Monica; One Of The Girls Now

My turn to host the girls, it was going to be this Friday night, ten days since the last outing. We were associates from work, some of us had been with the company for years, the last two to join the group only with the company for six months. We all worked in the customer support department, our jobs to help our customers with their orders, or shipping, or to help straighten out mistakes made by our shipping department. It wasn’t a hard job, but sometimes it could be exasperating. We started the friendships by going to a bar and having a few drinks together once a week or so.

The bar scene was not something any of us really enjoyed so we started going to one of our apartments or homes to continue the meetings. Then each hostess or host would fix some light snacks, and some exotic coffees or teas for us to enjoy at our get-together. The first meetings were spent griping about our jobs, our company’s lack of appreciation for us or some current boyfriend or girlfriend actions during the last date. That over time morphed to some games, finally ending up with what we past the time with now at our get-togethers.

I should explain about the group first. Wendy was our supervisor, about thirty, a blonde and quite shapely. She was the most outgoing of the group, her inhibitions were non-existent. She was single, really not interested in dating much, but did attend any company functions to check out what was being offered.

Beverly was her assistant, a red head and probably the most intelligent of the group. Her temper matched her hair color, although she was able to keep it tame enough to keep from getting in trouble with it. Bev had been married, found out her husband of three weeks was having sex with someone else and came close to making a woman of him literally.

Suzie was one of the staff, along with the rest of us, eight to six four days a week. We rotated our days off so there was always five of us working. She also was single, but was dating every chance she could get to hopefully find Mr. Right. She even tried dating a female once, her success with the males was pretty dismal and she was feeling down and lost. The next day she declared herself bi-sexual, and since then either sex is alright, just hadn’t found the right one yet. We called her our chameleon, since her hair color changed weekly trying to find something to lure that elusive partner.

Patricia was our fashionista, dressed to the nines every day she worked. Her family had money so she spent it on clothes, lingerie, and makeup. She was in her mid-twenties, never admitting to an actual age. She was quieter than the rest, but often spoke up when pushed by an unruly customer. It had gotten her into trouble in the past so she always set between us. If her voice started to raise we would lean over and rub her leg to get her to calm down. If necessary one of us would take her customer to soothe things out. Her hair was most often brunette, but always with highlights.

Then we have Janice, our mystery girl. She was friendly, almost too friendly. Never shared anything about her past, but was one of the most efficient at her job. She was constantly getting ratings near 100 on her reviews, we joked that she could sweet talk the clothes off anybody before they realized what was happening. She was definitely the tallest, near six feet in her heels. Her actual height was never disclosed, we often kidded her about it but she always side stepped any direct answers to our questions. Another brunette, her hair almost to her waist, always shiny and loose.

Lastly we have me, the only male of the group. I was the token male to assure no allegations of discrimination could be leveled against the company. I was actually told that when I was hired, I needed the job badly so it was not an issue with me. It did take them a couple of weeks before I was accepted into the group, the stilted conversations at first made the girls resent me, but soon they resumed their normal dialogue. When I made a remark about what one of them said one day it was met with complete silence.

Janice saved the day for me and the others. “He speaks, and it was a relevant thought, what are we going to do now.” There was quite a bit of giggling, but from that moment on I was included as if I was one of the girls. Several times the conversations were a little more than I could handle comfortably. The girls just grinning but keeping it up. About four weeks later I was invited to my first female gathering. It went well, I made a few appropriate comments and was accepted as a full member of the click.

Over the months I have noticed my focus has changed, I used to follow sports, now when I look at a newspaper or magazine I look for any fashion articles or celebrity happenings. When we are walking to our favorite spot for lunch I look at the store windows just like the girls.

I did attempt to date a couple of females in the company, but apparently my actions that night left them without any desire for a second date. My so called friends and advisors suggested that I try a male, my charms would have him eating out of my hands quickly. I do hope they were kidding me, but decided I was not going to test that theory in the near future.

Now that you have a little history, back to the meeting at my house tonight. It is my parents’ house, given to me when they upped and moved to the other side of the country. They said it was because they wanted a warmer climate, without the extreme heat of the desert southwest. I never did hear if Northern Georgia was any better. My mom and I still talked, but they were always busy doing something with friends, so for the last three years we saw nothing of each other.

