Taffy; A Coed At Cheerleader Tryouts

After four years, I again met up with Christina. We had been best friends and next door neighbors until her Mother got transferred to her company’s branch office in Texas. Now they were back, not next door, but in the same neighborhood a half mile away. Her Mother was now the new CEO of the company, their corporate offices here in town. Christina was registering for college here, along with several of her girlfriends, when I ran into her.

I was greeted enthusiastically, maybe a little too much so. The kiss lasted for a couple of minutes, her girlfriends giggling away at the time. I knew a couple of them from before, Christina introducing the newest additions to me. It turns out they were all cheerleaders for the school, except Christina, and they were encouraging her to try out for the squad.

She locked arms with me and we spent the afternoon together. At first the girls seemed a little hostile towards me, a male interrupting their girl time. After a couple of hours, we were all having quite a good time, with me seeming to fit right in to their female clique. We walked around the campus, the current students showing us where everything was located.

After registration and the tour, they wanted to go to the mall, so since I had a car, I ferried them all to the local mall. I say local mall, but it was more the size of one of the regional malls. Five anchors, and about one hundred and fifty boutique stores. I doubted they missed any stores that afternoon.

Christina started the teasing, holding up a dress to me in one of the anchor stores. “Oh this will look so good on you, why don’t you slip into the changing room and try it on.” My mouth was open clear to my knees, backing up and trying to retreat to a spot further away from her, her girlfriends were right behind me, each grabbing an arm to stop any further retreat. I must have turned numerous shades of red, I seriously doubted any more blood could invade my upper torso. I felt my whole body was red, a deep red from the faint feeling that was beginning to overtake me.

They steered me to the ladies rest room, it had a large lounge with couches and I was laid there on one of them, and a cool cloth laid over my eyes. When someone started playing with my belt buckle I immediately woke up. I must have passed out, for I honestly don’t remember a thing until Christina kissed me on the lips.

I was coming around, but things still didn’t feel right somehow. I tried to sit up some, but Christina pushed me back down and leaned in to whisper something to me. “Lay there quietly while I explain what has happened. You are one of the girls now, you are wearing the cutest dress, and all of your male clothes have been thrown away. Your hair is in a ponytail, and you look totally female. When you stand up, you are wearing a pair of heels so you need to take it slow. The girls and I have bought you these clothes, and you are now one of us. Behave and I think you will have lots of fun.”

I looked down first, the dress fit tight to my body, suddenly flaring out into this huge skirt. I was helped up, two of them steadying me so I could see myself in the mirror. I closed my eyes and then re-opened them not believing the image I saw. I looked like a female, similar to their looks, but in a dress and my hair in a ponytail. The situation was even worse since I had on heels, heels that I had never walked in before, heels that were threatening to put me face down on the bathroom floor at any minute.

I was handed a purse and led out into the mall. My head was swiveling around trying to see if I would be found out and laughed at. The female customers gave me a look, but then resumed shopping. The males I saw looked closely and then smiled, no laughter, only lust. Christina did have my arm tightly secured, for support, and also so I wouldn’t break loose and head for the car. Since I was still trying to stay upright I don’t think me running for the car was anything to be concerned about at the present time.

I kept pleading with her for us to go home now, but they still wanted to shop. Dragged from one store to another, but I had learned my lesson and I steadfastly refused to enter the stores. The keys to my car had been confiscated by Christina, to make sure I would not be able to make a getaway. So I sat on the benches outside the stores, watching as male after male came walking by and looking my way. After the fifth store, I went in with them, I had noticed several young males our age that had been following me, gathering outside, figuring they were working up the nerve to talk to me. Of the two choices I had, being with the girls suddenly seemed the safer choice for now.

Finally, we left the mall and went to Christina’s house. Christina drove, since I was still a little unsteady in the heels. Gawd that sounds so weird, me in heels. I went in with them, figuring her Mother would not be there. Seeing no car in the drive, well as you know, sometimes it just doesn’t pay to think; I was greeted in the kitchen and hugged tightly. Gawd, Trevor you look so good, how did Christina get you in a dress? Red again, tongue tied, and almost on the verge of fainting; Sherry and Tiff got me to a seat and Christina told her mother all about our day at the mall. Then I remembered they had thrown out all of my clothes, how am I going to get home and past my Mom?

