Marsha; Corsets Anyone

Believe it or not I married into my current occupation. We had met at a trade show several years ago. Her family owned and operated one of the larger import companies in the southwest, a business they have had for many years. She was working the sales booth and I was looking for some new merchandise for the boutique. I was an only son in the family, since there were no female siblings I kind of got nominated to help Mom in her endeavors.

It was Mom’s boutique, as she was getting up in years I had started helping her doing the scouting for new lines of merchandise and suppliers for her business. I didn’t do any buying but I got her the info and contact information. The show was held in Santa Barbara, California in their new convention center, featuring goods for the fashion industry. Mom wanted some jewelry to add to her lines of clothing she carried, so that was what I was browsing for.

I had gotten the information from Monica, some brochures and some basic prices to give to Mom. Monica assured me she would also call on Mom to follow up. I went on my way, since there was over two thousand vendors in the convention center I had a lot of ground to cover. We met again at the hotel restaurant later that evening, I asked her to join me, since we both seemed to be dining alone. We talked about the show, about Mom’s boutique and about life in general. It was a pleasant evening, both of us closing the restaurant some four hours later.

Monica had part of the day off tomorrow, so she could see the other vendors and asked if I wanted to tag along. “I enjoyed talking to you, maybe I can introduce you to some other people that might be of interest to your Mom. Besides we can talk some more as we wander the convention floor.”

“I would like that, maybe we could do dinner again after we finish, my treat. The day after tomorrow I have to head back to Phoenix, so that would be a nice end to my stay here.” We agreed to meet at her booths around one PM that would give us five hours to walk the convention floor, then back to the hotel and dinner at seven. We each went to our rooms, my thoughts centering on Monica. I liked her a lot, easy to talk to and not wrapped up in herself.

I got up late, wanting to be fresh for the afternoon. It is surprising how tiring walking around can be especially on the hard concrete floors of the convention center. I had a bigger lunch since I had forgone breakfast then made my way to their booths. It was quieter today and I was introduced to her family, all major players in the import business. I found out that Monica was primarily a buyer in the company. Her father ran the business, but each family member fulfilled an integral part in the business.

Like most companies their merchandise primarily came from China, the Chinese economy based on making and shipping to the world the product that was desired. Monica had just came back from a three week buying trip, her specialty was jewelry and women’s fashions. She speaks several different dialects of Chinese fluently, a real plus in her negotiations with the manufacturers.

We had a pleasant afternoon, through her I met a lot of people that would be a good source of product for Mom’s boutique. A lot of the people she introduced me to I would not have bothered with, but after talking with them I found out they were ones that would be excellent sources of product. Their lack of a catchy display, led me to believe they would not be suitable as sources of product.

Monica wanted to know what I did for income, other than helping Mom. I had studied and got a degree in business studies, a general type of degree that included some management, personnel, accountancy, business development, just nothing specific. I quickly found out that only got me in the door, not any kind of meaningful job. At the moment, I was working for a business lending company, a fact finding person to check out prospective businesses that wanted to borrow money. My job was to find everything about them, not just what was in their loan application. I guess it was an okay job, but almost anything else would be better.

Several times we talked about the products they sold and how they arrived at the decision to carry them. It was not at all straight forward, like you might think. They were constantly approached about new products, sometimes the opportunity to buy something at ridiculous prices presented itself. They did a little research as to who would buy the product, then if that segment would fit in with their customers.

It was an enjoyable afternoon and an even better dinner. We again closed the restaurant, it was so easy to talk to her, like a lifelong friend. I got and gave back a hug as we parted, she told me she would come to see Mom, hinting that maybe I might be available for a dinner or two during her stay in the area.

On my return Mom was excited to see me, wanting to see what all I found out on my trip. We talked for days, after work and in the evening before I had presented all the info I had received during the convention visit. She surprised me by asking that I quit my job and help her in the boutique full time. “I am getting older, the days are pretty long for me, and quite often I yearn for a shorter day maybe even a day or two off in the week. I know that you being a male might make things awkward, but I think if you dressed more androgynous you could handle the ladies with a minimum of distress. Your voice is fairly neutral, a slight change of vocabulary would help the feminine illusion. Some foundation to hide that little beard you have, and a better more unisex hair style would seal the illusion.

She could see that I was about to protest, so a finger on my lips stopped that protest mid-stream. Think about it for a few days, no hurry to make a decision. It would be better paying than your present job and you would make your mother very happy. To entice the decision a little, why don’t you ask Monica to help you buy some type of imports, something that could be sold in the boutique? I have some money set aside that is not needed at the moment. That would give you a more personal involvement in the business, also a chance to make a better profit on some goods.

I tried to voice my objections again, but she insisted that I just think about it, maybe talk to Monica first. Then we can talk about it again this weekend. The smile she had sported when she mentioned Monica, told me that she had seen there was more than a spark between us, at least on my part. She hugged me and went to bed, leaving me with a million questions and doubts to ponder tonight. I did eventually fall asleep, but it was early morning before I succumbed to sleep. I went off to work as usual the next morning, but did try to call Monica. She had a customer, so it was about twenty minutes later when she called me back.