I had went all out in preparation of tonight’s snacks, made little snack pizzas, warmed some breadsticks, had three tomato based sauces to dip them in and even made some three bean salad. I had gotten some prepared drinks from a beverage company that we all used for the exotic coffees and teas we have learned to like. I had ten different selections to choose from for tonight. The group arrived all together, exchanged hugs and kisses and we dove in while the pizza and bread sticks were warm. I received numerous compliments, them kidding about always having the meetings at my house since the service and menu were the best of the group.

We talked and giggled often for the next hour, we had two new employees to talk about at work, both of them full of themselves and widely believed to be gone before the next week was out. Both were female, spoiled rotten and too young to have learned how to survive on their own.

Finally time for the games, it was Wendy’s time to choose a game, so she went to her purse and withdrew several pads and pens. We were to each jot down five fantasies of ours, trying to keep anyone from guessing who the fantasy was for. Real fantasies and erotic in nature, not casual dreams or desires. If we fooled everybody, we received points, if we were guessed then we had to act out the fantasy. I swallowed hard, but the girls were already writing feverishly.

I couldn’t think of anything, my fantasies were to marry, have children, and get promoted at work, nothing even remotely erotic or unusual. A couple of the girls were already finished, looking at me wondering why I wasn’t writing something down. I finally wrote a couple of things down, things that I had read on a fiction site I stumbled on a few days ago. I figured they were so left field that no one would be able to figure who wrote them. I made sure to slant the wording so that it could not be presumed to be a male wanting those things, since of the six people I was the only male.

Then Wendy surprised me by telling us to exchange one fantasy with each of the other players, so they were now all mixed up. We had folded them so no writing could be seen, then exchanged one with each of my counterparts. A bowl was produced and we dumped them all in and stirred them up. To keep from one of us recognizing the hand writing a fellow player would draw a slip of paper and read it for the player whose turn it was.

Wendy drew first for Beverly, reading it and then laying it face down on the table. It was one of mine, I tried to show no emotion, but that is real hard when dealing with this type of situation. Beverly hemmed and hawed, looking at each of us and smiling at us, trying to cause a reaction. She made some guesses of who that person might be, Janice wouldn’t do this, but I could see Patricia maybe wanting something like this. It was fun there was a lot of gigging and laughing, but then she pushed the paper in front of me.

Wendy then told us that the papers would remain in front of the person selected until the end of the game. Then all would be confessed and the accurately guessed fantasies would be indulged. I wish I had known that earlier before I had come up with my supposed fantasies. Too late now, maybe I would be spared any more accurate guesses.

To get through the thirty fantasy slips took some time, it was almost the end of the game before my other fantasies came up. I spent all of the time trying to figure out how to claim the fantasies were not mine. Since the color of the ink looked the same and I had purposefully printed my fantasies I thought I might be able to at least deflect one or two accurate guesses. I wasn’t paying attention as the last four slips were read and my last fantasy was pushed in front of me. The girls were giggling uncontrollably now, hoping they had guessed right.

Wendy went through each pile, separating them out into two piles. She used our pens to do the separating making a slash of the pen over the writing to verify which ones were ours and not someone else’s. I let out an audible sigh, all of the girls looking my way and smiling. I was doomed by my own stupidity, and going to have to live up to my outlandish fake fantasies.

As each girl was checked they immediately did what the fantasy required, taking off a portion of their clothing, undressing completely or in one case allowing her hands to be tied behind her back. I would have been turned on to the nth degree except I knew what was coming for me. Of course, Wendy saved me for last, even doing her own pile before she checked mine. I would have been in seventh heaven as she completely removed her clothes, standing near me as she checked my pile. You know what happened as soon as you started reading this tale, all but one of my absurd fantasies now laying on the table in front of me.

All of the girls got up, grabbed a fantasy and started rounding up the necessary things to make it happen. That is all but Janice, she was the one to have her hands tied behind her back, but that didn’t stop her from making suggestions or pointing out where something needed for my fantasy could be found. I just sat there waiting for the moment when my whole world would come apart. How could I have been so dumb, don’t answer that.

I was stripped naked and then dressed in some of their lingerie and clothes currently not in use. The sensations of the silky clothes on my body were hard to resist, my male apparatus showing signs of inflating. The girls all watched in awe. “Well we now know that these are his actual fantasies, the truth detector has spoken.” I had some makeup applied, now dressed in a bra, panties, slip, dress, stockings and high heels. Unfortunately we were relatively the same size, a couple of their things a little tight on me. The makeup consisted of mascara, way too much in my opinion and several coats of lipstick.