I broke into tears, in a dress for a couple of hours and I am already acting like a distraught female. Jennifer, Christina’s Mom, came over and comforted me, I think she figured it out. She pulled my head onto her shoulder and let me cry it out. She was stroking the back of my head and whispering it would be alright. Finally, I had no more fuel for the tears, so Christina pulled me up and pushed me to the bathroom so I could wash my face. I used the facilities while I was there. I had been too scared to use one of the bathrooms at the mall. I could hear some talking in the kitchen as we headed back, and as I entered, my Mom grabbed me and hugged me so hard, I had a hard time trying to get my next breath.

Red faced again and the faint feelings exploding in my head; but before I could do the deed, a washcloth was handed me and the girls had me in one of the chairs at the kitchen table. Two of them had their hands on my shoulders, making sure that I was still with them, my Mom sitting right next to me. Christina’s Mom gave the explanation to my Mother, the smile never leaving her face. I was sure I would get in trouble for this, both of my parents are fairly strict and unforgiving. It was like my Mom had been replaced with an alien somehow.

After the explanation. The two mom’s talked as if this was an everyday occurrence. I was led off to Christina’s room to look over their other purchases. I hadn’t paid any attention to what they looked at or bought today, but now they wanted me to see it all. I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me completely, my future didn’t look very bright. Even if my Mom has been replaced with an alien, there is still Dad and I know he would not condone this at all, in fact I have a feeling I would be probably be shipped off to a military school after this incident.

Back to the present, as one of the girls lowered the zipper on my dress. I know they had seen me naked when they dressed me at the store, but this was different, as I was not passed out. No such luck on avoiding the inevitable, since I had no experience with a dress before, everything I tried to hang on to was for naught, the dress ended up on the floor and I got my first peek at my underwear.

The bra was lacy, although they had put nothing in the cups, some of my flesh was pulled up into the cups making for a small breast like protrusion. Looking down, the very brief panties in pink, of course, seemed to scream female. I have never been hairy, in high school gym it was always a problem, the number of times I had been accused of shaving my body like a girl was too numerous to count. My male apparatus was average size I guess, I never compared it with others, in fact except for gym I had never seen another male organ and those were only peeks every once in a while when nobody was looking my way.

As for dating females, I was too shy and embarrassed to even ask. When the guys talked about their conquests, and I was asked about mine. I just told them the girl was not from around here and I didn’t want to embarrass her by talking about what we did together. I doubted they believed me, but since I was a nobody, school wise, no one cared anyway.

I was helped into a camisole top and a pair of shorts were slid up my legs. The color in a light purple convinced me they were not male clothes. A pair of sneakers, and I was dragged back to the kitchen. Both of our Moms gave me an up and down look, Christina telling them I was going to practice some of their cheerleader routines with them. I just stared at Christina, this was news to me. My Mom hugged me then kissed my forehead. Her departing words were to have fun. I stood there sure I would be saved by her, but instead she wished me well and left for home.

I was dragged outside to their back yard, and the girls lined up, each one showing us a routine, then we would practice it till we could do it easily. It was four hours later before we came back inside the house. I was beat literally, that is more work and exercise than I have done in years. We grabbed some diet drinks and went out to her patio and collapsed in some loungers. We talked and sipped our drinks, then the girls had to get home in time for their family dinners. As they left, each girl told me when practice and tryouts were, I shook my head until Tiff showed me a picture on her smart phone of me. “Be at the tryouts in this outfit or I will send the picture to Facebook with an explanation. If you think I am bluffing you are in for a big surprise.”

Christina took my hand and led me over into a corner and started explaining. “All of the girls think you are awesome and want you on the squad; now you can cooperate, or the girls will apply some friendly pressure like outing you to the entire school. Since you have not had the experience of dealing with females much, they usually get what they want, one way or another. Wash the outfit you have on and bring it to school on your first day. I will pick you up after your last class and escort you to the tryouts so you don’t get lost.”

