Jade; Birth At Half Moon Bay

I still hadn’t got over the shock of hearing from my ex-wife after ten long years of separation. Yeah, we communicated often about our children, but this email definitely had nothing to do with our children. She wanted to meet again for a weekend where we first met many years ago. It was a bed and breakfast just outside of Half Moon Bay, California. Since she suggested meeting there I presumed they were still in business. I emailed her back accepting the date and time of the meeting.

Both of us stayed single, never re-marrying. I know it sounds funny, but I never met another female that measured up to Katie. I am not sure about Katie, the times that I was with the girls no mention was ever made of a boyfriend. I presume she still could have a relationship with a male, just hadn’t share it with the girls, a work colleague the most probable candidate.

Then for the next two days my mind went into overdrive, trying out all different types of scenarios, the why of the meeting the hardest to figure out. Looking back, I am not real sure I remembered the reason for the divorce. We differed on a lot of things, but no more than most new married couples. We had two children, both girls that were loved by both of us. Maybe that was part of the problem, I spent way more time with the girls then any normal male would. I took them shopping, I played with them often, even taking them to concerts. Katie, my wife had started a career in business, wanting to get out of the house some. Her meteoric rise to executive management thrilled her, but left the girls alone a lot of the time.

My job as a consultant left me the time to dote on them, taking them places and to ferry them to dance class. Katie resented that, but couldn’t find the time to be with them when they needed her. I guess it festered within Katie, finally resulting in her asking for a divorce. I didn’t contest it, I had seen too many separated families, torn apart till it hurt everybody. I visited them for a while once a month, the maximum that Katie would allow. I wasn’t asked for alimony or child support, but I sent a check every month anyway. Katie did cash them, though I had no idea what she spent the money on.

When Katie got transferred back east, I quit seeing the girls, figuring she just wanted them away from me. I missed them terribly, doing things for them, being with them, enjoying them experiencing life. I stayed in the home we bought together although it was never the same. It was located down the coast from where we met, a quieter area, void of some of the tourists that flocked to the bay.

The next couple of days my mind kept returning to the reason for the meeting after all these years. Lots of ideas, but none made any sense. I dressed casually, figuring we would spend the time at the bed and breakfast just talking, I desperately wanted to know how the girls were doing, what they were studying, just anything about their lives. Katie piqued my curiosity too, I imagine she was head of her company now, at the rate she was being promoted when we separated.

The time finally arrived, I dressed and made my way to the bed and breakfast. It was about two hours from where my home was, our former home. I checked in and was given a key to my room. Katie had made the reservations herself, apparently having this all planned out, a trait she never outgrew apparently. She always planned everything, and to the nth degree. I am sure that was the main reason for her rise within her company.

I walked into the room and was blindsided by Katie throwing herself at me. She knocked all of the wind out of me, as she launched herself at me from four feet away. I got kissed, a very passionate kiss, which I returned immediately. I had to kind of pry myself out of her death grip, she was squeezing tightly pulling me as close as she could get me to her body. I felt her nipples through her blouse, at least part of her still cares for me.

I was dragged to a love seat, pushed down until I was leaning against the back of it and then she parked her rear end right on my lap. Her face was inches from me, staring at my eyes still holding one of my hands in her grip. She leaned in again closer and kissed me again, this time slower and with much more passion. I am sure most of her lipstick was on my lips as she worked her tongue and lips to insure I was well kissed. I couldn’t lean back any more, my back already up against the love seat. I was thrilled at her reaction to me, wondering why the change. Don’t get me wrong I was not complaining at all.

She eased up on the kissing laying her head on my shoulder. I felt a drop or two of moisture, she was crying, not sobbing just a quiet cry with a tear or two escaping the eyes from time to time. I just let her lay there, figuring when she was ready I would be told what this is all about. I loved the feeling of her pressed tightly against me, her head just inches from my face. I leaned over a little while later too kiss her on her eyes, the only part I could reach easily without disturbing her. I got a sigh from her as she gazed into my eyes, but still no words yet. We have the whole weekend, so there is no hurry.