It was surreal, one gal totally naked, one with her titties exposed and one with nothing on her lower torso, then you have Janice with her hands tied behind her back, one not missing any clothes but on her hands and knees waiting to lick the first volunteer to a climax. Then you have me dressed in their clothes, trying to shrink away from all of it.

Then they started talking about my last fantasy that was read aloud to the group. Simply stated it was to be the boss lady for the day, to be able to supervise employees and be the one in charge. When I wrote it, I was sure that it would point to one of the other females, so I had no qualms in submitting it. Now it looked like I was about to have an even worse day than this, as they planned how to satisfy my fondest desire on Monday.

I had calmed down some, a little rational thought appearing in my mind from time to time. What about the other fantasies of the girls, I only saw some shedding of some clothes, not the two or three things they had to do to satisfy the fantasies they had to perform. I got some red faces, some stuttering, and some downcast eyes. I looked over their stack of slips, picking out a few that I thought would be appropriate for a Monday work day. I told them I would go to work as a female boss Monday if they would do these things at the same time.

I stood there hands on my hips, in one of their dresses, my stuffed breasts making my chest protrude lewdly. I could barely walk in the heels, switching from foot to foot to keep my toes from being squashed even more in the shoes. They reluctantly agreed, anxious to see me in female attire for a whole day. I giggled to myself, thinking of some of the things they would suffer through that day, misery loves company my motto at least for Monday.

We did all agree that this particular game would never be played again, the consequences too much to live with. We did complement Wendy for thinking out of the box, but told her also that any further thinking on her part would be severally punished. We are not kidding.

The girls wanted some assurances that I would not change my mind, so they took my luggage and packed away all of my male clothes from the closet and dresser except for a couple of things they would wear home. That was done so that I would have clothes for tomorrow and Monday, each outfit laid out on my loveseat for me to select from. “You don’t trust me, I am hurt by your actions.” That was said as they took a bag a piece and left me standing there in my dress and heels.

After leaving I checked the bedroom to see if they had forgotten anything. No luck, the bedroom and bathroom clean as a whistle except for the makeup they had left me for Monday. There was even a bottle of nail polish there for my use. I set done hard on a chair by the window, staring outside as if an answer to my problem laid out there for my selection. It was fun for a while, we did have a lot of fun, but when I had to own up to all my supposed fantasies the fun part seemed to leak away. I set there for quite some time, finally it was time to get some sleep, two more days of this femaleness before Monday and the end of my fantasy period. I removed my clothes, but left on the panties and bra. I know not the reason for leaving the bra and panties on, maybe just having another piece of clothing helping me to feel less naked and uncomfortable.

I slipped under the covers, the mind still working on how I had screwed things up so bad. I eventually got some sleep, the next morning way too many vivid dreams making their appearance. I went to the bathroom, then changed panties and the bra to the other set waiting for me today. I smiled briefly thinking of the girls going home without their bras wearing only my rough shorts and jeans. Janice did call me later that day asking if I was dressed properly, she was the one selected to make sure I was doing as told and had not slipped out anywhere to obtain any male clothing. I invited her over, my extreme embarrassment was pretty much gone, they had already seen me naked and dressed as a woman so nothing new there today.

An hour later she knocked on the door, I went over to welcome her dragging her to the kitchen for coffee and something to eat. We talked as we sipped the coffee, and some pastries I had forgotten I had in the freezer. A few minutes in the microwave and they were suitable to be devoured. I found out from her it was nearly two hours after they left here before she was released, she did love being treated that way, just wished she could find a partner that felt the same way. As that statement left her mouth she was staring at me intensely, waiting for some indication that I might be the one. I thought I might be interested, but decided to wait a while. I had my own demons to align somehow or extricate if I couldn’t live with them.

She stayed for lunch, some sandwiches and some cottage cheese, something I had often to help curb my weight and keep my figure. That last word now having another meaning to the new me. Once lunch was handled we sat and talked. She did make some suggestions for me, my knees not together when I set, I didn’t smooth my skirt before I set. I was advised on a more feminine walk and how to hold my hands when not doing something. I brought up to Janice how I wanted to take it a little further for Monday may be getting my ears pierced, or a makeover to make my disguise a little more realistic. The way that I looked now I looked like a male in a dress, at work I wanted to blend in some, not wanting the whole office staff to make fun of me or be able to kid me.

