Cece; On A Wild Ride

I had just returned from my job for the last five nights. There was a note for me to see my boss first thing tomorrow morning in my locker. I changed to my regular clothes and out of my uniform, putting it back into my locker. I got the job on a tip from a female friend. She worked in their offices, talking to customers and arranging for someone to do their job. Her boss and mine is Ms. Sullivan, the owner of this company and several others.

The company is a private security firm, offering all kinds of services for a multitude of customers. We did simple things like watch their house if they were gone for a while, security for fairs and carnivals, personal bodyguards for celebrities or persons of interest. If it was security related we did it. It was fairly large, over five hundred employees, mostly working in and around the immediate area, but the private security part reached all around the world.

A lot of the employees were just average citizens, they would be the security for fairs, conventions or to patrol neighborhoods watching houses. The rest of us were somewhat more trained, either police, military, or alphabet agency trained. I probably had the most experience of the group, serving several years in all of those places.

A stint in the military as an MP, then three years as a detective in a fairly large metropolitan town and finally two years as an agent working undercover to look for deceitful government employees. The last job was what got me working anywhere but with the government. In my time undercover I ran into so many crooked politicans and employees that I had to wait for my bosses decision as to what ones we were going to pursue or prosecute. In other words of fifty possible suspects one or two would be singled out to be prosecuted, all the rest just swept under the rug. Two years of that was enough, I handed in my resignation then applied here.

Ms. Sullivan was delighted, hiring me on the spot. She wanted me to work all areas of the company, then after I got some of that exposure, she would look for a specific job that would best utilize my talents. Carol my female friend that had told me about the job, was delighted, taking me out to dinner after I was offered the job. She was often frustrated when there was no one qualified to handle a new job, then having to hold her breath that whoever was assigned would not totally botch the job and cause them to loose the customer. We had many conversations about this, when I resigned from the government she almost demanded that I apply to the company.

The next morning on my way to work I wondered what Ms. Sullivan wanted to talk to me about, Carol usually handling assigning jobs to the most qualified people. I parked and entered the offices. I got a huge smile from Carol, telling me to go on in, Ms. Sullivan will be back shortly. I set in her office, just relaxing a little.

The job was not that stressful, but sometimes mentally draining. The last five nights I had been shadowing a rock group performing at a local club. They drew quite a crowd of screaming fans, not threatening physically, but anxious to meet their favorite stars and maybe get some type of contact with them. Most of the fans were easy to handle, but since they were just teens quite hormonal. Where the stress came in was trying to anticipate what the fans would do next and how.

Last night I had my hands full, several females screaming and trying to claw their way to their favorite band member. I was somehow able to get between them and get the band members into the waiting limo. In the process my shirt was ripped off, one female fan thinking that she had a shirt from a band member running screaming from the club entrance. Another item for my expense report. Ms. Sullivan returned a few minutes later smiling at me. I hear you had some fun last night, the group I have lined up for you to shadow is much more popular, so it might be wise to take an extra change of clothes with you. I looked to see it she was serious, surely she wouldn’t put me in this position again so soon after my last experience.

She giggled, what I have for you is much more serious, in fact I am not sure you will want to accept this job. You are our most experienced agent, and this account is worth over a hundred thousand dollars to us. Let me explain all that is involved in this and then we will discuss if you are interested in being a part of the team working this job.

There will be three of you involved, two female agents and yourself. The customer is a widely recognized female pop star group that female fans idolize. Their audiences are ninety percent female, ranging in age from fifteen to the early twenties. They try and emulate the groups look, their clothes, everything including their hairstyles. They have a number of gold records and are popular all over the world. We will shadow them on their world tour, seventy–two stops over a three month span. They have charter aircraft, and buses or limos once in the town of their next concert. You will be staying in the same hotel as them, eat with them and live with them for the whole tour. I raised my eyebrow at that last statement, but kept quiet until she had finished.

