Anastasia; Domestic Bliss

I was awaiting my new governess after being deposited at her home. Ms. Grant, my former governess, was called back home when her Mother had a severe heart attack. I had hoped that I would be spared another governess, since I was approaching eighteen years of age and had just graduated high school. Dad saw it differently, my grades during high school were atrocious, the three weeks without a governess saw my grades plummet severally, while I flunked three of my finals. I barely passed those classes, previous tests bringing up the overall grade enough to pass the class, barely passing according to the principal. It was decided to issue a diploma anyway, the principal having seen so much of me in his office during the four years of high school, another year of me was beyond his capability to cope.

My Father did care about me, but his business interests kept him traveling the globe to monitor his holdings. Mom died a little after I was born, complications from a bout with pneumonia. From that day forward I had a governess, most of them fairly strict and uncaring, Ms. Grant an exception. Dad didn’t think she would return, so he searched for another governess for me. I tried to dissuade him from following through in his search, but my recent performance in school convinced him I needed someone to make me behave, maybe teaching me some kind of skill or career to allow me to support myself in the future. He was positive that any kind of higher learning was definitely not in the cards for me.

He interviewed many prospects, finally deciding on a lady that ran a vocational/boarding school, where her students were her charges, mostly assigned to her by some judge when no other options were available to the student. All of the students were left with her as their legal guardian guaranteeing that the student would do as she instructed. They all lived on premises, clothed and fed by her as appropriate.

When Dad told me of my fate I through a hissy fit and stormed out of the house. I had no intention of returning, he can’t do this to his own flesh and blood. The police picked me up three days later, tired, hungry and barely clothed. I was not taken home, but to my new guardian’s house and left there. I was deposited in her library, the cuffs still on my wrists to ensure I remained there until she could meet me.

The house was huge, three floors and a separate addition to the one side of the house. As I was taken to her library I passed several young females, all of similar age to me. They looked my way but did not react to me in handcuffs, or that a female police officer was taking me to the library. The door was closed and locked behind me, leaving me to ponder what will happen to me. I finally tired of standing there, finding a chair to sit on, the cuffs behind my back not allowing me to get comfortable. In a way I was glad the police had found me, life on the streets is horrible, trying to find something to eat the hardest. Then where to sleep where I could actually close my eyes for a minute or two made life so miserable. I debated going back home, but in reality I was lost, having no idea how to get there.

The lady came into the room after unlocking the door, asking me to stand in front of her desk. She unlocked my handcuffs, and appraised my looks and demeanor. Believe me she did not miss much, running her fingers through my hair and looking in my ears and down my throat. She assisted me in undressing, my clothes promptly thrown in the garbage at the side of her desk. Another perusal of my body, her touching my nipples and then eventually my penis. It was a soft touch, with no malice intended.

She had me sit back down in the chair, the cold leather of the seat causing me to get right back up again. I was handed a towel to sit on, for which I promptly thanked her. She had a file on her desk, I presume it was mine, with most of my information housed therein. She pulled out a sheet and laid it on the desk in front of me. She told me it was a legal document that made her my legal guardian until my twenty-fifth birthday. I was to do as she instructed in all matters, no matter what they pertained to. In exchange she will see that I have a room for myself, and properly clothed and fed until I finish my classes or reach my twenty-fifth birthday. I opened my mouth, but a very stern look made me decide to wait until later to voice my comment.

During all of this I was twisting and squirming on the chair, being naked and the room cooler than I was used to made it only worse. She noticed my discomfort and asked me if I would like some clothes to wear. I nodded my head, but she shook her head telling me to voice my choice. I swallowed hard and said yes I would like something to wear.

She came around the desk and helped me to stand, then led me over to a small closet attached to the wall. There was a mirror on the door to the closet, now reflecting the image of my naked body standing in front of the closet. I was told to close my eyes and she would dress me, I looked up at her wondering about her last statement, but decided any clothes would be preferable to standing there naked and cold.

The next few minutes were weird as many different items were placed on my body. I was tempted to sneak a look, but decided if the clothes were not to my liking, not knowing what I was wearing would be preferable until the last minute. I heard a zipper being raised up my back and opened my eyes. My mouth sprung open in shock and surprise as the image in front of me was a young female.

