Eva; La Femme Fatale

The movie was the talk of the town. Quite a feat for Las Vegas, famous for all of the shows and gambling. Then you have the bordellos outside of town where prostitution is legal. So for something to overshadow all of the goings on it was indeed quite special. The movie was based on a best selling novel, written by the woman that lived that life, a biography of sorts. There was speculation about how much of the book was actually true, but the few things that could be easily checked did prove to be true. The studio that was producing the movie bought the book right away, they were sure it would make a great movie.

The book was primarily bought my females, the struggles of the lead character as she fought to make something of her life resonated with females in general. Then you have the sex with lots of desirable males, the career of a showgirl and finally success as a headliner in a Vegas show. All of these things just added to the appeal of the book. It was a best seller for months, the publishing company now into the fifth printing of said book.

The author of the book insisted it be filmed in Vegas, where most of her struggles actually happened. The choice of an actress to play her part was not the authors, several public displays of her unhappiness were plastered over all of the tabloids. Watchers were not sure if she was indeed unhappy with the choice of the actress or if all of this was just a publicity stunt. Meanwhile the local paper carried the details of the movie being set up. The bordello where the sex scenes were to be filmed, the casino where all of the showgirl scenes were to be acted out and the hotel where the actress and main characters would be housed all made the front page in infinite detail.

I came to be involved when my agent sent in my portfolio and acting credits for one of the supporting roles in the film. Truthfully she didn’t think I had any chance for a part, since she thought a Hollywood up and coming actor would be cast into any available opening. Still it was her job to make the effort.

Meanwhile a new juicy rumor made its rounds. The chosen actress was new to Hollywood, and also a member of a quite influential family in Southern California. In simpler terms she was spoiled rotten wanting her way on everything or she would take her toys and go home. The studio was caught in between, since signing her they were contractually obligated to put her in a starring role within a year of her signing. The end of the year was coming up, so they were stuck with her in the lead role. It did come out that her father owned a sizable portion of the studio, thus her contract and now the starring role. How convenient.

In simple terms she wanted certain scenes eliminated from the script, refusing to act in any of them. The specific scenes were never specified, so the press was just guessing on what they were. Of course, that added to the publicity for the movie, bad in some ways, but it being front page news all the time guaranteed it a good box office, once and if the movie was ever released. The if released was gaining as countless glitches started appearing involving the actress, the scenes and now the substantial delay in starting to film the movie.

I got a call from my agent early on a Friday morning, a day I usually spent at one of my part time jobs. I was to dress nice and she would pick me up in half an hour, no other explanation was provided. Marilyn was super but also a riot to be around. She did make sure any part mentioned in any upcoming film was supplied with my credentials, the mere mention of the word credentials made us both break out in laughter. Yeah credentials, a few pictures taken of me by a professional photographer and a mention of a play I was in at a local community theater. It was a substantial part, but the play ran for two performances before it was canceled, for lack of ticket sales.

I did have one other walk on for a commercial, no words spoken and maybe fifteen seconds before the camera. That is fifteen seconds if you were not watching the clock very carefully. That brief exposure gathered me a whopping fifty-seven dollars, then I had to pay union fees and a cut for Marilyn. I think I managed thirty-one dollars after all was settled.

I was waiting for her at the curb when she pulled up, jumped in the front seat and we were off. The production company had requested a meeting, but nothing else was said about the purpose of the meeting or where it was to be held. Marilyn was to meet them at a local restaurant that was closed until lunch. She warned me to be charming but not to question too much until we see what they have in mind. As usual she would handle most of the talking, unless I was required to read for a part. If I was asked. I was to do as good as I could, trying to immerse myself in the role. A very hard thing to do with no sense of the character and what the part was about.

Someone met us outside the restaurant and we were led in, then to a private room near the back. There was an assortment of drinks there and a few things to nibble on if desired. I was too tense to partake of any of the nibbles but I drank almost a bottle of water trying to soothe my parched throat. Marilyn handled the introductions as I learned the producer, and a salon specialist were here for my interview. That did get a raise of my eyebrows, Marilyn giving me a death stare when she saw my eyebrows go up. I briefly wondered what a salon specialist did, but obviously was not going to ask and apparently was not going to be told any more.

