Paula; Just Your Every Day Female

The job at the advertising agency was a fluke. I attended three years at a university majoring in marketing and advertising. My money ran out and I regretfully had to abandon any hopes of a degree. A friend in some of my classes, had already graduated and secured a job. She asked me to accompany her to her first pre-employment interview, I declined originally then after a lot of pestering by her I finally agreed to go with her.

The company she had been hired for had a good reputation, a solid background of handling a lot of the biggest accounts. Her boss welcomed her and I was introduced. I kind of felt funny sitting there but soon I was eased into the conversation. Heather was given some tests to see where her abilities laid and her level of knowledge. Surprisingly I was handed the same tests. I tried to decline but soon was taking them right alongside of Heather. Jennifer her boss, insisted, you are here not doing anything, so take the tests. I finished ahead of Heather, set back and watched as Jennifer graded first my test and then Heather’s.

Heather was sent to personnel to sign up for employment, but Jennifer asked me to stay behind. After Heather left Jennifer offered me a job. “You have all the basic knowledge, your few ideas in the written part of the test seemed relevant and timely. I understand your lack of a degree, we like them but it is not a necessity. Now I can pay you twenty-five thousand dollars a year, all of the normal benefits also included. Your main income comes from the bonuses on the accounts you are assigned to. The more you do and the happier the customer the more you get in bonus.

Now can I send you down to personnel to sign up? “I was speechless, but did manage to nod my head in affirmation. I passed Heather in the hall, hugged her and kissed her then skipped off to personnel. Heather stared at me, a look of bewilderment on her face. It took me about thirty minutes to get signed up. Personnel had to create all of my paperwork where Heather’s was ready waiting for her. I wandered back to Jennifer’s office, pinching myself several times to make sure I was not dreaming. As I entered the office another young female was there along with Heather. Becky was introduced to me, as Jennifer explained that we would be working together on our accounts.

I was surprised accounts already, we were just hired and not even settled in yet. Jennifer led us to our new office, explained about the accounts we were assigned and told us our first video conference with the clients was the day after tomorrow. I swallowed hard, nothing like being thrown into the thick of things right away. We had total responsibility for the three accounts, she would keep an eye on us, but what we came up with was all to be our input If we failed they would make some other changes, at a later date, but we were encouraged to put our minds to work and jump in. That is what it felt like, jumping into a cold pool of water, a very cold pool of water.

She showed us where we could get reference materials, past account activity, and general guidelines for the company. Nothing was taboo, as long as it resulted in a contented customer. We had a large work table in the room with many chairs all around it. A desktop computer on a side table and two laptops on the worktable. Becky being the employee the longest, hugged both of us and suggested we get to work. We decided the clothing company should come first, it was the largest customer dollar wise.

We looked over what the agency had done before, what the customer seemed to favor and what ads they had come up with. I made a couple of suggestions to the girls, Heather pointing out to me that the company made fashions mainly for the young female in a family. Not designer fashions, but also not women’s fashions. They had to explain to me what the difference was, I looked at the previous ads, the models were the waif type, straight up and down, not anything like the woman they made the fashions for.

We decided to suggest they use models that were every day, and stress the clothes that would be suitable for a female at work. According to Heather and Becky they had some attractive designs and their prices were perfect for the young mother or the female career worker. I looked on the computer and saw what types of software was available, when I saw Photo shop I smiled. I took a picture of Heather and Becky with my phone and downloaded it to the computer. Then added their faces to the old ads, and enhancing the figures a little so they were more womanly.

When I showed them the altered ads I got squeals, very enthusiastic squeals. The noise was loud enough that Jennifer came to take a look, she looked over my shoulder examined the ads on the computer, smiled and left. We looked at each other, giggled and went back to write some new copy for the ads. Becky was a whiz at words rattling them off like they were right on the tip of her tongue. Heather, meanwhile, was looking through their designs picking ones that she thought would be perfect for the new ads.

We were having fun, actually worked right through lunch. Jennifer asked if we wanted her to get something for us but we declined. She left the office shaking her head, but the biggest smile plastered on her face. About three that afternoon we had done what we could for that customer so we started on the next one. A cosmetic company that used to be a good customer, but had not really liked the last ads that the company have produced lately. If we didn’t come up with something new and appealing, the chances are they would go elsewhere.

