Greta; Vying For The Top Spot

I had just been informed this morning that I was in the running for the recently announced vacancy of CEO for this company. I did have competition for the position, the current vice-president for product development, Julie Farnsworth. We have both been long time employees of the company, advancing up the corporate ladder whenever we had the opportunity. My position was currently vice-president of finance, a position that I have held for six years. We were competitors quite often, at corporate meetings our differences of opinions often making a ho-hum meeting exciting.

The current CEO was getting up there in age, now wanting to take some time for herself. Her grandchildren were coming of the age that they needed a grandmother to spoil them rotten and she was up to the challenge. She never followed the rules in anything she did, her decisions often questioned, but her track record of achievements was near perfect. She had taken a run of the mill import business and made it a leader in its field, the last independent company to look at our business ranked us number two in the nation in financial worth and control of market share. We had assets of nearly four hundred million dollars, our few stockholders quite pleased with the performance of the company. Unlike other corporate entities we were not publicly traded, seven stockholders owning all of the company stock.

Melissa, the present CEO owned fifty-one percent of the stock, her brothers and sisters who had invested some of their family inheritance in the company owned the rest. They visited every once in a while, but Melissa ran the company with a free hand. It was not spelled out how that would be handled when a new CEO is appointed. Melissa had met with both of us, told us we were in the running for her job, then left it like that. No idea as to when, or how a decision was to be made, just that we were in contention for the job.

Julie tried to do more, taking on additional responsibilities without being asked. I am pretty sure she was trying to influence Melissa as to her drive and abilities. I am not sure she accomplished anything, a few of her decisions were reversed by Melissa without much comment. I stayed focused on my job, handling the financial end of things, a full time job with as much money involved as there was. I made a couple of good deals with regards to currency exchange that saved the company almost a million dollars. I didn’t tout it as some super smart decision, it was just part of my job and I did it the best that I could. Most of the executives and stock holders only learned about it when the quarterly report came out. The bottom line for the quarter was almost a million dollars higher than expected, creating quite a stir as the report circulated through the executive offices and the stockholders.

Julie was making a little extra too, several of her new products that she had put into production were popular, creating some additional revenue. However, some of the older items sales had waned quite a bit, causing an overall drop in expected revenue. That is where Julie and I differed the most, a topic we visited quite often in corporate meetings. To me new products were the key to increased sales, not depending on tried and true sellers to carry the brunt of sales. A steady addition of new products while we eased up on promoting old items made more sense to me. Julie added new products, but kept inventory levels high on the old sellers. After a year or two we ended up discounting the excess older inventory making our cost back but that was all. Not a sound way to do business in my opinion.

Three weeks had passed since we had been notified that we were contenders for the position so far nothing more had been said or discussed. That was Melissa at her best, no decision made hastily, watch and keep an eye on things but take notes to make a decision later knowing more about the people and their actions. Julie was still trying to take on things that she was not assigned, some with success, others where Melissa reversed her decisions immediately. I stayed focused on my job, if I get the position I will take on the added responsibility, but until then my present job demanded by total attention.

We were called together on a Monday morning, in Melissa’s office. That in itself was highly unusual, but when we arrived and found her brothers and sisters in attendance lots of questions came to mind. Melissa seated everyone and reading from a press release that was to be made public later today announced that Harlequin Imports was to be split into two separate companies each specializing in imports for a specific type of customer. Julie was to be the CEO of the one company with Melissa’s brothers as members of the board. I would head the other with her sister’s as board members. Melissa for the time being would be Chairman of the Board for both companies until it was seen that we could handle the position and company with no difficulty. That surprised me greatly, I never thought she would do something like that. Her next statements surprised me even more.

Julie’s company would handle items for the male customer, tools, clothes, any product that a member of the male gender would desire or consume. My company would handle things for the female gender, of what we are presently buying that would mean mainly cosmetics, hair accessories and clothes. Julie was upset, thinking she should have had the female gender items, I smiled Melissa was testing us, to see if we could handle something we were not comfortable with. To be a good CEO you have to take all things into consideration, not just what you want to handle. That was maybe one of Julie’s weak points. Of course, I had no experience with anything female related, a bigger test for me.

Not much more was said in the meeting, a few more particulars were given out, mainly financial as to our startup money and our budget to run our company with. The old company would be disbanded completely, the funds and present inventory merged into the two new start-ups. Julie stayed and talked to Melissa, from what I heard as I left she was still bitching about her male orientated business. I quietly went back to my office and fired up my computer to do some research about what feminine items we carried and how they ranked in sales. I had a visit from Melissa later, a smile on her face as she entered my office.

