Diana; Turnabout Gurl Attache

I read the ad three times, then even looked at the front of the newspaper to see if I had an edition from days ago. It was fairly large for the front section of the paper, usually this size ad is reserved for one of the other sections of the paper. I read the ad one more time, trying to see if I was interpreting it wrong some how. Nope there could only be one way the ad could be perceived. It seemed unreal, a job for that kind of money and benefits just don’t pop up overnight.

Wanted young males age eighteen to twenty-five for a three month work/learning experience. Payment is four hundred dollars a week plus allowances for accommodations and meals. A complete wardrobe will be furnished and included with the job. Send your resume along with a photo in an email to turnaboutgurl.com. After a careful review you will be contacted for an interview if you meet our minimum requirements.

I had heard the name turnaboutgurl somewhere, but could not remember exactly where. I did a google search and found the name, as it is the name for a chain of beauty salons that cater to the male of the species. Checking the phone book we had one location in town and another two in the neighboring towns. Now I was not so sure I would be interested in the position. For the next day at my go nowhere fast food job I kept thinking about the money. That is twenty-four hundred dollars a month, or seventy-two hundred dollars for the three month period. I was not sure what I would be doing for the money but it would sure beat what I am doing now.

If I was permitted to work all of my scheduled hours the most I would make was a little over two hundred and fifty dollars a week. If the restaurant was not busy employees that were not needed were sent home, so most weeks I never was able to work all of my scheduled hours.

I had graduated junior college, so did have a little education. Unfortunately for me, our area was very depressed, jobs were almost non-existent. To get the job I presently had took me four months, and countless trips to the place. I think I may have got the job because they didn’t want me to pester them anymore, rather than because I was qualified. I was still living at home, a sore subject with me. Mom understood, but I think Dad was ready for me to fly the coop. He had been trying forever to get Mom to move to Florida with him. Several of his buddies had already made the move and all he could see was being able to play golf everyday with his buddies or a game of pool when not on the golf course. Mom however wanted to stay, in case I needed support or maybe a little mothering. Let’s face it she was not ready to let her little boy leave the nest quite yet.

That afternoon after I returned home from work I emailed them giving them my education, work references, and a little about me. I included a photo, taken last Christmas and a couple of references from my junior college professors. The next day I forgot about it since we were extra busy at my work, several employees out sick causing the rest of us to hustle trying to keep up. On the following day I was shocked when the sick employees were fired without cause. So much for a caring employer.

Two days later and several more shifts at the fast food place I was walking home, since I had run out of money for the bus till I get my next paycheck. With luck I would get paid tomorrow, it they didn’t forget to pass out the checks at shift change. It has happened before, in a couple of cases I think it was intentional. Always an excuse, some of them quite comical. If you bitched when you finally did get your check it was marked final check. So everybody put up with the situation.

Anyway I was about three blocks from work walking past a small shopping center that was set off the road quite a bit. I noticed the parking lot was almost full, something that seldom happened in this town. I looked at the stores in the shopping center and noticed the sign for the Turnabout Gurl Salon, all done in a hot pink color. My curiosity got the best of me and I walked back to the salon. The place was packed, everywhere I looked I only saw females, I wonder where the males are at, if they indeed cater to the males. The place was huge, taking almost half of the small shopping center.

I decided to enter and ask about the job that was advertised a few days ago. It worked for me getting the fast food job, maybe pestering them a little will help here to. I asked the receptionist at the front counter if I could talk to someone about the job advertised a few days ago. I mentioned that I had sent an email with my particulars earlier in the week. She asked my name, then consulted a list of names at the back of her appointment book. She found my name, then called someone on her phone, then told me to have a seat and someone will be up to talk to you. I sat there kind of proud of myself for taking the initiative and stopping to talk to them. Maybe just maybe this will get me an inside track on the job.