After going over all the previous ads, we came to the same conclusion, the waif like models with thin almost boyish faces were not conducive to selling makeup. The colors were bright, bold and according to Heather what her mother used to use. After that statement Becky agreed, so how to market their makeup. Maybe if we used a more mature female dressed more conservative using the bright colors it might strike a chord with the female. A retro look with class, as soon as I said the word Becky was cranking out the ad copy. Then Heather suggested we use the fashion clothes from the other customer in the ads, then the makeup in the fashion ads.

We spent the rest of the day working on some suggested ads, I used Photo shop to enhance the cosmetics on the girl’s faces to where they more closely resembled the cosmetic colors the company offered. Right before we left another support employee came and gave us a lesson in the video conferencing equipment. It was pretty cool, I could add the pictures from the computer right to the screen. The company relied on the conferencing to keep their customers up to date, scheduled sessions once a week and special conferences whenever the customer thought appropriate. The equipment was right in the room all we had to do was turn it on and sit in an area in front of the camera.

On the ride home I thanked Heather profusely for her getting me the job, she shook her head. “You got the job yourself, but I will take credit for making you go with me. Now we are a team, do you realize what we accomplished today, if the customers like it we are a hit. Two days and we might just be the cat’s meow.”

As I got out of her car I was hugged and kissed passionately. I didn’t respond the same but it did things to me. I was surprised by the kiss, it was welcome, but left me not knowing how to respond. I did hold her longer in the embrace, it felt so good. She broke the hug and told me she would pick me up tomorrow at seven. We had all agreed to work a little longer, since things were falling together quite nicely. I meandered into my apartment, what a day. From no more schooling available, no job and not many possibilities to being employed, now a fantastic job, and two gorgeous co-workers. Luck was with me today for sure.

I kind of just was there the rest of the night, thoughts of the day’s happenings running through my mind over and over. I remembered eating something, but not what it was. I had the TV on some later, but what was playing never entered my mind. I was savoring the kiss again when I dosed off. The next morning after going to the bathroom I looked at the bedroom clock, discovering that I only had ten minutes to get ready. I rushed around changed clothes to some nicer pants and golf shirt, barely finishing before she honked outside. I did manage to shave and brush my teeth, but that was all. Hair still in the ponytail from last night, kind of straggly and unkempt looking. I even forgot to bring a brush.

As I opened the door to her car she giggled. “Rough night huh.” I shook my head as we headed to the job. Heather was already wound up, almost bouncing as we entered the company headquarters. When we got to our offices I noticed Becky was in the same frame of mind. I got another hug and kiss from Becky, and soon they were consumed in the file on the last of our accounts. This was a new account to the company, they were dissatisfied at their previous agency, the ads they produced were so staid, and lifeless.

Becky was on a roll this morning kicking out possible ad copy faster than I could write it down. Most of it tied in nicely with the other two customers we had, so we decided to go for broke. We would ultimately succeed or fail based on one type of ad. Jennifer did stop by later, looked over our shoulder and then left, never saying a word to us. I did scan some of the jewelry pictures they had furnished into the other ads, after finishing the girls looked at the ads and smiled. We spent two hours adding the new ad copy, Heather doing the voice on a couple and Becky on the other couple. We were satisfied so decided today we would have some lunch. Heather brushed out my hair for me, then slipped it back into the ponytail. We walked a block to a restaurant that most of the employees eat at. They did offer a varied menu, so we ordered some appetizers and shared them with each other.

When we got back Jennifer was waiting for us, telling us that a change of plan necessitated that the video conferences were rescheduled for today, in fact unless we vetoed it she suggested we do them all at once. She told us to get ready, we had fifteen minutes until show time. The girls refreshed their lipstick and mascara, checked their hair and then Becky ran over and pulled my ponytail out. She fluffed it out and then gave me a searing kiss on the lips for luck. Well Heather was not to be left out so she did the same, I could taste lipstick on my lips, but the fact that I had been kissed so passionately made my mind go all fuzzy.