She gave me one of her thousand megawatt smiles and pushed me out the front door. I walked to my house, since Mom had driven my car home earlier. I was hoping that Dad would not be home yet, thus allowing me to change before he got a look at me. As I rounded the last turn, my hopes were dashed, his car was in the driveway. I slowed down my walk, but with nowhere else to go but home, there was nothing I could do. I swallowed hard several times but entered the house. I could hear Mom in the kitchen cooking and tried to make my way there. She had gone along with my change so far, maybe she could keep me from getting killed by Dad.

Two steps inside the house and Dad is standing right before me. He takes his time looking at me, puts his hand on my shoulder and turns me around so he can see my backside. Oh shit, I am going to get a spanking! I have received many from him before, believe me they made an impression on me! Then he scoots up behind me and wraps his arms around me tightly. I try to look over my shoulder to see what his facial expression is, as this is so unlike my Father in so many ways. He slides his head up close to my ear, then whispers to me in a low steady voice. “You look very pretty Taffy, I hear you are going to try out for the cheerleaders. Mom says you were very talented mastering some of their routines already.”

I twist out of his embrace, stare at him, and then screamed, “What have you done with my father?” He chuckles, grabbed me again and drags me into the kitchen. His next remark is very puzzling. “Can you call me Daddy, Father or dad is so blasé?” Mom is having a giggling fit in front of the stove, but she points to the sink. “Wash your hands Taffy, then you can help me with dinner.” I move towards the sink, I must have been zapped into another world, right through the twilight zone and way beyond. Neither of my parents are sane, both have been possessed somehow. I look at the sink and turn on the water to wash my hands. I notice both of them heading my way, so I grab a towel and try to dry my hands and make an escape. Too late, I am group hugged and squashed to death. I twist and turn but they hang on, giggling and hugging me. Mom resorts to kissing and soon my face is covered in lipstick.

I finally accept my fate and relax, they hug me tighter and make soothing noises as they continue to try and squash me with hugs. After a few minutes, Mom pushed Dad out of the kitchen handing me some fixings for a salad and told me to get to work. Meanwhile, she finishes browning the Salisbury steaks (fancy name for hamburger), and the pot of gravy to smother them with, a steamer full of carrots is added to a bowl and we set the table and bring the food to it. I am still peeking at them often, this can’t be my parents, I never did believe in aliens before, but this is sure proof of their existence. We sit down to the table, Dad says a short prayer and we dig in. After the initial taste of everything, Mom approaches the elephant in the room.

“Contrary to your thoughts, we have expected some of the events played out today for quite a few years. I am sure Christina had a lot to do with you coming out today. Ever since you were knee high, you have acted more like a female than any normal male. When we saw some of the signs, we sought out help, even got you to a doctor to have you checked out. You were never blatant, you were always reserved in your actions, unlike most of the other children. Like today, you went along with the girls, something any normal male would never do, a male caught shopping, is the ultimate humiliation. Then after getting you in a dress, you stayed with them all afternoon. Not a male reaction or behavior. I am sure the girls were leaning on you to stay, but if you just walked away I am sure it would have been over.”

“So now that we have that handled, let’s move on. We both think that you should explore this side of you, I know one of the officials at your school, and I am sure we can arrange it so you can attend as a female. I doubt any of your fellow students will even notice the change. Since you have been such a well behaved child, I think I can come up with a new wardrobe for you, even spring for a full makeover. We still expect the excellent grades, being a member of the cheerleaders would be a nice bonus to the mix. I am afraid you will now have a new curfew, eleven o’clock most nights unless it is some special occasion. We will need to meet your date and approve before you go out, not afterwards. Of course, you will now have responsibilities around the house, doing your own laundry and helping with the cooking of meals just a part of what is in store for you that also includes some house cleaning young lady.”

That settles it my parents have been possessed, what am I going to do? They are treating me like I am their daughter, well seeing my image in the mirror, I guess I look like their female child. Curfews, getting my date approved, what is next, birth control pills? Don’t answer that especially in front of Mom.

