Bridgette; Domestic To Diva

Unable to find a job after flunking out of high school, my Mom had given me several accounts in her cleaning business. All three were nightclubs, the cleaning had to be done in the early morning hours since the club was open late afternoon and evening till 2 A.M. The job was not hard, me being eighteen allowed me to work at the club because they sold alcohol. Most of Mom’s other employees either too old to work early in the morning or too young to be in the club.

It was a good thing that I didn’t drink, the amount of partially filled drinks that I threw out is absurd. I usually cleaned the rest rooms first, the nastiest part of the job, doing it that way left me extra time to get the bar area and the club itself done. I would start at 2 A.M. at the Rendezvous until six AM, then on to the Birdcage until ten A.M. The last club, the Ribboned Pussy, I worked on from 10 A.M. until 2 P.M. If I didn’t skip any tasks at the nightclubs every evening, most nights were easy.

Luckily the clubs were only a few blocks apart, so travel time was minimal. Occasionally, a bigger than normal crowd, would make a big mess, and I would have to come back after 2 P.M. to finish the cleaning job.

This particular day was one of those times. As I re-entered the club I saw there were some ladies performing on the stage. I stood there and watched them going through their routine, and then realized they were rehearsing for their show later tonight. All three clubs booked different acts, usually for a 7 to 10 day period. This group I had not seen before, so I watched their rehearsal as I cleaned up the club area that I had not time to do earlier. The extra work only required an hour, mainly cleaning up the audience area. It was after three when I finished, so I sat down and watched their performance.

At this time I realized they were female impersonators, not female performers. They were good, and unless you really concentrated on their performance, you would never know they were otherwise. They quit around four P.M. then went into the back room. I heard a door close and figured they had left. I made a lap around the club to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything, then walked across the stage.

They had left a spotlight on casting a circle on the stage floor. I stood in the middle of that circle picturing myself doing the singing. The last song they had sang to was I Am Woman by Helen Reddy. For some reason I started singing it, then stopped and tried to raise my voice some. What came out next is a squeal, not a female voice. I tried a couple of more times, but didn’t like either. I tried one more time, a more breathy type of voice, higher but not a falsetto. I liked it and started over again, singing from the start. I was not familiar with all the words so when I came to a part that I didn’t know I hummed.

When I finished I did a mock curtesy and then walked off the stage. When I got to the breaker box to turn off the spotlight, I was scared out of my wits by one of the ladies telling me not bad for a newbie. She asked if I had ever performed before, my shaking my head no her answer. She giggled a little. “Do you have more jobs to do or is this your last one for the day?”

“No, I am done, I wasn’t able to complete this one earlier and had to come back. I did enjoy your performance, all of you are very talented.” She suggested a late lunch, maybe just some appetizers to snack on, her treat. She wouldn’t take no for an answer as she grabbed my hand and started to the door. I was dragged three doors down to a little restaurant that catered to the nightclub business, although they were open now, most of their business came after the sun made its descent into evening.

It turns out her name is Constance, she heads up the group, a total of six female impersonators. They were here today to rehearse a new segment they were adding to the show. She asked what I did for a living, I told her I worked for my Mom in her cleaning business, doing three nightclubs every night of the week. “Do you enjoy it, or is it just until you find something else?”

“The latter, I am a high school dropout and there is not much out there for me. Working for my Mom is the only thing I have found that will make me a little money and is dependable enough to rely on. I wasted my time in school, goofing off and not studying, but now that it is too late, I have to settle for what I can do and this is the only thing I have found. Unfortunately, I doubt there will be something else later in my life, I fear I have hit the pinnacle, and anything else will be downhill from here.”

She had ordered us some French fries, and a couple of cokes, which were quickly consumed. I did find out the fries are much better dipped in mayonnaise, instead of ketchup. When we polished off the last of the fries, she wanted to know if I ever got a day off, and when I started my cleaning. I answered no to the day off and I started at 2 A.M. every night.

She wanted me to come see the show tonight, if that was possible. She suggested the late show which started at midnight, that way I would get a couple more hours sleep. I told her I couldn’t afford the cover charge, but she nixed that excuse telling me she would arrange for me to get in free. I got a hug from her as she left, a gesture that made me feel funny. Never in my life had anybody including my Mother shown any affection towards me, I was acknowledged as a son, fed and clothed but that was it. No hugging, no kissing, nothing. From as far back as I can remember that is how it has been.