A fairly attractive lady came up and introduced herself to me. Her name was Jenny and she is the salon manager at this location. I was taken by the hand and led back to one of their styling stations. Jenny told the technician what was to be done to me and then left. No explanation was given, the tech putting a cape around me and fastening it behind my neck. I immediately tried to remember what Jenny was saying to the tech, but I had not really paid that close of attention to what she said. I think I heard wash and set, then something about makeup. I should have spoke up, or at least asked what and why these things were going to be done to me, but if I did something to keep from getting the job I would feel much worse, okay devastated more likely.

So I sat there while my hair was washed and conditioned. Fran was my technician and after washing my hair she told me she was going to take care of my split ends. The chair was sat up and she snipped here and there, then took a curler and wound the first strand of my hair around it. My mouth was open, surprised at what she was doing to my hair. I was temped to say something, but no words were uttered. Once all of my hair was in curlers a hair dryer was moved over my head and turned on. I was left alone while she gathered some other things for later, hopefully not for me.

I was under the dryer for quite a while, having left my watch at home I had no idea of the passage of time. Fran kept checking the dryness of my hair, adjusting the warmness of the heat delivered by the dryer. Finally I was deemed dry and the dryer was removed. She laid back the chair again and started applying makeup to my face after she had thoroughly cleaned my face with several products. I could feel her applications of products but could not see a mirror to see the end results. It seemed the number of products used was endless, as each is applied to the appropriate area of my face. I could feel some of them on my skin, a pleasant fragrance wafted up from a couple of the items used. Numerous coats of mascara were applied, each coat making my lashes heavier and more noticeable. Finally my lips received lipstick after she had lined the lips with a darker color pencil. I caught a brief glance of myself in a mirror shocked at my feminine appearance, the curlers although feminine did look comical contrasting greatly with the flawless finished makeup.

The curlers were removed and my hair brushed into the desired style, then a liberal application of hair spray to help maintain the style. She moved to my side and I got a look at my reflection. No longer male, I looked like a young female, ready to go out on the town. I was fascinated at my image, it was several minutes later when my mind finally engaged and wondered why this had been done to me.

Jenny returned and led me to her office. I was shown a chair in front of her desk and told to sit. She went to her seat, then took out a file folder from her desk drawer. “If you had to appear every day like this hair and makeup done to perfection with the appropriate female clothes would you be interested in the job. I don’t want an answer now, I want you to return home as you are, do what you normally do, then tomorrow morning return here to give me your answer. I want you interacting with people, especially with relatives as you would normally. You came into the salon willingly and allowed us to make you over, so nothing that happened was forced on you. Be honest in your conversations with them and about how you feel now. That part is the most important.”

“How did you arrive here?” I stuttered walked, she just smiled and called someone to come and take me home, a much better means of getting home since I will likely be perceived to be a young female. A bubbly, giggly female in a brief costume entered the office and led me away. Through the salon and out to her car. As I was getting in I realized I would be taken home like this, no chance to remove the makeup or minimize the look of my hairdo. Gloria, my chauffeur giggled as she saw me panicking. “Jenny does this on purpose to see how you will handle things. I suggest you go along with the flow, telling the truth if questions are asked of you. Then tomorrow morning let her know your true feelings and experiences.”

I hadn’t noticed that we had pulled into my driveway, since my mind was solely occupied on my thoughts and concerns of eminent doom. I briefly wondered how we got here, since I never gave her my address. She took my hand, squeezed it and told me good luck. I got out of her car in a daze and stumbled up to our front door. Before I could use my key to unlock the door Dad opened the door and stared at me. Oh shit and several other expletives crossed my mind. The response I came out with even astonished me.

“Oh Daddy, do you like my new hairdo? Isn’t it just scrumptious. I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, leaving a lip print that matched the red in my lipstick. Then skipped off to the kitchen to let Mommy see the new me. I definitely wanted to put some distance between my Father and me. I fully expected my Father to be right behind me, to assess the new changes further and to disown me in the same breath. I briefly looked behind me as I was going through the kitchen door, Daddy frozen in the same spot as I left him with his hand on his cheek where I had kissed him. Now for Mother.

