Brianna; A Turn Of Events

My first day at drama school was not bad. I met a lot of fellow students, they seemed friendly, more so than someone you just met. I was enrolled in drama school because of my mother. A wanna be actress for many years, as she got older her desire to be a part of the scene got transferred to me. If she couldn’t be an actress, maybe her son could be a success at being an actor.

If I had something else in mind for my life I would have turned her down, but since there was zero career choices that I wanted to explore I decided to humor her. The fact that she was picking up the tab for my schooling made the decision a little easier. We lived close enough to the school for me to live at home, taking public transportation to go and come from school. The school was an older intuition established forty years ago. The faculty were quite well known all past members of the trade, either directors, actors, actresses, or behind the scenes folks. The teacher that taught makeup was world renowned, author of numerous books and recipient of three Academy awards. The rest of the teachers were also equally talented, but maybe not as many awards for their efforts.

I was excited to be here, not sure exactly if this was my future, but it was better than getting a job and fending for myself. I graduated high school with above average grades, but the tests that you have to take now to get accepted to a university pretty much quashed my chances for a degree in anything. I passed the classes, but retained very little knowledge, so when I was tested to see what I had learned I was immediately eliminated. For the Golden Age Drama School, tuition and an interest in taking the courses was all I needed.

The first day was informal, meeting the teachers, learning what the school would be teaching us, just basics. Everybody pretty well took the same courses, although a little latitude was allowed. Since I was only one of six male students, we didn’t have any options for other courses. Excuse me, we did have one makeup and wardrobe design class that could be exchanged for stage and prop design. That last choice sounded like work to me, so I stayed in makeup and wardrobe design. Looking back after the first year, that was maybe my biggest mistake.

The first week was not too bad, no deep immersion in the classes yet, some history, and a general study of the performing arts was covered, both theater and film. The second week we were selecting a play or film to perform, assigning parts and getting a feel for the script. Due to my different classes I would be involved in three productions that first year.

I was fairly tall, almost five feet nine inches in my socks, but skinnier than most males. My Mother always blamed my metabolism for my lack of any meat on my bones. I could eat all day and never gain an ounce of weight. The other males in the school were taller than me, so they pretty much gathered the leading male roles in our little productions. Since the enrollment at school was heavily female, they obviously picked scripts and plays where there was very little male roles in the script. Everybody would be in the three productions in one way or another, either on the stage or behind the scenes.

Once I saw no chance of getting a male lead, I tried for the backstage part, but was turned down by my teachers. I had a pleasant voice, spoke clearly and my voice carried well. Thus I was going to be on stage whether I wanted to or not. At first it was not too bad, I landed an assistant director job, having to learn all the lines and where the actors and actresses were to be on stage at any given time. It wasn’t difficult, although I couldn’t remember anything about my high school classes I had no trouble memorizing positions and hundreds of lines of script. My mother even commented on that little tidbit of information. I blushed red for quite some time but did not have a response. Looking back on this time I was setting up my own eventual downfall.

I made quite a few friends, mostly female friends. We often hung out after classes at one of the two restaurants nearby. A diet soda and a shared order of fries was our usual fare. Then eventually covering all topics of interest we would head home.

It was shortly after the Xmas break when everything started going wrong. In the makeup and wardrobe class we were studying the forties and fifties, having to learn what makeup to use and what the fashions of the era looked like. The teacher was fairly new to the school, although her credentials were excellent. She wasn’t getting the responses she wanted so she assigned a different actress to each of us. I wondered why only actresses were assigned, not even a mention of an actor was brought up. We had one week to appear in the proper dress for that era, in a style that our actress frequently used, makeup included.

I didn’t raise my hand in class, but did stop to talk to her after class. I pointed out that I was male and even if I did appear as she wished I would look ridiculous. Apparently she had been expecting my concern, handing me a sheet of references to how to minimize height and angular features in males. She looked me up and down, smiled and told me the assignment stands as it was discussed. I protested, but she thought my time might be better spent in getting ready for the assignment. I left head down, but when I turned around to try one more pathetic look she just giggled.

I moaned and groaned for a couple of more hours, my friends listened but were facing the same assignment so they had no sympathy for me. I went to the school library that night after classes and looked up all her references. A couple really opened my eyes, there were really a lot of things I could do to hide my masculinity rather easily. Since tomorrow was Saturday, a trip to a lot of thrift stores was necessary to see if I could piece together an outfit for my actress. Cheryl, one of my girlfriends decided to do the same, so we agreed to make a day of it. In our area of town there was a million thrift stores, at least, it seemed like it. Since there was another university in town, they were pretty popular, a way to stretch Daddy’s money a little more.