I made it home, took a shower and crawled into bed, my usual every day routine. Since I had the fries, I skipped my usual TV dinner, the fries much better than any boxed entrée. Soon I was asleep, the work at night not hard, but managing to get it all done every evening took quite a bit out of you. So when my head hit the pillow that was it.

The alarm that evening was not in my schedule, a rude interruption in my life. Then I remembered my meeting earlier today with Constance, and I stayed up. I dug in my closets for something a little nicer to wear, but found only a clean pair of jeans and a seldom worn t-shirt. Not the best but that is all I had. That hit me hard, I really didn’t have much of a life, I had no nice clothes, I had no time to spend with friends, the fact that I didn’t have any to start with notwithstanding. I did manage to pay my rent every month, probably the only good thing that I did after high school. When I got my first week’s pay I moved out and rented myself an apartment. I had crackers and water for three weeks, because the rent had used up my entire first week’s wages. Then I had to save up for the electric and garbage bill the following weeks.

I never regretted the move, even though food was scarce for several weeks, a wise move on my part. I saw no need for a phone, so one was never obtained. It was the start of the fourth week, when I was able to fill the refrigerator, well mainly the freezer portion.

I dressed in my clean clothes, then grabbed something to eat. I usually just nibbled before I started work, a full stomach sometimes made me sleepy and my work more difficult trying to stay awake. It was a little before eleven-thirty when I headed out of my apartment. The walk to the club took twenty minutes and as I approached the doorman, he opened the door telling me that my table is up front on the far right hand side of the stage.

I gave him a funny look, but went to my table. The waitress showed up thereafter and handed me a coke and some appetizers. I tried to refuse, but she had been told to deliver them when I arrived by Constance. I had a lot of puzzling thoughts enter my mind, I am sure she is not the owner of the club, but yet I got in free and something to drink and eat without me ordering anything. I would think the owner of the club would not approve of an entertainer giving away some of his profit.

The show started soon after I finished the appetizers, they were really good, and something I was most definitely not used to. Constance and her group did the number they were rehearsing first, from the amount of applause the crowd really liked it. Then they did a couple of other songs, as the lights came back on they all went down on the club floor talking to the customers and flirting a little with them. Several of them sat on some of the male’s laps, then issued a few kisses, always to the delight of the crowd. Constance came over to me, pulled me to my feet and told the crowd that I had volunteered to become the newest female star tonight. Before I could protest, I was whisked backstage.

Constance told me to do as the girls say and she would be back with me shortly. I tried to keep my clothes on, but the girls had other ideas. The female undergarments were next, followed by a silky dress. A wig for my hair and some makeup and I was pushed to the edge of the curtain. I could hear Constance announce to the club, that Bridgette had changed and was ready for her debut.

I wondered who Bridgette was, until a hand reached through the curtain and I was pulled onto the stage. Constance hugged me while whispering for me to not look at the crowd, only to the back of the club where I would see the words to the song I was to sing. Now is your chance, let loose and just be yourself. Dance, flirt, sing a little, do anything you want, just relax and have a little fun. I got another hug, then a kiss on the lips as Constance meandered to the side of the stage. The music started and it was the song that I had tried to sing earlier in the day.

I tried real hard to get it together, that kiss had totally disarmed me. Someone had stopped the music, I looked to the side of the stage, a smiling Constance blowing me a kiss. The music started again, I tried to join in but I had the voice wrong. The music stopped once more and then restarted. This time I got it right, singing along to the music, as the words appeared on a screen at the back of the club near the ceiling. When I didn’t get booed, I relaxed a little more, moving around some on stage.

The music continued playing, but now the words were sung by a group, probably a chorus of the song. I stepped down from the stage and moved around the floor, touching the males like the girls had done. One younger male was blushing bright red as I touched him. I promptly set on his lap, leaned over close to him to sing the next words of the song. The crowd was laughing, clapping and some had joined in with me in singing the song. I got up, returned to the stage and finished the song. As I curtsied and left the stage I blew a kiss to the young male that I had flirted with. As I went behind the curtain, he was still quite red.