I picked up my pace, maybe something similar will work on Mother too. Mom had heard the talking and we ran into each other on the other side of the door. I pulled her into a hug, but she wanted to see me so I was pushed back so that I could be seen better. I was carefully appraised, then she yanked me forward pulling me tight against her and squeezed me to death. I could swear I heard ribs cracking with the intensity of her embrace, my ribs cracking.

Of course, she wanted all the facts, suggesting that I start at the beginning. I told her about the ad, my email response and how I decided to appear in person, since I had to walk past their place on the way home. Mom wanted to know why I was walking, as I tried to answer her without causing fifteen more questions. Nope she was not going to fall for that. So I had to explain that until I get paid in a day or two I was broke. Fifteen minutes later I explained about getting paid late sometimes, Mom telling me that I will quit today, end of discussion. I started to protest, but she had that look, one that I knew better than to question.

Then we got around to my hairstyle and makeup. She wanted me to tell her how I feel, the good and the bad. I told her I like the look, my bland masculine look, no competition for how I look now. The makeup still feels a little weird, but the few glances I have had of my hairstyle I was quite pleased with. She was quiet, as she contemplated what to say to me. Then after making up her mind, she grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. I was sat on the edge of her bed while she searched her closet for an item. Once found she was all smiles as she came over to me, lifted my t-shirt over my head and slipped the tank top down over my shoulders. It was a peach color, fit fairly tight and left my shoulders bare except for the two thin straps holding it up. She asked if they sent anything home with me, I showed her the small bag that I had buried in my pants pocket since I didn’t want to be seen carrying a purse. Mom chuckled, removed the lipstick and mascara from the bag and told me to apply another coat to my lips and lashes. I guess I did okay, since she seemed happy at my efforts.

Dragged back out to the living room, her telling my father we were going out shopping, but would pick up some takeout for dinner on the way back. I froze in mid-stream, going out shopping, I don’t think so. Well Mothers can be pretty forceful and soon I was in the car as we headed to the mall. Once she parked she faced me and told me this was my next lesson in how females are treated. If you are going to be portraying a female for three months you need to see some of what you are going to experience.

I think I know what the salon and job are about, there have been several articles in the paper about them and what they stand for. So get out of the car, your feminine experience starts now. We walked the mall from one end to another, I was stared at, laughed at and oogled by males and females alike. The females were more considerate, giving me a once over, then any reaction was usually due to my male jeans and worn tennis shoes. If all they saw was from the waist up, I received a smile and nothing more. Mom dragged me into several stores, even helped pick out a dress for me to try on, I balked at doing it, but soon I was in a changing room as Mom helped me off with my male clothes, into the dress and zipped me up. I was given a pair of tights to put on, then she bought the dress and tights telling the clerk I would wear it home. One final look at my shoes and they also got replaced, a pair of light brown flats with green trim matching the dress. I looked at her with daggers, she just giggled and soon we were out in the mall, walking back to the car, my male clothes in a bag I was carrying.

I did notice a difference, no more people laughing at me, the looks from the males more intense, Mom used the word lustful when I brought it up. The females quickly appraising me, but after a smile they resumed their shopping.

We stopped at a fast food place. Luckily not the one I worked at, and I was given twenty dollars to go in and buy the food for dinner tonight. I stared at her, surely she is not expecting me to go in there alone. Well it turned out she was, repeating what I was to get, then pushed me out the car door. As soon as I straightened up after getting out of the car I heard the locks on the door click, and saw her smile as she waved to me through the windshield.

Reluctantly I entered the place, placed my order and waited for my food. I bought some of what each of us preferred, since we often ate the food from this particular restaurant. Several boys from my school class, came over to chat me up, both giving me their phone numbers. At first I was worried about them recognizing me, but they seemed to think I was a real female so I relaxed a little. I was so scared that my voice was strained, sounding more feminine than masculine. I was almost whispering, the words just would not come out easily.