Before I could say much she told me that she was planning to visit my area in two days, could I maybe take some time off and go with her on her rounds. I agreed, that would be better to tell her Mom’s crazy scheme in person than over the phone. I made arrangements to take three days off, since it was Monday, I would take Wednesday thru Friday off then talk with Mom over the weekend once I decided what I was going to do.

It was a crazy idea, but for some reason it stuck in my mind. I even tried a couple of hours in front of a mirror at home to see if it was indeed possible to look less masculine. My attempts to tone down the masculinity were comical, especially where I tried to make my hair look less manly. I made no definitive decisions, but allowed that maybe somebody more experienced in these things could make it work. The days dragged, I was so looking forward to spending some more time with Monica, since she had indeed made her mark on me.

Finally Wednesday arrived, it had been decided that I would meet her plane at the airport, then we would start her rounds after a brief lunch. She was very focused, visiting with all her customers, showing the new items and taking orders when needed. By late afternoon we covered about a third of her customers, taken a lot of orders, and then sent them by computer back to their office. One of her brothers handled shipping, the orders would go out the following morning and her customers would have them the following day while she was still in the area.

Over dinner I explained what my Mom had requested of me. She smiled but didn’t make fun of me. “So are you going to join the fair sex, or stay as a frustrated male? From what I know of you so far, I think you should join her in the boutique, a much brighter future that checking out loan applicants.”

We discussed Mom’s idea about me making an import purchase, something I might be able to sell in the boutique. Her smile grew bigger, I am not sure exactly why, but it was bordering on being radiant. She would pass along offers they had received, that for one reason or another they had chosen to not buy into. She cautioned me that they were numerous, lots of merchandise for sale, but you had to have some way of moving the merchandise or it wasn’t such a good deal. She made a call and a box of those unused offers would be here tomorrow for my consideration.

She was interested in how I was going to make a partial change to fit in, I related Mom’s suggestions, but told her I had no idea how to accomplish it other than her ideas. Monica offered to help, she knew of a company specializing in these things, and was sure that I could be made female enough to blend into the whole boutique thing. She could wrap up her customers tomorrow that would leave Friday open for helping me. I appreciated her offer to help, but was a little leery. Afraid of sticking a foot in the water to test the temperature and finding myself cooked well done.

The next morning bright and early I received the package, overnighted by UPS. Monica went off to make her rounds and I parked myself at the apartment and studied the offers. I was amazed over five hundred offers were in the pile. I sorted them out picking the ones that I felt had a possibility, throwing the rest aside. I ended up with fifty that seemed to be a possibility. Monica had let me borrow one of her cell phones, that had unlimited international calling and I called the most promising ones. She suggested that I use their company name, and that I was establishing a new line for the company.

After being transferred a couple of times I found someone who spoke English and I asked a few questions. Surprisingly most of the calls went to offices in California, even though the number and locale was in China. I was able to eliminate a few more that way, and soon had narrowed it down to three that I felt would be worth investing in. The best deal was a batch of custom made corsets, mainly in larger sizes that the manufacturer had made but the company purchasing them had went belly up.

The prices were drastically low, the number of corsets in the thousands. They would pay freight to get them to me, and I could re-order at slightly higher prices if I moved these easily. It sounded too good to be true, so I went online checking what a handmade corset sold for on the internet. At the prices listed I would make a three hundred percent profit minimum. The rest of the afternoon I checked out competition, not just here in the states but also in Europe. I had the manufacturer send me photos of most of the styles, about three o’clock I received many emails with all of the pictures attached.

I was proud of myself, for finding something and then getting all the pertinent facts so that I could present it to Monica at dinner tonight. I had put on a roast this morning in the slow cooker, potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, and whatever else I could find in the refrigerator, so that she could have a home cooked meal. I made fresh salads, green tea and even whipped up a batch of cookies. In between my work I thought a lot about Monica, she was my type of female, but I didn’t know how she felt about me. Then there is the problem of where we would live if we were to become a couple. They were based out of Frisco, and the boutique and my future seemed to be locked into Phoenix.

I wasn’t even sure she cared about me and I was already figuring where we would live. Nothing like putting the cart on the road and the horses are still in the barn. I went to my pantry and withdrew my one and only bottle of wine and put it in the refrigerator to chill. If I am going down in flames, might as well make it a big fire.

The dinner went over well, she was amazed at my cooking ability, almost annihilating the whole thing herself. I was complimented on it several times, received several hugs and even a kiss. Although the kiss was on the cheek, it felt more personal somehow. We sipped wine on the sofa in the living room discussing how she did on this trip. She received orders from everybody, now having to go back to Frisco and up her initial orders she had placed. Most all her sales were the new merchandise she had bought on this last trip.