The girls passed me, as they went back on stage to perform the rest of the act. I stood off to the side of the stage and watched them, they were so talented, but the success of the act is how they related to the customers. Like my young man, they watched for a blush, a spouse egging the guy on, or a group of males having fun with one of their party. Then into action they went, playing off the reaction of the individual.

Once in a while one of the girls would pull up a wife, plant a sensuous kiss on her lips, then pretend to faint a little. Constance had just done that, the female in question just standing there wanting to know what had just happened. Kissed by a male, a male dressed as a voluptuous woman and acting like a lesbian lover. The obvious lipstick print on her mouth and cheek.

Their final song is I Feel Like A Woman, Constance introducing each of her group at the start of the song, then she startled me when she called me back on stage. I kind of peaked around the curtain and the audience roared in approval, my face now just as red as my young male. I was dragged from behind the curtain, and sang the song with them. When the song was over we were loudly applauded, then some bows and a curtsy and we left the stage. I was the one that curtsied, for what reason I have no idea.

Backstage I was congratulated and hugged by all of the performers. Constance took my hand and led me to an office at the very back of the club. We stopped along the hall, at a full length mirror, the reflection causing me to gasp. I figured the few things they did to me would not make me look much like a woman. The image proved otherwise, I just stood there, is that really me. On to the office and we entered. I was offered a chair, as she sat behind the desk.

“Well did you have fun tonight, from the reaction of the audience they sure did? I liked the part where you were trying to get it together, that sold you to the audience, a young male suddenly dressed as a femme fatale and trying to do the best he could at singing an embarrassing song for a male.”

“Yes, it was fun. Thank you for letting me do this, a treasured memory for the rest of my life.”

“Well, that is what I want to talk to you about. How about you coming to work for me, doing your same song until we can work up a couple of more routines for you. I will match what you get working for your Mom, and I will provide a place for you to live and pay for all your clothes. I presume you need to give your Mom some notice. Since we have a booking for 10 days coming up, why don’t we start you out when we get back?”

I set there desperately needing someone to pinch me, this can’t be happening to me. I nodded my head when she again asked me to join her troop. My voice faltering, barely able to get a word out. I had so many questions, but couldn’t vocalize a single one.

“Tell your Mom what you are going to be doing, do your work for the ten days. Pack up any mementos you want to keep, but leave all you clothes behind or give them to a charity. I think it best for you to dress as a female for a while, you need the practice to sharpen your female mannerisms. When we get back I will get you into our salon, where they will eliminate any signs of masculinity. I have a large house, where everybody stays, one more girl will not make a difference. Now do your work and then tell your Mom, if she has any questions have her call me.”

I got a kiss again, and then she left so I could change clothes. I had to wait for a while for the club to close, then I started cleaning the place. It seemed easier tonight, probably because I actually had a future, maybe not my first choice, but still something other than cleaning. As I was finishing dread of what I can tell my Mom entered my mind. We never were close, but she did give me this job, something I couldn’t get anywhere else.

I made to her house, since that is what she used for her office. I had to wait for her to get off the phone, but then decided to just blurt it out, there being no easy way to do this. “I have found another job, so I am giving notice, I can do the work for another ten days, so if you want me to train someone I can do that.”

“Connie offered you a job huh. After seeing you on stage I figured she would, you weren’t bad for your first time.” My body is stiff, my mouth is open, and nothing is attempting to come out, not even a squeak.

“Connie and I have been friends for several years, even dated once or twice. She has been watching you for quite some time, her ability to spot new talent is outstanding, always has been. Apparently you played into her hands. Ten days is sufficient, since I have someone in mind to replace you, I will see if I can get them to work with you starting tomorrow. You know if this doesn’t work out I will always hire you back, even though I don’t always show my love to you, it is nonetheless there.” She held out her arms and I flew into them.

