Karen; A Summer Camp To Remember

School finally over for the summer, for a teacher a terrific feeling that only comes once a year. This year had been particularly rough, the current crop of students not as academically astute as in past years. The school district we worked for frowned on holding a student back, the stumbling block then became the yearly test to see if they learned the required material. Since how the school district got paid was tied to this test, it was a matter of concern for both the teacher and the student.

When we ran into a bunch of students that were not as bright as in past years teaching became a real chore. My classes were in mathematics, basic math, fractions, algebra basics and what is essentially called the new math. Males usually grabbed the concepts better than females, maybe some part of the mind that connected with math. I knew at the start of the year that I would be having daily after school sessions with the students that were having problems. It was not required by the school district, but if the students were going to pass the test at the end of year, thus reflecting on the teacher’s ability to teach the material, something would have to be done.

What a lot of the new teachers failed to realize is if a large number of their students failed in what they taught, the culprit would be identified immediately, and soon they would be teaching elsewhere if they could gain employment in the subject again. Anyway it was a long year, longer days, and even a couple of Saturday workshops right before the test was administered. I wasn’t the only teacher who did the extra, a group of us usually did this every year. Some years requiring more time after school to get the material taught.

My group did well scoring in the ninety percentile portion of the test. There were unfortunately several teachers who did not join us and soon after the test results were announced they were let go, their students scoring less than the fifty percentile range. Well New Year new faces and so it goes.

I was pleased at my student’s progress and now that leaves the summer for me to do my favorite thing. Five years ago ten of the teachers got together and started a summer camp for students. We focused on ones that lacked the funding to go to summer camp making the camp experience available to all. We managed a lot of sponsors, we had a good cause and several of the teachers were good at presenting our cause in the best light.

It grew and grew, we still offered camp scholarships for the financially strapped, but the camp had grown to such an extent that our paying students were now a majority. A couple of more teachers joined us allowing us to keep expenses minimal, now only a few expenses were not picked up by the sponsors. Then a week before the camp was to receive the first students a new sponsor wanted a word with the governing group which included me and three other female teachers. I had put up a lot of the first funds and usually made up any shortfalls every year. The three females were sisters, the land we were using part of their inheritance from their grandmother. Thus we had become the governing body when it came time for any decisions to be made.

The proposed sponsor offered to double the size of the camp, build some more activates for the campers and provide classes and clothing for female campers. That was not really a stretch for us, ninety percent of the campers were now female anyway, the male students preferring to go to baseball or football camps instead of a general camp.

We listened to their proposal, it all sounded good, they were interested in letting females know that they had a choice other than the usual get married and have children. They wanted to build self-esteem in the females, showing them how to dress better and do their hair and makeup without looking like they were out to score a husband. They wanted the female to be able to enjoy life, not everything revolving around males and becoming wives and mothers. They wanted classes in cooking, taking care of their wardrobes, financial planning, and getting and keeping a job.

To show their sincerity, they brought a cashier’s check for the estimated expense made out to us, all we had to do was sign on the dotted line and deposit the check. The sisters had a few questions for the group presenting the proposal, so they asked away and I set back and listened. Vicki the most outgoing one of the group asked about the camp counselors. We had mostly females, they were the caring ones wanting to help out students who needed some guidance or just some break from their less than ideal lives. The last two years we had hired two male counselors mainly to teach some sports and make sure the students had some physical activity in their live. Dallas the one representing the new sponsors answered her question. We would prefer all female counselors, the need to get away from the male/female relationship for a while an important part of the plan to give the girls some self-confidence.

It was brought up that we had a few male campers, what about them? No problem as long as they attend as females. I set up in my chair, Dallas saw my reaction and said I want you to look at this website and I think you will see where we are coming from. She pushed her laptop over where we could see the screen and pushed a few keys. An infomercial came up on the screen, announcing the Turnabout Gurl Salons, a national chain of salons with one purpose in mind. To allow either sex to dress as they see fit, allowing that individual to attain the necessary traits for them to have a happy and productive life. The rest was pictures of what they did, of the salons, and of all the people assessing their services. The femininity of the individuals was striking, but they all seemed happy, their looks much more mainstream and feminine that the few before pictures.

I looked at Sally, she smiled and then I asked Dallas a question. What is your position with the company you represent? I am their CEO representing the founder of the company and her wishes. She has commitments in California this weekend and couldn’t make it. If you will consider us she will be available any time after tomorrow night. I had a hunch, deciding to ask anyway to see what kind of a reaction I could get from Dallas. She was professional in dress and mannerisms, confident and quite gorgeous.

“This might be inappropriate to ask.” She smiled.

“Let me answer the question that you are thinking of. I am a male twenty- eight years of age and have been with Francine for two years now. I am a product of the salons, love my life, and wouldn’t have it any other way. My wife is one of my strongest supporters, in fact she was the one responsible for the infomercial. We practice what we preach, giving scholarships for needy students to do their thing whatever that may be. We think that a lot of young people have things pushed on them by society, to be like her, to take this career, to marry, before they have a chance to see what the world is all about. We want to change that, one person at a time. To let them have some fun, to find out they look awesome, to find out they can be who they want with a little help, not be relegated to some other person’s idea of what there life should be like. That is why we want to help support the camp.

I looked at Dallas, I teach her also, what about my male appearance?

“We can fix that easily, at our expense, I think you will also find it liberating. So what do you say, are we a team now?”

I had no idea what came over me, I looked at the three girls smiled and they nodded. I told Dallas we accept. She picked up her phone hit a few keys and announced that the money is in our bank account. We all gave her a funny look. That is the way we do business, now let’s talk about the additions. She pulled out blueprints and we talked about where the additions would be situated on the property.