Recently their have been some threats, none that have been traceable, but still concerning, The two females will stay in their rooms with them, also backstage when they are performing. Your job will to float around, where you think the most threat might show up from, then step in to handle any threat if necessary. The two female agents are quite well trained, several martial arts skills, expert marksman, and in top condition. Their other strong point is their ability to communicate with other females, being extremely outgoing and bubbly. They will befriend the members of the group, and since they are a little older will mother them a little if needed.

The members of the group are from sixteen to eighteen years of age. They have completed high school and graduated, so no educational matters need to be accommodated on this tour. The girls are very talented and fairly grounded in their behaviors. They are aware of the threats, and welcome our involvement in keeping them safe and sound.

Now to the part you might balk at. Due to the group being all female it will be imperative that all who shadow them are the same. It will make any interaction less awkward and assure that you can keep close to your clients. This is not a dress as a female type of disguise, this is living as a female 24/7 for the three months of the tour. Since you have not stood and ran screaming from the room let me call in Carol she has lined up procedures and clothing for your disguise and how it might be affected. I kept my mouth shut, I doubted any place could make me blend in as a female, so I was sure of a way out of this crazy scenario. I would continue to play along, now curious as to what my salary would be in this wild scheme.

Carol had a shit eating grin on her face as she waltzed in, but seemed confident and more than eager to get started. She hit the highlights of my transformation and the place where it would all happen. It sounded real good, but I really doubted their ability to totally eliminate any maleness. After I was briefed she asked if I was ready. I looked at her and smiled a little. “Now, you want me to do this now?”

“No time like the present, we have all day to get you converted to the fairer sex, then you need some time to practice your behavior. The tour starts in ten days, so the more you practice the better your disguise will be.”

Not to be deterred in my quest for some pertinent facts, I asked about my salary. Carol again with the first reply. Double your present wages and of course all of your beauty services and you can keep the wardrobe. Only four star accommodations on the tour and of course the best cuisine money can buy. When the tour is completed I will arrange a month long vacation for you, of course paid in full by the company.

“I do have another question since Ms. Sullivan mentioned that the job was worth a hundred thousand dollars to the company. My expenses and salary will most likely add up to that. Where is the rest of my money to come from? Carol smiled and Ms. Sullivan laughed out loud. I told you that you couldn’t get all of this past him without lots of questions and I am right.”

Okay, the rest of the package includes deals with the recording company, the promoters of the tour and several vendors that supply fan memorabilia for the group’s fans. That chunk amounting to a little over half a million dollars. Now is there any more questions or you ready to assume the gender of a female. I am personally taking you to the salon that will perform the miracle, since I have quite an interest in how this turns out. I raised my eyebrow, but Carol shook her head before I was able to ask the question I had in mind.

I was grabbed by the arm and led out of the office, Carol apparently anxious to see me as a member of the female sex. In her car I tried to pry more answers from her, but she just giggled reminding me that the salon is doing what she feels is necessary for the disguise and she can easily add a couple of things to the list, maybe things I would prefer to not to happen. Enough said, I was quiet during the rest of the trip. I had no idea what Carol has in mind, but this is definitely more that what has been divulged to me so far.

Pulling up to the salon I was now nervous, I was expecting some small salon with a couple of experienced beauticians. Not this huge place filled with customers and employees. Every where I looked I only saw females all of the gorgeous variety. Carol would not be coming in with me, but she would return to the salon later to observe my changes. I was not to acknowledge her, we were strangers and it needed to be kept that way. She asked for all of my ID, credit cards and keys. My assumption of my new role in life starts now.

After my changes I will be picked up by a limo and taken to the hotel where the group is staying until the tour starts. No interaction with them until the day before the tour leaves when I will be introduced to them. I am to spend the time practicing my new role in life, maybe even a date with some young hunk if one suits my fancy. I gave her such a stare, but since I have not had time to perfect the stare it failed miserably. Carol will keep in touch with me by email, her name for the correspondence will be Heather and I will use my name off my new I.D, Cece. I raised my eyebrows, but Carol just ignored me and pushed me out of the car.

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