All these years of doubting her love and caring, and she surprises me. “You mean you saw me at the club, I was so scared, I just fell into it. I do not even remember what all I did, when she got me out of the audience, I didn’t know what to do. Then when my clothes were being removed backstage, I felt alone, and extremely nervous. How can I get up in front of these people and do anything besides just stand there. After Constance talked to me a little I didn’t want to cause her any trouble so I tried. Getting into the voice was so hard, I was almost nauseous with worry. When I found it, the worry faded some, and most of the rest of the evening I don’t remember a thing.”

Mom told me to get home and get to bed, there would be plenty of time to talk later. I walked home, feeling a little better, still scared, but at least something to look forward to. After I got to my apartment, I slipped out of my clothes, laid on the bed and was soon sound asleep. I don’t remember any dreams, but I was sure that my mind was in overdrive at what awaited me.

Reality set in the next day, I still had to do my job for the next ten days, so back to work that night. Mom sent another guy to help and learn the routine, he was alright, but I figured he wouldn’t last till I left. I showed him what to do and we split the tasks. That allowed me to finish early so we made our way to the next club. We finished all three clubs by six A.M., so we parted ways and I told him I would see him tonight. He never responded, I knew then that he wouldn’t show later.

I allowed myself some extra time that night, figuring I would again be alone cleaning the clubs. Connie caught me when I had finished the cleaning. “You have an appointment for the day after you have finished your ten day notice. They will convert you to your new sex. We decided you will be our femme fatale in the group, appearing as a female all the time, then at the close of the show, use your voice to reveal your true sex. Here is the address for the house you will be living at, move in anytime between now and when you start. Charlotte is my mother and she will be expecting you.”

I tried to tell her that I had nothing to move but a few clothes, none of which were worth the effort. “Good you can give them all to Goodwill, wearing only the clothes to get you to your appointment.” I was nervous, now that things were progressing I wasn’t sure of my decision. Connie smiled, you will be fine, once you get into a dress, I doubt we will be able to ever get you out of one.

My replacement didn’t show that night, just as I expected. I called Mom from the club to let her know, she told me she had someone else, and would try and set it up for tomorrow night. The days dragged along, the new replacement seemed better, but didn’t do as good a job as I was used to doing. Eventually the ten days was up, I had cleaned my last club for a while.

I took my three boxes of mementos, and when I left the club I went to the address that Connie had given me. Charlotte welcomed me, showed me my room, and then the rest of the house. I was reminded that I had an appointment the next morning at the salon, so after putting my things away I conked out on the bed.

If you have worked a late night shift and then had to adjust to being up during the day you can understand my thoughts the next morning. I reluctantly made it to the salon the next morning, although I was five minutes late. Debbie was to see to my transformation, so after introducing herself she told me to strip. I giggled a little as I removed my clothes, she taking each item and throwing it in the garbage. I was given a once over, then my body covered in a whitish cream.

You never realize how foolish you look at times, this being one of those times. Naked standing in a room covered in white cream for fifteen minutes. I was expecting my male appendage to make a statement or, at least, an appearance, but he declined totally. She wiped the cream off, leaving me totally hairless. My sparse body hair was light in color, but still there in all the usual masculine areas of hair growth. Now no more.

From there I was laid on a table, my feet in stirrups and spread very wide apart. I thought for a minute I might be used for a wishbone, but that didn’t happen. She used a light mist to coat the groin area, then I felt nothing. She worked down there for quite a while, then glued something over the top of the area. The way I was laying I couldn’t see down there very well, but presumed I looked like a female in that region now.

No feeling at all, a remembrance back to the time when my organ gave me great pleasure, when poor and hardly any money, no TV, sometimes a males penis is all there is. A warm feeling when stroked, and happiness when brought to an orgasm. Dreaming of a female that I never would have, shy, uneducated, and poor, not anything that a young woman would be interested in.

When Debbie finished between my thighs, she helped me to sit up and I looked at my groin. I then promptly fainted. She had a cool towel over my eyes, helping to calm me down some when I came around. I remembered what I had seen and took another look at the space between my legs. I managed to stay conscious, as I put my hands down there looking for what happened to my male apparatus. I found the narrow slit that I had seen pictures of, knowing that it shouldn’t be on a male. It was and now on my body.