She suggested a salon that could help, even gave me their number. She had her hair cut there, her stylist was named Sheila, she was sure that she could help me. Janice had a family gathering to go to, but promised to pick me up tomorrow morning, saving me the embarrassment of driving in heels and a dress. We hugged, it felt real good. Something had changed between her and me, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what exactly had changed. I called the number, finding out that she could take me a little later today. I drove over to the salon, swallowed several times to get the congestion and fear out of my chest, and then walked in. I expected to be laughed at, but I was treated with respect and caring.

Sheila led me to a private treatment room at the back, wanting to know how she could help me. After explaining what I was thinking she offered me different treatments that might meet my needs. It was overwhelming what they could do for me, so I asked her to just pick a few things for tomorrow, to allow me to escape the male in a dress look. She told me her thoughts: hair removal, some breast forms, a wet set on my hair and some nail polish on my fingers and toes. Then some long lasting makeup for tomorrow so that I wouldn’t have to try to do it myself. Ear piercing was included, according to her I would look so cute with pierced earrings. I agreed and over the next few hours I was transformed into a convincing female. If you looked real close you could still see the male underneath, but a quick glance showed only a cute female.

As she was taking out my curlers, my masses of springy curls bounced around on my head. She took time to spray my face to set the makeup, then created my hairstyle. She suggested that I sleep in a chair tonight so that my hairdo escaped being squashed so much. A liberal coat of hairspray would insure the same look tomorrow, maybe a few fingers lightly run through my hair to remove any smashed curls.

As I left the salon I felt invigorated, a glance in the mirror showed only a female image, a cute one no less. On the way home I stopped at the mall, browsed a few dress shops looking for something special to wear tomorrow. Why I was embracing this, I haven’t the slightest idea. I found a pale green business suit, the jacket fairly form fitting with a slight flare at the hips. The skirt was not quite a pencil skirt, but still tight at least from my standpoint. Luckily they had it in my size. No, I did not become a fashion expert overnight, the sales associate giving me the terms and descriptions that I was using. Yes, I was scared to death, constantly looking around to see if someone had seen through me.

With my purchase in my arms. I felt good somehow, managing to do these things as a female with little distress, well minimal distress. The dress shop associate knew I was a male underneath, but still treated me with respect. The one hundred and sixty dollars I spent on the outfit probably paid her some commission, something I was sure she appreciated.

Don’t ask me why I bought the suit or even had the makeover at the salon. It was not required, but at the time seemed to be a good idea. I closed my eyes and just went with it, consequences be damned. I stopped and got some food to eat at home, some tacos and a burrito along with some tortilla chips. I seriously thought of eating in the little restaurant, but home seemed to be the better choice. I hung my clothes as soon as I got home, again something I have never done before. I then ate my treats, Mexican food, in particular, always a soft spot with me. I cleaned up after myself, something I never did, even felt my head to see if I was running a fever, something my Mother always did if I did something out of the ordinary. Nope no fever, must be insanity then.

I settled into my favorite chair thinking how I would handle tomorrow, the job not requiring a boss really, as long as the calls got handled promptly. The extent of Wendy’s management was supervising the schedule and settling any dispute that might arise with a less than cooperative customer. I drifted off to sleep, surprisingly fast, considering all that my mind was trying to figure out about my involvement, in this fantasy. I got up earlier, the sleeping in the chair did preserve my hairstyle, something I couldn’t figure why I was so concerned about. Dressing in my new outfits was fun, in and out of several of the pieces of lingerie left for me to see what looked best with my new purchase.

Janice was early, her eyebrows shot up when she saw how I was dressed. She slowly walked around me looking to see what changes had been made, then made sure I had my purse and we were off. She asked where I had bought the dress, I told her where in the mall and she giggled. You know the salon you went to has clothes in the other part of the building, but I am sure that the mall experience did you some good.

“Did you do you other fantasy for today?” I was smiling from ear to ear asking her that. She nodded yes, I told her she needed to show me when we got to work, we can’t trust you yet, not with something this important. Her face was bright red now, I am sure she had left her panties at home with that kind of reaction, but I would follow through, I think Janice will like that as much as not wearing any panties.

The rest of the trip was in silence, me thinking what the other girls are going to say, and Janice sweating her show and tell. We both walked in together, put our purses in our desks and signed on to our computers. Most of the time we got at least a few minutes before the first customer called. The computer started switching calls at Nine AM and it was still a few minutes before nine when we got there. The other girls dragged in, I looked at each of them to see if they had also complied with their last unfulfilled fantasy.