I did manage to get the needed files ready, so that when the conference started I could display them for the customers. We watched the screen in front of us as each customers representatives came on the TV. The company had provided a split screen so each of our customers were in a triangle section of the big screen. Becky handled all of the introductions for us, each of the customer’s representatives doing their own introduction. Heather started telling them some of our thoughts, then I produced a picture or two to back it up. Fifteen minutes later we seemed to have all of their attention.

I then started the new ads we had envisioned, allowing each ad to play for its thirty second interval. I told them I had just altered old ads for simplicity but we were suggesting ads using more conservative looking females in fresh ads. We wanted all the ads to be centered around the workplace, or at home where the prospective customer would be wearing the products. No runway shots, or in a field of flowers, but common every day experiences and happenings. I suggested that if we could do the ads in unison they could save a ton of money on production of the ads. Then the different words in the ads would distinguish the ads from the others. Even if the fashion house was running the ad there would be exposure to the makeup and jewelry and vice versa.

I held my breath, all of the representatives were talking among themselves, we could hear some words but not what they were saying specifically. It got quiet again, then they asked for a twenty minute break. We agreed and turned off the camera. It was the longest twenty minutes in the history of the world. Finally the time had expired and we turned the camera back on to see nine smiling faces. They were pleased with all of it but had made several requests of the company. Those have been forwarded to your boss for approval. If approved they wanted new ads in the next couple of weeks, as soon as they could be produced. They also wanted a longer contract between the company and them to assure that we would handle their account in the near future. All three of us thanked them and signed off the conference call.

It was twenty minutes later when Jennifer came into the room. She looked at me more than the others, then shook her head. She suggested that we all sit down, this might take a while. The three of us looked at each other, puzzlement written all over our faces.

“The first part is real good, they all want five year contracts with us that is seldom done in the advertising world these days. We did negotiate a higher price for our services since there is going to be more involved than just ads and copy. They agreed instantly, a pleasant surprise to us. They loved all of your ideas, the five year contract is only valid if you three represent us. That will require a separate agreement with each of you so that we can guarantee that portion of the contract.”

“Now for some of the conditions that neither you nor the company did foresee. They want you to model the products here at work and at home. They want your pictures in the ads exclusively wearing the makeup, jewelry and the fashions. We had originally pitched to them twenty different ads spread out over a year. Now they want fifty different ads every six months. We did secure a production expense for each ad, so the company is set money wise. So if you agree your job will morph some. Not only will you devise the ad, you will star in the ad. Any questions so far?”

Becky had her hand up with the biggest smile on her face. Jennifer told her to put her hand down, we will get to that in a minute. Heather tried to stare Becky down, but Becky’s quick look at me and soon both of them wore identical smiles. I began to squirm a little in my seat, the looks on everybody’s face were worrying me as they were all staring at me.

Jennifer turned on the TV equipment and played a portion of the conference that had been pulled out of the rest of the tapes. She asked me to look closely at my image and tell her what I saw. As soon as my eyes landed on the screen, I took in a large breath, there on the screen was another female. She was dressed differently than the other two, but had lipstick on her lips and her hair flowed around her face just like a regular natural born female. Then I heard my voice on the tape and lowered my head into my hands and cried some. Both girls came and held me closely, trying to soothe me some.

Then Jennifer picked up the conversation again. “Paula was the hit here, all three customers want her featured in the ads, with you two in some of the ads with her. They think Heather should share the home spotlight with you and Becky share the at work spotlight. They were adamant that you were to be featured in as many ads as possible. They did suggest that you not try and hide you assets like you did in the video conference.” Laughter broke out, the three of them giggling and laughing at my expense. I could see where it was funny except for me having to fulfill the customer’s wishes.

We quieted down, the reality of what happened suddenly becoming apparent. Jennifer wanted my thoughts on the subject, since I would be the one in the ads and in dresses to boot. I set there staring at a wall, trying to figure out what to say. Words escaped me, what do you say when something like this comes up in life.

Then Jennifer gave me my options straight and truthful. Either sign on for five years of womanhood or tell the truth and most likely lose the accounts. She doubted that the customers would agree to someone else in the ads, their ideal of the perfect model for them was Paula. It might be better to disclose the truth to them to keep something later from coming up and embarrassing them, but her discussions with them were pretty explicit that Paula was the key to the deal.