When I touched it feelings shot through my body and directly to my brain. I got the shivers as goose pimples sprouted everywhere, causing me to hug myself trying to ease the feelings coursing through my body. Debbie was watching all of this, a bigger smile she couldn’t get on her delicate face. “Welcome to the female gender, you will be quite a looker when I get through with you, everybody that sees your presentation will not ever believe that you are a male inside.”

“Is my male thingy still there, I can’t feel anything at all, other than all the pleasurable feelings assaulting my mind and body. What did you do with it? I have no feeling down there other than when I touch my new sex and then it is like I stuck my finger in the light socket.”

Debbie smiled at me, “we did have to make a few adjustments and a snip here and there. You will never miss it, as a female you will never need it again.” The panic spread across my face and she quickly held on to my hand, “I was just joking with you it is still there just tucked away.”

“Now we need to make the top match the bottom, two D cup titties coming up. It does take a while to make them materialize so lay back and maybe take a nap if you can, I will wake you in six hours when they are done.” I looked at her, a puzzled expression on my face, she just held her hand over my eyes and told me to relax. I did close my eyes, just for a while, but when consciousness awoke me I felt a considerable weight on my chest.

I had zonked out as soon as she covered my eyes apparently, now I was trying to wake up with several new feelings and additions to my body. The most noticeable was the weight on my chest. It took me a few moments for my eyes to focus on the new additions to my anatomy. They seemed to fill my entire field of vision. They were huge and very mobile. Any movement of my body caused them to jiggle some, the jiggling very disconcerting to me.

I couldn’t see the base of the mounds, but they seemed directly connected to me somehow. Debbie showed up asking how the new star of the show was doing. I couldn’t form words, I imagine that the creation of these huge mounds somehow took my voice away and left me considerably dumber. I pointed to them with a questioning look. She giggled, a showgirl has to have the proper equipment and these will make you famous.

I stared at her that is not what I wanted to hear. She sat next to me and explained how they were created. The salon uses a machine that gently sucks the skin on your chest out to form breasts, then with the addition of fatty tissue, they are enhanced to the proper size. These are yours now, not glued on, they are a part of you until they are removed later if that is your decision. They have feeling, and in your case they are your new play toy when you are lonely or bored. I instantly turned bright red, my mind definitely not willing to go there, at least, not for a while.

I did receive a bra to wear, as it was slipped over my arms and fastened in the back, it was explained to me that the forms would slowly dissolve over the next few days, leaving a soft breast. The bra helped immensely, the jiggling much less, the bra’s cups caressing the new breasts tenderly, making me feel much better. I did notice that my visibility of my legs and groin were severally handicapped, the two mounds blocking the view of my lower extremities.

Hair and makeup next, my longish hair was shampooed and conditioned, then wrapped in a towel to keep it from dripping. While I was leaned back at the sink, my eyebrows were done away with, just a few hairs in a thin line remained, the line highly arched. It did change the look of my face quite a bit.

I was then moved to a regular salon chair and my hair was combed, then she cut it, mainly cutting off the split ends. It had been decided to leave my hair short to start with, then after I get used to maintaining my hairstyle, add some extensions for that sexy female look. The style she had in mind required curlers, lots of them in many different sizes. My head did look comical, the curlers definitely female, but far from sexy or attractive. Then my chair was laid back some and she started on my makeup. She was doing a stage makeup on me, brighter colors and applied a little heavier. Later I would be taught to do a daytime look, since I will be living as a female 24/7. At the club they had some makeup people to assist me, until I learned enough to do my own stage makeup.

The look as she finished was hard to get used to, in the mirror was a drop dead gorgeous female, the only thing taking away from her attractiveness is the curlers still in my hair. Lucky me got to do a stint under the hair dryer, the warm heat baking in my new hairstyle. Dressed in a simple sheath dress, I was told I was finished for the day, tomorrow would be makeup lessons and how to style my hair. I was given six inch heels to wear home, to be able to walk comfortably in them would take a lot of practice, practice I would get starting now.

Debbie held on to me when I tried my first steps in the heels, I made it a few feet, then turned and walked back unaided. I even did a few dance steps, the heels felt good, even though my foot was highly arched in the shoe. My butt did sway as I walked, something I have seen in other women when wearing high heels. Debbie was amazed at my ability, even took a short video with her phone and sent it to Constance.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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