Any more exposure to the male sex was curtailed as the gal that took my order handed me my food, whispering to me that the first guy is nice and quite a hunk, you can’t go wrong with him. Red as a fire truck I made my way back to the car, Mom clicking the door locks as I got closer. I sat the bag down on the seat between us and wadded up the notes the boys had given me with their phone numbers on them.

“I can see I need to have the birds and bees talk with you, then we can set up a curfew time and rules for dating boys. You are going to be very popular and much in demand.” All her comment did was increase the red in my cheeks, if that was even possible.

We did make it home, I helped Mom set the table, Dad carefully watching me. I nibbled on the food, the mall trip had caused quite a bit of distress and nervousness, causing my appetite to vanish. I helped Mom clean up, I am not sure why, it just seemed to be the proper thing to do. I sat in my room that evening my stereo playing the tracks that I often played to unwind from a disastrous day. I did a lot of thinking, eventually undressing and taking a shower. When I emerged from the shower there was a nightie in place of my pajamas on the bathroom vanity. I debated but then slipped it over my head, might as well go all the way. As it slid down I was in heaven, goose bumps on goose bumps and tingling from everywhere the nightie touched my skin.

I usually go right to bed after my shower, but I felt I needed to thank my Mom for today. I found a matching robe hanging on the door, slipped it on and made my way to the living room. I did not even think about why I thought I needed a robe over my nightie before I appeared before them. I walked up to Mom, leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, telling her thanks for a wonderful day. I got a hug then I did the same to Daddy. I got a hug from him also, with him telling me that he would take me wherever I wanted in the morning, he will not have his princess walking around town or riding the bus. I wanted to prolong the hug but I ran off to my bedroom instead, tears leaking from my eyes. That is the first time I have been hugged by my Father, nineteen years of wanting and needing now suddenly happening. I stood in my room for several minutes still feeling and savoring the warmness from his hug.

I couldn’t get comfortable, lying awake until early in the morning. I had made up my mind, if they will have me I will accept their job. New job or not I am quitting my old job, anything has to be better then it. A decision put off for way too long.

Dad did ferry his princess to where I work, a smile on his face the whole time. I did quit my job, a pleasant feeling enveloping my body as I did so. I still had the hairdo and makeup, after refreshing it this morning with Mom’s help. They didn’t even realize I looked different my supervisor just noting my name and telling me that my last check will be mailed to the address on my application. On to the salon, where dad left me at their front door. He did tell me to call him when I was finished and he would come pick me up. As he drove off, I was shaking my head, I was getting the full princess treatment, like my older sister did a few years ago. Weird but who I am to deny him the privilege.

As I entered the salon to talk to Jenny I let the receptionist know I was here then walked around the salon looking at what was going on. Through an arched passage to the side of the salon a huge clothing store appeared. I spent quite a bit of time looking at all of the clothes, clothes that I will be probably wearing soon. I would look down at the dress I was wearing, imagining myself in some of these pretty dresses. I looked up since another person was coming my way. It was Jenny with a huge smile plastered on her face. She asked me which one I liked the best, I had to wait a minute to answer her, since my throat had seized up stopping any verbal communication. I pointed to the one that I had looked at the most, twice I had pulled it out and held it up against me. Something I had never done before yesterday when Mom would hold up dresses to me to see how they might look on me.

Jenny took the dress and me to her office, told me to take a seat and then hung the dress behind her on a rack then set next to me on the couch to the side of her desk. I am sure she noticed how I sat, smoothing my skirt before I sat down. She wanted all my thoughts and any reaction I got from family and friends. I told her everything then mentioned with a tear in my eye about how my father had reacted, something I had never experienced before. I did get the job, although after she told me what it involved I was a little scared about being able to perform as she wanted.

The job was basically simple, live my life as a female, interacting with anyone I met, being truthful about being a male underneath the makeup and clothes. I was to reach out to people, join clubs and date young men, essentially become a bubbly female looking for new friends, acquaintances, and lovers. The last part of that thought scared me the most. I was not expected to have sex with them, just date, kiss, cuddle and anything else a young couple might want to do with each other. The key thing in all of this was being truthful with them about my gender, then answer questions in an honest manner if asked. She suggested if it was someone new that I do a double date with another couple so I would not be alone if that person objected to my deceit. I was let loose in their clothing store, Jenny wanting me to pick out a few things for my new wardrobe, the associate there able to help with undergarments and questions about the proper size.