“Have you got it all figured out yet, I knew you would be the one to start researching the options, instead of complaining about what you got to start with. We both know that you will be the one to come out on top, but instead of me making waves, I will let the people involved make my decision for me. Stay focused on your half at the moment, but be prepared to step in later to straighten out what Julie has done to her half. I will leave you to your research, the board and I expect great things from you.”

With that comment she walked out of my office, it was three weeks later when I caught a glimpse of her in the corporate offices. I got a hug, but then she was gone heading off to wherever she had intended. I had placed my first orders, quite a few new products, even adding a few new categories to the mix. From the early information releases I had put out on the new products we already had half of the product pre-sold. I arranged for our different shipments to be pooled at a location in China, then shipped to us on one ship instead of fifteen different vessels as we had done in the past. The savings were monumental, assuring my company of a very respectable profit for the next three quarters.

Believe me it was a sharp learning curve for me. The money end of it came easy, but selecting products to carry that I knew absolutely nothing about seemed like climbing Mt. Everest. I based a lot of my initial orders on past successes, but knew that I could not continue on that way. Melissa’s one sister often came by to see how I was doing. Hannah looked like the typical blonde bimbo type of female, long blonde hair, way too much makeup, and a California Girl type of voice. Luckily for me I never judge a person on their looks, just on what they can do and the value of their ideas. For the first several weeks she just observed, that in itself a very good sign.

At lunch time one day she approached my desk asking if I would like to take lunch with her. I immediately said I would be thrilled to have lunch with her, allow me to finish what I am doing and we will be on our way. Along with finishing the spreadsheet I was working on, I made reservations down the street to a very good restaurant that served food that was out of this world. She set down in a chair that was to the side of my desk and watched what I was doing. She smiled when I called the restaurant, then a bigger smile when she realized which one I called.

We walked to the restaurant, only three blocks, the exercise doing us both some good. We were promptly seated, ordered our meals and then sipped our beverages. I figured she had an agenda, so I allowed her the time to bring it up.

“Melissa was certainly right about you, as she normally is about any employee. I do have one suggestion for you, one that might be out of your comfort zone, but being perceived as an air headed bimbo I can make it without any fear of fallout from it. The only area you lack any experience in is what a female might prefer or choose. This was done on purpose to see how the two of you might react, and what eventually you might embrace to correct the situation. One option would to find a few females to consult, asking their opinions on new products. That idea has its benefits, also its downfalls. The other idea is to embrace your femininity and find out for yourself what products you prefer and why they are a likely choice for you.”

“That is all I will say, I do have to inform you that the entire board has bets riding on this, so choose wisely, a lot of money is hovering on the outcome. There is no right or wrong answer, just some actions that might be more fulfilling in the long run.”

Just like her sister, that was all that was said, our food arrived and we had a very nice quiet lunch. We walked back, the subject she broached at lunch never mentioned again. I had lots to do, I needed quite a few more products to fill my boatload, I researched what the competition was doing and what they were carrying. I did not want to copy them item for item that is not how you get ahead. Several times Hannah’s remarks made their way across my mind, but not a solution that would make it workable.

I usually ate a big breakfast every day, more often than not skipping lunch in favor of working. I was not a homebody, my house nothing more than a place to sleep and keep clean in. It was a new restaurant that had opened a few weeks ago. The ones in the office that had tried it raving about the food and the reasonable prices. Hannah in particular told me it was a must visit. Being financially minded a chance to save some money drew me to the pot of honey. I was seated by the front window, the service was excellent, and fast. Within fifteen minutes of placing my order I was looking at the most delicious looking plate of eggs, sausage, hash browns, and fresh fruit I have ever seen. One bite and I knew where I would be eating at for the foreseeable future.

In between scrumptious bites of food I was gazing out the window. Right across from the restaurant was this huge beauty salon. They were crowded, the parking lot to the side of the salon crammed to overflowing. In the front window of the salon was their name and a picture of a male walking into the salon, and a female leaving the salon. Even though my mind was still savoring the delicious food it was receiving, the connection was still made. Maybe a way for me to find out what a female might desire and why. If I was that female and lived as one, my preferences might lead me to buy a certain product. Kind of a drastic way to enter the female gender, but with my present thought processes this just might work well for me.