Finally she straightened around sitting right next to me on the love seat. “I have been such a fool, I had the best of things and I put my personal ambitions above all else. The sad part is it took me almost ten years to figure it out. Your daughters had a hand in this, they have been working on me ever since we divorced. As they get older they also got smarter, finally three weeks ago they delivered an ultimatum to me. Either I made up with you or they were moving away. They are mad at both of us, me for being so focused on other things and you for giving up so easily. I have been assured they will contact you and lay the law down to you also. So you are not escaping their wrath either.”

“I want us to talk the whole weekend, be together, eat together and sleep together. No sex, just sharing in each other’s lives and spending time with someone we used to care about. I have hopes that we might re-connect, but they are just that, hopes. Maybe where we originally met, we can start over again, this time focusing on the important things. I am painfully aware that most of the problem was me, please help me re-focus on what is important this time. I have missed you right from the start and now am afraid I will lose my daughters too. What happened should have never seen the light of day, much less separated us from each other. Please I ask for your help.”

I helped her up, then took her hand and led her out of the room. Down to the lobby and out to the beach. It is really not much of a beach, but a sandy area that you can stroll down, the sea on one side and the coastal shore on the other. The seagulls were making their passes looking for something to eat, always a feature of the area. Katie shivered a little, I stopped and took off my sweater and helped her to slip it on, my long sleeve shirt enough for me for now. Ever since she attacked me in my room I have felt wonderful not needing anything to keep me warm, the love I see in her eyes enough to stoke my fire.

We walked for quite a while, then turned around and wandered back. No words, said, they were not necessary. When we got back I suggested some dinner, the inn served wonderful food to their guests and locals who knew about the place. We had some lasagna, the wife of the owner an Italian by birth, skilled in all manner of Italian dishes, her lasagna one of her best recipes. We sipped some wine than took the bottle to our room.

I had first thought that Katie had got us two separate rooms, but the little minx had gotten a suite instead, her key to the sitting room, my key to the bedroom. She had been waiting for my arrival anxious to make me welcome in her own way. We settled down on the larger sofa in the sitting room my back against the edge of the sofa her stretched out on the sofa, her head in my lap. We sipped the wine, my fingers busy playing with her hair. Something I used to do with the girls when they would allow it. She grabbed my other hand pulling it to her chest holding it tightly against one of her breasts. I started to ask about the girls, but when Katie did not answer I looked down and saw she was asleep.

I set there for a while, then picked her up and carried her to the bed. I undressed her down to her panties and bra, then pulled the covers up over her gorgeous body. I must compliment her, she has taken good care of her body, it looked just the same, if not better, as when I married her. I got undressed myself, then slid under the covers with her. I scooched up behind her pulling her closer to me, she nestled her head on top of my arm that was holding her tight. A few minutes later I joined her in sleep.

I made a couple of trips to the bathroom during the night, both times when I returned she cuddled up closer to me latching on to an arm or whatever she could find. Yes, she did find that on one trip, her warm hands on my organ and I almost came right then. It has been so long and I love her so much. But we were good, taking showers, mine on the cool side, and then dressing for the day. She wanted to go to the farmer’s market, just to stroll and look at their offerings. We grabbed some breakfast downstairs then headed out. We didn’t buy anything at the market but we did stop at almost every booth to talk and browse.

Slightly after one we ended up at a quaint restaurant, decided we were hungry and made our way in. On the weekends they were not crowded, so a table near the front was cozy and quiet. We ordered some salads, with broiled Tuna on top. The salads were loaded with fresh vegetables from the nearby area, even some Artichokes were included. The dressings were served on a tray, many different varieties all from family recipes.

