Rylene; A Suitable Position

Thank goodness it was almost quitting time. Another boring shift flipping burgers, something I never thought I would be doing after completing college. As a fairly good student all through my earlier school years I managed to graduate from University in seven semesters with a degree in marketing. Like a lot of recent graduates real life reared its ugly head and I spent most of my left over school funds going to interviews and sending out resumes. At last count I had sent out over two hundred resumes, getting just five offers of an interview.

One interview seemed promising, the others were a waste of time and gas to go to. The standard line was delivered at the end of those interviews. We will keep your resume on file and let you know if any vacancies open up. The one that might have had some potential ended rather abruptly when the company declared bankruptcy five days after I was interviewed.

Oh well, life must go on. The next week I managed a part time job at a fast food place, just something to be able to keep a roof over my head. I guess I could return home with my tail between my legs as the saying goes, but I was young and had too much pride to admit defeat so soon after graduating. So I found a crappy apartment, managed a second hand bed and moved in. Three months later that was all I was doing, the rent and a few groceries all that my wages would support. I was now riding a bus to work, my car parked at the apartment complex under their carport. No money for gas, then you add in the exorbitant insurance fees for young males and the bus will have to do for a while.

Mom visited often, never rubbing my nose in my failure, but adding a few things to the refrigerator and seeing that my laundry was washed, something I was so grateful for. On the few times we actually saw each other face to face I was hugged tenderly, and told I was welcome to come home anytime. I almost gave in several times, it was so tempting. Eating a sandwich for the main meal and staring out the window for something to do is a pretty pathetic life.

One of the females where I worked told me about a company that was hiring locally for a new branch they were adding in a nearby town. They were holding open interviews at the local junior college for the next three days. She had applied just yesterday, and had managed to get a second interview later in the week at their new branch. It was slow at the burger place so I managed to get off early, went home to change clothes and went to the junior college. The line wasn’t too bad, I made it to the people doing the interviewing after only a thirty minute wait. There were five people asking questions, all females and from the type of questions I was asked very intelligent. While I was being quizzed my resume had been passed among them, each one giving it a thorough inspection.

I was asked questions about my background, my major in college, family life and my present job and living accommodations. I blushed red when I had to tell them I was working at a fast food place and that I was traveling to and from my job via bus since I could not afford to operate my car on what I was making. They conferred among themselves then I was handed a piece of paper with an appointment time on it at their company office about three hours away in a neighboring town. I sighed, knowing their was no way I could get there, a real chance for a job and I would not be able to take advantage of it. Then the one lady at the end of the table, who seemed to ask the most detailed questions in my interview handed me another note, that note informing me their company limo would pick me up the morning of the appointment then return me home after the interview.

I had no doubt that all of them heard my sigh, it was rather loud and exuberant. The rest of the week went along as usual, I did find out that Cheri, who had told me about the job, was going to be my companion for the trip since the limo was scheduled to pick us both up. I dressed as nice as I could, made sure my hair was in a low ponytail and tucked down the back of my collar. I thought of getting a haircut, but nothing was said about the length at the interview and I really didn’t have the funds to afford one and still be able to eat until I get paid again next Monday.

Cheri and I had a pleasant conversation on the trip over discussing our years in college and our wishes for the future. She was bubbly and quite an extrovert. I decided that was maybe one of my shortfalls, so I promised myself I would be more open and outgoing in this second interview. Once at their company headquarters the driver led us into a room, with two separate desks, had us sit and then placed a stack of papers in front of each of us. She then introduced herself as Vicky Thomas, their personnel manager. I swallowed hard, she had heard all of our discussion on the trip over, I guess a further in detail interview would not be necessary.

Vicky told us that the tests in front of us were specific to the position we would be considered for. There was no time limit on the tests, and we would break for lunch at one. Since neither of us had more questions she left and we started on the tests. I was expecting a lot of yes or no type of questions, but was slightly shocked when there wasn’t a single one. In my case the question dealt with a product, its description, then a brief summary of the age group it was aimed at. I was to write my ideas on how to market it, in detail, including slogans or what wordage was to be used in the ads.

I had fifteen such examples and by the third one I was sweating bullets. I managed to make it to question number ten when it was decided to break for lunch. Cheri gave Vicky a hug, telling her that she loved the questions she was asked, each one so thought provoking. I surprised myself asking Vicky if the actual job would be easier than the test to get it. She giggled, then took my and Cheri’s hands and led us to a nearby restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious lunch. The talk was light, Vicky giving us a few details about the company. It was not publicly traded, owned by several of the upper level management. Each employee had interest in the company from the first day they worked, sharing in the profits at the end of the year.

