Ashlyn; The Selected One

Another day, another job fair. At least the weather was nice, in the seventies and bright and sunny. This is the fifth one since December, so far nothing coming from any of them. I hope this time that I have something to show for the expense and time. An actual invitation for an interview would be so nice. I scan the classifieds daily, any possibilities are pursued, no matter what the actual job is. Three months of finding nothing kind of knocks any perceived notions out of your head about what you will accept in the line of a job.

Since graduation I had come full circle on what I thought I wanted, youth and foolishness wreaking havoc on my life and money. With the diploma and graduating eleventh in my class I thought the world was mine for the taking. Ready to conquer the world I went out and rented an apartment, when I could have stayed at home until I found something. Then to make matters worse I signed a yearlong lease with a three month penalty for vacating early. The joys of youth and big dreams.

I took two part time jobs, food service type to help pay the rent, then slowly went through the money my parents had given me as a graduation gift for food and utilities. Mom was worried about me, trying to convince me to move back home until I found a job and got back on my feet. The lease on the apartment made that almost impossible. Plus the fact I would have to fess up as to what their stupid son had done when signing the lease.

I put a smile on my face, maybe today will change things a little. I have always been optimistic, but recently it has become much harder to maintain that attitude. I took the bus to the university, that or Uber now my only means of transportation. I had a car but couldn’t afford gas or the insurance to use it. It was setting at home in my parent’s garage gathering dust. The bus dropped me off at the field house where the job fair was being hosted. I entered and filled out the forms required to register for the event. With my ID badge in place I started around the building stopping at each booth to see if they might have anything that I would qualify for.

I had made it about half way through when one of the ladies manning a booth up ahead approached me and wanted me to fill out one of their applications. That was a little unusual, usually they waited until you approached their booth before there was any interaction. I stood there filling it out and then went up to the lady and handed her the clipboard. I included copies of my resume, transcripts and letters of reference. She carefully looked it over then asked me if I had time to take a personality and aptitude test. That in itself surprised me, but beggars can’t be choosy. I told her yes, she took me to a seated area that was surrounded by a partition and found me a place to sit. I was handed a stack of paper, from the size of it the test must be quite inclusive. I was told the test is timed and I had three hours to complete it. I let out quite a sigh, if I got through it I would miss the rest of the job fair. Still this was farther than I ever had got before, so I opened the packet and got started.

I was sweating shortly thereafter, the questions asked were difficult to answer, quite a few of them I doubted there was a right answer to the question. I did my best and when she appeared to collect my papers I was mentally drained. I was taken back to her booth and shown to a chair in the back of the booth. She set down with my test and started going over my answers. It was thirty minutes later when she put the test down, to look at me. She smiled but said nothing. I was asked to hang around for a while, she had to help close down the booth and then she would take me to dinner if I was willing. I had completely forgotten lunch, my stomach answering for me. She giggled and told me it wouldn’t take that long.

During the closing up of the booth I heard she was the CEO of the company. Talk about being surprised, a CEO taking the time to interact with a job applicant. Now I was more nervous, how to act at dinner, what to order, and the hardest part how to interact with her were serious considerations now. When they were finished, she hugged all the other female employees that had helped her and then she turned her attention back to me. Do you want to drive your car to the restaurant or have me bring you back here later? I turned many shades of red, then she smiled and asked how I got to the job fair today. In a pathetic little squeaky voice I managed a single word, bus.

She told me to come on then, they won’t hold the reservation forever. I was scared to death, now the invitation to dinner seemed more threatening to me. I doubted I will be able to come through it unscathed. A restaurant that required reservations, while not dressed in jeans and a t-shirt I doubt I will pass the requirements for the establishment. My pants were just Dockers and the polo short was far from business professional.

There was not a word spoken on the trip, I almost ran off when she pulled up to the valet parking. She was out of her door and next to me before I could make my escape. I noticed some of the other diners waiting to enter, the males in coats and ties. She grabbed my hand and led me into the restaurant. The Maitre’D pulled her past the other waiting customers and soon we were seated in a semi-private table right off the main dining room. She was handed a menu, she laid it down and asked if I was allergic to anything. I responded in the negative and she then ordered for us, with wine to drink. Since most of the menu was in French I had no idea what she ordered.

The wine was brought out, she tasted it and then each of our glasses were filled. In my whole life I had maybe two glasses of wine, not any in the last five years of my life. It was nice, but would require some getting used to on my part if I drank much of it. She obviously knew I was nervous, so she kept me talking about hobbies, what I like to read, lots of plain chit-chat. It worked I almost forgot where I was and who I was with. She seemed nice, approachable would be the best word for it.

The food was served, although the portions were small it tasted so good. I did remember my manners eating slowly and savoring every bite. Then when the plates were cleared I got extremely nervous again, what do I do now.