I was dressed in a juvenile looking dress, fitting me tightly in the chest, then flaring out to a full skirt with several petticoats under the skirt holding it up and out. It was short on me, most of my legs in full view. While I was in shock she had taken a brush to my hair and after a few minutes getting the tangles out of my hair, it laid on my shoulders and the front of the dress. I was asked to sit down again, another no nonsense look and I did so willingly. My skirt flared up a little on my lap, so I put both hands on the skirt keeping it closer to my legs. My mind was aware I was wearing a dress, but not what to do to correct the situation.

She returned to my file laying several more pieces of paper in front of me. I was curious, but after seeing the legal guardian paper I was not eager to see what they were for. She went over each, explaining what they were for, and that I would comply with their stated purpose. Essentially I was to become a domestic, highly trained and skilled at all duties of such a person. That includes keeping a house, cooking, and assisting a female in her dressing and toilettte. I will be trained here, and practice until I have mastered all phases of this career. Then placed in a job where my new found skills will be able to sustain my life and provide for a comfortable future. If I failed in learning what is needed she will take care of me until my twenty-fifth birthday and then put me back on the streets, without clothes and any way to sustain life.

She gathered up my papers then asked me if I will cooperate willingly or did I want to just exist until I am put back on the streets. It didn’t take me long to answer her, my recent escapade on the streets convincing me I wanted nothing more to do with a life there. I asked her to train me, I was ready to learn.

She came around the desk, hugged me and then led me to the kitchen toward the back of the house. There were several females there working doing some food prep, but she went right to the refrigerator and pulled out a plate of food and placed it on a table nearby. I was set in front of it and handed a fork. I started to reach for something with the fork, but she stopped me giving me instructions on how I was to eat the food. A few minutes later I made the attempt again, but this time as she had instructed. My one hand in my lap, with me taking small bites and chewing it before I swallowed. It took tremendous will power, since the food was so good and I was starved. Even cold I don’t think I have ever eaten anything this tasty.

She stayed with me until I had finished, looking at my forlorn look since the plate was now empty, small giggles breaking out here and there. She promised me a snack later if I behaved, but I was still looking at the empty plate near the sink as we left the kitchen, wishing that it had a few more morsels of food on it, before I had placed it in the sink.

I was then taken to my room, on the third floor of the house. It was a basic room a bed, vanity, and a dresser with a closet occupying one whole wall. She showed me where my underwear is kept, panties the only requirement at the moment. Then to the closet where I would find my dresses, specifically a maid’s dress. I was to wear the yellow ones until I achieved a passing mark in my studies. Matching heels with thigh high stockings to start with. No makeup or feminine hairstyle until I had mastered the first requirements of being a proper domestic. Classes will start in the morning at eight A.M., breakfast to be served right before the first class. I was to be dressed and ready before one of the other students came to take me to the class. Failure to be ready at eight will result in no food for the day, and whatever other discipline seemed appropriate according to my attitude.

She introduced herself to me as Ms. Waddell. My legal guardian and instructor. She was to be obeyed, no matter what I was told to do. Failure to do so will be punished in some way. Most of her punishments she was sure I would not like. However doing as I was told will be rewarded, although the rewards might seem minimal at the time.

I was to take a bath tonight and wash my hair, using a conditioner after getting it washed. There was a nightie on the bed, plus matching panties. If I was dressed in the nightie and done what I was told she would bring me a snack, plus some hot chocolate before I crawled into bed. I was hugged again, with me hanging on to her savoring the feeling of being cared for, the hug so wanted. The gesture was something I had sorely missed in my life before now. Very few of my governesses offered any affection and I never saw my Father long enough for anything from him. I really doubted he knew how to show any affection, a subject Ms. Grant and I often discussed.

I received a swat on the butt as she headed me to the bathroom to get my bath ready. She did unzip my dress before she left the room. I hurried to the bathroom, wanting to do as she had instructed, the snack and hot chocolate quite an incentive.

When I saw the tub of bubbles I paused, the room smelled of flowers, but seeing the warm steam rising from the tub made me forget my concerns. As I eased my body into the tub I let out such a sigh, living on the streets I got muddy and the smell emanating from my body was far from pleasant. I presume having to sleep in the dumpster that first night did contribute to my body order. I heard her in the bedroom and washed myself twice trying to get all of the stink off my body. I probably spent too long in the tub, but the water was just right and I had so missed being clean and with no body order.
Regretfully I left the tub dried myself off and dressed in the required nightie and panties. New sensations assaulted my body, but hunger won out and I made my way out of the room.

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