I cleaned my plate, not leaving a morsel to waste. I knew if I kept coming here, some type of exercise or the use of a gym would be needed to allow me to continue to fit behind my desk. What I usually pay seven to eight dollars for was only five–fifty. Once I get back to the office I need to see if I can buy stock in the company that owns the restaurant, a sure way to make some money in the future.

I walked across to the salon, then on a whim decided to go inside and see what they offer. I was pleasantly greeted and then shown to an office where a gorgeous female would answer any questions I might have. I guess being around Hannah was wearing off on me a little, the question I had in mind asking seemed blunt and somewhat stupid. Well full speed ahead as it came tumbling out of my mouth. “Can you make me into a female and how long will it take.” Hearing it and thinking about it seemed so different. I expected to be laughed at, or worse asked to leave the salon. Instead the female in front of me introduced herself, her name was Penelope and if I would stand up in front of that screen she will take my picture, then show me what was possible. If I like any of it, she could have me in a dress, heels, makeup and hair style by eleven tonight, with sufficient clothes for the rest of the week, business professional, of course. That statement made me pause, confident and enthusiastic quite a twosome.

The picture that appeared on the screen, was representative of how I looked, you could tell it wasn’t altered, my masculine features quite prominent, at least I thought so. As Penelope punched in some keys little things changed on the screen. My eyebrows became thin arches, my light beard disappeared leaving a flawless skin. My lips got a little plumper and my hair lightened up several shades. Then when she added hair extensions to my existing hair style, the masculine image totally disappeared. My face appeared rounder, framed by the longer almost curly hairstyle. Makeup was next, the last of the male Greg now vanished.

She moved the picture some on the screen so that my body was centered and several key punches later I had a very nice feminine figure to compliment the female face and hairstyle. I was convinced, but how to do this and keep my job. Would Melissa and Hannah go with this, or was I way out in left field with this approach. I was not even sure if I went this route if it would help me in my product selection. Although it was obvious I would look female, there would still be a male under the disguise.

Penelope could see I was deep in thought, so she made some small talk, allowing me time to think about the process of changing me to the female sex. I finally managed to ask her how realistic the disguise is. Penelope smiled, it can be for a couple of days, then changed back, or it can be real until you decide to undo it. In the latter case the breasts are real, the vagina is fully functional sexually, although you do have to sit in the future to pee. Even dressed as a male, there will be no mistaking that you are a member of the female gender.

“Now where do you work, we have several deals with certain companies allowing for discounts on our services?”

I mentioned Harlequin Imports, at least it was before we split. “The biggest smile came over her face, if you want to start now, I can give you your first treatment right now.”

Being the tightwad that I was famous for I asked how much will this cost me?

“In your case it is fully covered, the company picking up all treatments and clothing. It was a recent deal, Hannah just signing for the company a couple of days ago. Would your name happen to be Greg?” I looked at her funny, and nodded, trying to figure out what that had to do with anything.

“Then you get our deluxe package, at no extra charge.” As she removed some forms from a drawer, they were shoved in front of me plus a pen so I could sign in the appropriate places. Suddenly I had an idea that this was somehow orchestrated just for me, too many coincidences to be a chance encounter. I looked over the forms, my name already filled in in all the places. Everything was clearly spelled out, what the treatment involved, how long it would last, and what it would take to reverse the procedure. I kept reading through looking for something hidden in the documents. Nothing was there, plain and simple, no legal jargon involved.

I set there thinking about whether I should do this or run for the hills. It is obvious Hannah thought I might be tempted to go this route, she had indeed given me a few pointed hints. Come to think about it, she was the one that told me of the restaurant serving the delicious breakfasts. I guess I just did as she thought I might, making all the rest of the connections myself. I told Penelope that I needed to notify my office of my whereabouts then I will be back. An hour at the most.

I walked back to the office, briefing my secretary of where she could find me, looking over her shoulder I saw my name and Turnabout Gurl Salon listed in the eleven A.M. space. At least, I had made the decision faster than whoever planned this anticipated. As I made my way back out of the office Melissa came down the hall counting some money that she was holding in her hand. I got a squeal, a hug and she wanted pictures when I was finished. I presume she had won one of the bets, at least some one was enjoying my adventures and benefiting from it.

Since all the girls seemed to be involved some, making bets on when I would decide to experience some femininity maybe it is time I take the game up a notch. Hannah apparently has manipulated me into this, maybe manipulate is a little strong. Planned and coerced my involvement does sound a lot better. Since I am in the game now I can do what I feel like.