I was asked to remove my clothes except for my shorts, their salon specialist needed to see what my body looked like. Marilyn agreed to the unusual request whispering to me to do it and try real hard to not blush or show reluctance in performing the request. I got up and slowly removed my clothes, a shirt, pants and a t-shirt. I tried to stay calm as she looked over my body, but when they said they were satisfied, I grabbed the t-short and held it in front of me trying to cover my breasts as a female might do. Marilyn broke out giggling and tried to apologize for me, that is just something she often does. “You will have to forgive her bashfulness.” I did take note of her reference to me as a female.

They talked a little about the film, and even mentioned they were having a little difficulty with one of the actors, but shooting was scheduled to start in three weeks if they could work out a few problems. They asked me to step out, they wanted to talk to my agent in private. I gave Marilyn a glance, she just motioned with her eyes for me to leave. I went out into the restaurant and found a quiet table to sit at, watching the waitresses set up for lunch. Marilyn appeared about thirty minutes later, the smirk plastered on her face quite comical. She grabbed my arm and I was led from the restaurant. Into her car and then she drove us to her office. I was going to protest losing the hours at my part time job, especially as it appeared that nothing will come from this. Since we left without me being seen again I presumed the worse, whatever they had in mind for me not doable.

I tried to question her, all I got was some giggles and variations of that same smirk all the way to her office. I was dragged inside and sat on her sofa to the right of her desk. I started to speak, she suggested I keep my mouth shut till she was finished. That said with a little more resolve than I have seen from Marilyn in the past. “You have the part if you want it, but there is a lot more to it than just a part in a movie. The first thing is you will be immersed in the role for at least six months, however there is a good chance it will be almost two years or more. That is living and breathing the part for the entire time.” She emphasized that living and breathing the part of her statement, repeating it twice.

“The money is fantastic, but there is a lot of conditions and requirements that have to be submitted to prior to the start of filming. These are major considerations, especially for a male. You will be living at the hotel with the other actors and actresses for the entire six months, only leaving it for filming and any personal appearances deemed necessary by the studio. All of this is subject to what happens in the ensuing few weeks.”

“Now for the weird part, you will be a stand in for the leading lady in a good portion of her scenes. Your appearance will be changed to perfectly match hers, and the two of you will be not seen together at any time. They will take advantage of some of your dance training as you will do her scenes on stage for the film.”

She paused to see if I am going to figure it out. Then out of the blue my mind finally put the pieces together. I will be doing her dance scenes naked except for pasties and a g-string. I tried to suck all of the air out of the room at one time, and leaned back hard against the back of the sofa. Meanwhile Marilyn was laughing as hard as she could while holding my hand to keep me from running away. I shouted it is not funny, that just causing even more laughter to erupt.

When she ran out of laughing gas and the room again was fairly quiet I told her that filling in for leading lady was impossible, especially since I will be essentially naked. She pulled a couple of pictures from her briefcase showing me as a male and then different treatments applied and then as the stand in for the star of the new movie. My mouth was open, especially since my eyes were riveted to the female sex and the massive breasts that were now pictured on my body in the picture. These pictures furnished by the salon specialist from the couple of pictures she snapped of you while partially naked.

The role does have a lot of restrictions, one is that at no time is it to be revealed that I am a male and taking her place. It will probably require me to live as a female all the time during the filming, and interact with other actors and actresses from time to time as such.

I have had some experience dancing in a show, although not as a female. My height and weight are compatible to what they desire. Then she tells me about me doing her sex scenes. My mouth sprang open and stayed that way, as I muttered as to sex scenes with a male, real sex with a male. She did manage to nod her head yes, before she dissolved into fits.

Of course, lots of laughter ensued, but she then tells me what they are prepared to pay me for my efforts. That information left me speechless. More in a base salary then I have ever dreamed about making, plus a percentage of the gross of the movie. All of the scenes that I will have to perform in are the scenes that will guarantee the movie’s success or failure .