It turns out she was offering me a job, a trial position as a PA to see how I handle it. Then after a couple of weeks maybe something else. It was a few minutes before I realized the position was just as a secretary, not associating the word P.A. with a secretary at first. It was at least a job though, much farther than I had got before today. Forty hours a week, and ten dollars an hour to start. The trial period was four weeks, but she would shorten it or lengthen it as she saw fit to.

She made sure I could get to their headquarters by bus, then really embarrassed me by asking if I need an advance to handle overdue bills or other expenses. I was told clothes like I am presently wearing would be suitable for the trial period, then if I am retained future clothing will be discussed at that time. Hope and the reality of the situation all in one sentence. I never did respond to her request if I needed money, letting it quietly fade away.

I was taken to my apartment, she parked the car and started to get out, my dinner suddenly was in my throat. Oh gawd she wants to see my apartment. Thankfully she just wanted to give me a hug, telling me she would see me the next day at Nine AM. The hug was nice, tender but not lasting for long. She drove off leaving me to collapse right there in the parking lot. Talk about being put through a wringer I felt like I had been run through it several times, some from both ways. I did eventually get inside my apartment door, making my way to the refrigerator to find something to drink. I found a diet cola, with it and a bag of chips I returned to the living room and tried to calm down and process what had happened today. The chips were my comfort food, not good for me but something in my mouth to reduce my nervousness.

I ate most of the bag of chips, now on top of everything else I had an upset stomach. I did manage to check my closet, finding another pair of pants like today and a white dress shirt that could be worn without a tie. That is good because I owned no ties. When younger if I needed a tie I borrowed it from Dad. I looked at the clock hoping I had time to get a haircut, realizing I had gone to the job fair with my hair in a ponytail. It didn’t seem to bother her, but now as an employee very few companies approve of a male with shoulder length hair. The clock said eight-thirty, so I was out of luck anyways. I sure hope I make it through tomorrow and the rest of the trial period, I so wanted the job.

I did check my finances, I could just barely make it, if I didn’t have to wait long to get paid. I sure hope they pay weekly, otherwise I will be in a ton of trouble the first of next week. I made it to bed, my stomach still complaining about how I treated it. Sleep did finally overcome everything, but it was a restless sleep with me twisting and turning all night long. A hot shower in the morning did help, but I wasn’t watching the time as I should have and had to hurry to make my bus.

I made it to work with only minutes to spare, suddenly realizing that I had left my hair in a high ponytail this morning in my rush to get to work on time. I checked in at reception and was told to go to HR on the second floor. I rode the elevator up to the second floor and after exiting made my way to the HR department, small signs pointing me in the right direction. Shown right in I was handed a bunch of forms again and after dutifully filling them all out I was handed an ID badge.

Then a sheet to be filled out by their doctor, a floor up and at the extreme end of the hall. A physical that all employees had to have to be able to work there. I was pre-warned that it was a gynecologist, since over ninety percent of the employees are female a most logical choice for a company doctor. When my physical is over I was to report to the fourteenth floor where I will be working. I was more than a little wary as I opened the door and walked into the doctor’s office.

The nurse took me right away, leading me to an examination room where I was to disrobe and slip on the supplied gown. I had barely got it on when the nurse re-appeared and helped me up on a table. I was laid back and a strap fastened over my chest holding me down to the table. My vitals were taken, then she asked me a bunch of questions about my medical history. Thirty minutes later I was getting cold, the temperature in the room was quite cool. She got out some implements for the doctor, then swiftly placed my feet in stirrups at the end of the table, placing a strap to hold them there. The stirrups were spread wide and anchored as she told me that the doctor would be in shortly. Then she left, with me having a thousand questions of her. I knew the stirrups were for a female, which I wasn’t but yet here I was spread wide waiting for the gynecologist. I felt very vulnerable, lying there not able to get up or close my legs. With the strap across my chest I couldn’t look at my groin, I don’t think I was erect, which would have been so embarrassing. I tried to release the strap on my chest several times, but the buckle was out of my reach near the bottom of the table.

The gown hardly covered anything, its bright pink color doing nothing for my masculinity. I was trying to come to terms with all of this when the doctor and nurse re-entered the examination room. A large object was placed in my mouth, then the nurse released a section of the table. As it fell away my butt and male organ were no longer supported now just hanging there in mid-air. I tried to talk around the object in my mouth, but was told to keep quiet as the instrument needed to take a reading.

