Cody; The Real Me?

Gloria and I had been an item for three years now, but all of that was in jeopardy. I decided to tell Gloria about the real me, the young male that loves to dress as a female. My name is Cody, I am twenty two years of age and relatively masculine. I stand five foot nine inches tall and weigh 145 lbs. soaking wet. We are both college students in southern Arizona, Gloria majoring in communication and me in sociology.

Recently we have been getting more serious in our relationship, so the time has come for me to be truthful instead of only thinking about myself. Lots of my friends have withheld the fact that they are transgender from their significant other only to have it blow up in their face later. I decided it was only fair to tell Gloria now, then let her decide if she still wants a relationship. I was taking her out to eat, figuring that if it upset her that much a public place might be a better location to divulge the information.

We had a nice dinner in a new restaurant in the foothills just outside Tucson on the way to Mt. Lemmon. We talked about our classes for a while, then about us. I decided that now was the time so I just blurted it out. I told her that I was transgender, loved to wear female clothes, but not sure that I want to transition all the way to a female. She reached over to hold my hands, telling me that she knew for ages, but was glad that I was finally able to trust her enough to confide my secrets to her.

I just sat there, here I was worrying myself sick, and she knew all the time. I got around to asking what gave me away, with her telling me it was easy. No red blooded American male is interested in what a female has to say or to shop with them, both things that you do willingly and often. I was still trying to comprehend the fact that she knew and was okay with it, then I asked if it would make a difference in our relationship.

She said no, you are stuck with me for better or worse, so get used to it. We talked about how other transgendered people have trouble being accepted, even the simple task of dressing in female clothes often denied them by their family or peers. Gloria insisted that was mainly how they went about it. If they were out front about it and proud of what they were doing they were most likely assured of some success.

I told her it would be nice to be able to go to classes in female clothes, to just be accepted as a female would be a dream come true. She thought for a while, then surprised me by asking how gutsy I was. I told her that I quit worrying what other people thought a couple of years ago, but have stayed in the shadows because what I do reflect on my friends and family and I did not want to hurt them because of what I did or said.

She proposed that she set up an advertising campaign for me, to essentially put out there that I was transgender, going to dress as a woman, and wanted to be treated as one. It took me several minutes to gather all of that last statement in, but I was still unsure if that would help any, although it would certainly out me to the world. Her reply was good, with that out of the way you could go forward with your life.

I couldn’t come with an answer that made sense, so I let the subject drop. We drove the scenic road to the top of Mt. Lemmon, parked and took in the view from the peak. Nothing more is said that night about my particular problem, we stayed till the early morning just watching the stars and lights of the city. It was slightly cooler up there and the evening was pleasant and enjoyable.

Three days later Gloria asked me to meet her at the student union for lunch, she had an idea she wanted to share with me. She was waiting for me when I got out of class, with her lunch already before her. I quickly got mine and joined her at the table.

She wanted me to listen to her idea and then we would discuss it in detail. She had an ad campaign set up to divulge my secret to the campus, but I would have to embrace the female lifestyle completely. She was sure it will work, but I would have to be enthusiastic in my approach to the dressing. I started to ask her some of the details, but she was more interested if I had the guts to pursue my dreams.

Since Gloria knew now, I didn’t need to worry about her getting picked on because of how other people behaved when they found out that I was a male dressing as a female. Since my parents lived back east, it is unlikely they would be affected much, but I was pretty sure that Mom knew anyway, little signs along the way kept popping up that hinted she saw me as a daughter and not a son. For my last birthday I was sent a card that was obviously for a female, with the explanation that was all the card shop had in that category. I doubted that, since most card shops have hundreds of birthday ones to choose from.

I did want to make sure that Gloria was okay if she got comments or snide remarks because of my dressing. I was assured that she would have no problem with a boyfriend that is a girlfriend, in fact she thought it would be a lot more fun than the present arrangement. She asked how many feminine clothes that I had, since she wanted me in female items totally for the foreseeable future. I informed her that my wardrobe was very extensive, built up over three years by shopping at every thrift shop in the area.

It comprised of enough items to fill three closets and four dressers. I loved shoes and at last count I had forty-two pair of heels and flats. She wanted me to do a trial run, first thing in the morning, being aware that I had no classes till four o’clock in the afternoon. All female clothes, full makeup and the tallest heels that I had, something suitable for an afternoon shopping at the mall. I agreed telling her that I would meet her at the student union at nine A.M. She started to tell me a little more about her plan, but I told her it might be better for me to go into this blindly.

