new style brushed out. Beth there to see how it was styled, she would make sure I was presentable enough to make the trip to the salon in the future, where the techs would make sure I looked perfect.

Finally the breast pump was cut off, the cups now filled. The hoses were detached and a hair dryer taken to the forms on my chest. The cups had filled to the brim, the heat from the dryer making the forms less rigid and more flexible. I was told the forms stay on, eventually dissolving away leaving two quite good sized breasts in their absence. As I moved my arms around a little, I found my new chest adornments always in the way. But if the arm just glanced over the nipple, my own little nubbins became instantly erect and sensitive. This was still with the form that was used to form the breast still somewhat present.

Then it was time for the makeup, most of the techs that did not have customers got to apply some of it to me, their exuberance about its feel and ease of application sure to make the new line a success. Seven hours after I entered the salon this morning I was pronounced done, Beth bringing me clothes to wear out. I saw a smirk on her face, the items she picked out ultra girly, heavy in lace and bows, all in pastel colors. The skirts were skin tight, walking in the skirt sure to be a difficult feat. Then we have the heels that she showed up with, five inch heels, tight enough that I had to wear stockings so that they would fit me. Of course, with the stockings I had to have a garter belt, ivory lace to match the rest of my underwear. I would definitely not be walking far, my legs already aching some just standing in the heels. The salon had lots of clothes and shoes, Beth just having some fun, wanting me to experience some of the little known subtleties of being a female. Believe me I was experiencing them.

Story Incomplete At Present

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