I just sat there, not knowing what to say or do. Mom pipes up first. “You might take a washcloth to your face, or go to my room and use the cream on the vanity. You are pretty cute that way, but lipstick looks better on the lips. I go to her room after putting my dishes in the dishwasher, much to my Mom’s astonishment. I find the cream and look in the mirror. It is comical as there is lipstick marks all over my face and forehead. I use the cream and clean them all off, then on a whim take her tube of lipstick and coat my lips. I rub my lips together like she does, then prance back downstairs. Yeah prance, a female can prance if she wants to, so there.

I help her with the dishes and clean the counters for her, then move the leftovers that she has put in containers into the refrigerator. I look around to see if everything has been handled, then walk over to Mom and kiss her on the cheek, leaving her a set of lipstick prints, then run to my room. I hear her footsteps behind me, both of us giggling away. She catches me before I can close my door, pushing me on to my bed, then starts tickling me. I beg for her to stop, at least, try to as, I am laughing and crying as she continues her assault on my body. She lays down beside me hugging me closely. If you want to try this for a while, I would love to have Taffy around, we can have so much fun spending your Dad’s money on clothes and makeup.

I was given a nightie to wear to bed, a most unsettling feeling as it slid down my body. It felt wonderful, but I knew a male should never succumb to such dainty and feminine things. The guilt lasted for maybe a minute, okay two minutes, then I hugged my body and slipped into dreamland. The next few days were spent obtaining clothes for the new female in the neighborhood. Christina took me shopping one day, she and Mom had talked and a budget was set up for my new wardrobe. Dad supplied the funds, a prepaid debit card for my purchases.

I never did think back on not choosing this route, it was as if the track I was on is my only choice. Christina was of course enthused, a new BFF to dress, to spend time with and maybe a fellow cheerleader to boot. The other girls came by often, as we practiced the routines. When they found out I was going to university as a female there was squeals of delight.

Mom had taken me to a salon for a hair styling, a professional makeover, getting my ears pierced and my eyebrows eliminated. That salon trip also was where my breasts came into existence. Some silicone breast forms were glued to my chest after all of my body hair disappeared. I never had much hair on my body anyway, but the feeling of having none was wonderful. The breast forms were like jello, bouncing around with every movement of my body. The bra that came next was kind of confining around my chest, but not having as much bouncing and wiggling was well worth the tightness around my chest.

Then she too got to take me shopping. We spent four hours hitting the stores downtown, the fancier dress shops had congregated there, less clothes were purchased, but five times the amount of money was spent as with shopping with Christina.

The first day of classes was here, I was up at the crack of dawn going over my clothing choices, putting my hair up in a high ponytail, then taking it down and doing it over again. The same was done with my lipstick and mascara, as I attempted to find the right look. I decided on a skirt and blouse for my first day, the skirt an A line that came to four inches above my knees. The blouse was fairly conservative, but tight enough to emphasize my new boobs.

Christina came up to my room, smiling as she entered. She giggled as she watched me primp in the mirror, trying to find the perfect look. After redoing my ponytail once again she grabbed my hand and dragged me downstairs. I checked the contents of my purse again, keys, tissues, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, and of course a tampon. Wait a minute who put that in my purse? As I was being dragged our the door I managed to snatch my backpack from behind the bedroom door, no chance to see if what I needed was in the backpack. I had packed it last night, I hope I remembered everything.

The first day of classes was anti-climatic in a way, strictly orientation with no mention of homework this first day. At my last class, as soon as I exited the classroom Christina grabbed a hold of me and we were off to the tryouts. As we entered the gym, I saw a sea of young females, all here to tryout for the squad. I saw my chance of joining the squad wither away. The cheerleader coach lined everybody up in a single line around a circle marked in the gym floor. I counted fifty three females all wanting to become a cheerleader. The existing cheerleaders were in the center of the circle and would do a part of the routine and then the girls trying out would try to duplicate it. Christina and I had no trouble with the routine since that was what we had been practicing for the last few weeks.

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