I thought it over, decided to sacrifice my manhood for the cause, but did want to tell the truth. I would do the ads as a female, just didn’t want something to come up later and make everyone mad or upset. The girls took on the responsibility of telling the customers, they kind of felt that the lipstick and hair style is what got me into this.

I was hoping that when the truth was revealed that a revision of the contract would be possible leaving me out of the spotlight. Heather made two of the calls, Becky the other, then they came back into the office to tell Jennifer and me the results. Three thumbs up, I was now doomed. All three customers were amazed that I wasn’t a female but after the girls told them that I would do the ads they promised me a new personal wardrobe, makeup and an assortment of jewelry for my personal use. I slumped down in the chair, the last obstacle to my portrayal of a female now gone. They all okayed it like it was normal for a male to be living as a female and appearing in fashion and makeup ads.

Then Jennifer mentioned what the new contracts meant for us money wise. Since I would appear before the camera more, my bonuses would be substantially more but we could all expect close to a hundred thousand a year in pay. Of course, the company is ecstatic with us and what we have accomplished, but the customers wanted us exclusively for their ads and no one else’s. For the next five years we would be assured of a comfortable living, worry free pretty much.

Just think all of this because I got kissed and they took out my ponytail, remembering the video image my lips were definitely pink, but the kisses, those memories would be with me for the rest of my life. I wonder if there was more to the kiss than what is on the surface, I have never had much of a relationship with a female, and never a kiss that rivaled the two I received from the girls. Still too embarrassed to bring up anything like that with them, me dressing as a female now more than enough to try and handle for a while.

“Your new contracts will be ready in the morning, five years in length and working exclusively with these three customers. Your pay hike is effective today, your first deposits to your bank later in the week. All three are overnighting the things for Paula, you need to see about unhiding Paula’s assets in the next day or two. If you can put together the ads, I suggest you start shooting the ads the first of next week. It is a terrific opportunity for you three, so don’t waste it.

Jennifer returned to her office and the three of us stared at each other. Heather spoke up first. “Sorry Paula for helping matters along, but I agree with the customers. The ideas and your looks are a natural. Now I know of a salon especially for males like you, I will call them and get you an appointment. I am sure both Becky and I can be persuaded to come with you to see the real you revealed. In fact, I doubt you can keep us away. We will look after you, as best as we can, your idea and looks are what sealed the deal for us. So now we are girl, girl and Gurl. All for one and one for all.”

Heather did make the call, tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of seven AM my assets will be revealed. I was pleased we had been a success, but worried about my ability to pull off the deception. It is one thing to dress as a female, but to act like one in a commercial another matter entirely. Too many concerns ran through my mind that afternoon and evening, but eventually I fell asleep on my couch at home, the TV blaring on some drivel. I had remembered to set the alarm, dragged my unenthusiastic body to the salon, where I was hugged by my partners in crime.

While I was whisked away to be tortured and womanized, my co-hearts went shopping, the salon’s clothes shop right next door. This is not right, I am suffering and they are shopping for me. Darlene was my technician today, I was handed a stack of consent forms, explained what was to happen and then after signing I was stripped naked. Body hair first, both back and front. She used a cream to handle the superfluous hair, a thirty minute treatment and I would no longer have to worry about body hair. What little facial hair I had was also done away with. The body hair might need another treatment in a few months, but the facial hair was gone for good. The stronger cream left on for an hour on my face. No tingling, no burning, nothing but this wet whitish cream slathered all over my face. Then she moved to revealing my assets.

Junior was glued back between my legs after my balls were pushed up into my body where they descended from many years ago. A silicone vagina was glued over the area, now I had a pussy, cute and very obvious. A huge machine was brought in and after two sizable cups were glued to my chest, hoses hooked up to the cups and the pump turned on. I hope it is not their intention to fill the cups with part of me. The cups were larger than I envisioned breasts for this new female to be.

I was suddenly lost. None of this what I expected, but obviously necessary to fulfill the contracts with the customers. The cyclic pull of the pump, then Darlene working on my nails kept me off kilter and buried in feelings and emotions. I ended up with ten long oval nails polished in a bright red finish, shiny and perfect for my new look.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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