I finally got around to tell her what I had figured out, showed her my notes and my product research. Then her one question quickly deflated me. “Who are you going to sell the corsets to, it is a great deal, but the problem is finding an outlet to sell them to. Most boutiques do not sell ladies underwear, since ladies quit wearing corsets many years ago, now it is a fetish item. You can still market them, but you need a different approach to do so. She had me bring up some of the sites I used to check what they were selling for, showed me the type of site it was, and how they were appealing to that particular fetish.

By the time she was finished I was devastated. She raised my chin a little to make me look at her, don’t give up so easy. Now that you know the problem what can you come up with to overcome it. I just sat there, not knowing even where to start. She changed the subject, to my conversion to the fairer sex tomorrow to be able to fill in for my Mother some. She had made an appointment for me at eight AM, they would fill me in on the possibilities and then make any changes I wanted that day.

“I will go along with you to hold your hand, plus I am curious as to how you will turn out. Maybe we can think of some way to market the corsets as we go through the day.” I was leery, but to spend another day with Monica was worth the embarrassment of her seeing me partially as a female. Well as much like a female as the salon could produce. I doubted they could do much with me, but for Mom I would give it a try. The fact that I absolutely hated my job had a lot to do with my willingness to give it a try.

We talked some more than she left to go back to her hotel, promising to pick me up early the next morning. Well it wasn’t all talk, the kissing and rubbing of each other went on for quite some time. Once kiss in particular almost killed me, she held me tight and seemed to glue her lips to mine. When she released me I was short of breath and red in the face. I swear the kiss lasted for ten minutes, although my mind was so confused I really had no idea how long the passion lasted. I was at a loss for words after that kiss, the dopey expression on my face an indicator of what I was thinking.

She was indeed early knocking on my door at a few minutes after seven. I was still in my robe, so she looked through my closet as I was finishing up in the bathroom. I was given a pair of pants and a loose fitting old football jersey. I gave her a scowl but she pushed them at me and told me to get dressed. I obeyed and soon we were heading to the salon.

On the trip there I was thinking on what I might do to blend in some to the female sex. I really had no idea, other than Mother I had no experience around women, I dated a couple of times but they were single dates, I impressed my dates so much they wanted nothing more to do with me. I decided to leave it up to Monica, she seemed to know of this place and what they did, she was a very good looking female so understood the process of portraying one, so who better to advise me.

The salon was quite impressive, definitely not your average neighborhood beauty salon. At a few minutes till eight the place was packed, bustling with activity. I was checked in at reception and we were led back to a private room along the back of the salon. My technician was Ingrid, she explained what they could do for me. Apparently Monica had explained a little over the phone when she made the appointment for me. When they looked at me for a decision, I asked Monica to pick what would be best. I got a big smile from her as she told Ingrid I would take the Turnabout peek a boo treatment. That was not something that Ingrid had mentioned, plus the name had me trying hard to stifle a laugh. The words peek a boo still fluttering around in my now over loaded mind.

Ingrid came back with a treatment slip, it listed what would be done to me, but I was more interested in getting this over with. I signed on the bottom line and Ingrid gave me a copy while telling me to take off all my clothes. I should have looked at the form more closely, but a good looking female telling me to take off all my clothes and Monica sitting right next to me, I slid the copy in my pants pocket and tried to comply with her request. As I got to my shorts I was shaking so hard, I couldn’t even grab a hold of the waist band to get then down my legs. Monica helped me, sliding then down my leg, but her hand touching my leg caused junior to come to full attention. Now shaking even more, red faced, and stuttering I slumped back in my chair and started whimpering.

Monica held me, hugging my back as she cuddled her face into my neck. “Just take your time and take long slow breaths, close your eyes, and count to 100. She tightened her hug on me, it felt so good to be held this way, my heart slowed down, my breathing returned to a more normal rate, and I let out several audible sighs. Ingrid came up with a cold wash rag and place it around my straining member. The cold instantly deflated him, in fact he almost disappeared completely. Monica turned me around, pulling me in close to her, her breasts squashing against my chest.

She suggested that I just close my eyes and think about the corsets that I will need to find a way to market them. I never noticed the looks that were exchanged between Ingrid and Monica. I did peek a little from time to time, but the new weights on my chest quickly stopped that. Oh gawd, what have I done. I fretted, even whimpered a little again. Monica swatted my arm and told me to relax, then grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast. I squeezed a little, not knowing exactly what I was touching. Her nipple getting hard did clue me in some.

I managed to make it through the next four hours as my body hair was removed, my hair washed and conditioned, and my fingernails and toenails polished. On one of my peeks into what was happening I saw my hair all in curlers, a most comical sight, at least to me. My eyes promptly closed, way too much happening to handle with my mind only working at partial speed. I never noticed the lighter color, the curlers my only concern. I had shoulder length hair, perfect for a girly style according to Ingrid.

I received some makeup, it didn’t seem like a lot, but I did notice the pleasant smell and the taste of the lipstick. I was helped out of the chair and in front of a mirror, then told to open my eyes. I opened them, sat back down hard then promptly fainted. Monica was giggling as my eyes opened a little, not sure I wanted to see that image again. My new image was of a very attractive female, Monica standing next to me the only thing making it seem so real.

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