Romy; A Bride Than A Wife

I was headed over to Cynthia’s house, since she had invited me to dinner. I had a sneaky suspicion it would not be something she cooked, but rather a catered array of goodies. Cynthia is not the domestic type, rather then the docile female most people see when they look at her. She is driven, that one word seems to fit every nuance of her life. She turned a hobby of making short video clips into a lucrative career.

Her hobby started as she made videos of her friends doing crazy things, like her girlfriend playing around with wacky hair styles, or a day at the beach with bikini malfunctions. Her circle of friends expanded, usually the friendship blossoming as a result of being a star in one of her videos. A friend helped her set up a blog, that featured her videos, to surprisingly immediate success. After a few weeks she was approached by a company wanting to sponsor her blog and use some of her videos in their ads. Lawyers were consulted, contracts were prepared then signed, now Cynthia’s hobby was officially her career, a decent paying one at that, with lots of potential.

At this point is where I entered the scene, hired by the company to help promote her blog, making it known to as many people as possible. I typically used social media, placing tweets or posts to other media mentioning her blog, and the fantastic videos she created. It didn’t take much before her visitor count numbered in the thousands, much to the company that was paying me and to Cynthia’s delight.

She found out about me from the company, then tracked me down at my office. Initially when she showed up unannounced I thought she was pissed at me, so I reeled back my normal aggressive behavior and just listed to her rant about this and that. It turned out that was just her normal behavior, pushy and take charge attitude from the get go. When she finally allowed me to talk I was at a loss for words, something that rarely happened these days. Cynthia to the rescue, inviting me out to lunch. It was not missed that she invited me, instead of the other way around. I guess that kind of set the behavior between us for the future. Cynthia the dominant one and me the quiet almost docile one that followed her lead.

In a way I was in awe of her, part of the reason I gave up my normal behavior when around her. She had so many ideas, anything she saw or heard causing all kinds of new ideas to come to the forefront. We would be talking after a delicious lunch when she saw a couple kissing at another table, then an idea would pop out. What if that kiss turned the guy into a frog, sitting on the other side of the table from his girlfriend, the girl just smiling and savoring the taste of the kiss. Frog legs for dinner tonight, yummy. Absurd, you bet.

I didn’t know what to expect at dinner at her place tonight, although we have enjoyed several lunches at various places around town, this seemed like an escalation in our relationship. I brought a six pack of beer, the kind she likes the most, since she can’t stand the taste of wine. I had thought of bringing her flowers, but she didn’t seem like the female that would like flowers. So instead I purchased a set of tickets to a rock concert, a group she often has playing on the sound system in her studio.

Then we need to discuss her house, the first time I saw it I was gob smacked. I was given a quick tour when I picked her up for one of our lunches. She insisted on me doing so, so she could finish her video she had been working on all morning.

The studio part was huge, an entire upper floor of her house. She had most of the interior walls removed except for a few pillars necessary to maintaining the integrity of the house. Three huge skylights let the outside inside, bathing the room in bright light. Downstairs was a bedroom with bath, a kitchen, which I didn’t think she knew how to use and a living room. The former dining room now used for costumes, makeup vanity and beauty salon. The salon featured an old fifties type hair dryer over in a corner, ready to be used. The den, the remaining room on the ground floor, used to work on her videos.

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