We started at seven, a quick bite to eat than at our first store when they opened. We bought items as we found them, no specific plan in mind yet, because we didn’t know what else we would find later in the day. A couple of slices of pizza to revitalize the search and we headed off again. I found a little hole in the wall shop, that advertised they sold vintage clothing, so it was just what we were looking for. Things were packed into the shop, but we dug and dug, until every item they had was discovered and brought out into the light.

My purchases totaled one hundred and fifty dollars, actually the parts for five outfits if they all fitted properly. Cheryl got off for seventy-five dollars, she had found more items than me at some of the other thrift stores. We were ecstatic at our finds so we headed home to try things on. Cheryl offered for me to come to her house. “We are both girls so come with me and we can have a fashion show. You are not allowed to look better than me, so be warned.” I giggled but did accept her invite.

I was led right to her room, the two beds in the room is where we laid out our purchases. She dug in her dresser throwing me pair of panties and a bra to wear. I looked at her, but her smile made me quickly look away. I slid them on, then started going through my purchases to see if they fit and how they looked. I tried different combinations until I found a blouse that fit right and with proper padding would look right on my larger than normal frame. The skirt was short, almost a mini, on me it exposed too much leg but then again it seemed to not call attention to my height.

Cheryl approved but soon had me naked pushing me to her bathroom. I was handed a razor and shaving cream and told to get to it. Thirty minutes later I emerged, severally embarrassed but feeling so feminine. I was told to put the clothes back on, given a pair of breast forms, and then told to do my own makeup. My eyebrows went up when she handed me the breast forms, wondering where they came from. Cheryl gave me a look, and I quickly forgot any question or comment I had come up with about the forms.

Everything seemed so off kilter, but the more I looked at the image in the vanity mirror the more it looked right. She did help me with my hair, telling me to pay attention, when it came time to do this for class she would be dealing with her own problems, so I would be on my own. I managed to do a respectable job on my makeup, probably with some more practice I could pass the assignment.

Then to my horror she pulled me to my feet, led me out of the bedroom, out of her house and down the three blocks to my house. She knocked on the door then stepped to the side so Mom would only see me first. She got out the first few words of a greeting before she realized who I was. After that it was pure pleasure for Mom. I was looked at carefully several times, hugged and kissed most of the time with some tears trickling down from her eyes. Cheryl knew Mom’s situation and figured that seeing me as a female would mean a lot to her.

We set in the living room for an hour and talked, why I was dressed as a fifties actress the main topic. Cheryl’s Mom was now home from work so we made a trip back there to show her Mom the outfits. Her mom dug out a picture of her as a teenager dressed almost like Cheryl is now. The tears flowed here as well, but not for the same reasons. Her Mom had some company coming from her workplace so we made our excuses and sneaked out to grab a bite to eat. I was seated in the restaurant before it dawned on me that I was still dressed as a female, not my usual male self. It seemed that every classmate that I knew dropped in to see us, wanting us to model our costumes. All of the gals wanting to know if Brianna was going to classes next week instead of Bryan.

Dinner was pleasant although I don’t remember what I had. We talked quite a bit more, about what I was going to do, but as usual nothing was decided on. We made our way home, dropping off Cheryl and then I made the three block walk to my house. Mom was waiting for me anxious to resume her inspection of her new daughter. I was getting tired, so as I made one more yawn, I headed to get my bath and slip into bed. My room looked different, as I reached into my dresser for a pair of pajamas. The drawer was empty, so I opened the drawer above, the same thing totally empty. I ran to my closet and nothing, the racks empty, not a stitch of clothing to be found.

I ran back to my Mother demanding to know what she had done with my clothes. All I got was a larger than life smile. The clothes you have on will be sufficient for school tomorrow, then I will buy you some new things on the way home from work. I panicked, running through the house looking for my male clothes, everywhere I looked I found nothing, not a stitch anywhere.

I tried to reason with Mother again, we can’t afford to buy new clothes for me, but Mom said she had some money put away for this exact scenario, so it will be no problem. I eventually returned to my bedroom, the smile and happy face on my mother would not get me what I desired, so tomorrow my debut as Brianna is a forgone conclusion. I skipped the bath, maybe in the morning, if I get up in time. I did call Cheryl to tell her what happened, her laughter and giggling the only response from her. She told me she would come by to help me to get ready, maybe even lend me a more modern outfit for classes tomorrow. With help like hers, I knew that things would progress, just not in the way that I had envisioned.