We caught each other up on our lives, she was indeed the CEO of her company and had been for several years. Her company under her leadership had flourished, now among the top five hundred run companies. She has moderated her work time, spending time with the girls shopping and going out as a family. According to the girls a key part of the family has been missing, that is why she is here to rectify that situation.

I still had my business, now only consulting for certain companies. I have invested my income wisely, not really needing to work anymore, but staying busy keeps my mind off the girls and Katie.

Katie had done her research well, knowing that I still lived in the house we bought after we married. Then her next statement floored me. “I know you visit the salon regularly now, how about you drop the masculine act and become who you should have been since the start. You are only punishing yourself, you know. I never had any trouble with you as a female, in fact that side of you is easier to cuddle up to. The girls, well they still call you Mom, you have always been one to them, they do regret not being able to grow up with Mom there for them. When they get their hands on you there isn’t a chance in hell you will be left a male. So do us all a favor and be Jade for all eternity.”

I was dumbstruck, no words even possible to escape my mind much less my mouth. I never hid my dressing with Katie, but attributed most of our trouble between us as a result of my alter ego. No matter how many times I have dressed, living as a female always seemed impossible. No longer a hobby but a way of life changes a lot of things. I managed a we will talk about it more later, but Katie shook her head.

“No we won’t for us to be a couple again, Jade has to become real, no ifs or maybes involved. I will leave out the girls for now, but believe me they will settle for nothing less. Yes, I focused on the wrong things, let my enthusiasm for my job ruin our marriage, but you were just as bad, living a lie instead of facing who you really are. I am willing to change and get my priorities right, so let’s have you do the same.

I have made an appointment for you on Monday at eight A.M. Jay will enter the salon, but only Jade will emerge. Everything as permanent as science will allow, your life from now on. I have a meeting out here Monday A.M. right after I drop you at the salon. The girls will be arriving late in the evening and we will pick them up at the airport. They expect to see their other Mom in all of her beauty, so let’s not disappoint them.

From there we will see what happens. We spent the rest of the weekend together, doing this and that. Another walk on the sandy strip along the ocean, a trip to several of the tourist areas between here and San Francisco, just being us. Not much talking, but a lot of nibbles and kissing when we felt like it. We made the rounds of the restaurants we used to visit when we met. Most still in business after ten years.

I got an extra passionate kiss when Katie left for her meeting on Monday morning, her showing me my wallet and house keys in her purse before she left. The salon had already been paid for in its entirety, just needing me to agree to the changes and sign the releases for the treatments. It seems like I had very few options in this matter. Katie for it, the girls demanding it and my license, credit cards and money now at her business meeting.

Katie dropped me at the salon, most of the techs that have waited on me in the past waiting for me to arrive. I was escorted by two techs back to a treatment room, my treatments explained and after signing, the papers removed and the door locked to the room. I swallowed hard, the time has come, Jade is now in control, and not just for the weekend like before. Both of the females with me smiling rubbing their hands together, just waiting to help me through the transformation. I dropped my pants, slipping off my shirt and let them have at me.

As I was slathered in cream, to get rid of my body hair, I thought of how much I wanted something like this in the past. I liked sharing my female side with the girls when they were younger, although I never dressed strictly female around them. It was always an ambiguous look, neither female nor male, just somewhere in between. Then during the divorce proceedings I backed off fearing that was maybe why Katie had decided that she no longer wanted to be married to me.

I never did understand why we did get a divorce, and now I am sure Katie was just as confused as I was. I stopped the ambiguous look, anything that hinted at femininity was abruptly stopped hoping that would be enough to change her mind about the divorce. The last two days we had talked about her seeing her lawyer, her lawyer more interested in getting his fee than her feelings. She was so busy in her job that she just followed along doing as he suggested instead of asking opinions from others. Lots of mistakes by both of us leaving a ten year period of unhappiness and grief.