I spent a little over two hours browsing the racks of clothes, the associate suggesting that I try everything on to make sure it fit. I was waiting for dad to come and pick me up, with ten bags of clothes and underwear. When he showed up I made a trip to the car then went back for the remainder of my clothing. He just looked at me, then smiled as he saw the grin on my face. He kept the smile but said nothing on the trip home. He did carry all of my bags in the house for me, carrying them up to my room. Mom had seen him carrying the bags, pulling me aside and asking if I had fun picking them out.

Of course, I had to model them all for her, she was truly impressed at my choices. I decided to jump right in to my new job, dressing in one of my nicer dresses and asking Dad if he will take me to Grandma’s. I got a skeptical look, then he shook his head and got his car keys. I am sure mom might phone her to inform her Mother of the visit, but I asked her not to. I wanted to show her my new look and explain why I was so keen on doing this. Dad dropped me off telling me that he will be back in a couple of hours to pick me up.

I walked up to her door, rang the doorbell and then walked in. She lived out of the city and always kept her door unlocked except when the traveling salesmen were working the area. I looked in the living room as I passed then made my way to the kitchen. I entered and than walked up to her, I got hugged immediately then pushed away so she could see how I was dressed. I got a couple of stern looks but no words were forthcoming. I did get hugged tightly, and in a whisper told that I looked very pretty. That is the first time I have been told that I look pretty, a warm feeling slowly encompassing my body.

She turned and removed a pitcher of lemonade from the refrigerator, poured us two glasses, then led me to the dining room. Her dining room was actually a part of the kitchen, a low wall separating the two rooms. She motioned to sit and after we got comfortable she wanted to know if I was her granddaughter now. I smiled and told her it was too soon for a definitive answer but things are leaning that way at the present. She asked just enough questions to make sure I did not leave anything out, but listened to me explain why I was doing this. Her last question left me in a quandary, as she asked if I was happy now. Then we moved on to other things the recent happenings in our lives and a little about life in general.

When dad returned to pick me up I received a huge hug, Gran wanting for me to visit often, then suggested a shopping trip, just the two of us, so she could make sure I had some nice clothes to wear. I left in tears, I know not all my ventures out will be this nice, but to be accepted as a female so easily making me so happy. I am not sure when wanting to be a female all the time entered my feeble mind, but it had already implanted itself firmly and apparently had no intention of being dislodged.

Over the next few weeks I made many new friends, surprised at how easily I was accepted by them. There were a few who objected to what I was doing, a few derogatory names used but in the end it was pretty much a non event.

While out shopping at the mall I ran across a store with a help wanted sign in the window. I needed a job, not wanting to sponge off Mom and Dad for the rest of my life. I asked for an application, filled it out and turned it in. The manager of the store looked it over, then noticed my first name on the application of Dan. She looked at me again, at my clothes and then asked if I was male or female. I told her I was a male who had a part time job as a female, but was seeking permanent employment for the rest of summer and the following school year. She asked if she could call my previous employer, I told her be my guest, but I doubted he would give me much of a reference, since I was just a body to fill a schedule, as far as he was concerned. She left me for a few minutes, then returned with a smile on her face. She had called, my former boss bad mouthing me from the time he heard my name. That was all she needed to hear, since several of her best employees had worked for him, if he disliked you you were okay in her book.

She did talk to me at length, about my job with the salon and how I was doing. I would be working in the back room to start with unpacking new clothes as they arrived, then in my spare time trained to ring up sales at the register. I could start tomorrow and she could use me for a total of up to twenty hours a week. She circled my femme name on the application, telling me she expected Diana to be the one to show up for work, nothing personal but Diana seemed to be the real person here, not Dan. I thanked her, got a hug and ventured back out to the mall.

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