Indeed it did get worse, Cheryl got carried away with the hairstyle and I added too much makeup, the end result was no Bryan to be seen anywhere. The more modern outfit she had in mind for me was a mini skirt with a crop top. Both items to be worn over a cami and thong panty, satin of course. I balked, but it didn’t do me any good. My body hair was touched up, Cheryl’s huge grin proof of how much fun she was having. All of this was on top of a male looking body, no breasts and straight up and down as far as hips go. The image in the mirror said otherwise. I was definitely a female in appearance and just a shade short of being cute.

At the school my teachers got involved changing their attendance rolls to Brianna, telling me that to be marked as present I need to be Brianna. They can’t do that, can they? When I got to the makeup class I received the biggest shit eating grin from my teacher. Then to make matters worse, she had me come to the front of the class, remove my old makeup and reapply it in front of the whole class. I hadn’t done it in the first place, but she didn’t want to hear that. She made me stand there as she showed me how to recreate the look then made me do it over and over till I got it right.

There were others that got singled out that day, but not any males portraying females. At my last class of the day, the drama coach came in and announced some changes in the assigned parts for the productions this year. I was now a lead actress in all three plays, my assistant director job given to someone else. I thought the girls I replaced would be upset, but all three approached and thanked me for taking the roles. Heck, I don’t want the roles. Nobody listened to me as I complained, suddenly they were all deaf and could care less.

It was late in that first day that my clothes lost their uniqueness, now just clothes to wear. Cheryl had even got me in a pair of heels this morning, by lunch I was navigating with the best of them. My acceptance of the clothes and the way I fit in pretty much sealed my fate. When I got to the drama class, my three roles were gone over with the assistant director, her smirk never leaving her face. We did a couple of my scenes, ones that were deemed difficult to get the feel for the role. I was not trying to do my best, just acting out the role as I saw it. I was reading from the script, since I hadn’t time to memorize the lines. Yet everybody was staring at me like I was somebody from another planet.

Utter silence after the scene was finished. The director came over, gave me a huge hug and kissed my cheek. My chance to blow it now wasted, there was no way in hell that he would replace me in any of the leading lady roles. That had been my plan, to do a poor job, maybe they would then find someone else to play the roles.

I dragged my butt home, not physically tired, but mentally worn out. Of course the surprises continued as I entered my room to find it completely re-decorated. Canopy bed, lacy curtains, stuffed animals everywhere. I ran to my closet hoping it might still be empty. Nope crammed to the gills with all manner of female clothing. I looked for some pants, but the one pair I managed to extract looked more like evening wear, the fabrics satin and lace. I set down on the bed, then leaned back, way too much happening today, none of it what I desired or wanted. I closed my eyes, maybe when I open them again this will only be a dream.

If only it was a dream. Mom chose that moment to enter into my female world, apparently she had heard from others about my new roles in the play. I was yanked up from the bed and sent to the bathroom. I was to take a bath and then dress in what she has laid out, a dinner out to celebrate my success, then a late night appointment at her salon. I groaned, everything was going against me and nobody seemed interested in helping me get it under control. My butt was swatted hard as she pushed me to the bath, I relented maybe a nice warm bath might help me at least mentally.

I spent too long in the bath, it felt so good, the bath salts I used helped immensely and soaking was pure enjoyment. As I entered the bedroom I saw the clothes she had laid out, I turned preparing to head back to the safety of the bathroom only to be grabbed hold of and shown my clothes for the evening. I was too tired to fight her, so I donned the selected clothes, and slipped into the heels she had laid out. The dress wasn’t too bad, a basic LBD with a plunging neckline. Of course, I had a bra to wear, panties and a brief slip along with some thigh high stockings. The clothes felt wonderful, I knew getting used to a bra would take some time but I liked how it hugged my chest. After a day in heels I managed the pair Mom picked out easily.

Mom spared nothing at the restaurant, one of the fanciest in town. I presume I should have been scared to go out dressed as a female, but I wasn’t. The host got my chair for me and I thanked him. The waiter took our orders, but his eyes seemed riveted to my body. I had nothing a female should have to attract attention but he ogled me all evening. The dinner was nice and the food was excellent. I had forgotten about the trip to her salon until she pulled into the parking lot. What the hell, I may as well get this over with. I exited the car and strode into the salon like I owned it. I gave the receptionist my name and I was taken to the back of the salon.

The stack of consent forms was pushed in front of me, I chose to sign them all without reading what I was signing. I figured if I was going down in flames it should be a fiery affair. Several techs entered the room and my clothes were removed and they started my changes, all of this at ten PM in the evening. I noticed Mom over in a chair to the side of the room, her smile lighting up the entire room.

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