It was over an hour later when we both managed to get our selves composed enough to have a serious discussion about this offer of a life time. I asked her if this was even possible, surely what the pictures showed was not really possible to achieve. She told me it was possible and often used in films and movies, but never divulged to anybody. The place doing my transformation is right here in town, and they have assured the studio that you will be an exact duplicate of the female down to the last pubic hair and mole or birthmark.

We talked for about three hours discussing every facet of this weird deal. Apparently the studio found themselves stuck in this situation, when a makeup artist noticed my picture on the casting director’s desk. He made the remark that I could easily pass as the leading lady that the studio found themselves stuck with. The producer picked up on the remark immediately and consulted the salon they were planning on using showing them a picture of me from my portfolio. Then after the meeting with us it was decided to offer me the part. The salon specialist confirmed that the impersonation could be handled easily and in every way be an exact copy of the proposed leading lady.

I had my doubts about doing this, but the money was just too good to be passed up. Marilyn met with them again, discussing every facet of the change and each role I would be expected to perform in the movie. With proper coaching it was believed I could do all of the required scenes, the showgirl scenes and the sex scenes the most difficult. Marilyn got them to supply an expert in sex scenes to coach me in the necessary skills that I would need to perform my part for the camera. I would also receive coaching in the showgirl scenes, although being a dancer was not as important as being nude doing the scenes. When Marilyn told me of these concessions, I blurted out they expect me to have sex with a male? She laughed yes, after you give him a blowjob. Of course, they were more boyfriends than just the one, each one of them requiring a sex scene of one type or another. Of course, Marilyn was giggling so hard, it took me quite a while to get her to be serious. Then she told me they had conceded another fairly large stipend for doing the sex scenes, in addition to the original amount to do the movie.

This was all too much, so I told Marilyn I would see her tomorrow and left her office. She yelled for me to be here by eight A.M since she had to let them know my decision by ten A.M. I made my way home, found my stash of alcohol and downed a glass full in a matter of seconds. It was only wine, a cheap brand to boot. I stared at my TV, although I had not turned it on. Finally I put the bottle of wine back and took a long shower, letting the water run over me until all the hot water had been used. I dried myself off, and collapsed on my bed. I was not sleepy so I just laid there now staring st the ceiling. It came down to the crazy amount of money that was being offered me.

The sex scenes bothered me the most, but again the absurd amount of money entered my thoughts. After the film was finished I could afford the most expensive therapists to return my mind back to something resembling a normal functioning male. As I thought of giving a male a blowjob my mind ceased to function for a while, because it also thought of a male taking me like a female, a scene I knew was in the movie. Then I remembered Marilyn telling me the lady had multiple boyfriends, each of them to be covered in the movie since their names were familiar in the industry.

I did make it to her office the next morning, looking like shit from a lack of sleep and worry about what I was destined to undertake. I gave her the nod to accept, and she called them and made it official. Whoever she called ended up in a lengthy conversation with Marilyn, another huge smirk on her face as she hung up.

“Do you have anything that you have to have from your apartment, if so retrieve it now. You will be going from here directly to your suite at the hotel and into isolation for the duration.”

I thought for a few moments then told her nothing that I needed. She would dispose of my apartment lease, and put anything of value in storage for me. Since I had nothing of value I told her to donate it charity or throw it away. She wanted my wallet now, to be put in her safe for the duration, asking if there was any documentation at my apartment to go with the I.D. I responded no, and she grabbed my hand after putting my wallet away and led me away. A short ride to the hotel, then a trip up to my suite using the back elevator, meant for deliveries.

She made sure I was safely in the room, then wanted all of my clothes. I gave her a puzzled look, but she just unbuckled my belt and yanked down my pants. The rest soon followed and she kissed me on the cheek, telling me my specialist will be here soon and I was to do as instructed. She will not see me anymore, but will make sure I am being paid properly and that the money is safely put away in a bank account for me. Just like that I was alone and naked felling very vulnerable and scared.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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