From hair removal they moved to my groin, Jade is female and I have a bulge that does not contribute to the image. That will soon be rectified apparently. Junior was glued tightly to the area between my scrotum and my anus. In that configuration he was hardly noticeable. A fake vagina that rivaled the real thing was glued over the area, now the only sex I could have is as a female. I was assured by my techs that my new sex organ was fully functional, just not rated for well-endowed specimens.

They moved to my breasts next, or should I say lack of breasts. Two cups were glued over my nipples, and then their special formulation of fat was introduced to the cups. The hoses were attached and the pump turned on. Immediately some loose flesh entered the cups, the first of much more to come. The rest of my body was slathered in a pink cream, much thicker and having a smell of carnations. The smell was intense, within minutes the smell permeated my nostrils, as I luxuriated in the sweet smell of flowers.

While that was happening my ears were pierced, I already had one set of holes, just didn’t wear earrings all the time. Two more holes each side and earrings in all of them, the long dangly ones in the bottom hole swinging to and fro on my neck. What a delicious feeling, way too long since I had felt that sensation. Then four techs attacked my nails, one each on my feet and one on each hand. Extensions for my fingernails, a bright red polish for my toenails. Not one coat either, a base coat, three coats of color and then a top coat, all set with a UV light making them almost indestructible.

All the time my mind was wandering about the death of my male side. I functioned as a male, but never did particularly liked doing it. The female side of me was the real me, able to interact with other females easily, without stress or concerns. Like my relationship with the girls, taking them shopping for lingerie or dresses, never bothering me in the least. It was enjoyable, and I wanted them to have nice things. I tried that with Katie too, but she never was able to relax enough to enjoy any of it. My fault for not demanding that she take time to enjoy life. Of course, that also makes me guilty of doing the same thing, not enjoying life and the real me.

Three hours into the pumping my forms were over half filled, soft tissue wobbling a little in the cups waiting for more tissue to join them. They still had lots to do, my eyebrows removed, now I would have to pencil them in every day. Then individual lashes were added to my eyes, now my eyelashes looked like thick lustrous ones as seen on actresses. Every time I blinked my eyelashes, a curtain of fine hairs briefly covered my eye.

Then my body, the forms and my hoses were moved to a stylist’s chair and I was leaned back so they could work on my hair. First washed and conditioned, then some smelly chemical added and worked in, roots first. From the brief glimpse I imagined I will now be a blonde when finished, the blonde wig I had at home was one of my favorites. Once the hair dye was rinsed out, two large bundles of blonde hair were laid over the side of the chair. The color of the extensions was a lighter shade of blonde, but the shocker was the length of the extensions. Each strand was over three feet in length, I realized my life just got more complicated, long hair like this requiring a lot more care and styling.

I would either have to learn to do it myself or I would be spending a lot more time in the beauty salon. Worried at first, the more I thought about it, the better long hair was sounding to me. Three hours later, all of the extensions were tied in, mine now until the hair it was tied to fell out or I had them cut out. One look in the mirror and I knew that would never happen, especially if Katie and the girls are wanting Jade back for good.

My nails were not forgotten, the ridiculously long extensions that were bonded to my existing nail would assure that I would do very little manual labor. I have had extensions in the past, temporary for a long weekend, but never this long. The tech assured me they would not come off and could not be cut or filed in any way. That last line was delivered with quite a smile. They did have a solvent, but my file showed it was not to be used on me or sold to me no matter what I may beg or plead.

My arms now looked so feminine now, the bright red polish seeming to drip from the long extensions, drawing all eyes to the my hands and nails. I doubt anyone looking my way would miss my new appendages. Several rings were slid on afterward, the stones in the rings matching the earrings that were in and dangling from my ears.

While that was being done my hair was set in large almost comical curlers and a huge hair dryer slid over to cover all of them. The warm heat made me drowsy, the few times I woke up, I would quickly look to my breasts in the cups, the cups now almost full. I realized the male part of me was no more, nothing even remotely looking masculine left on my body.

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© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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