The crews will be here in the morning, we are using a prefab type of construction, and so once the concrete slabs are poured the units will be up in ten days. The furnishings will be here in the morning parked in semi-trailers until they are ready to be installed. Delay the start of camp for a few days we have transportation that can pick up the students at their homes and take them directly to the camp. In the mean time we will get extra food and supplies here so things can proceed ten days from now. She got up from her chair and gave the girls a hug and cheek kiss, then faced me. Your appointment is at nine in the morning, the limo will pick you up here, expect to spend the day. It will drop off your female self tomorrow at eight PM. if you don’t mind Francine would like to accompany you back so she can introduce herself and talk with all four of you.

I got a hug, a little more intimate, as she whispered in my ear. You will be fine, a new experience and maybe a new life. Another kiss and she was gone. I looked at my partners and asked what happened. We all giggled and talked for quite some time, trying to figure out exactly what had happened. Sally checked the bank account over the computer and we had a balance of a quarter million dollars and some small change. We all set there speechless, not knowing what to say or think.

We indeed talked a lot about what had happened, as far as we could tell there was no downside to this. One of the sisters did a google search on the company, there for all to see are there various holdings, there charitable contributions and the different entities in their corporate being. They were major contributors in different youth organizations, and partnerships with children’s hospitals across the U.S.

Rebecca, the oldest sister, asked about my transformation wanting to know what I thought of it. I kind of agreed with Dallas, leaving any male/female interaction out of the camp would be beneficial to the younger girls. I told her I would let her know what I thought when I got back late tomorrow afternoon. We all laughed a bit about it, not sure how to handle it otherwise.

The limo was prompt in the morning, the reclusive me entered the limo very apprehensive about today’s activities. The salon we were going to about a forty minute ride, so I listened to the stereo in the limo as it made its way into town. The female chauffeur was very nice, answering a lot of questions for me.

Yes, it was a company limo, one of many in this part of the country. Her job was to get participants to the salon and then back home afterward. One of the executives were responsible for her whereabouts, most days she was quite busy. She assured me that I would indeed enjoy the experience, from your looks you will be quite pleased with your female presentation.

As we pulled up to the salon, she got my door for me and the door for the salon. I thanked her, her reply with a big smile anytime mam. As I stepped up to reception a tech was there instantly and I was led back to a treatment room. The tech introduced herself as Cathy, she would see to my transformation today. Another taller lady, almost regal in appearance and introduced herself as Francine. I held out my hand to shake hers, she instead pulled me closer giving me a huge hug. We don’t do handshakes ever here so get used to it.

She asked my thoughts about the proposed deal, I thanked her for her generosity. “The kids are more than worth it. No more talk about my generosity, you are just as important part in this as I am. Now are you ready to embrace the superior sex, let your hair down and enjoy life for a change.” I stumbled a yes, she would have none of that, she poked me in the side, I didn’t hear you. I giggled and managed to get out a more forceful reply. I got a tender hug, as she left me to the care of Cathy. “I will be by quite often to check on your progress.”

Cathy was already helping me strip out of my male clothes, and way sooner that I had anticipated. I was helped up on a table to receive my first step toward femininity. As I got comfortable a cream was being spread over my front side, no area missed, even junior was behaving himself. While the cream was working she inspected my fingernails and toenails to see what had to be done. As she checked my face, she used some of the cream on my eyebrows and a different cream on my beard area. I felt her handling my ear lobe and then two pops in each lobe. I had a feeling I now sported earrings in each ear, the pierced kind.

I knew I was in over my head, so I relaxed some, my arms lying flat beside my body, Cathy noticed the difference, don’t worry I will look out for you. I am sure you will love it all if you don’t fight it. The body hair came off first then the eyebrows, the cream on the beard area left on for longer. In the meantime, my hands were soaking in a solution to soften the cuticles and nails so she could work on them easier. Finally the beard cream was removed, my face feeling so smooth and soft.

Flipped over to the other side and the process was repeated. This time it didn’t take long and I was now totally hairless below the hair on top of my head. Back over to the front side, my feet put into stirrups pulled out from the side of the table. Then the end of the table was laid down leaving only my butt lying on something solid. She swung the stirrups wide leaving my groin exposed. I saw something in her hand as she held it up to see if the sizing was right. “This is a silicone vagina, realistic to the touch, leaving no doubt as to your biological sex. We glue it on, it is very secure until the solvent is used to remove it. Now if you lay still and think pure thoughts I will get you into this rig, than I can use your female name of Karen from now on.”

I did try and think only pure thoughts, I am thankful that junior did behave himself, I was not sure what I would do if he became excited at the manipulations that were occurring near him. It took about a half an hour to tuck junior away and install my new plumbing. She did explain that I would now pee as a female, then need to wipe to remove any extraneous liquid. I did listen, but I doubt if any of it registered in my mind.

Back to the table at the side of the room, bringing with her two large clear cups. She had set them on my chest before I figured what they might be for. I just hope that what results will not be as large as the cups. My sister had large breasts, although she liked the attention she usually thought they were just an unnecessary burden. Time will tell, surely I will not need to be that endowed to be a camp counselor.

That triggered another line of thought, how would I react with females since I am only a new recruit to the program. I know I have helped lots of young female with their studies, of the two sexes they seemed more appreciative of my efforts than the males. After the first few weeks, they seemed to look up to me asking some questions not directly associated with their studies. I tried to answer their question by offering them options. Then I thought of what this new program is all about, offer them options instead of the usual choices.

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