Wendy and Patricia without bras, their movement of their breasts a sure sign of no bra, Patricia’s prominent nipples meant she was wearing her pasties as per her fantasy. Suzie was the last one to arrive, the other two girls having the day off. Hers would be harder to detect without a more personal inspection. I told Janice to stand up and show me her lack of underwear. She did, the red on her face drifting pretty much all over her body. Wendy told Suzie to stand holding out her hand. Suzie reached into her purse, handing a remote to Wendy. It was clicked on and Suzie almost fell to her knees. Wendy turned it off, the vibrator was where it should be and operational.

Then all four of them faced me asking me where the dress came from, then who did the makeover and hair. They exchanged looks between them, but never said anything. The calls started and soon we all had one call and another waiting our attention. It was one of our busiest Mondays, just my luck when it was my time to be boss. We closed an hour for lunch that kept our staff requirements less, not having to keep people to spell off each of us. The company was alright to work for but like most these days always looking to save some dollars.

We went to our regular lunch place, shopping a little on the way back. As soon as we arrived back we got a call from corporate for Wendy to come to personnel. She looked at me, you are the boss today, you need to see what they want. I immediately panicked, dressed as a female and being seen other than by our close group of friends was way too much. The girls pushed me out the door and locked it behind me. I started to knock on the door, but through the glass Wendy just pointed to personnel.

Very reluctantly I made my way there, trying to figure out what to say when I got there. Ms. Kent was nice, everybody knew her and adored her. When I entered the office she smiled at me, asking me what my name was. I told her I was Morton from customer service, she had called asking for Wendy to come up here, and since Wendy and I are exchanging jobs today you got me. I was asked to sit down and explain my dress and what is happening today. She didn’t seem mad or upset so I explained everything.

She never said anything or made a comment about what we were doing, then she did something on the computer. A few minutes later she slid a document over and had me sign it, I tried to read it before I signed, but she was smiling and wanting me to hurry up. Given a copy she told me that they were going to start a rotating leadership training at the company, so what we were doing fit perfectly into the scheme of things.

Then as I rose to head back she congratulated me on becoming the token transgender person, no longer male I will be a female as far as the company is concerned. Oh tell Wendy everything worked out just as she suggested. You are a person short since you are the boss today I would suggest that you get to work. I walked back having the feeling that I had just been out manipulated by the best. Wendy had arranged the whole thing from the party to today.

When I got back we were too busy for me to corner Wendy, but her smile said it all. I heard a few scattered giggles and knew that the other girls were in on it too. It was quitting time before we got a breather, the computer closing off the phone lines at five PM sharp. We had all finished our last calls, so we were done for the day. I wanted Wendy to answer questions but she just wanted out of there. She invited everybody to her apartment for drinks and to fill in the new female employee on her job and dress code. I was reluctant to go with them but with several arms on mine I was dragged along anyway. Since Janice had picked me up this morning I had little choice anyway.

Everybody settled in at her apartment, Janice helping her get something to drink for everybody. When all were seated Wendy started the conversation. From the very start when we first met you all of us saw only a female inside. On your days off we racked our brains trying to figure how we could get what is inside outside where it belongs. Numerous suggestions were made but you conveniently ignored us, so finally the game at your place. We were amazed that you didn’t pick up the deception right away, we were more than obvious on several occasions.

But you bought into it, our goal was achieved and we had you on the right track. Then when you got the makeover and bought the dresses at the mall we were sure of our conclusions. Once dressed here at work, the final pieces could be put in place. You are now transgendered, transitioning to be a female, with full company approval. The rotating supervisor trial had been in place for several months, you just never caught on to what was happening right before your eyes.

Just remember all the incentives that we willingly gave to make sure our little girl here could spread her wings. Getting to see us naked in varying degrees of undress is not going to happen often, so treasure those things that you did get to see. Now that the shoe is on the other foot we get to see you in your lingerie, you have a lot to learn and your BFF’s are ready to teach you. Since it is your day off tomorrow, an appointment to get you the necessary female equipment is in order. That has been arranged and Janice had volunteered to accompany you to make sure you get the proper size additions.

Any signs of the former male that used to work here will be dealt with quickly and severally. Now for a name, I have several listed her on these sheets of paper. Circle the one you like the most, the one with the most votes is out girl’s new name. I started to protest, but Wendy stopped that right away, if you don’t like the name by vote method we can go with Matilda. I shut up and took the piece of paper. The names I saw I was not really fond of, but Monica sounded the best of the group. Luckily that was the winner of the straw vote also. So Monica it is, now a female and one of the girls. I imagine after tomorrow I will be a card carrying member, not just an honorary member.