I knew that I tended to obsess about everything, so if I knew what she was planning I would be on pins and needles all the time. If she just does it, I might have second thoughts, but there would be nothing I could do about it. She reminded me that she never does anything half ass, if she started something she carries it to completion one way or another. I was aware of that, but hoped that maybe because I was involved she might be a little more tolerant of my feelings and curb some of those results at all cost desires of hers.

We cuddled for quite a while and then I drove her home. Before she got out her makeup was smudged real good, my way of thanking her for her understanding and help. She had to fix her lipstick in the car before she went in so her roommate would be unaware of her activity tonight. I got in one last kiss and told her that I would see her in the morning.

I drove home and picked out my outfit for in the morning, making sure that I was smooth and hair free for tomorrow. I brushed my hair, deciding to go with a high ponytail tomorrow, easy to do but feminine in looks. I settled into my bed and thought of what I might be getting myself into, but before any decisions were rubber stamped I was fast asleep.

I got up extra early, did my daily rituals and got dressed. Makeup and hair were next, then I made my way to the student union. I was so nervous I didn’t eat any breakfast for fear of it not staying down. Gloria was also early as I was hugged and cheek kissed, then she appraised my presentation in the minutest detail. She was impressed, but I was told that I would have to have some professional assistance to make this work the way she had it planned.

She wanted to make sure that I would invest the necessary dollars to make this a success, I told her that I would invest the necessary sums to make my life more to my choosing if I could see some progress along the way. Again I asked her if some changes are made if I am endangering my relationship with her. I received a toe curling kiss that was wet and wonderful, I guess that answers that question.

She decided that the professional help was needed at this stage and hauled me off to a salon on the other side of the town. She was greeted by name as we made our way in the door and up to the reception desk. She asked for Julie and was told to go back to the third room on the left. As we walked through the salon I was amazed at the number of male customers getting beauty services. Manicures, facials, makeovers and wash and sets were prevalent. No, I was not aware of all the names, but Gloria filled in the blanks for me as we made our way to the back.

Julie came out of the room as we neared and Gloria and her cheek kissed and hugged. I was introduced to her, then she did an appraisal of my feminine looks before discussing with Gloria what was to be done. Somehow Gloria had called her and arranged an appointment and Julie was setting up to do the services as we came in. I was taken by the hand and led into the room. I was told to strip all the way and lay on the table. I tried to turn this way and that to keep my modesty, but Gloria jerked down my panties when I was not quick enough in her opinion. Julie thought my body hair was acceptable, just needed to be touched up where the appliances were to be attached.

I looked over at Gloria to get an explanation, she just giggled and told Julie to do her worst and she would pick me up at three this afternoon in time for my class. It was only eleven in the morning, so I figured that there would be more than a few things done to my body. Julie helped me lay down and covered my eyes with a moist towel as she started working on my chest. A pleasant but cold liquid was applied around my breast area and the after ten minutes it was wiped off.

Then two cups suspended from a bar were lowered to my chest. The area was marked with a pen measuring out from my nipples. A blob of whitish material was placed under the cup, then the cups were lowered and a motor was switched on. The loose skin from the breast area was sucked up into the cup filling the cup partially. A warming feeling spread through the skin sucked into the cup and the pump switched from steady pressure to alternating suction then off, then back on for thirty seconds, then off again.

The heating of the skin got quite warm, almost uncomfortable and stayed that way as the pump kept a steady rhythm for the next three hours. Julie asked me twice if I wanted a drink, but I was worried enough at to what was happening to not be thirsty. While the pump was running she had transferred her attention to my groin, where she had been manipulating my penis and testicles pushing them into some kind of sheath. I started to ask a couple of times about what she was doing, but I was told that I would have to ask Gloria if I wanted any information.

I finally gave up trying to find out what she was doing to me, figuring that I would not find out until Gloria returns this afternoon. She finished working on my lower extremities, then shifted her focus to my nails. She filed each one adding extensions to each nail, then I felt something being applied to each nail. When she finished my hands she moved to my toes doing the same thing with the filing and polish.

After the manicure and nail polish Julie returned her attention to my chest. The pump was turned off and the suction relaxed on the cups. The cups were removed but the breast that had been formed by the suction remained. The material that had been put into the cup, I learned was the fat that was dissolved and absorbed into the skin helping to form the new breast.

The moist towel was still over my eyes, bit I manged to sneak peeks every once in a while to the side of the towel. When my nails were dry the towel was removed and the first thing I saw was my new breasts. They were quite large, very noticeable, and definitely perky and mobile. They seemed to jiggle at any movement from my body and as I was watching them bounce on my chest due to my rather haggard breathing. I noticed the new appearance of my groin, as my eyes peeked through the gap between my breasts then I promptly fainted, as the slit and pubic hair of a girl became emblazoned on my memory.

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© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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