We had finished our meals, so Vicky suggested we get back so that our testing could be finished. I finally finished my response to the last question shortly after five P.M. Cheri was still answering questions so Vicky took my responses and started reading them. Every once in a while she would look over to me, and raise her eyebrow, I presume I answered a question in a way that she had not anticipated. A little before six Cheri finished and Vicky took a few minutes to look over her test results too. Since it was late she suggested we stay overnight at the companies expense, then we would be evaluated in the morning by herself and her assistant.

First we got dinner, another restaurant that the company used often. The food was good, but my mind was fried, too much thinking and worrying about my responses and if they were appropriate today. Vicky checked us in at a hotel they use often, then handed us an over night bag, containing some necessities and something to wear to bed tonight. We each received hugs and she was gone. I made my way to my room, quite nice, way above what I thought we might get on the spur of the moment. I slipped out of my clothes and took a shower, I thought for sure I would use all of their hot water, but somehow they still had some when I finished my shower. I felt much better, relaxed and almost back to normal, whatever that is.

I opened the overnight bag, took out a toothbrush and a hair brush and made my way back to the bathroom. After brushing my teeth and brushing my hair I returned to the bag to see what was available to wear to bed. The first thing I pulled out was a super sexy nightie, almost transparent and loaded with lace. I let out a half laugh with my face sporting a huge smile. I bet they got our bags mixed up, me getting the one that was meant to be Cheri’s. I was tired and wasn’t going to disturb Cheri, so I laid it back down on top of the bag and prepared to get in the bed naked. As I pulled back the covers, I let out another sigh, satin sheets were the choice for bed linens at this hotel, I knew how they felt, something my mother often used for my bed at home. I never knew why she used them for my bed, I eventually got used to it and it never did come up in conversation for some reason by either of us.

I did not trust myself naked on the satin sheets, so after making sure there were no other options I donned the nightie and slipped under the covers. I did find a pair of panties with the nightie, since junior was acting up, I decided maybe something to rein him in a little might help. It was at least an hour later before my mind finally quit obsessing over the nightie and satin sheets and I fell asleep. The bed was comfortable and once asleep I took full advantage not waking up till almost eight the next morning. I immediately panicked, figuring I should have already been up and dressed way before this. I put the nightie and panties back in the bag and dressed in my male clothes. My male underwear was a little ripe and I had nothing else to wear so I dug out the panties again. I made sure they did not show after getting my pants and shirt back on. I straightened the room some making sure nothing was left out. My male underwear made it to the garbage, since I was not sure what was to be done with the overnight bag.

I showed up in the lobby, the desk clerk took the overnight bag and directed me to the restaurant that served a free breakfast for those that stayed at the hotel. As I entered I saw Cheri and Vicky waiting for me. I went to their table and a hefty breakfast was soon placed in front of me. A few minutes later I was still red in the face for arriving so late. The breakfast was good and I ate most of it. Since they had already finished theirs they chit chatted while waiting for me to finish mine. Cheri thanked Vicky for the overnight bag, telling her that the nightie furnished was so delicious. I immediately turned bright red, looked to see if anyone was looking in my direction and found Vicky’s eyes glued to mine. I manged to get out that the bag was helpful, but it was apparent to anyone listening that I was not telling all and was greatly embarrassed. Vicky just smiled, nodded at me and they moved on to other subjects. After I finished Vicky took us back to the offices and Cheri was led away by her assistant.

That left Vicky and I alone. She offered me a job with them in marketing, I would be working alone, on specific products, with someone watching over me to make sure what ideas I came up with were compatible with the company and the client. After a few months I would also handle the clients personally as to their needs and what we charged them. It was surreal, and frankly quite scary. A new employee working on their own with very little guidance or supervision. I tried to find out why this was done, but Vicky just evaded my inquiries.

The money was more than I expected but having to move here seemed more than I could afford at the time. I didn’t have too many possessions, a few clothes and a couple of items of furniture were all that I owned outright, the few remaining items, mainly kitchen stuff, came with the apartment. Then there was gas for my car, insurance so that I could drive it here. My luck if I drove it over here without getting insurance I would have an accident and end up in jail or being sued. Deposits on utilities if I could find an apartment I could afford just added to the possible problems of relocating.