Back at the salon I was hustled back to the back, a private room reserved for me. I spoke to the tech about what all came with the makeover, seeing what was left that I might consider doing. I was shown a list, a most inclusive list I might add, then she gave me options I might be interested in. The main difference was how long the treatments might last, from a few weeks to semi-permanent. I looked over the list, deciding that if I could handle the living as a female, I might just as well do it right. I made my choices, the tech getting Penelope since I had made so many changes. Penelope entered with a huge smile on her face, looking at my treatment sheet with my additions circled in red.

“Do you have any wagers on this or is it only my company’s employees and executives?” She blushed crimson, but the smile was still there. I did have twenty on you adding extras, so I have already won that portion. No more, although we have talked I was not sure about any more side bets so I withheld. With what I see on your sheet there will be a lot of cash exchanged over at your company before the day is out.

I was quickly undressed, then slathered in a sweet smelling cream from head to toe. I had to stand there, my erection quickly shrinking from the cool of the air conditioner and my nipples suddenly rock hard. I am sure my face reflected what was happening, I doubt I had any blood anywhere below the chin line as hot as my face was becoming. Embarrassed, you bet then to my horror Hannah walked in, looking me up and down then taking a seat on the other side of the room. Her only comment was since you cost me a hundred dollars earlier I get to watch your transformation. Just forget I am here, we are both females anyway or will be shortly.

It wasn’t long before I was hairless, then the tech moved to my groin. A quick spray and all went numb down there. Forty minutes later I looked like most females, a cute slit existed where a little while ago I possessed an outie. A significant outie in my opinion. Now all of that changed, a feeling of vulnerability creeped into my mind, now instead of pursuing females I will be the one pursued. Quite a change to my thinking. I presume from my evaluation earlier that I will be attractive as a member of the female sex, that only making things worse. The few times that I looked over at Hannah, her smile was there, displayed proudly on her face.

When they wheeled in the machine to pull breasts from my chest, Hannah stared right at me and groaned, Apparently I had cost her another bet, from the level of the groan a significant amount this time. In a huff she left the salon, muttering about arranging a date with one of her brothers for the new female in the neighborhood.

Oh gawd, now I have to deal with dating, this time from the other perspective. I remembered back when I was dating as a young man, hoping that what I tried with a date would not come back and haunt me. Maybe I have taken this too far, the changes completed so far putting me firmly in the female gender, now not only will I be able to choose items that might appeal to me to carry in my company, I will have to deal with all the rest of the subtle nuances that come with being a female. Dealing with a male now apparently prominent on that list.

Those thoughts occupied my mind, as my transformation continued. I did look at my image every once in a while, the remaining changes quite profound to my appearance. There would be no doubt as to my gender, female and quite attractive. Definitely putting me in the category of being sought after as a companion or girlfriend. I tried to ignore that but every look in the mirror showed an image that would not be ignored by most of the males I might meet.

Late that evening Greta was the one to emerge from the salon. I had decided on the name while I was under a hair dryer while my former straight locks were being curled. I decided to pattern myself after Hannah, the light blonde locks edging my feminine looks toward a bimboish look. Hey if it works for Hannah it might also work for me.

I made my way home, taking time to view my image in every mirror or reflective surface I passed. Once home I went right to my bedroom, the mirror on my closet door, the attraction. I stood there for the longest time taking in my new image, turning to and fro to look at the clothes that the salon had furnished for me to wear home. The skirt was too short in my opinion, coming to only mid thigh. On the way home I was constantly pulling at the hem trying to get it to cover more of my legs. The blouse was thin, my bra and camisole plainly visible through the material. Then we have my heels, other than the fact they were difficult to walk in, they made my legs look fantastic, my lower legs never looking this good, more like downright sexy. Of course, the stockings emphasized that fact. I was going to grab a beer to sip in the living room as I tried to come to terms with what I had done to myself, but decided a diet drink might be more appropriate. Quite a change in my behavior and likes.

Although I sat in the living room for several hours, I came to no conclusions, other than the clothes and the makeup and hair felt somehow right for me now. I had been given several bags of clothes for the next few days along with what I had to do maintenance wise for my hair and makeup. Wisely I had decided on a quick stop at the salon every morning for a few days, knowing if I had to duplicate their looks myself I would end looking like a clown when going to work.

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