The doctor examined my male apparatus closely, then I felt a slippery something slide up my rosebud. I tried to clench my ass, but it was already too late. She moved it around a little then when I twitched she rubbed it back and forth over that area. I instantly turned red in the face she was milking my prostrate and there was nothing I could do to stop her. I felt the release from my penis, a slow dribble of liquid. Once may of have been manageable but she did it twice, collecting some of the discharge in a container that she held up to the penis tip. Then as if nothing unusual was being done to me she moved to my breasts, palpitating both of them for quite some time. Shortly thereafter, my other body openings were examined, eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

When she got to the mouth a dental gag was inserted forcing my mouth wide open and locked in the open position. Whatever had been in my mouth was removed and laid on the side table. Several pictures of my teeth were taken, for what I have no idea. I was still unable to voice any complaints or questions. Several times my tongue was grabbed hold of with some kind of tongs. No explanation as to why. Finally I was released from all of my restraints, the dental gag removed and my feet released from the stirrups. My clothes were returned and the nurse grabbed my gown as she left. Just like that they were gone, to terrorize some other poor soul. I hurriedly dressed and headed to the fourteenth floor, never wanting to have to come here again.

Once I made it to the fourteenth floor, I checked in with the receptionist situated right as you get out of the elevator. I was told to go down the hall, the last door was Sherry’s office, the CEO I would be working for. I made my way down the hall, knocked on the door and was told to enter. She showed me to a chair right in front of her desk, then explained what I would be doing. My desk is over at the side of her office, a computer terminal already there.

She went over a few ground rules. I was not to get my hair cut, the clothes like I have on now would be adequate until my trial period is over. I would start at seven A.M. like her, take my lunch with her unless she is out of the office, and my work day would end most days at five P.M. Some weekend work might be needed, I would get time and a half for anything over forty hours. Payday was every Friday, for the previous weeks work. Being that I didn’t start work until Monday I would get four days or thirty-six hours pay if I worked a normal schedule.

The receptionist would handle any calls, or people wanting to see her. My job was to do her memos, correspondence, email, and schedule and manage her appointments. This morning I was to organize my desk, then lunch with her. After lunch my duties would start. I made my way to my desk, set down in the comfortable chair and took inventory of what I might need. I could tell Sherry was very business minded, and would expect a lot from me if this brief meeting is any indication. I made a list of what I needed, Sherry telling me to give it to the receptionist, then I was hustled out the door for lunch. I didn’t realize until now I had been in the doctor’s office for almost two hours. Just thinking about it caused me to shiver.

Lunch was good, a couple of salads from a place that Sherry liked to have her mid-day meal at. She told me a little more about her job and how she liked her schedule handled. I listened attentively, not wanting to upset her so early in my trial period. We headed back to the office, and she showed me what had been set up so far, any further scheduling would become my responsibility. There were several memos to type up, my computer and the software I could pick from the best that could be obtained. Several times she called me into her office, dictating a letter she wanted to be sent. When I didn’t write anything down, she stared at me.

“Aren’t you going to take down the letter so you can type it for me?”

“Unless it is a lot longer no, I have it memorized.”

She cocked her head, not believing what I just said. I left the office and went to my desk and started typing the letter. I used the proper salutations and allowed for her signature at the bottom. I made a copy of the letter then returned to her office. I laid it on her desk, asked if there will be anything more. I waited for her to sign it, then took it to my desk, addressed an envelope and placed it inside. Added a stamp and set it in the out box on my desk. I filed the copy in the file for that business, then returned to my work. There were several memos from other company executives that had appeared, I printed them out and took them to her for her comment or response.

She was just sitting there staring at me, apparently still wondering how I had done the letter from memory. She took the memos, glanced at them then laid them to the side of her desk. “Have a seat we need to talk for a bit.”

“Tell me what you have accomplished since we returned from lunch. I don’t want anything left out, every detail you can remember.”

I listed what I had done for her, how it was accomplished and if there was any comments made from other executives. It took about an hour, to list everything, she never made a remark or comment until I had finished.

“Apparently I have underestimated you greatly. You have the job as of now. I do have some personal requirements of you if you decide to take the job permanently. Some of the things I will ask you to do are unusual, but I am prepared to pay you adequately for your efforts and sacrifices.”

I looked at her with a smile on my face. “Is it alright for me to make an educated guess as to one of your requirements?”

“Yes, guess away.”

“Since the job is as your PA you want to me to do it as a member of the female gender. From what I have discovered, your last PA was also male, his picture is still on my desk. I must say he is quite attractive as a female. I suppose you want me to use the same salon as he did, their card is still in the Rolodex on my desk. I hope you are including a complete wardrobe with the job, women’s clothes are quite expensive these days. I am sure the pay for a P.A. is not that high to allow me to buy a complete female wardrobe and still be able to afford an apartment and something to eat.

Do you want me to make the appointment or do you wish to do it? Is there someone special to talk to, the person’s name on the card has been transferred to another location just recently. I would still like a couple of days to get used to everything before I make the change, if that is alright with you. Maybe Friday for the first appointment at the salon. The more I said the bigger her smile became.”

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