Janice accompanied me home, since the appointment at the salon was first thing in the morning, we would leave from my apartment. We stopped to get some takeout, neither of us wanting to cook tonight. We talked all the way home, about work and the last disastrous meeting of the girls from work. Disastrous at least for me. We ate the pizza we had picked out, both of us disregarding any diets we might have had. It was good, we even ate the crumbs that were left. She had brought a movie to watch, knowing that I had a DVD player. It was a chick film, but even I was shedding some tears at the appropriate spots.

After the movie I made some fresh tea, and a batch of biscuits. With butter and some jam we consumed those as well. We got around to talking about tomorrow, Janice wanting to know what I really thought of switching to the female gender. I thought about my answer for some time, before I told her that is what I really wanted. I feel at peace when dressed and acting as a female, something I have been without my whole life. I guess I could learn to bottle it up again, only enjoying it when at home and all the doors and windows are locked. But being with you girls and being accepted as a female means so much to me.

Any person just meeting me would instantly declare me mentally unstable, if I wasn’t just hauled away to the mental ward. Several times I have thought of my willingness to go along with everything, something so unusual for me. In the end, I do like hanging out with the girls, so maybe being one of the girls is not that farfetched. I am happier this way, although I am ashamed to admit it. So for now, Monica is one of the girls, and hopefully a friend too. I was squashed in a hug and then led into the salon, the girl me needing some proper female equipment. I can see life to be very interesting soon.

It didn’t take them long to make the necessary adjustments. My eyebrows were done away with, something they skipped on my previous visit. It did make a big difference in my appearance, as it made my eyes stand out more. My breast forms were removed, and I was hooked up to a large machine, the hoses form the machine leading to two cups adhered to my chest. As I was switched on, I watched as some of my extraneous flesh was sucked into the cups.

Janice had a ball picking out my breast size, picking up different sized cups and laying them on my chest to see how they looked. I kind of lost track as to what ones that were still there, but when they added the adhesive I saw the letter D imprinted on the size of the cup. I was not sure what that meant, but I think it meant that I had been screwed royally. Of course Janice is giggling away, but when I tried to remove the cups she just held my hand till I relaxed and gave up.

They did something to my calves as forms were placed behind the calf and strapped to my leg. My foot was pointed down severally like I was standing in my toes. I was left like that for a while, then as the machine switched to a steady pull on my soon to be breasts a felt a needle prick in each calf. It was quick and I again focused on my developing breasts. My first thought was if they are being sucked from my body how will I ever be able to reverse it. The light came on upstairs, I won’t be able to, they are mine for the duration. I closed my eyes, if I can’t see it them they are not there.

My eyes sprung open again when the forms were removed from my lower legs. My foot stayed the same though still pointed down at quite an angle. I couldn’t figure out why it was done to me though. I was helped out of my present chair and moved over to a chair by the sink. The hoses attached to my breast cups coming along too. As I took the first step a pain shot up my leg, I tried again to place my foot flat and another pain erupted. I had to move to where they wanted me on my tip toes. Then my mind engaged, heels, I would now be required to wear heels everywhere, since it was obvious my leg tendons have been shortened. The girls having some fun with me, and I am not even fully converted to the female gender. I did catch Janice sitting over to the side smirking as she talked with my technician as they were sipping some coffee.

Still thinking about my need to wear heels all the time I felt the tech starting to wash and condition my hair, I had just had the wash and set the last time I was in, so apparently something new for me was in the works. Sure enough after the second conditioner was rinsed out of my hair, a foul smelling liquid was thoroughly worked through my tresses. I had a feeling that maybe a new hair color was being added, as the liquid that was worked in had a very light almost pinkish tint to it. Thirty minutes under a low heat dryer as the color was processed, then rinsed. Yep, I was now a champagne blonde, another permanent addition to my femaleness and making my face just that much more feminine.

She set the hair in curlers again, this time smaller ones than was used last time. Another stint under a dryer as my hair was dried, the tech taking a few minutes to change my nail color, now a light pink. Probably to match my new hair color. The pump had turned off on my breast development the cups now full to the brim. I was unhooked from the machine, the hoses removed from the cups and a shot of something placed through the hose attachment directly into my enlarged nipples.

Before I could ask about the shot, I received an application of a clear cream on my top and bottom lips. It started tingling right away, so my focus was disrupted as I concentrated on the tingling and apparent swelling of my lips. I gave up, not content to just sit there and wait until I was finished. Way too many things happening way too fast.

Story Incomplete At Present

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