I think Vicky noted my reluctance since I had not said a word after she had told me about the job. She smiled then asked me if everything else could be handled would I take the job. My stuttered yes and head nodding quickly settled that question. She had an idea, one that they had indulged in with another employee, but was not sure I would be interested in the same thing for me.

She told me they mainly employed females, ninety eight percent of their employees were female including management. Since a lot of them were single and needed some type of place to live an older apartment complex was bought several years ago and refurbished. The units were all one bedroom, bath and small kitchen. I could get you in there with a reduced rate on the rent, no deposits needed and walking distance from our company headquarters.

There is one catch, it is a female only complex, so you will have to dress as a female for this to happen. Before you say no, you would easily pass, and since you do not have any close friends there would be few to make any comment on what you are doing. The company does not care if you present female for your job, in fact if it was up to the company we would have preferred a female version of you. We have a client that could make the change for you and the company will pay for it and a new wardrobe within reason. Since you have not run screaming from the room, why don’t I make you an appointment and let them make the change to see if it is something you might agree to.

I have no idea why I set there, taking it all in as if I am interested in the proposition. Talk about being scared of accepting her offer of a job, I was speechless. Vickie let me think about it a little more than offered the appointment again to try the change of gender to see if I could handle it. I manged to nod my head in acceptance, any verbal response still stuck in my throat. Then to my surprise they could take me at the salon in an hour. Vickie drove me to the salon, told me what to expect, then she would pick me up later and deliver me to one of the apartments for the evening. A realistic immersion in a lifestyle that I would be expected to live in for the foreseeable future.

When she dropped me off at the salon I was almost ready to throw up. My nerves were shot, my mind going over and over what was to happen in my transformation and my stomach rumbling with the remains of breakfast. As I entered the salon one of their employees came to the front, grabbed my hand and led me back to one of the treatment rooms. She introduced herself as Gina, my technician for my sex change. She went over everything that would be used to make the transition, stressing that everything is temporary and can easily be reversed. I was handed documents stating the changes and asked to sign them. Again everything spelled out plainly and in words that I easily understood.

I was undressed, Gina having to do most of it since my hands were not functioning in any way helpful. I was given a choice of boobs or a vagina first, once my face lost some of the instant red blush that appeared I chose boobs first. I have no idea why I chose them first, maybe losing my male appendage even temporarily kind of terrified me. Within an hour she had managed to glue two quite sizable breast forms to my chest and blended the edges with makeup making them look like they were original equipment. Of course, this was done after all of my body hair had been treated with a cream that would insure a hair free skin for months to come.

She moved then to covering up junior, when I looked down at where she was working I already had a slit instead of a penis, the boobs on my chest had been responsible for my inattention to what she was doing down below. Even just the act of breathing caused movement of my breasts that seemed hard wired directly to my brain somehow.

She helped me stand to move to the sinks where she could work on my hair, the wiggling of my breasts and the now quite evident void in my groin really have an impact on me. Gina promised me some clothes appropriate for my new gender once my hair was washed, conditioned and set in curlers. In the meantime I had cupped my erstwhile breasts with my hands to try and minimize any movement. As I cupped them in each hand I swore I could feel my hand on the glued on breast form. Then a new sensation appeared, the nipple on the breast form starting getting hard and pointy just like a real female. With my mouth open in awe, I stared at Gina asking how this was possible. I received a smile, and a few words. “Feels good doesn’t it, wait until you try out the new pussy.”

With that thought bouncing around in my poor excuse for a brain, everything shut down for awhile, my eyes eventually popping open as Gina finished putting the last curler in my hair. I had plenty of time to go over everything that had just happened as I was placed under a dryer so that my curls could be properly formed. I remember going over everything again in my mind, but still no decision if all of this was good or bad. After the hair curlers were removed, and my new feminine do was styled, I was given some clothes to wear. They were items I had little exposure with, Gina having to help me dress. I felt so inadequate since I did not even have any experience with females, as in a date or having sex with one.

Makeup was last, a face that I did not recognize the final image I saw in the mirrors. Gone was my male image, now the name I was given at birth seemed so wrong. Mom had named me Rupert, after my grandfather, a name that I detested, and would never answer to. So I got stuck with a nick name of Rue, still not a name I liked but definitely better than the original. The image in front of me not a Rue, definitely not a Rupert, more likely a Rylene, a female that is quite beautiful and attractive.

A few minutes later Vickie came to pick me up, a huge smile on her face as she appraised her new employee.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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